Weekly Forecast September 10: New Moon in Virgo, Mercury Enters Libra

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Relationships are in the transformation stage, no doubt about it. We’ve seen it coming, as Saturn approaches the final degree of Libra and is finally ready to move on.

Many of us are going to be finally ready to move on, too. Like, final finally. We’ve been ready. We’ve tried. But something has held us back for one more lesson, one more bit of convincing, and one last hope that maybe we were missing something, the golden bit of light that will wake us up to what’s really going so that we can remain more comfortably in an uncomfortable place. After all, we’re told that we can’t change others, only ourselves. So many of us have been busily working at changing ourselves, like burning the candle at both ends into the wee hours preparing for the final exam.

Four stories came to me last week about difficult relationships, how they’d been ended once or twice already only to be resurrected for another go. Until the Full Moon in Pisces on August 31, they were all doing pretty well, in a place that was more compassionate, accepting, and serene. And all four people, within a few days last week, experienced an unexpected event with their partners that threw them for a loop. One of them, a woman who after a year of struggling finally came to grips with her partner’s Asperger’s, was on her way home from work and saw him going out to dinner with another woman.

I wrote in last week’s forecast that the Full Moon would continue to unfold right up to Friday. Did it ever, and how. Last Tuesday, I came across Michael Lutin’s article on the Full Moon in Pisces, and it suddenly all made sense. We’re heading into the final three degrees of Saturn in Libra. Right. Mikey commented that something drastic will take place. I assume he’s talking about Saturn’s entry in Scorpio, which will place him in mutual reception with Pluto. Those of us who have been up all night studying will go through the final exam and emerge ready to transform. I say “ready to transform” rather than “transformed,” because I believe the process will continue. Evolution doesn’t stop.

I know, it sounds kind of scary, but we’ve known for some time that this wasn’t going to be a period of snuggling into our comfort zones. We’re out of the nest, learning to fly. This is what it feels like.

I’m going to spend the rest of the forecast looking at Saturday’s New Moon in Virgo, which begins unfolding on Monday and will continue to be felt through the weekend. The bigger event, of course, is the Uranus-Pluto square, which will be exact on September 18, the same day Pluto turns direct. Uranus says, “Evolution isn’t fast enough. Mutate!”

New Moon in Virgo

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This New Moon is ruled by Mercury, who conjoins the Sun on Monday and then swiftly moves through the end of Virgo to enter Libra on Sunday. In my world, Virgo is co-ruled by Ceres, who is moving through the end of Gemini – in a near perfect square with Mercury and the New Moon and a perfect trine with Saturn.

Mercury in his own sign of Virgo wants to pay attention to the details – who did what to whom, when, who owes whom money, and so forth. This is fine for professional relationships, and directly addressing details may be just the solution for moving through issues with co-workers and supervisors. If this is your situation, make sure you have all your ducks in a row and that your arguments are based on sound logic. There’s still room for compromise (especially the following week, with Mercury in Libra), but concessions will be made on logic, not feelings.

Ceres has a different agenda. Feelings count, and so does the physical and emotional well-being of everyone involved. There may be a pecking order, but if someone lower down the food chain has the goods, they stand on equal footing with the higher-ups. Her method of compromise is more like Libra: you get half, I get half. If your relationship is ending, this may be a practical matter, and it’s where I see the possibility of a split that, while not necessarily amicable, at least will be civil. I think this is also where we may be able to release some karma, especially if you’ve got ties with someone over several incarnations.

Interestingly, in the New Moon chart, Juno is on the lunar North Node at 29 degrees Scorpio. In Roman mythology, Juno was the wife of Jupiter, the king of the gods. The Greek equivalents are Zeus and Hera. Greek mythology unfortunately stripped Hera of her power by making her the angry and vengeful wife of a philanderer. Her actual history is much older (like Nemesis, about whom I wrote last week). The evolution of the goddess might as well be a story about how male and female energies became imbalanced in the world. We’re on the threshold of righting the balance. In the last degree of Scorpio, Juno is drawing upon all of her power before entering Sagittarius, the sign ruled by Jupiter.

Lastly, Venus trines Uranus (the aspect is exact on Thursday). Here’s the big surprise, an event that causes a mutation of thought that leads to a transformation in your external world. This event may concern love or money, two domains ruled by Venus. Because the trine is harmonious, I’m hopeful that this will be a happy surprise. Goddess knows we’ve had enough of the other kind.

Mikey suggested reading the Robert Frost poem, commonly referred to as “The Road Less Travelled.” The actual title is “The Road Not Taken.” Think about that for a minute. Frost was writing about one road, but the collective perception was the opposite. There’s a lot to contemplate in the few weeks left of Saturn in Libra. Come to think of it, this is a perfect poem for Libra. Who else could stand so long at a fork in the road, trying to decide which way to go?

Regardless of which road you take, it’s going to be bumpy for the next several weeks. To help you on your way, I just set up the StarGuide Fall forecast, which is now available. I’ve taken some pre-orders already, so if you order now, expect it to take 3-4 days for delivery. I also highly recommend that if you want your report by the first day of fall (September 22) that you order this week. This is my most popular report, and I’m always swamped at the beginning of the new season.

Wishing you all much love and courage on your journey,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

7 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast September 10: New Moon in Virgo, Mercury Enters Libra

  1. Eme Kah

    Hi Pat. I just wanted to comment because this morning I read Michael Lutin’s post over my morning coffee and it really resonated. This past summer has been rough for sure in several aspects of my life: money, love, career. It’s been one disappointment after another as well as tremendous uncertainty. I’ve had to cycle through a lot of pain, but I’ve also come to certain realizations that had eluded me in the past. Last night in particular, I had this revelation that things had not worked out because I wasn’t serious enough. See, when you are ready to make a change, you do whatever it takes. You stop relying on magic bullets. If you want to lose 100 pounds, you commit to dieting and exercising every day for however long it takes. We always think of Saturn as being about discipline, but I hadn’t realized that Saturn was also about doing whatever you need to do. You bite the bullet. Sometimes that can seem harsh and that has been extremely challenging for me, someone with a Pisces Moon as part of a mutable t-square.


  2. Pat Post author

    Beautifully expressed, Eme. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve written for years about the need to “do the work.” You’re right, it’s hard, and it requires commitment and discipline. Do you think it’s any coincidence that you had these revelations as Saturn nears the end of Libra?


  3. Eme Kah

    No, it’s not coincidence, but in addition, that Pluto/Uranus square falls in my 6th/7th house and 9/10th. (Officially in the lower numbered house but right on the cusp of the other.)


  4. Pat Post author

    Eme, you’re right to interpret these positions as on your chart angles — a very powerful position! As they move forward, you may feel the influence even more acutely.

    As it so happens, the StarGuide monthly forecast for September includes a feature on the Uranus-Pluto square, with Gina Ronco’s house interpretations. I haven’t posted a notice, but it’s available for anyone who wants it.


  5. Eme Kah

    If I feel their influence more acutely, I think I’ll spontaneously combust. I’m getting sick from the stress, which is making it very hard to do much work to get out of this situation.


  6. Pat Post author

    Spontaneous combustion is a perfect description of Uranus in Aries. There’s going to be a lot of it in the next three years, so it’s not just you.

    The best way to handle Uranus transits is not to fight. Uranus has a nasty way of hammering people over the head to make changes they won’t make on their own (oftentimes because we don’t recognize that the change is needed or how to go about it). Rather than working harder to dig yourself out, leave the door open and see what comes in.


  7. Gilly170

    This new moon is exactly trine my Sun and conjuncts my NN. I shall view it as a good omen, I could do with one, for sure. :)


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