Weekly Forecast May 14: Venus Retrograde, New Moon Eclipse in Gemini

Star falling into a black hole. Credit: NASA, S. Gezari (The Johns Hopkins University), and J. Guillochon (University of California, Santa Cruz).

The portal is open. The info is going back and forth fast and furiously this week, as Venus turns retrograde in Gemini and a solar eclipse takes place in the sign of communications.

Some of the synchronicities are astounding, and even the breakdowns seem to be part of the greater plan. More than ever, it’s important that you know where you’re headed, even if you don’t know how you’re going to get there. The “how” will come, but you need to be willing to change on a moment’s notice and to take a leap of faith.

In one of my synchronicities this week (too long a story to explain here), I found this remarkable video about Tom Kenyon. Among other things, it explains how we communicate with higher beings through sound. I have a feeling you’ll find something synchronous in it, too.

The latest issue of The Mountain Astrologer has a priceless cover, with road signs for the times head. One sign reads, “change required, no U-turns.” And that pretty much sums it up. There is no going back, no matter what the weather or road conditions are. The good news is that we’re getting new information, new contacts, and other necessary information to support us on our journey. It also has been my experience that any attempts to veer from our path or spend too long at the roadside rest stop will be swiftly rectified by circumstances “out of our control.”

Monday’s Mercury-Pluto trine brings deep insight that is also practical. Expect some of the “how” to present itself. There’s also a Sun-Saturn inconjunct, so be advised that some of what’s required of you may not be comfortable or easy. Indeed, “easy” isn’t happening for anyone I know right now. Opportunities can come out of the blue, but you have to be prepared to get out of your routine and venture into unfamiliar territory. With Saturn retrograde in Libra, it’s also likely that relationships are an issue. Some of the discomfort may involve working with people who for one reason or another make you uncomfortable.

Venus turns retrograde on Tuesday and will remain in “reverse” until June 27. With Saturn also retrograde and in Venus-ruled Libra, we’re in for a heavy dose of relationship school. Some of your lessons are likely to involve unresolved issues with past partners, whether in this lifetime or other incarnations.

Mars trines Pluto on Wednesday and opposes Chiron on Thursday. The first aspect favors result-oriented, material outcomes that require action and discipline. This is the third and final pass of a three-part alignment that began around Thanksgiving (late November). The second aspect is helpful for healing old wounds, in a surgical kind of way. In other words – as if often the case – you may have to endure temporary pain as you dig into old hurts in order to release the stuck energy. You may experience a “healing crisis” – a temporary worsening of symptoms while the healing is taking place.

On Sunday, the Sun enters Gemini and immediately aligns with the Moon in a solar eclipse. This is an ongoing series of eclipses, so you should know by now what areas of your life are undergoing rapid and deep change. This eclipse represents the next “installment.” Watch for stunning new developments, which will gather speed and intensity as we approach the Full Moon lunar eclipse on June 4.

As I wrote last week, we’re now in the most volatile and rapidly changing period of 2012. If you feel scattered and unfocused, give yourself some space while doing your best to keep your eye on your goals. I’ve suggested keeping an open mind, but with Venus retrograde, you’ll also need to keep an open heart. The portal goes both ways.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat