Weekly Forecast September 17: Uranus Square Pluto, Sun Enters Libra

Pluto in Capricorn, 1776. Not far from where the Occupy Wall Street Movement was launched in 2011, protesters in 1776 responded to the Declaration of Independence by pulling down the statue of King George III. Painting by Johannes Adam Simon Oertel, c. 1859.

The pressure continues to mount this week as Uranus forms another square to Pluto – this time, right as the former planet comes out of his annual five-month retrograde.

This is a long-term aspect that will continue into 2015, so I don’t expect that we’re going to see sudden explosions and violence when the square is exact on Wednesday. Outer planetary cycles don’t work that way. Indeed, we’re already seeing possible manifestations, including the assault on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi and the Chicago teacher’s strike. It’s worth noting that the Occupy movement is planning demonstrations on Wall Street this week to commemorate its first anniversary. Police already have made arrests, and it’s a safe bet that cops in riot gear – the quintessential image of Pluto in Capricorn – will be at the ready.

All of the above notwithstanding, we may see sudden “outbursts” of Uranus-Pluto energy on days when another aspect triggers an event – sort of like a dry field waiting for one errant driver to toss a cigarette out the window at just the right moment in just the right wind conditions. For astrologers and serious astrology students, there’s a valuable opportunity to learn how these aspects correlate to events – a study known as “mundane astrology.”

As it so happens, Mercury in Libra opposes Uranus and squares Pluto on Thursday, which means that we’ll have a temporary cardinal T-square. You’ll remember the T-square from the summer of 2010, when it dominated the astrological charts. Mercury in Libra represents justice (at least in theory), balanced thinking, and diplomacy, but the Messenger is up against two warring heavyweights, and his voice is likely to be drowned out by inflammatory rhetoric. Put another way, the tension is too great to be eased by soothing words and promises. There’s something visceral going on with Uranus in Aries conflicting with Pluto in Capricorn. Repressed anger can’t be talked out, especially when it has been accumulating for centuries.

The Sun enters Libra on Saturday, which is the fall equinox (spring in the Southern Hemisphere). Next week’s Full Moon will be in a close T-square with Uranus and Pluto. If there is to be any immediate fallout, I would expect it to happen within a few days of the Full Moon on September 29. Incidentally, this is a potentially challenging Full Moon for everyone. If you haven’t already done so, you may want to order your StarGuide Fall forecast. I’ve been getting a lot of orders for this report, so my turnaround time is now a week to ten days on new report orders. I’ve posted a notice on the order page indicating that I’ll give priority to Fall forecast orders, but there’s still a possibility that I won’t be able to get it to you before the September 22. Those of you who have ordered Starguide but still haven’t received it will get it before Friday.

The only other aspect of note this week is a sextile from Venus in Leo to retrograde Jupiter in Gemini. This could be helpful for finances, depending on where these two fall in your chart. Romance may get a little spark, too, but I wouldn’t expect major developments unless either of these planets is in a sensitive position in your chart.

Speaking of relationships, we’re in the final countdown of Saturn in Libra, which I wrote about in last week’s forecast. I didn’t mention, however, that as he approaches the first degree of Scorpio, Saturn forms an applying trine to Neptune in Pisces. These two have very different energies, but combined in a positive way can be a real tour-de-force. I expect we will have more “past-life” revelations, some of which may help us grow past the stuck places we’ve been and finally attain some peace of mind regarding difficult relationships. Compassion and sacrifice also play a role. Ask yourself what you’re willing to do for true love.

Love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat