Weekly Forecast April 30: Full Moon in Scorpio

This week is the Scorpio Full Moon, which means it’s the festival of Wesak, honoring the birth, death, and enlightenment of the Buddha.

Wesak is a major “download” time, when a portal opens to higher consciousness. I don’t know how many more open portals I can stand. As it is, we’re marching toward an extraordinary alignment of the Sun, Moon, Earth, and Venus on June 4 and 5, which I believe will trigger a giant leap forward in the evolution of human consciousness. Then there are the solar flares and corresponding disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic field.

I have no idea whether this phenomenon is affecting our consciousness, but I’m fairly sure it’s having some effect. Several people I know are experiencing extreme fatigue, elevated heart rate, and hot flashes. Is it related to solar activity? In astrology, the Sun is associated with the heart, so it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that there’s a real correlation here. I just don’t know how we’d prove it to the satisfaction of medical science.

Dancing on the boundaries of parallel universes is disorienting and possibly dangerous. No one would entertain the idea of surfing the big waves before learning the basics of the sport, and yet we may be doing the spiritual equivalent. What I don’t know is whether everyone is experiencing this shift at some level, or whether those who are sensitive to these energies feel it, while those who aren’t remain blissfully ignorant. I pass no judgment on which is better. Someone has to hold down the fort while a percentage of the population stumbles around in a daze.

I strongly encourage you to keep a journal and record any strange dreams, visions, synchronicities, or other unusual events in your life. At the same time, try to stay grounded. Fortunately, the Sun and Jupiter in Taurus are helping in that regard. If you find yourself mysteriously craving meat and fattening foods, don’t fight it for now. You can take off the excess weight as soon as the cosmic dust settles. I’m definitely of a mind that we have to trust our bodies and higher minds at this point to know what’s right for us and not try to overpower them by force of intellectual beliefs. It’s a leap of faith, really.

To understand the connection between Taurus, Buddha, and Wesak, I suggest going back to an article Ruth wrote last year. The third eye, located between your eyebrows, is our portal to higher consciousness, the ability to “see” into the energetic realms. When this center is activated, we’re said to be enlightened. Ruth also notes the connection between Aldebaran, the brightest star in Taurus, and the third eye. One of the four Royal Stars of Persia, Aldebaran is known as the “eye of the bull.”

Chart for Full Moon in Scorpio

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In this year’s Wesak Full Moon chart, the Sun is widely conjunct Jupiter, planet of luck and abundance. Otherwise, the chart contains several oppositions and squares (the red lines), which normally represent challenges. If you look more closely, though, you’ll see that these challenges each have a readily accessible escape route.

The most exact opposition (other than the Sun and Moon) is between Mercury and Saturn. Although a Mercury-Saturn opposition might normally be seen as somewhat negative in that it implies limited thinking, I like this aspect for two reasons. First, Mercury in Aries needs to have the brakes applied, or it flies off in a certain direction without any thought or purpose. Spontaneity doesn’t necessarily equate with creativity, but with retrograde Saturn imposing some discipline and thoughtful reflection, this pair could produce astounding creative work, especially if you’re a writer or work in some line of communications. Better still if you started your project at the New Moon on April 21, as you’ve now got something solid to show for your effort.

Likewise, if you made contact with someone in an attempt to communicate an important message, you should see some results around Saturday’s Full Moon. Attempts to repair broken relationships especially should benefit, as both Mercury and Saturn are at positive angles to Venus. Moreover, Venus is Mercury’s sign of Gemini, while Saturn is in Venus-ruled Libra. There is going to be plenty of opportunity over the next couple of months to go back over trouble spots in relationships to heal, whether it brings you closer or helps you close a chapter so that you can move on with a sense of closure. We’ll probably find that “going back” refers not just to this lifetime, but to other incarnations as well. It’s all part of the opening of the inter-dimensional window.

The second set of challenges is indicated by the opposition from Mars to Neptune and the quincunx (sometimes called inconjunct) from Mars to Uranus. Neptune is in his own sign of Pisces, so in a way this is an unfair contest. The petty ego that finds fault with everyone and everything will finally become tired of itself and either find escape through substance abuse or give in to merging into oneness with all being – a scary prospect for the ego, which fights to hold its ground. There may be a rude awakening of sorts involved, too. But, once again, there is an “out” via a positive aspect – this time a flowing trine from Mars to Pluto. There is tremendous will to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals. Yes, you can suffer the idiots around you, if you know that putting up with them in the short term will pay off in the end. And it will.

Pluto rules this Full Moon by virtue of being the modern ruler of Scorpio, sign of death, rebirth and transformation. In the Full Moon chart, Pluto is within 3 degrees of a square with Uranus. The aspect will be exact on June 2. Uranus is sometimes called “the Awakener.” As more and more people awaken, society is in an increasing state of disarray. Systems are breaking down, and those in power are attempting to keep their positions at all costs. This is a long-term trend that will play out over the next three years.

Overall, the chart for this Full Moon indicates a tremendous force for transformation. With Mars gathering speed, we’re making up for lost time since January. I don’t know about you, but the activity is making my head spin. “Leap of faith” doesn’t even begin to describe life these days.

Much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

4 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast April 30: Full Moon in Scorpio

  1. Eva Dillner

    Love your weekly forecasts… this one was especially well done. We’re on quite the journey now!
    Since I spent over half my life in the Puget Sound region I appreciate all the tidbits and photos from my former home as well.


  2. Joe

    Right on, Pat! I swear ever since that January 11 Full Moon, life has been moving at full speed in some ways, despite the Mars rx, and like a snail in other ways. I feel that this Full Moon in Scorpio, seeing as it’s taking place in my 6th house of work/service, is illuminating my dissatisfaction with work, employment, service, and the system in general. Pluto-ruled Scorpio illuminated tells me I’m facing the redefinition of work. Fully half the people I associate with most are unemployed, retired or on disability. I’m redefining how much I want to work and still have energy left over to be creative, making work productive, earning enough to pay the bills and save some of it, and so on. Hardly a unique situation, I realize, but I’ve reached a point where it’s dawning on me that what I wanted at 25 is now turning into a gilded cage upon the cusp of 40. The more I struggle, the more tangled it gets.


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