Weekly Forecast July 23: Mercury Sextile Jupiter, Trine Uranus

© Pat Paquette 2012

As humanity experiences a shift in consciousness, more people are experiencing an increase in synchronicities in their daily lives. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of thinking about something or someone, and having them appear right before your eyes a short time later – an hour, a day, a week, sometimes a little longer.

This isn’t news for most of you. However, last week did seem to be especially active in this regard. Once experience in particular really caught my attention.

In last week’s column, I posted a link to a mind-bending animated video that contained numerous symbols that are embedded in the collective consciousness. I must have watched that thing two dozen times, hitting the pause and replay buttons frequently to examine symbols that were fleeting or not easy to see – for example, towers with clocks always set at 12 (presumably midnight, as it was dark). If you watched it – and many of you did – you’ll also remember the boat with the head of Anubis on the prow. In Egyptian mythology, Anubis protected and guided the souls of the dead. This is a very ancient idea, one that later became associated with the Greek Hermes and Roman Mercury.

Last Tuesday, I had to go into the city to use an editing room to begin reconstructing a documentary pitch that I lost last month when my hard drive crashed. I figured that recreating a video would be more efficient during Mercury retrograde, and it was. The only problem was actually getting to the editing room. My bus pass failed to read and apparently was damaged, so before I could get to work, I had to take a detour to the Metro customer service office, which is located near the Amtrak station in the old King Street Station building.

As a promotion for the King Tut exhibit in Seattle, the neon sign for King Street Station has been modified, and there’s a 26-foot statue of Anubis in front of clock tower. And don’t you know, when I got there, it was three minutes to noon – just enough time to get out my camera and snap a few photos.

© Pat Paquette 2012

Synchronicities like this are a vehicle for messages from beyond our dimension of reality. Even that is nothing new; Greek mythology is filled with instances of mortals being visited by winged creatures or receiving messages from the gods via another person. We just need to pay attention when it happens and acknowledge these events for what they really are, especially in this time when we need input from higher planes of consciousness.

Do keep your antennae up this week, because the astrological pattern in the sky suggests that more of these messages will come through. Not only is Mercury retrograde, but this week he forms a sextile to Jupiter (Tuesday) and a trine to Uranus (Wednesday). Then on Saturday, he forms an exact conjunction with the Sun in Leo.

The sextile from Mercury to Jupiter also forms the base of a Yod with Pluto at the apex. This is quite interesting and tells me that we’re going to feel some major pressure to transform, as individuals and as a collective. Many of us feel stressed to the breaking point. Something’s got to give. That “something” may or may not be a choice you can make intentionally, but it likely will require expanding your mind so that new solutions can present themselves.

Changing beliefs and behavior may be part of the mix as well – none of which is easy. Indeed, changing beliefs is one of the most difficult things a person can do. Changing beliefs can entail breaking down the entire structure that I call the “mental matrix.” But, breaking down is what Uranus is especially good at, and Pluto in Capricorn is all about transforming structures.

It’s all inordinately stressful, but opportunities are there, too. Do your best to keep your nerve.

Wishing you all much love and courage,

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat