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Weekly Forecast May 20: Uranus Square Pluto, Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Wesak 2012This week is one of the most astrologically active of 2013, with an exact square of Uranus and Pluto and a lunar eclipse at the Full Moon, which also is the Buddhist festival of Wesak.

I can’t say that the rubber is going to meet the road, because we’re well past that point. For many of us, it feels like we’re spinning our wheels and getting nowhere. Others have been driving and driving, only to arrive at a dead end in the wilderness, wondering whether we’ll have enough fuel to get us back to the main road and moving in the right direction.

Not that dead ends are bad. We often need to go all the way down the “wrong” road in order to learn something, recover a lot piece of ourselves, or just explore and experiment. In the great cosmic lab, as in real-life labs, not all experiments are successful. Indeed, most of them fail. But in failing, we learn what doesn’t work, thereby putting us a step closer to what will.

As I wrote in last week’s forecast, the Uranus-Pluto square is exact on Monday. This will be the third of seven exact alignments between 2012 and 2015. The last one occurred on September 19, 2012, and the next will fall on November 1, 2013. The November square also will be near an eclipse and likely more intense than this week’s. Still, we’re in turbulent waters, and even those who love a wild ride may be getting more than they bargained for. We’re being forced to accept fast and continual change, and it seems that once we embrace it, circumstances come along that force us to accept still more changes. It’s hard for me to give advice these days about how to cope, except recommend doing whatever works best for you in the moment. If balance isn’t possible, do your best to remain standing. If that doesn’t work, crawl on all fours. Or just stay down.

I’m surprised by how people I know (myself included) have gone into a shutdown phase. As bad as that sounds, it may be a good thing. At least in my own experience, I’ve realized that shutting down may be necessary for internal changes to take place. Really, it’s not much different than metamorphosis. The caterpillar has to be entirely shut down for the magical changes to take place. Some don’t make it through, but die in the process. In the alchemy of the soul, this process is called solve et coagula – dissolve and congeal. The idea is to identify the parts of ourselves that need changing and then to “dissolve” them – a process that often involves entirely breaking down. During the breakdown phase, we’re in an extremely vulnerable and even dangerous place. It’s the classic “dark night of the soul,” where fear, hopelessness, and despair can get the best of us. But once the breakdown is complete, we can start to rebuild, with greater strength, clarity, and wisdom. Those of you who have been through this process know what I’m talking about. If you’re going through it now for the first time, try to have some faith that there is a purpose to your struggle.

Breaking down is a big part of the Uranus-Pluto square. Uranus in Aries is a disruptive force that blasts structures apart, often literally. Pluto also is a destructive force, but the point is to release bound-up energies in order to create something new. This concept also was part of alchemy. It takes energy to stay stuck in old patterns. When we break out of those patterns, we release the energy to create something new and stronger. This is true for individuals as well as for organizations and societies.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Click on image to enlarge

The chart for this Saturday’s lunar eclipse (late Friday in Western time zones) powerfully reflects this process. The Sun and Moon are in a close square with Neptune, the planet of dissolution. This also happens to be the last eclipse in the Sagittarius-Gemini series, which began at the solstice in December 2010. The last eclipse in a series represents a close to a chapter, a final outcome. Since this is a lunar eclipse, it does suggest dissolution and endings. However, dissolution is not really the end. It’s just the end of one event, situation, relationship, or phase of life, and in all likelihood, the ending is necessary in order to free up energy for to create something new.

The “something new” is represented by Saturn, the planet of form and structure. As you can see in the chart, Neptune and Saturn are in a very close trine, a positive aspect representing a non-resistant path along with energy can flow. This tells me that whatever breaks down will quickly be able to reform. Moreover, Saturn is in mutual reception with Pluto, so even though there is no apparent “outlet” for the Uranus-Pluto square in this chart, there is an invisible and very powerful one. The difficulty, though, is as I stated earlier: new forms come into being and may quickly disintegrate, keeping us in a constant state of anxiety.

The ruler of this Full Moon is Jupiter, who is close to finishing his year-long tour through Gemini. Jupiter is in detriment in Gemini but next month will enter Cancer, the sign of his exaltation. Moreover, he’ll form a grand trine with Saturn and Neptune, so we’ll have even more opportunities to create what we most want and need, especially in terms of what connects us with each other and sustains us emotionally.

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is in his own sign, and he’s conjunct Venus and approaching conjunction with Jupiter at the eclipse. This is a vibrant configuration that favors intellectual creativity of all kinds, but especially writing. It’s also a good opportunity to examine the stories we tell ourselves about our lives. With an eclipse squaring Neptune, this is a great time to release illusions and delusions. Whether you’re underestimating yourself or misjudging your limitations, now would be a good time for a reality check.

Wesak occurs at the Full Moon in sidereal Scorpio. Sometimes this is the same as in the tropical system, which is the form of astrology most of us in the Western world use. This year, however, the dates are different. You can read more about sidereal and tropical astrology in a recent Q&A post. Wesak is a major “download” time, when a portal opens to higher consciousness and enlightenment. It’s my belief that a big part of the turbulence happening in the world now is related to awakening consciousness in large groups of people. Just as giving birth is painful, waking up can be painful, too. When we understand how connected we are, depending on how we’ve structured our lives, we might suddenly realize that we need a complete overhaul. Humans are hard-wired to maintain the status quo, so being in a constant state of flux can rock us to our very foundations.

Personally, I’m going through a difficult process that in hindsight began well before I got sick last week. As many of you know from reading my blog, I experienced adrenal fatigue last summer as a result of a grueling academic schedule. I never fully recovered, and it appears I’ve had a relapse. I saw my doctor last week, and we’ve formulated a plan, but healing is going to take many months, especially since I’m not able to eliminate the worst causes of stress in my life. All I can do is give in to the process and have faith that, as in past situations, I’ll come out of it stronger and wiser. After all, it was through similar circumstances in 2001 that I became an astrologer. We’ll just have to wait and see what’s next. In the meantime, I offer my sincerest apologies to those of you who have written e-mails and ordered reports and who haven’t received a response from me. For the past two weeks, I’ve spent most of my time sleeping or lying down. I don’t know how long this will last. In the meantime, my mind is working very slow, and it takes me all day to write what I used to be able to do in an hour or two. It’s humbling, to say the least.

Next week is going to look a lot better on many levels, so hang in there with me, all of you.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast June 11: Jupiter Enters Gemini

Another big week is ahead of us, with Jupiter entering Gemini and the Uranus-Pluto square close to exact – “close enough for government work,” as they say.

And that’s where we’re likeliest to see evidence of the Uranus-Pluto contact. Ray Merriman lays it out in his weekly forecast, so I’ll refer you to him for how the details (Gemini) fit into the big picture (Jupiter). We’re also in for a major cultural shift similar to what we experienced in the mid-1960s, when Uranus and Pluto were conjunct. We even look the part, with the hippie look back in fashion. Maxi dresses, headbands, love beads, and fringed bags are all the rage again.

Right after Jupiter enters Gemini on Monday, Mercury squares Uranus and opposes Pluto. The Messenger brings news, and it’s likely to be big and a little scary. Not that we haven’t seen the handwriting on the wall for more than a year, with the Occupy Movement, Arab spring, turbulence in the eurozone, and the growing threat of global economic collapse. However, Mercury in Cancer implies a more fearful reaction to what’s happening and what may happen in the future. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer’s moods are up one minute and down the next. That tells me that the public mood is going to fluctuate wildly over the next couple of weeks in response to news generated by government and financial institutions.

Communications and relationships continue to be a major theme, and it’s where we have the biggest opportunities to evolve our consciousness. We’re still working through some old issues, some of which may extend “outside time,” which is my way of saying “past lives.” Indeed, more people may become aware of this concept and understand that those lives you think are in the “past” are happening on many levels, all at once. It helps our limited human brain to think of them in order, chronologically, but that’s not the reality. As we open up to the real nature of time, many of us are disoriented and feel “spacey,” like we’re not all here. If you feel like this, don’t fight it, just observe. Keep notes. Record your dreams. And if you need extra sleep, give in to it.

Over the past two years, I’ve had a significant increase in clients coming to me about relationships with people they recognize from a “past life.” These meetings often are the trigger that starts removing the barrier in our consciousness limiting our awareness to one place in space and time. To function “normally,” we need these boundaries. However, humanity has reached a crisis stage that defies solutions within our limited awareness. Even your personal relationships may have reached a point at which both sides are so polarized that you can’t seem to “get it together.” Expanding our concept of time will open us up to new possibilities. And if your experience is anything like mine, you might realize that some of what you needed to know was right there all along, but you just couldn’t see it. It’s a lot like being a dark or dimly lit room and then suddenly turning on the lights. You don’t see anything that wasn’t already there.

Venus remains retrograde in Gemini until June 27, while Saturn in Venus-ruled Libra – the sign of relationships – comes out of retrograde just two days earlier. In other words, they’ll both be stationed, or “stopped,” at the same time, like pausing a movie. I believe this will allow us a chance to understand our relationships and to see them for what they are. Part of that equation will be seeing ourselves more clearly and understanding how we connect.

I’ve anticipated for more than a year that we’d have some kind of mass awakening in June 2012, given the combination of astrological aspects this month. And while the Uranus-Pluto square is huge and strongly suggests global social and cultural upheaval, the retrograde cycle of Venus in Gemini combined with eclipses and a Venus transit has far-reaching implications on a more subtle level. That’s why I made the bold statement in last week’s forecast that 2012 will be history by December 21, the presumed end of the Mayan Calendar.

Which brings me to another point. On Friday, I was explaining all of the foregoing to a friend who’s not much into astrology, and she asked what you do with all of this information. Excellent question. When we know the source of certain conflicts or understand the astrological energies underlying the events in our lives, we can make better choices about how to act or react. In some cases, we might have more compassion. In others, we might decide to risk conflict by provoking a confrontation. Or we may decide to remain patient a bit longer while people and relationships unfold to a point at which solutions will be easier to find.

Getting back to this week, Mercury trines Chiron on Tuesday, just as Chiron is turning retrograde. Again, when planets shift from direct to retrograde and back again, they “stand still” for a period, signifying a sort of freeze frame that allows us to get a good look at what’s going on. For me, Chiron is conjunct my Moon by exact degree, so when he turns retrograde and then is aspected by Mercury, not only will I get a clearer idea of how this life-changing transit is affecting me, but I’ll be able to talk about it in a way that facilitates healing.

The Sun’s trine with Saturn on Wednesday is a potential trigger aspect for events related to last week’s lunar eclipse. Don’t be surprised by an initial confrontation or argument. Sticking with it and working through your differences will be rewarded, likely by renewed commitment. The Venus-Chiron square on Saturday is another potential healing aspect that requires addressing painful memories and old hurts.

On Sunday, Father’s Day, the Moon conjoins Jupiter and Venus. An honest, heart-to-heart talk with Dad over a beer will be the best gift you can give, and it could last you both a lifetime … or longer.

If you’d like to know more about what’s coming in June, I highly recommend the monthly forecast by Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer. It’s one of their best ever, so be sure to listen to the whole thing! And do check out Ray Merriman. All together, you’ll get a broad picture that helps you make the most of the momentous times in which we’re living.

Wishing you all love and courage across time,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast June 4: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Venus Transit

The MonolithForget December 21, 2012. This is it.

Some time ago, I lent my copy of 2012: Science or Superstition to a friend. She couldn’t find it and offered last week to pay for a replacement. When I ordered it, I saw there’s now a companion book. It was priced at a ridiculously low $1.10, so I bought it and started reading it during my Friday commute. It’s arguably better than the film itself in terms of answering the title question and exploring the roots of the 2012 hype.

Among other things, the author points out that scholars dispute the December 21, 2012, end date of the Mayan Calendar. Moreover, the supposed galactic alignment of the solstice sun with the center of the galaxy – the celestial event on which the end-of-the-world predictions are based – has already happened. The leading proponent of the December 21 date, John Major Jenkins, has admitted that the alignment may have been closest to exact 15 years ago and that the window remains open for several years. We’ve been in it, we’re in it now, and we’ll be in it until at least 2018.

End of the world parties are already planned, hotels booked, and plane tickets purchased. I suppose there’s something to be said for an event featuring so prominently in the collective consciousness, and maybe for that reason alone, it will be eventful. However, by then, the biggest news of 2012 will be old history.

The news is here, now. Monday’s lunar eclipse, followed by a rare Venus transit, is the leading aspect of 2012, along with the first exact Uranus-Pluto square, which is less than three weeks away and is already being felt. We’re in a wide-open window for expanding our consciousness, seeing problems and life in general in a wider perspective, opening our minds to ideas we never considered, and accepting responsibility for our future, both as individuals and as members of society. According to many 2012 theories, that’s what this year is supposed to be about, anyway. So here we are, getting it sooner rather than later.

A major focus of this expanded consciousness – indeed, I’d go so far as to say that it’s the whole point, but I won’t argue with others who see it differently – is relationships. Specifically, relationships between opposites. Gemini is the sign of duality, of polar opposites: light/dark, internal/external, transmitter/receiver, matter/energy, male/female, Democrat/Republican, you/me, us/them, etcetera ad infinitum. At the eclipse, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus will all be in Gemini. Venus is the sign of relationships, of course, and she’s retrograde – along with Saturn, who’s in Venus-ruled Libra. They’ll both turn direct later this month.

Mars, the action planet, also plays a key role in this eclipse. Just as Venus represents the divine feminine, Mars represents the divine masculine. A few hours after the eclipse, the love planets form a conflicting square. I read this as an indication that unifying opposites will require an initial phase of tension, awkwardness, and possibly confrontation. For example, if you’re getting back together with someone or taking a relationship to the next level, you may have to go through a heated argument to resolve issues standing in the way. To do this successfully, both people will need to be completely open and honest, and both will have to make sincere concessions – operative word being “sincere.”

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Click on image to enlarge

At the same time, Neptune is stationed and turns retrograde just hours after the eclipse. When Neptune is stationed, a portal opens into other dimensions. Our concept of time and space can disappear. We can see into the past and future, and we can tap into the vastness of the universe – what some might call the mind of God. For many relationships, the source of the conflict began in other lifetimes. We now have an opportunity to understand how things got out of balance and to set them right.

At the peak of the eclipse, the Moon is in Sagittarius, sign of expansion, exploration, and awakening. The Sun, Moon, Earth, and Venus all will be in alignment, forming a sort of channel for a higher frequency, however temporary, to reach us. It doesn’t matter that it’s fleeting. It’s like turning on the radio in the middle of a shocking news broadcast. You need to be tuned in only long enough to get the message.

On Tuesday, Venus moves across the face of the Sun in what’s known as a Venus transit. The last one was in 2004, and before that, 1882. The next pair won’t occur until 2117 and 2125. For a 6,000-year list of Venus transits, check out NASA’s Venus transit catalog. If you’d like a little mental time travel, there’s also a great article about British explorer James Cook’s expedition to Tahiti in 1769 to observe the Venus transit.

On Thursday, Mercury leaves his home sign of Gemini and enters Cancer. I should warn you that people may get even grumpier than they’ve been. Worse, they may bite your head off one minute and kiss your behind the next. With the Moon in unpredictable Aquarius on Thursday and Friday, you just don’t know what you’ll get. That said, Aquarius is a social sign, so if you can roll with the punches and not take anything personally, you could have a thrilling ride.

On Friday, Mercury trines Neptune, and the Moon enters Pisces on Saturday. Don’t be surprised if everyone is in tears – and not just because they’re sad. They could cry tears of joy, tears of relief, tears of frustration, or tears for no reason at all. Don’t even try to figure it out.

I’ll make sure to have some extra tissues handy.

