Weekly Forecast July 16: Mars Square Pluto, New Moon in Cancer

Violent awakening of Christ Consciousness, from the cutting-edge animated film short I, Pet Goat II. See end of article for the link to watch the video.

Thanks to Mercury retrograde, all of my weekend plans fell through. And I do mean thanks! It’s been nearly a year since I had two days in a row to take my time reading e-mail, work at a speed that doesn’t make my hair fly in the air, and spend an afternoon cooking up good things in the kitchen.

I’m also counting on this retrograde to work fast and efficiently to recreate the documentary project that I lost when my hard drive crashed the day before the final cut was due in class. I still haven’t fully recovered from the shock, so maybe we can add “recover” as another fun activity for those oh-so-annoying retrogrades.

Unfortunately, the break isn’t likely to last, as this week could contain a fast and furious game-changer. Maybe more than one. Not only do we have a New Moon in cardinal Cancer, but Mars makes an exact T-square with Uranus and Pluto, all in cardinal signs. That suggests a major shift, and Uranus and Pluto generally are about breakdowns. The good news is that there are clear signs that the breakdowns contain breakthroughs, and those could come swiftly.

Mars squares Pluto on Tuesday and opposes Uranus on Wednesday, but the planet of action was within “striking distance” of Uranus and Pluto last week, so we’re already feeling the shift. I talked to several people who were having total breakdowns, thinking it was Mercury retrograde. I won’t say that wasn’t a factor, but crises and nasty circumstances that had nothing to do with computers or electronics were likely an expression of the Mars-Uranus-Pluto aspect, especially since Uranus was stationed retrograde on Friday. Difficult aspects between Mars and Uranus are explosive, and Mars-Pluto contacts can express themselves as violence. But, birth is a violent process, so it’s not a foregone conclusion that the only result of this powerful astrological configuration will be destruction. Although there’s a strong likelihood that something in your life will fall apart this week (if it hasn’t already), there’s an equally strong possibility that something new will sprout up before the ashes are cold.

The wild card this week is Jupiter. The planet of big currently is in the sign of small, so I wouldn’t count on Steven Spielberg snapping up your screenplay, but who knows? Stranger things have happened. You shouldn’t have to wait long for a hint of how the week is going to play out, as Mars forms an easy trine to Jupiter on Tuesday – before his exact contact with Pluto. That’s why I think it’s entirely possible that something new will form before the old structure is totally blown apart, whatever it may be. “Structure” can apply to your career, finances, relationships, or your life in general. If you know how to read a chart, you can look at where these planets fall in your natal houses for a better idea of how you’re responding to these volatile energies.

Chart for New Moon in Cancer

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Thursday’s New Moon in Cancer is perfectly timed to bring new forms into existence. The only downside is that the Sun and Moon form a fairly close square with Saturn in Libra, suggesting a challenge of some kind. My take is that you’ve probably butted up against this obstacle already and know what it is. The challenge may be in finding a workable solution. For that, you (and any others involved) have to be committed, willing to do the heavy lifting, and ready to take on the responsibility.

The biggest day for opportunities is Saturday, when Jupiter sextiles Uranus. With Jupiter in Gemini, it’s possible that more than one door will open to you. How do you know which one is the right one? On Sunday, the Sun enters Leo, his home sign, symbol of the heart center and courage. Part of the shift we’re going through is finding ways to be more authentic and live what’s in our hearts. It definitely takes courage.

The T-square begins winding down at the end of the week, but retrograde Mercury makes aspects to Mars on Sunday and then Jupiter and Uranus next week. Don’t worry if you missed anything. There will be opportunities to go back, take a second look, make corrections, and patch up misunderstandings. My only caution is that if you have new opportunities that involve making deals and signing contracts, be sure you read all the fine print and know what’s involved. If you can wait to ink the deal until the second week in August, better still. But that’s not always practical, so if you’re compelled to move forward, at least take precautions like getting a second opinion or doing additional research.

Before I go, I want to tell you about an exciting new animated short film that has created a buzz on the Internet. It’s called I, Pet Goat II and is largely the work of Montreal animation artist Louis LaFebvre. As a work of art, it’s cutting edge and mesmerizing. But it also has a message, one that’s very similar to what I’ve written about since starting my first blog in late 2005. You’ll have fun trying to identify all the hidden symbolism, which has many conspiracy theorists foaming at the mouth about the Illuminati and the NWO. Just the sort of thing I love, and I think you will, too.

Wishing much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

6 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast July 16: Mars Square Pluto, New Moon in Cancer

  1. Eme Kah

    “The planet of big currently is in the sign of small, so I wouldn’t count on Steven Spielberg snapping up your screenplay, but who knows?”

    Actually isn’t Gemini ruled by Mercury and is a good sign for writers and journalists? Because I could definitely see Steven Spielberg snapping up your screenplay with that aspect, actually. I never thought of Gemini as the sign of small, by the way. Maybe the sign of diverse, superficial experiences. With Gemini, the screenplay in question would likely be on a fun subject, handled with humor and a light touch. No earth-shattering, deep philosophical questions with Gemini, but a screwball comedy, a bromance, or a minor classic? Definitely.


  2. Pat Post author

    {{{EME}}} Yes, Mercury is a good sign for writers and journalists — but not a good sign for Jupiter. I was trying to find an easier, more colorful way to explain Jupiter in his detriment. That was the first thing that came to mind. Let’s keep an eye on Variety and Hollywood Reporter and look for headlines about big screenplay purchases this week. :-)


  3. Pat Post author

    One would assume so, Joe. What’s really interesting is the company logo at the end of the film. The O in Heliofant is the Sun, with a smaller twin orbiting nearby. The symbolism keeps on going even after the movie’s over.


  4. Joe

    I noticed that too. Well, hierophant ultimately comes from Greek hieros “sacred” + phainein “to reveal, bring to light” (see also phantasm). Helio refers to the Sun. Reveal the Sun. Maybe a new day is breaking.


  5. Pat Post author

    Joe, it’s always hard to know what an artist is trying to say with certain symbolism, but I think it’s safe to assume that the Sun is a very big part of the message here, and there is a correlation between awakening consciousness and light. Now, perhaps the Sun itself is only symbolic light, but I think it’s possible that the director is making some kind of statement about the Sun’s activity and awakening consciousness. One big clue is the recurring theme of the third eye, which the ancients believed was the seat of the soul and which we now associate with the pineal gland. Interestingly, the NIMH has been studying the connection between sunlight and circadian rhythms by examining the pineal glands of zebra fish. It surely is no accident that the fish that jump into the Christ figure’s boat are striped. They’re not actually zebra fish, which are small and would be hard to show jumping into a boat, so I’m wondering if he used some artistic license here. The other clue is the evolution graphic over Bush’s head at the very beginning. It’s fast, and to see it, you have to hit pause. Some commenters have suggested that it’s a reference to the end of the Age of Pisces.

    There are discussions all over the internet about this video – including all the conspiracy theorists who are sure it’s the work of the “Illuminati,” contains a hidden message about the next terrorist attack, blahblah. If you want to read an interview with the filmmaker, here are a couple of links:

    There’s also a live interview with Alex Jones, but it was so painful that I couldn’t watch the whole thing.


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