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Weekly Forecast April 27: Mercury Enters Gemini, Full Moon in Scorpio

Composite by Osk Ingad Alden and Pat Paquette, 2015.

Composite by Osk Ingad Alden and Pat Paquette, 2015.

The pace remains fairly low key this week, and yet our thoughts start racing in a struggle to make sense of the barrage of information we encounter daily.

Many people understand or are beginning to realize that much of the information we receive is meaningless. It’s like loading up on junk food, which is cheap and readily available. After living on a diet of this stuff for so long, one tends to develop a taste for it, and then it’s hard to appreciate healthy alternatives. In time, real food becomes a distant memory.

Likewise, many of those born since the 1980s don’t remember what real journalism was like. We had Continue reading

Weekly Forecast May 12: Full Moon in Scorpio, Venus Conjunct Uranus

In the flow, by Gretchen Friedrich

In the flow, © Gretchen Friedrich, 2014.

There’s stress, and there’s stress.

As much as we might wish it weren’t so, some amount of stress pushes us to accomplish more and better, often beyond what we thought ourselves capable of. It forces us to go places we might otherwise avoid out of fear or complacency.

With too much stress, the opposite can happen. We can shut down entirely and become physically and mentally ill. Extreme stress can result in post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. We usually think of PTSD as Continue reading

Weekly Forecast April 30: Full Moon in Scorpio

This week is the Scorpio Full Moon, which means it’s the festival of Wesak, honoring the birth, death, and enlightenment of the Buddha.

Wesak is a major “download” time, when a portal opens to higher consciousness. I don’t know how many more open portals I can stand. As it is, we’re marching toward an extraordinary alignment of the Sun, Moon, Earth, and Venus on June 4 and 5, which I believe will trigger a giant leap forward in the evolution of human consciousness. Then there are the solar flares and corresponding disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic field.

I have no idea whether this phenomenon is affecting our consciousness, but I’m fairly sure it’s having some effect. Several people I know are experiencing extreme fatigue, elevated heart rate, and hot flashes. Is it related to solar activity? In astrology, the Sun is associated with the heart, so it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that there’s a real correlation here. I just don’t know how we’d prove it to the satisfaction of medical science.

Dancing on the boundaries of parallel universes is disorienting and possibly dangerous. No one would entertain the idea of surfing the big waves before learning the basics of the sport, and yet we may be doing the spiritual equivalent. What I don’t know is whether everyone is experiencing this shift at some level, or whether those who are sensitive to these energies feel it, while those who aren’t remain blissfully ignorant. I pass no judgment on which is better. Someone has to hold down the fort while a percentage of the population stumbles around in a daze.

I strongly encourage you to keep a journal and record any strange dreams, visions, synchronicities, or other unusual events in your life. At the same time, try to stay grounded. Fortunately, the Sun and Jupiter in Taurus are helping in that regard. If you find yourself mysteriously craving meat and fattening foods, don’t fight it for now. You can take off the excess weight as soon as the cosmic dust settles. I’m definitely of a mind that we have to trust our bodies and higher minds at this point to know what’s right for us and not try to overpower them by force of intellectual beliefs. It’s a leap of faith, really.

To understand the connection between Taurus, Buddha, and Wesak, I suggest going back to an article Ruth wrote last year. The third eye, located between your eyebrows, is our portal to higher consciousness, the ability to “see” into the energetic realms. When this center is activated, we’re said to be enlightened. Ruth also notes the connection between Aldebaran, the brightest star in Taurus, and the third eye. One of the four Royal Stars of Persia, Aldebaran is known as the “eye of the bull.”

Chart for Full Moon in Scorpio

Click on image to enlarge

In this year’s Wesak Full Moon chart, the Sun is widely conjunct Jupiter, planet of luck and abundance. Otherwise, the chart contains several oppositions and squares (the red lines), which normally represent challenges. If you look more closely, though, you’ll see that these challenges each have a readily accessible escape route.

The most exact opposition (other than the Sun and Moon) is between Mercury and Saturn. Although a Mercury-Saturn opposition might normally be seen as somewhat negative in that it implies limited thinking, I like this aspect for two reasons. First, Mercury in Aries needs to have the brakes applied, or it flies off in a certain direction without any thought or purpose. Spontaneity doesn’t necessarily equate with creativity, but with retrograde Saturn imposing some discipline and thoughtful reflection, this pair could produce astounding creative work, especially if you’re a writer or work in some line of communications. Better still if you started your project at the New Moon on April 21, as you’ve now got something solid to show for your effort.

Likewise, if you made contact with someone in an attempt to communicate an important message, you should see some results around Saturday’s Full Moon. Attempts to repair broken relationships especially should benefit, as both Mercury and Saturn are at positive angles to Venus. Moreover, Venus is Mercury’s sign of Gemini, while Saturn is in Venus-ruled Libra. There is going to be plenty of opportunity over the next couple of months to go back over trouble spots in relationships to heal, whether it brings you closer or helps you close a chapter so that you can move on with a sense of closure. We’ll probably find that “going back” refers not just to this lifetime, but to other incarnations as well. It’s all part of the opening of the inter-dimensional window.

The second set of challenges is indicated by the opposition from Mars to Neptune and the quincunx (sometimes called inconjunct) from Mars to Uranus. Neptune is in his own sign of Pisces, so in a way this is an unfair contest. The petty ego that finds fault with everyone and everything will finally become tired of itself and either find escape through substance abuse or give in to merging into oneness with all being – a scary prospect for the ego, which fights to hold its ground. There may be a rude awakening of sorts involved, too. But, once again, there is an “out” via a positive aspect – this time a flowing trine from Mars to Pluto. There is tremendous will to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals. Yes, you can suffer the idiots around you, if you know that putting up with them in the short term will pay off in the end. And it will.

Pluto rules this Full Moon by virtue of being the modern ruler of Scorpio, sign of death, rebirth and transformation. In the Full Moon chart, Pluto is within 3 degrees of a square with Uranus. The aspect will be exact on June 2. Uranus is sometimes called “the Awakener.” As more and more people awaken, society is in an increasing state of disarray. Systems are breaking down, and those in power are attempting to keep their positions at all costs. This is a long-term trend that will play out over the next three years.

Overall, the chart for this Full Moon indicates a tremendous force for transformation. With Mars gathering speed, we’re making up for lost time since January. I don’t know about you, but the activity is making my head spin. “Leap of faith” doesn’t even begin to describe life these days.

Much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast May 16: Full Moon in Scorpio, Sun Enters Gemini

© Snizhanna for Dreamstime.com

This week is the festival of Wesak, honoring the birth, death, and enlightenment of the Buddha. A portal is opening.

Wesak takes place at the Scorpio Full Moon, with the Sun in Taurus. There is some confusion about this, as Eastern religions use sidereal astrology, which means that Wesak sometimes is in June, by which time the Sun in our Western tropical zodiac has advanced to Gemini. This year, they happen to coincide; in our tropical system, the Full Moon occurs at 26°13 Scorpio, while in sidereal astrology, it falls at 2°12 Scorpio.

To help understand the connection between Taurus, Buddha, and Wesak, I suggest Ruth’s excellent article, from the perspective of soul astrology. “The highest vibration of Taurus is about revelation, illumination and enlightenment,” she writes. “It is a very mysterious sign, associated with the opening of the third eye.”

The third eye, located between the eyebrows, is our center of higher consciousness, the ability to “see” into the energetic realms. When it gets activated, we’re said to be enlightened.

Ruth also notes the connection between Aldebaran, the brightest star in Taurus, and the third eye. One of the four Royal Stars of Persia, Aldebaran is known as the “eye of the bull.” In ancient mystery schools, it was known as the “Eye of Illumination.”

Death, rebirth and transformation are Scorpio keywords. Substitute “enlightenment” for transformation, and you understand the theme of this Full Moon. Humanity is evolving toward higher consciousness and enlightenment. More and more of us are aware of our soul’s purpose, and we’re trying to find a way to align ourselves with it.

At Wesak, a portal opens for light to enter the world. The more of us who are aware of it and who actively call upon the forces of enlightenment, the more the world will get – and not a moment too soon.

The Full Moon at 26 degrees Scorpio ironically falls with the Sun conjunct Algol, considered the most malefic star in the sky. Algol is associated with Medusa, the snake-headed woman in Greek mythology who turned men to stone if they looked at her. The symbolism and psychology of this myth is complex and speaks a lot to the cosmic split between divine masculine and feminine energies. In ancient times, snakes were a sign of wisdom, a direct connection with the unseen energies of the universe, and they were associated with women until patriarchal religions took over. Since then, the energy on the planet has been completely unbalanced.

The snake symbolizes our connection to source energy – what some might call the Mind of God. Have you ever noticed that some Scorpios seem to have unlimited energy? It’s as though they’re plugged directly into a cosmic battery. And most of them don’t even realize it, because the connection is deeply integrated. They operate on “instinct” and often don’t even have to think about what they’re going to do next. This power can be scary, and it’s one of the reasons Scorpio is feared and reviled.

Could the Full Moon conjunct Algol signal a rebirth of the ancient, wise goddess? Will her vibration be part of the light stream that enters the world?

The Moon reaches peak fullness on Tuesday at 7:09 a.m. EDT on the East Coast of the United States. If you’re on the West Coast and don’t want to get up at 4:09 a.m. to participate in the Wesak invocation, you can set a bowl of water outside and drink it in the morning. Just be sure to cover it. As far as I know, ingesting bugs and bird poop is not a path to enlightenment.

In the Full Moon chart, the Sun and Moon are in a wide, out-of-sign square with Neptune at 0 degrees Pisces. The Sun and Jupiter are in a tight semi-sextile, which means the Moon and Jupiter are inconjunct. We’ll need to make sure we’re not too busy or too preoccupied with acquiring material possessions to stop for an hour or so, quiet our minds, and tune into the stream of light. So many people don’t know what they really want anymore, especially in a world with a glut of consumer goods and a dearth of information about how to be truly happy.

After the Full Moon, we begin the countdown to the eclipses. There will be three eclipses in June and July – two solar and one lunar. It’s also interesting to note that next year’s Wesak festival will fall on June 4, which coincides with an eclipse and the 2012 Venus transit.

Speaking of Venus, she rules this Full Moon. All of the planets except Neptune now deposit to her, whereas for the past several weeks, they’ve deposited to Mars. With Jupiter and Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries, there still will be some tension and conflict, but for the next few weeks at least, peaceful solutions may be found.

Here’s how the rest of the week shakes out:

Last week started out with a conjunction of Mercury and Venus in Aries. The two have been tracking very close to one another, and on Monday this week they conjoin again, but in Taurus. Then they both sextile Neptune in gentle Pisces. It’s a whole different atmosphere now. Word are kinder and softer, and we should be able to find some time to dream. Do watch your cash, though. If you make a large purchase, a few days from now you may wonder what you were thinking.

From Wednesday to Friday, Mars, Mercury and Venus form a sextile to Chiron in Pisces. Healing can happen on many levels. How many of us beat ourselves over the head for what essentially are wounds? Would you blame a child for falling and breaking his nose? Even if he did something stupid, you’d at least use the occasion to provide some gentle instruction about the consequences of bad judgment. Be just as kind with yourself and others as you’d be with that child.

Also on Friday, Mercury conjoins Mars, and the two trine Pluto. Rather than getting angry and giving someone a piece of your mind, you can use this influence to understand the source of the conflict. Venus trines Pluto on the following day. If you and a loved one had a “discussion,” now you can make up in a way that should leave you feeling much closer than ever. The loving feelings will continue to build as Venus and Mars move closer to conjunction on May 23.

The Sun leaves Taurus on Saturday and enters fast-paced Gemini. However, Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, is in Taurus, and so placid Venus continues to be the dominant influence. I am a bit concerned that peace may be confused with repression of emotions. In mundane terms, this could mean squelching valid complaints in order to reach an agreement. Repressing feelings and failing to address underlying causes of problems never works, as all of that negative energy eventually surfaces. And when it does, it’s usually with a vengeance.

The last major aspect of the week is a Sun-Neptune square. For some, this could manifest as the combined urge to accomplish many small tasks and the lack of energy and motivation. My advice is to rest while you can, because June and July may bring fast and furious change.

Wishing you all love and enlightenment,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast May 10: Mercury Direct, New Moon in Taurus

Work Interrupted, by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1891

Although there aren’t many major planetary aspects this week, what we’ve got promises to bring a flurry of activity.

Mercury has been retrograde since April 18. On Tuesday, the Messenger stations direct at 2°39′ Taurus, in an applying conjunction with the Moon and tight trine with Pluto in Capricorn. The Moon is still in the waning phase, so it would be smart to wait until after Thursday before moving forward with activities put on hold during Mercury’s retrograde phase.

With the Moon and Mercury conjoined in a trine to Pluto, we have an opportunity to get deep insight into the transformational processes that are occurring in our individual lives and for the planet as a whole. This is where we may get a glimpse of what the future holds for us, if only for a fleeting moment. Pay close attention to dreams, psychic flashes, or unusual events that happen on Wednesday.

Your message from the universe could come through another person, too. I call these events angels. Think about it. The image of angels as winged beings goes back millennia, before Christianity and Judaism, even before Greek mythology. The wings symbolize air, and air represents thoughts or ideas.

In Homer’s Odyssey, Athena, goddess of wisdom, appears to Odysseus’s son Telemachus in the form of Mentor, a trusted friend that Odysseus leaves in charge of his household while he’s off fighting in the Trojan War. Athena, you’ll recall from Mythology 101, sprang from the head of her father, Zeus, fully formed. This image gives us more clues about her identity as a thought form or mental energy. The name “Mentor” stems from the Indo-European word for mind or thinking. Minerva, Athena’s Roman counterpart, gets her name from the same root.

So, when someone gives you important information, you are being visited by an angel, and the message is a valuable gift. I unabashedly predict that angels will be flitting all about on Wednesday!

Traffic and communications typically move slowly a day or two on either side of a Mercury station, but events will begin to unfold rapidly after the Mew Moon, which peaks at 9:04 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Thursday. The Moon will carry forward the energy released by Mercury’s return direct, so be prepared to hit the ground running.

After Thursday, we’ll be so busy that we may not have time to breathe, let alone think. Do essential chores early in the week, and clear your schedule, to the extent possible. It wouldn’t hurt, either, to think about what you’d do if the opportunity of a lifetime came through. This will be the reality for many of us. Trouble is, all opportunities that come to us now will have a hitch. It could be quite a big one. So you’ll need to know what you can live with and what would be a deal-breaker.

The Moon in Gemini on Friday and Saturday favors communications and is great for signing contracts, too. Perfect timing, because those were activities that didn’t go so well while Mercury was in reverse mode.

Sunday’s Cancer Moon favors tending to family matters. Enjoy a good, home-cooked meal or at least a cup of your favorite tea. Despite the flurry of activity on Thursday and Friday, you should be able to find some time to wind down. Practice your favorite stress-reduction technique.

Wishing you much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast April 26: Saturn Opposite Uranus, Full Moon in Scorpio

Iceland volcano erupts

A volcano erupts under Eyjafjallajökull glacier in Iceland on April 14, 2010. Photo by Ingolfur Juliusson for REUTERS.

Question: What’s the difference between a Saturn-Uranus opposition in Virgo and Pisces and the same opposition in Libra and Aries?

Answer: I don’t know. But we’re about to find out.

It’s not often that we get this great opportunity to get out of the lab and into the field. I’ve been studying charts, and theoretically, there doesn’t seem to be much difference between a Saturn-Uranus opposition in mutable signs, cardinal signs, earth and water, or air and fire. It’s all explosive, and it’s disruptive on a global scale, as we’ve seen in the past two weeks.

Saturn and Uranus have been in opposition since late 2008. Actually, they’ve been in opposition since forever — their astrolological attributes are as different as two planets can get. Saturn is about structure, stability, established hierarchy, limitations, and constraints. Wild and unpredictable, Uranus rules rebellion, freedom, human rights, space travel, technological breakthroughs, electricity, and sparks of creative genius.

Simply put, Saturn is order and Uranus is chaos.

So what happens when they oppose one another in the sky? Well, their first exact contact of this cycle was on November 4, 2008 — Election Day in the United States, and we all know how that turned out. After the initial euphoria, many hoped-for changes failed to materialized, and the Obama administration is under heavy fire from both sides of the aisle as his popularity rating continues to plummet. He’s taking heat in particular for his healthcare plan, which even has led to violence against lawmakers who approved it. A new grassroots rebellion is rising among political conservatives.

Wait — rebellious conservatives? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Not when Saturn is opposed to Uranus!

This conflict will intensify as Saturn and Uranus continue their opposition into late July and early August, by which time they both will have changed signs and will be part of the explosive cardinal T-square with Pluto at the apex. In the meantime, they form an exact alignment today (Monday) at 28 degrees Virgo and Pisces. There will be one more exact contact on July 26, at 0 degrees Libra and Aries.

In other news this week, we have the Full Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday. I’ve already written about this event, so there’s not much more to say. Later in the day, Ceres turns retrograde. She never quite made it to an exact conjunction with Pluto. That will take place later this year and will bear watching. I’m still not ready to make pronouncements about what Ceres transits mean, but I know that a conjunction with Pluto is significant.

On Sunday, the Moon in Sagittarius squares Saturn and Uranus, briefly forming a mutable T-square, and then carries that energy forward to Pluto in Capricorn later in the day. If you’re having your own personal crisis with Saturn and Uranus, you could go into meltdown phase. The Moon in Sagittarius generally is optimistic, but it’s hard to think positive when you’re dodging falling debris.

Wishing us all an abundance of love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Full Moon in Scorpio, April 28

Moon Above the Water

© Václav Volráb/Dreamstime.com

The Full Moon in Scorpio normally is a magical time of regeneration and rebirth.

That’s all the more true for the Scorpio Full Moon on April 28, thanks to a smooth, flowing connection between the Sun, Moon, and Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler. Moreover, the Sun is in tight conjunction with retrograde Mercury, and Pluto is retrograde, too. Retrograde periods are good for activities starting with “re.” So why not regeneration and rebirth?

As we go through the great cosmic shift of 2010-2012, much in our lives is dying in order to be reborn. We are healing and regenerating, according to ancient cycles of the stars, gods, and humans.

In the Buddhist tradition, the Full Moon in Scorpio is Wesak, celebrated as the day of the Buddha’s enlightenment. Now, technically, Wesak isn’t until May 27, because Buddhists use sidereal astrology, which is a sign “off” from our Western tropical system. Still, we can use the symbolism of Wesak to help us understand the significance of the Full Moon with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio.

Ruled by lovely Venus, Taurus is the “earthiest” of the earth signs, while Scorpio is the sign of death, regeneration and rebirth. Seeing how the unmanifest comes into existence in the physical world and then disappears back into the unmanifest is key to enlightened consciousness. It liberates us from errors in our thinking that lead to needless stress and suffering.

The Sun at 8°07′ Taurus tightly conjoins Mercury at 8°24′ Taurus, opposite the Moon at 8°07′ Scorpio. Mercury is just under halfway through his retrograde phase, which is often right about the time we really start feeling the effects.

Some of us may feel a bit lazy. If you’re going to succumb to being a couch potato, this is the time to do it! While it may seem like “unenlightened behavior,” I don’t see it that way. To the contrary, it’s often helpful to get your mind completely off a problem so that the deep psyche can work unimpeded. The trine from Mercury to retrograde Pluto will help gain deeper insight, if you just step out of the way and let the process happen. When you return your attention to the issue at hand, you may experience sudden new insight and inspiration. I especially recommend this for intellectual types who live a lot of the time in their heads.

On the downside, it may be hard for some people to open up to new ideas under this influence. If someone is giving you a hard time for being too entrenched in ideas or habits, listen! They may or may not be right, but the fact that they’re bringing it up is your cue for self-examination. Consider the message as a gift.

Also, Venus is at 4° Gemini, inconjunct Pluto and in mutual reception with Mercury. Venus in Gemini loves to talk, talk, talk, but that may get you in trouble when Mercury is retrograde. Words can be misconstrued. It might be better to let our actions speak for themselves, but that could lead to problems, too, with action planet Mars squaring the Sun and Moon. It will be hard for everyone to shrug off perceived slights.

Saturn and Uranus are approaching opposition, which may end up being the real news at this Full Moon. I wrote about this in my weekly forecast and will have more in tomorrow’s post.

Lastly, Ceres is stationed near Pluto, set to turn retrograde later in the day. According to classical mythology, Ceres dared to confront Jupiter and Pluto over the disappearance of her daughter and held them accountable for their actions. I think we’ll see this mostly in societal terms, as the powers that be are forced to take responsibility for bad public policy, especially concerning the economy and environment.

However, we may see some effects in our private lives, too. At the very least, we may need to reflect on how past decisions or behavior are affecting us in the present. It’s never too late to change!

For the Moon at 8°07′ Scorpio, the Sabian Symbol** is dental work, with the keyword PRACTICALITY. Most of us don’t pay nearly the attention to our spiritual health as we do to our physical bodies, and yet this is what’s needed in order to maintain a “healthy soul” that can connect with others in our soul community.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 8°07′ Taurus is a Christmas tree decorated, with the keyword SYMBOLIZATION. An image of the winter holidays might seem out of place at this time of year, but its message is of spiritual renewal through sharing with friends and family. One of the most important things we can share with others is our unique gift to the world, and often we must go through a spiritual “death” and regeneration to find it.

It’s the classic tale of the hero’s journey, which takes us to hell and back.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

** From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmond Jones. The author, an astrologer, channeled this work in the early 1920s. There’s one symbol one for each degree of the zodiac, and we can use them to gain insight into charts.

Full Moon in Scorpio, May 8-9, 2009

Wesak Full MoonThe Full Moon in Scorpio on May 9 seems pregnant with possibilities, as if we are standing on the edge of the precipice waiting for a signal to leap off. But with Mercury retrograde until May 31 and Saturn at a virtual standstill, actual movement is not likely.

The elements are evenly balanced in this chart, underscoring the sense of stasis. Saturn in Virgo is the handle of the bucket pattern. Saturn is preparing to station direct on May 16 and will remain at 14° Virgo from May 8 until May 26. Virgo is always happy to double-check the details, and with Mercury, Virgo’s traditional ruler, retrograde, that’s about all we’ll be able to do for now. Yes, it’s frustrating!

Venus and Mars, who rule Taurus and Scorpio respectively, are both in Aries, pushing personal agendas. Venus is pulling away from her last square to Pluto on May 2, completing a rather difficult period for her. Now she just wants to have fun for a change. Taking some downtime may not be a bad idea, if you can. Mars in Aries encourages physical activities of all kinds – as in less thinking and more doing! This is a great time of year to head outside to play, since it is spring in the northern latitudes and fall in the southern ones.

Mercury in Gemini forms an awkward inconjunct with Pluto in Capricorn before moving back into Taurus on May 13. This may be a case where Mercury feels like a teenager being reined in hard by the authorities (Pluto). All those bright ideas that leapt into our heads when Mercury entered Gemini are up for intense review, so we might as well sit down and do it. The collective is still in the process of adjusting to the new tone of frugality and paying as you go demanded by Pluto in sober-minded Capricorn. This is just one more step.

A lovely mystic rectangle is formed by the Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio, Saturn in Virgo, and Juno in Pisces. What this says to me is trust your intuition and your gut instincts over logic and reason, especially when it comes to committed relationships. Juno is the asteroid associated with marriage. Saturn demands that we honor our commitments, and the luminaries in fixed signs are both inclined to stay the course. Don’t be surprised if you and your sweetheart end up talking about taking your relationship to the next level – either that, or calling it off because you realize you are ready for something more serious, and the person you’ve been seeing isn’t.

The stellium of Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune in Aquarius semi-sextile Uranus in Pisces does not seem to have an outlet of expression, but this will change at the New Moon in Gemini on May 24. For now, it is a good idea to continue working on maintaining perspective and not succumbing to fear. It is much easier to deal with a tangible problem than all the “maybes.” Stay strong and have faith in the universe.

For the Sun, the Sabian symbol is 19 Taurus, “A new continent rising out of the ocean,” with the keyword ORIGINALITY. This is Taurus, so the emerging potential is based in reality rather than speculation. We still have to wait out the Mercury retrograde period, though, so don’t get in too big of a hurry. Besides, no Taurus I’ve known ever did anything quickly.

The symbol for 19 Scorpio is, “A parrot repeats the conversation he has overheard,” and the keyword is CONVENTIONALITY. Be careful not to “parrot” what you’ve heard without taking time to determine for yourself what is really going on.

The message of this lunation is clearly one of taking time to consider all of your options carefully, choosing what works and clearing out the rest. Hauling around emotional baggage is exhausting, as most of us know. I know I sound like a broken record sometimes about practicing kindness and forgiveness, but I do so from the heart. Something else I would like to recommend is doing something nice for yourself regularly. We all deserve a treat now and again!

Libra, relationship specialistposted by Neith . . .

Image: This is the Wesak Full Moon, celebrating the Buddha’s birthday. This image shows last year’s Wesak Full Moon, on April 29, over Mount Everest. Photo by David Gray for REUTERS.