Wishing you all infinite love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast May 27: Sun Sextile Uranus, Mercury Conjunct Venus

We’re down the rabbit hole for sure. Actually, it’s how I imagine a caterpillar would feel in the chrysalis. No longer a caterpillar, but not yet a butterfly.

Normally, the two-week period between eclipses is a weird, volatile space. This one, however, is infinitely weirder, as the Sun, Moon, Earth, and Venus move into closer alignment next week. I’ve been so sleepy I can barely keep my head up. I bumped into an astrologer friend yesterday at the Vashon farmer’s market who recounted the story of a friend of hers who took a bath one evening, fell asleep in the tub, and didn’t wake up until morning!

There’s so much going on “up there” that it’s hard to know what phenomenon is causing all of this strangeness. All we can say is that it is indeed strange.

Some of you know that my project this quarter is the preliminary work for a full-length documentary about professional astrologers. I’ve started the on-camera interviews, which look great, thanks to the excellent camera, sound, and lighting work of my crew. During our shoot this past Friday, it was abundantly clear how much we’ve learned in eight months.

I’ve been working insanely long hours in the editing room, and I’m even editing in my sleep. If, in my dream, I don’t like how a particular sequence looks, I “edit” it. More than once, I’ve awakened in the middle of one of these nocturnal “adjustments” laughing at the irony. Seriously, though, wouldn’t it be something if it turns out we indeed can “edit” our lives by revising our memories and visions of other incarnations? I know, I know. It’s pretty far out there. So throw me in jail for heresy.

Looking at planetary transits, it appears that this week is going to be a lot like last week. Mercury in Gemini suggests that life is speeding along, but Venus retrograde in Mercury’s sign exerts a drag. On Thursday, the day Mercury entered his home sign, my car wouldn’t start. I got straight through to AAA, only to find out that the tow truck was broken down. Fortunately, all I needed was a jump start. Still, it took up a chunk of my day, when I’m running as fast as I can, only to get farther and farther past my deadlines.

Monday’s Sun-Uranus sextile promises a spark of creativity and a happy surprise or two. But inconjuncts from the Sun and Mercury to Pluto early in the week suggest underlying tension. Something just isn’t working, like trying to fit the metaphorical square peg in a round hole. With aspects to Chiron also in the picture, old wounds could be triggered, possibly from other lifetimes. Many of us are experiencing cross-dimensional awareness. It’s part of the leap in consciousness that’s taking place on the planet. The initial contact can be unsettling, especially if traumatic memories are awakened.

Mercury squares Mars on Wednesday, which gets my vote as the most difficult day of the week. Try not to go overboard in criticism, even if you’re asked for it. There will be a tendency to point out every little thing that’s wrong. Sensitive egos could get bruised.

Mercury moves on to conjoin Venus on Friday and trine Saturn on Sunday. There’s an interesting three-way conversation here. Saturn is retrograde in Libra, which is ruled by Venus, while Venus is retrograde in Gemini, ruled by Mercury. There should be plenty of opportunities during these three days to discuss recurring issues in close relationships, particularly those that never got resolved. Again, I think it’s possible that we may even be able to address karmic issues from other lifetimes, with a fighting chance that we can come to some resolution and move on. So many people seem to have a lot to release right now. A collective heave-ho of old baggage sure would help lighten up the planet.

Perhaps we could schedule a pickup with Universal Parcel Service to come get it.

Wishing you all infinite love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast May 21: Mercury Enters Gemini

Mercury Appearing to Aeneas, by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, 1757. In Virgil's Aeneid, Jupiter sends Mercury to Trojan warrior Aeneas, who must choose between his destiny to found the city of Rome and his love for Queen Dido. The story recounts the mythological events of a changing era and the dawn of a new empire.

Whew, I definitely felt that eclipse. What about you? It was overcast and foggy here, so I didn’t get to see anything, but around 3:30, I essentially passed out and was in a deep sleep for two hours.

It was a good thing I got some extra rest, because this week promises to be insanely busy. We’ll be in the wake of the eclipse through Tuesday, while Mercury straps on his winged sandals and gets ready to fly into his home sign of Gemini on Thursday. Fortunately, our brains will be quick enough to keep up when life shifts into high gear.

Indeed, this week is all about Mercury. As of Friday, all the planets will deposit to him until June 7, except Neptune and, for a few days, the Moon. This means that all areas of life ruled by Mercury will command our attention and take on additional urgency – the most important among them being all forms of communication. With Venus retrograde in Gemini, we may notice an upswing in contact from people we haven’t heard from in some time. I’ve already had one of those experiences and am waiting for the second, as they typically come in pairs. Gemini is, after all, the Twins.

Mercury himself is not just the speedy messenger, associated with rational thinking and a quick wit. Remember, in mythology, he was the only one of the gods who could move freely between the world of the living and the world of the dead. That’s why, when Ceres demanded that Pluto return her kidnapped daughter or else, she had to send Mercury as the intermediary.

The phenomenon symbolized by Mercury is at work when thoughts bubble up from our subconscious, or when images flash into our mind in the space between sleeping and waking. If you’re a creative-minded person, you may get many of your ideas in that space. If so, then you’ve experienced the essence of Mercury. If effect, you’ve received a “message from the gods” via the Messenger.

The reason I bring this up is that we normally think of Mercury as the planet of communications and quick thinking, and while this is true, there’s more to the Little Guy. And we’re going to experience his dual role this week as he aspects Jupiter (the Big Guy) on Tuesday, Neptune on Friday, and the Sun and Uranus on Sunday. Keep a notebook handy and write down your ideas. They may come and go so fast that if you don’t record them, you’ll forget … which would be a shame, because truly, we’re receiving major “downloads” right now, some of them as fleeting ideas and others as major revelations. The synchronicities continue, as well.

One of the things that always has fascinated me as I contemplate Gemini is the concept of communications between the two hemispheres of the brain. Where do these intuitive thoughts come from, how do they enter our conscious awareness, and how do we process them? As a writer, I depend on this process for inspiration. Once I come up with an idea – and who knows, really, where it comes from – I make a note of it and then wait for my subconscious to do the “research.” Invariably, ideas pop to the surface as I’m waking up or while I’m commuting on the ferry, staring at the water and thinking about nothing in particular. Sometimes, something will happen during the day that literally brings the information I need to my fingertips.

Some people are disturbed by these strange ideas out of “nowhere” and quickly suppress them. This is all the more likely to happen to those who are entrenched in belief systems that would collapse with the insurgence of one radical truth. I suspect there’s going to be a lot of that going on in the next few weeks, individually and collectively.

Communicating within relationships is going to be very important this week, too. Venus is now retrograde but moving very slowly, while Saturn also is retrograde. While they never form an exact trine, they’ve been tracking within a degree of each other and will remain within a couple of degrees of a trine all week. Saturn is in Venus-ruled Libra, the sign of relationships, reminding us that commitment comes with responsibilities. The first responsibility is to communicate. In romantic relationships, honesty is paramount. We often tell little lies, thinking that we’re sparing the other person’s feelings, when the real motivation may be elsewhere. If you’re not being truthful with your partner, you might want to have a little discussion with yourself and try to figure out why not. What’s at stake? What is served by hiding the truth? You may have legitimate reasons, but more often than not, information is withheld as a means of control.

On Saturday, Mercury also conjoins the lunar South Node. I’ve been hearing a lot from friends and clients about past-life memories, often triggered by meeting someone from another lifetime. I expect we’re going to get a lot more of this in the next few weeks, too. The Sun crosses the South Node the day before, which also may trigger some synchronicities or events that feel “destined.”

However, it’s Mercury I’m watching this week. Whether the communications come from within or without, they’re likely to come fast and to be worth our attention. Keep those antennae up! And for those of you who are getting slammed, this is just another admonition to keep your eye on the goal and don’t lose your nerve. When you’re surfing a giant wave and driving on a high-speed freeway, you can’t afford to allow your attention to lapse for even a second.

Much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

P.S. For photos of the eclipse as well as good information about solar activity, check out Space Weather.

Weekly Forecast May 14: Venus Retrograde, New Moon Eclipse in Gemini

Star falling into a black hole. Credit: NASA, S. Gezari (The Johns Hopkins University), and J. Guillochon (University of California, Santa Cruz).

The portal is open. The info is going back and forth fast and furiously this week, as Venus turns retrograde in Gemini and a solar eclipse takes place in the sign of communications.

Some of the synchronicities are astounding, and even the breakdowns seem to be part of the greater plan. More than ever, it’s important that you know where you’re headed, even if you don’t know how you’re going to get there. The “how” will come, but you need to be willing to change on a moment’s notice and to take a leap of faith.

In one of my synchronicities this week (too long a story to explain here), I found this remarkable video about Tom Kenyon. Among other things, it explains how we communicate with higher beings through sound. I have a feeling you’ll find something synchronous in it, too.

The latest issue of The Mountain Astrologer has a priceless cover, with road signs for the times head. One sign reads, “change required, no U-turns.” And that pretty much sums it up. There is no going back, no matter what the weather or road conditions are. The good news is that we’re getting new information, new contacts, and other necessary information to support us on our journey. It also has been my experience that any attempts to veer from our path or spend too long at the roadside rest stop will be swiftly rectified by circumstances “out of our control.”

Monday’s Mercury-Pluto trine brings deep insight that is also practical. Expect some of the “how” to present itself. There’s also a Sun-Saturn inconjunct, so be advised that some of what’s required of you may not be comfortable or easy. Indeed, “easy” isn’t happening for anyone I know right now. Opportunities can come out of the blue, but you have to be prepared to get out of your routine and venture into unfamiliar territory. With Saturn retrograde in Libra, it’s also likely that relationships are an issue. Some of the discomfort may involve working with people who for one reason or another make you uncomfortable.

Venus turns retrograde on Tuesday and will remain in “reverse” until June 27. With Saturn also retrograde and in Venus-ruled Libra, we’re in for a heavy dose of relationship school. Some of your lessons are likely to involve unresolved issues with past partners, whether in this lifetime or other incarnations.

Mars trines Pluto on Wednesday and opposes Chiron on Thursday. The first aspect favors result-oriented, material outcomes that require action and discipline. This is the third and final pass of a three-part alignment that began around Thanksgiving (late November). The second aspect is helpful for healing old wounds, in a surgical kind of way. In other words – as if often the case – you may have to endure temporary pain as you dig into old hurts in order to release the stuck energy. You may experience a “healing crisis” – a temporary worsening of symptoms while the healing is taking place.

