Full Moon in Libra, April 6

The "Spirit of Progress" balances atop a building in downtown Chicago. This photo was taken in September 2009, but it's a perfect expression for the Full Moon in Libra with Venus in Gemini. Image credit: Paul Beaty for The Associated Press.

People have been so grumpy in the past couple of days. I attribute it to the effects of waking up out of a Mercury-in-Pisces slumber – like bears coming out of hibernation.

Friday’s Full Moon isn’t helping. Research has shown that the Full Moon affects our behavior, and usually not kindly. We might expect the Moon in Libra to be an exception, Libra being the sign of peace and harmony. However, the chart for this Full Moon is fraught with conflict.

The dominant feature of the chart is a tight T-square with Venus, Mars, and Neptune in the early degrees of the mutable signs. We’re adjusting to recent changes, and it’s not a smooth process. Change by definition is disruptive, and even positive changes can take some getting used to. If changes happened outside your control, then adapting will be even more unnerving. At the same time, the growing square between Uranus and Pluto threatens major shakeups in the collective that will have a ripple effect on our individual lives. (If you ordered the <a title="StarGuide " href="https://realastrologers.com/forecasts/starguide-monthly-and-seasonal-forecasts&quot;StarGuide Spring forecast, you’ve already got my take on how this planetary arrangement could play out for you.)

A couple of different things can happen at the Full Moon. A project or relationship that began at the New Moon can reach a critical stage, or an issue can crop up that is related to the house in your natal chart where the Full Moon falls. I’m betting that for most of us, it will be the first scenario. The reason I say this is that Mercury has just gone direct. The New Moon in Aries on March 22 was a real sparkler – or, rather, it would have been, if both Mercury and Mars hadn’t been retrograde. With Mercury now direct, developments that normally would have taken place around the New Moon may occur now. Or – sorry to say this – you may have to wait until the next New Moon, on April 21. By then, Mars will be direct again, too.

Since Libra is the sign of relationships, I expect that many of you will experience major developments in a close partnership. Again, these changes aren’t likely to be entirely comfortable, and in fact you may have to move through some conflict in order to restore the balance between you and your partner. Rehashing details is going to be a real temptation, but it will be hard to recall exactly who said what and when. What comes out of your partner’s mouth may be so inconsistent with what you remember that you wonder what they’ve been smoking. As important as details may be to your circumstances, they’re going to be difficult, if not impossible, to pin down, so you might just want to forget about them for now and move forward. Generally, I don’t think this is a good idea, as people tend to set things aside to avoid having to be honest and vulnerable. This time, however, it may be the only way to make any progress at all.

Chart for Full Moon in Libra

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The only positive angle in this chart is between Venus and Uranus, which are in a sextile – not the most powerful aspect, but it can create some sparks, depending on where these planets are in your chart. The conventional interpretation of favorable Venus-Uranus combinations is an unexpected development in love or money. This could well be the case for many people, and I’d go so far as to say that “past-life” connections could be a major factor. I write “past-life” for convenience, since that’s how most people think of it. I actually prefer the term “other lives,” because it more accurately describes what I think is behind these connections. In any case, keep your antennae up.

The Sun and Moon also are in close alignment with Vesta, which I think is quite interesting, given that NASA’s Dawn spacecraft currently is flying by Vesta and sending back phenomenal images of the asteroid’s pockmarked surface. There’s no consensus among astrologers about the meaning of Vesta in the chart – or, indeed, any of the asteroids. I believe the attention we’re giving Vesta and Ceres through the Dawn mission will lead to clarification about their roles in astrology, both in the charts of individuals and in mundane astrology.

Since I’m discussing asteroids, it’s also worth mentioning that Juno is conjunct the North Node in Sagittarius – which means she’s opposite Venus at the apex of the mutable T-square. It’s often helpful to look at what’s opposite the apex to find the “out” in difficult situations correlating to a T-square. Named for the wife of Jupiter in classical mythology, asteroid Juno naturally is associated with marriage and partnership in astrology. Although I have the same reserve in assigning any particular role to asteroids until we have more empirical data, it’s probably safe to assume she has something to do with committed partnership. Moreover, it might turn out to be about soul mates and the concept of “sacred marriage.” Juno on the North Node opposite Venus on the South Node would seem to suggest that the way out of obsession and raging hormones is to understand the truth of how we’re connected with a soul mate across the boundaries of space and time.

When I come up with a plausible theory, you’ll be the first to know.


4 thoughts on “Full Moon in Libra, April 6

  1. MandyM

    April 1st post: “I’ll also have Part II of Ruth’s new series on the planetary rulers in Soul Astrology. I thought I’d scheduled it for this past Wednesday and just realized this morning that I didn’t hit the right command.”
    Soon Pat? I’m drooling in anticipation………….


  2. Pip1

    Thanks as always Pat, for shedding light on all the prevailing weirdness! This report almost gave me shudders. You’ve just described exactly what’s going on in my life just now. This full moon was in my 12th house, shining a light on a relationship that is highly volatile & deeply karmic. This person & I are connected through many lifetimes. Although in this life the connection is fraught with difficulty, we seem to be repeatedly drawn together. It is difficult to interpret what is “fact” as you suggest – 3 sides to every story: his, mine and the truth! The concept of soul mates and “sacred marriage” seems to be what it’s about. We’ve been married before. I have no idea how it’s meant to play out this time, but we seem to be inseparable even when we’re in conflict & have already set each other more correctly on our life paths. I wonder if we will find out what connects us across space and time?
    Your theory sounds right to me, Pat. It fits exactly. And it gives me reassurance that all the relationship craziness is not another big mistake but really part of the blueprint. So I will keep the faith & keep working on it, trusting that the Universe knows what it’s doing :) Thank you!


  3. Pip1

    SNAFU !! sorry didn’t mean that to post twice – it disappeared on my side. Mercury direct seems to have paled in comparison to Pluto stationing while squaring Uranus – may be why I have been getting a lot of computer & telephone glitches?


  4. Pat Post author

    No problem, Pip. I just deleted the second one. I wish every retrograde glitch was this easy to fix.

    As for the rest, thanks for the confirmation/validation. I’ve seen this pattern enough in the lives of friends and clients, but each additional story is instructional and confirms that we’re at least barking up the right tree.

    Although Uranus does have some bearing on electronics and Internet — especially in Aries with Mars in Virgo and if he’s currently transiting your third house — I’d still attribute the mess of glitches (like my irritating incident this morning) to the exchange between Mercury and retrograde Mars. Do you recall back in January when Mars first went Rx? Mercury was humming along just fine, and still it was like a Mercury Rx on steriods. Life actually seemed to calm down a bit while they were retrograde in mutual reception, and then things started getting weird again when Mercury returned to Pisces. And then weirder still when he went direct last week. Mars, meanwhile, is stationing almost directly opposite Neptune, ruler of Pisces.

    That said, this business of figuring out which astrological aspect “caused” which events is tricky. No on really knows for sure.

    Thanks again for sharing the personal story.


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