Jupiter, Earth, and theInner Journey of Sagittarius, Part II

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Under the guardianship of Jupiter, Sagittarius resonates with the highest truth of our spiritual nature, but before this is realized, the Sagittarian personality has to let go of all mental conceptions that are mistaken as truth. Sooner or later, the Sagittarian personality realizes that his beloved mental concepts actually obscure his perception of truth.

The weighing of opinions only prevents the perception of truth.
~ J. Krishnamurti

Following the preparation of the soul in the preceding eight zodiac signs, Jupiter steps in to bring a magnificent expansion of consciousness, the likes of which we have never known before. This is different than the higher consciousness that we experienced in Libra under the influence of Uranus. The touch of Uranus is like being zapped by a lightning-bolt flash of insight, which gives us a taste, a glimpse into higher consciousness. When the lightning flashes, for an instant we can see more than usual, but when the lightning stops we are in the dark again. Jupiter is very different. As might be expected with Jupiter, our awareness is being expanded on a much grander scale. Jupiter invites us to expand our own mind to embody the highest consciousness as our own highest mind. To expand our sense of self on a universal scale, so that we become it. From this perspective we see the universe, as ourselves.

Once we have embodied the expanded awareness of Jupiter on a grand scale, we are ready to receive the higher teachings of Gaia, our Earth Mother, and discover our true role as custodians of this beautiful planet. We first felt Earth’s influence in Gemini, albeit in the form of a subtle hint to our grander purpose from the hierarchical level. Now in Gemini’s opposite sign of Sagittarius, after the full expansion and embodiment of higher mind brought to us by Jupiter, we have the awareness to realize who we are and why we are here. From this higher expanded consciousness we know ourselves to be an aspect of Gaia herself. We realize the truth of no separation, and that we are here to contribute to the evolution of Earth herself by being a conduit for divine love and light.

The result of all experience in any sign of the zodiac should work out as an expansion of consciousness.
~ The Tibetan, Esoteric Astrology

With the expanded awareness that Jupiter brings, we know beyond doubt, from our own experience, that earth is a living being, as is the whole solar system, and we know our own vital role within it. Earth has always provided. Not only does she feed, nourish and sustain us, but she is the physical field of experience through which we cultivate higher qualities. For example, through our own suffering we develop compassion for the suffering of others. She provides the foundation for our spiritual evolution. Following the expansive embodiment of higher mind in Jupiter, we mature and are ready to offer service back to Earth herself. We are ready to return the love of our Mother.

In Esoteric Astrology, the Tibetan talks about two stages on our spiritual journey, discipleship and initiation. We become the disciple during the experience in Scorpio, which means we have purified and transformed our lower animal urges and are ready to discipline ourselves by focusing on our spiritual goal. The experience in Sagittarius, under the guardianship of Jupiter and Earth herself, assists us in staying focused on the path (discipleship) and holding steady until we reach our goal of initiation in Capricorn.

Every life experience or cycle of life experiences should work out as an initiation into a wider field of awareness, of expression and of resultant contact.
– The Tibetan, Esoteric Astrology

In this context we don’t mean initiation as this term is most commonly used, as in a ceremonial rite of passage into a manmade group or society, but rather in the sense of starting or beginning something. In this sense we initiate a new stage of human development and evolution in which we are fully aware of ourselves as soul-centered beings.

It is precisely the conditions provided by Jupiter and Earth that causes Sagittarius to raise his vision beyond physical goals and set his sights on goals of a more spiritual nature. This naturally leads to the initiation of the next stage of our spiritual evolution in Capricorn. The soul purpose of Sagittarius is to uplift humanity through the revelation of truth and wisdom. If you have Sun, Moon or Rising Sign in Sagittarius, your work is to question everything. How do you know what you know? You are here to release mental conceptions, thoughts, ideas and words, and seek the highest love-wisdom of universal mind, beyond the limitations of the lower mind.



Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

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