On Sunday, the Sun enters Gemini and immediately aligns with the Moon in a solar eclipse. This is an ongoing series of eclipses, so you should know by now what areas of your life are undergoing rapid and deep change. This eclipse represents the next “installment.” Watch for stunning new developments, which will gather speed and intensity as we approach the Full Moon lunar eclipse on June 4.

As I wrote last week, we’re now in the most volatile and rapidly changing period of 2012. If you feel scattered and unfocused, give yourself some space while doing your best to keep your eye on your goals. I’ve suggested keeping an open mind, but with Venus retrograde, you’ll also need to keep an open heart. The portal goes both ways.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast December 5: Uranus Direct, Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

The monolith from Stanley Kubrick's 1968 sci-fi breakthrough, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I keep telling myself that the universe was born out of chaos.

This has been my mantra for the past two weeks, which have been nothing if not chaotic. The week ahead is going to be even more so, with Uranus turning direct this Saturday less than eight hours before a lunar eclipse in Gemini. If any one planet spells chaos, it’s Uranus, bringer of upsets, surprises, and general mayhem. Gemini, meanwhile, is ruled by Mercury, a lower octave of Uranus.

Mercury also happens to be retrograde for another week – he turns direct on the 13th – and what a performance he has given us so far! Maybe if we nominate him for an Oscar now, he won’t feel obliged to keep up appearances for our sake. I’ve been “entertained” quite enough, thank you very much. Some of the things I’ve done have been shocking – and embarrassing. Can I tell my instructor that I lost a vital piece of equipment because Mercury was retrograde?

Eclipses can be chaotic events in and of themselves. Typically, we experience some kind of rapid change around the time of eclipses, sometimes within a matter of days, but sometimes not for another 30 or 60 days – another one or two lunar cycles. Sometimes, we even experience our “eclipse event” before the actual eclipse. However, this time around, I suspect the change will arrive within a week or two after the Full Moon, and it will correspond in some way to the solar eclipse on November 25. Check your chart (or your StarGuide December forecast) to see where the eclipse occurred. Then look at the opposite house and check what you’ve got going on there. Your “news” could come in an area governed by either house. You’ll be affected most if the eclipses are in an angular house – the first, tenth, seventh and fourth.

For example, if the solar eclipse fell in your tenth house and the lunar eclipse is in your fourth, you might hear about a new job, and it could require you to move or to spend a lot of time away from your family. However, with Mercury still in “reverse,” your actual start date might be delayed until after the first of the year. Indeed, let’s hope it is, because you really wouldn’t want to sign an employment contract or any other kind of contract while Mercury is retrograde. Also, if your eclipse event is an ending of some kind that makes you sad – for example, breaking up with a partner – you may need to let it go for good. Events that happen near eclipses seem to have a sense of purpose and permanence.

Chart for Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

Click on image to enlarge

In general, synchronicities continue to pop out all over. Every day, I hear a new tale or two about amazing “coincidences” with nearly impossible odds of happening. This is how you “see” invisible planetary energies. They manifest as events, people, and situations. You just need to learn to recognize the patterns. I liken it to the visual puzzles that used to appear in the comics section of the newspaper. Figures were hidden within drawings, and you had to turn the image around every which way to be able to find them. What was so amazing about the illusion was that some people could see it instantly, and others couldn’t see it, even with someone pointing it out to them. That pretty much sums up my take on the invisible energies coursing through our universe. Before we can learn to use them to our advantage, we have to learn to see them.

Speaking of which, here is this week’s outlook:

On Monday, Venus in Capricorn trines Mars in Virgo – two earth signs known for diligence and practicality. It doesn’t sound very romantic, does it? Then, there’s something to be said for doing it over and over again until you get it right. On the same day, the Moon in bold Aries opposes Saturn in Libra. Don’t even ask who gets to be on top (hint: Capricorn is sometimes symbolized by a mountain goat).

Saturday is the big day, with Uranus, the Awakener, waking up in the dynamic sign of Aries and ready to make up for lost time during all those months when he was retrograde. If you’ve needed a shakeup in your life, this could be your moment. Shakeups usually aren’t comfortable, but there’s no faster way to get where you want to be.

The eclipse occurs at 9:36 a.m. on the East Coast of the United States, 6:36 a.m. on the West Coast. We might get to see a bit of it here, if the clouds part long enough.

The weekend and the beginning of next week may be slow, but once Mercury returns direct on December 13, prepare to move forward at warp speed! Until then, keep your nerve … and keep your eye on the prize.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast November 28: Venus Conjunct Pluto, Sun Square Mars

Cold November rain. © Pat Paquette, 2011.

Mercury retrograde is in full swing, no doubt about it. The traffic hasn’t been too bad here (OK, I didn’t say that) but communications have been a nightmare. I’ve had to remind myself several times a day of my maxim that otherwise intelligent people say and do stupid things while Mercury is retrograde.

I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that no real damage will be done before the little biter has returned direct – in other words, no permanent breakups, at least not due to misunderstandings.

That said, there are going to be irreparable rifts. That’s not so much due to Mercury but to the eclipses. If you had a sudden breakup, or even a not-so-sudden one (you probably saw it coming) that occurred within a few days of last Friday’s eclipse, get used to the idea that it’s over. Events that occur near eclipses usually are final. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that the finality is good news. The way is cleared for you to move forward. Often we don’t realize how we hold ourselves back by hanging onto relationships, situations, or things. I once had a dream that I was sitting on bleachers in a wide open field, and suddenly a fierce wind started blowing. I hung on for dear life, hands clutching the metal benches, feet flying up in the air. And a voice said, “Let go.” I did, and I flew through the air, just kept going, to nowhere in particular. That is the disconcerting part about letting go. There may not be something else to hang onto – at least not right away. You may need to get comfortable being neither here nor there, at least in this two-week period between eclipses.

Yet, even while we’re adrift, synchronicities are happening, and lots of them. That’s our clue that we’re not in Kansas anymore. The synchronicities in my own life have been astonishing. Last week, I met another Patricia Paquette. She works upstairs from my main classroom. What are the chances that you’re going to have two of us in the same city, let alone in the same building? Even more freaky, we may be related, albeit many times removed.

Looking at the week day by day, there’s not a whole lot going on in the first half of the week. On Thursday, Venus conjoins Pluto in Capricorn. I can’t help thinking of Lady Gaga’s mutation of Nazi, Borg and nun. In a word, kinky. For those of us with more pedestrian sensibilities, the thing to be alert for is a subconscious desire to control and manipulate. Of course, if it’s subconscious, how do you know it’s there? All I can say is, stay mindful.

On Friday, the Sun, Moon, and Mars form a three-way, also known as a mutable T-square. This is nitpicky and just plain icky. I may just sit in the back in class, pull my hat over my head, and not talk to anyone. Then, I can’t do that for three days, which is how long the toxic cloud is going to waft about. On Sunday, the Sun and Mars conjoin retrograde Mercury. More misunderstandings, and more aggressive ones, too. Don’t be surprised if someone shows up with a list of all your faults. Should that happen, do your best not to engage. It’s hard not to take it personally when someone is pushing your buttons, but trust me, you’ll be thankful later for not getting into it with them. Be bigger than they are. If they add that to the list, be bigger still.

My goal will be just to make it through the week intact. But I’ll have some extra Band-Aids on hand, just in case.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

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Weekly Forecast November 21: Mercury Retrograde, Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Shifting dimensions. © Pat Paquette, 2011.

Before transformation can occur, the existing matrix needs to break apart. Whether we’re talking about cosmic forces, societal patterns, or individual minds, there needs to be a breakdown, with all its messy chaos, before a breakthrough to a new order can take place.

The planets are aligned this week for that breakdown and chaos to take place. There may be breakthroughs, too – in fact, a good many of us likely will experience positive shifts – but some will have to stew in chaos for a bit before the transformation takes place. “A bit” could be a few days or, more probably, a few weeks, while the eclipses kick up the allegorical dust and retrograde Mercury revises the mental order.

It’s scary, to be sure, but it’s exciting, too! We all say we want change, right? Well, this is what it takes to get it. Change, no matter how positive, rarely happens without a certain amount of pain and discomfort.

Taking the week chronologically, there’s a lull in the action on Monday and then a torrent of activity on Tuesday, when the Sun enters Sagittarius. This is our moment of Truth with a capital “T.” The Archer’s arrow is swift and to the point, which is why it can hurt so much. With Mercury stationed and ready to turn retrograde on Thursday, a lot of truth may come spilling out at the most inconvenient times. The Sun’s square with Chiron in Pisces (exact on Wednesday) isn’t going to help soften the blow. Do try to keep your tongue in check. It’s the best way to keep your foot out of your mouth. Then, sometimes the truth needs to be said, and damn the consequences. Only you can know which is the right approach for the circumstances in which you find yourself. Likewise, if someone else gives you a piece of painful truth, don’t shoot the messenger. Once you get over the initial sting, you might even want to give him flowers.

Speaking of flowers, Venus makes a lovely sextile on Tuesday with Saturn in Libra. This is a perfect day to commit to those you love. You might want to have a frank discussion about things that have been bothering you. However, go easy, and don’t push for a resolution immediately. Mercury’s impending turn in reverse won’t allow for it, anyway. There’s nothing wrong with deep contemplation over time. One of my clients calls it “marinating,” which conjures up some funny images in my mind (is the pool I’m sitting in vegetarian or with sausage?). Partnerships are excellent for confronting personal issues, because when you’re committed to someone in this way, you can’t go running off when your stuff is in your face. And it’s usually in your face pretty fast, especially if you’ve already done a fair amount of personal work.

Wednesday gets my vote for the most interesting and exciting day of the week. I expect a fair share of traffic deadlocks and communications delays, thanks to Mercury’s station. However, the Sun forms a lovely fire trine with Uranus, while Mars in earthy Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn. Uranus is at a highly sensitive point, as he, too, is stationed. He’s currently retrograde and will return direct on December 9, just before the Full Moon eclipse and Mercury’s return direct. This tells me that we may get a hint of something wonderful this week, but the actual reward may be another couple of weeks away. In the meantime, do what has to be done to get what you want. Just don’t try to force results. Let events unfold on their own, and you won’t be disappointed.

Mercury officially turns retrograde on Thursday, which is Thanksgiving in the United States. I’ve cautioned before about family gatherings while Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius. If you don’t want to choke on your meal or go home with a giant bellyache, stay away from discussions about politics and religion. You might even be skating on thin ice talking about the weather, but I guess it’s not polite to stare down at your plate and not make some polite conversation. The sextile between Venus and Neptune will help. What I’d do with this would be to retire to the living room for a feel-good movie as soon as the cleaning up is done. You can even have second piece of pumpkin pie and a little extra whipped cream spiked with brandy.

Chart for Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Click on image to enlarge

Friday is eclipse day. The chart analysis essentially is my analysis of the week, so I won’t repeat it all here, other than to remind you again that this eclipse is mostly favorably aspected, so the shifts that take place should be positive, depending on where the Sun and Moon land in your natal chart. If they make seriously difficult angles to sensitive points in your chart, you could have a more tumultuous ride than others. Still, I think that any clouds surrounding this eclipse will have a silver lining. On the downside, the Sun and Moon will be square Mars in Virgo, one of the two signs ruled by Mercury. I don’t see this aspect as disastrous in and of itself. It simply may be yet another indication that you’ll need to be very patient in the next two-to-three weeks for your due.

Saturday is an astrologically busy day, as Venus enters Capricorn, putting her in mutual reception with Saturn. Mutual reception, you’ll recall, occurs when two planets are in signs ruled by the other. Again, I think this bodes very well for commitments in close relationships, as you are more able to understand how balance doesn’t necessarily exist in any given moment. There are times when one partner gives more and the other takes, and then the scales tip in the other direction. Balance may take place over time, and you may need to endure periods of sacrifice. The trick is knowing when the balance is so far tipped in one direction that you either need to take radical action to right it or walk away.

Over the weekend, Venus squares Uranus, sextiles Chiron, and trines Jupiter, and she’s reinforced by her sister, the Moon, also in Capricorn. I’m always hesitant to recommend significant discussions while Mercury is retrograde, but it’s quite possible that you may get an opportunity this weekend to go back over unresolved issues and find your higher ground. At least, you can meet at the base camp and work together on your provisions list.

Wishing you all divine portions of love and courage. Make that à la mode.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

P.S. StarGuide December forecasts are now available, and I’ll be preparing the winter forecasts this weekend.

Weekly Forecast September 12: Full Moon in Pisces, Pluto Direct

© Pat Paquette 2011

It seems like just yesterday that we were in “eclipse month,” with three eclipses in a row from June 1 to July 1. This week’s Full Moon marks the halfway point between those eclipses and the next pair, in November and December.

What direction are you heading in? What progress have you made since last December, when the new series of eclipses in Sagittarius and Gemini began? What challenges are still before you? Are you limiting your potential for success by clinging to erroneous beliefs?

These questions may have some very interesting answers this week, which is about deep insights – the kind that can change your beliefs and thus your whole world. Even if you don’t go looking for evidence of the “spiritual,” it may come looking for you.

We start the week with Mercury in a trine with Pluto. In classical mythology, Mercury (Greek Hermes) was the only god who could come and go in the underworld at will – the underworld being Pluto’s domain. Mercury, with his winged sandals, is a symbol of intellect and thought, while Pluto represents our unconscious, primal instincts and urges. These subconscious tendencies show up in mythological stories as demons and scary monsters. When the hero descends to the underworld, he usually finds some precious treasure, but not before killing a hideous beast or two and fighting his way back out.

Pluto is at a dead stop, preparing to return direct on Friday, so this is an incredibly powerful moment to peer into those dark corners. A smooth-flowing trine from Mercury allows us to get a glimpse beneath the surface – not just of ourselves, but of the material world – without feeling as though we’ve been to hell and back.

The peak of the Mercury-Pluto trine occurs just four hours before the Full Moon in Pisces, which also represents the subconscious. However, Pisces is more about deeply buried memories, be they from childhood, our spiritual past, or the collective unconscious. This is where “everything’s connected.”

As human consciousness expands, more people are meeting soul mates from “past lives,” remembering past-life experiences, and encountering disincarnate beings. I put quotation marks around “past lives” because these contacts and experiences are just outside time as perceived by the human brain. Indeed, what appears to be happening is that we’re seeing the true nature of time. Those who have experienced this phenomenon have found it disorienting. Whether mildly or extremely depends on the nature of the experience. Some question their sanity, which certainly is a logical response!

The tricky thing here is discerning whether what you’re seeing and feeling is real or an illusion. Pisces has an active imagination, and Neptune is known for fog and confusion. We have an advantage this is week in that Mercury and the Sun are both in Virgo, sign of discernment. As I’m so fond of telling clients, just because you “channeled” something doesn’t mean it’s true. You need to run it through the Virgo fact-checker. If it still holds up, then you’re onto something.

Mercury trines Jupiter on Wednesday, Jupiter being about growth and expansion. Here is yet another opportunity for expanding your mind and breaking out of self-limiting beliefs.

Also on Wednesday, Venus glides into her own sign of Libra. In general, relationships should be more balanced and free of demoralizing nitpicking. However, her first order of business is to oppose Uranus on Saturday, a wildly unpredictable aspect that could result in a breakthrough or a total meltdown. To get an idea which it might be, check to see where these two are in your chart.

Speaking of which, I want to give you another gentle reminder that the StarGuide Fall 2011 Forecast is ready. Fall is less than two weeks away! I’ll be going back to school on the 26th, so if you think you’d like a report or consultation, I encourage you to order soon! Once classes start, there will be a longer turnaround time for reports and limited availability for consultations overall.

Wishing you much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat