Weekly Forecast December 10: Uranus Direct, New Moon in Sagittarius

Ice on Fisher Pond. © Pat Paquette, 2012.

We’re well into the holiday party season, but we’re not partying like it’s 1999. I guess that’s because it’s 2012, and people are anxious about more than a Y2K bug.

I’ve been getting nearly 100 hits a day on an old Q&A post I wrote in response to a kid in Saskatchewan who asked, “Is 2012 really going to happen?” It’s so funny to see this search phrase turning up repeatedly in Google. What exactly does that mean, “Is 2012 really going to happen?” Not only is 2012 happening, it’s almost done. Then 2013 is going to “happen.”

So, OK, I know what he really meant, and I addressed those concerns in my response, which probably was way over his head and way over the heads of anyone with little or no knowledge of astrology. Fact is, there’s nothing simple about 2012. Something important is happening. There’s a major planetary shift occurring, and while it’s not limited to 2012, this has been an exceptional year in an exceptional astrological cycle. The Uranus-Pluto square continues for another three years, with the last square occurring in March 2015 and the period of waning influence lasting another year after that. You don’t need to be an astrologer to understand that we are in extraordinary times, and even those who aren’t spiritually inclined can sense it.

I’m working on a 2013 forecast and accompanying video that I hope will provide some relief from all the anxiety.

In the meantime, the holiday spirit should pick up this week with amplification of the Sagittarius vibe. Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius loves to have a good time, and parties are definitely their thing. On Monday, Mercury returns to Sagittarius after dipping back into secretive Scorpio on his retrograde path. Then we have a spritely New Moon in Sagittarius on Thursday, and Venus joins the party on Saturday. The only bummer in all of this is that Jupiter is retrograde, and in Gemini, the sign of his detriment. It’s sort of like having the Big Guy at your party, but he’s getting over a bad case of strep throat, popping antibiotics, and worrying about all the paperwork piling up on his desk. It does put a bit of a damper on the festivities.

There’s an additional reason to exercise some discretion this week. Right after entering Sagittarius, both Mercury and Venus form a square with Neptune – Mercury on Tuesday and Venus on Sunday. Neptune rules dreams, delusions, and altered states, whether through meditation or mind-altering substances. Although these two squares are quick and relatively harmless, they do increase the likelihood of miscalculating your limit and misinterpreting what you see and hear. Maybe that guy you meet at your fourth trip to the punchbowl really is the soul mate of your dreams, but it won’t hurt to check him out for a week or two before running off to Vegas.

New Moon in Sagittarius

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The biggest news this week is Uranus returning direct within a few hours of the New Moon. The Awakener is waking up, and we won’t know until he does whether he’s going to ask for nice cup of coffee or bolt out of bed swinging a hammer. He’s in a close fire trine with Mercury at wake-up time, so I suspect he’ll come out swinging and ready to ratchet up his Awakener role a few notches. Our beliefs are being shaken up, and yet integrating the new information into our thought matrix is hard to do. There’s a reason we have mental defense mechanisms. Without them, we’d have breakdowns – and that’s exactly what’s happening for many people right now, in one form or another. We live in exciting times, but they are incredibly stressful.

Part of waking up is being reminded of what we’ve repressed. Mercury squares Chiron on Friday, triggering dormant memories and old wounds we’d rather not think about, especially during the party season. It’s hard to go to a festive event where everyone is making merry and to feel like you’re the only one who can’t get into the holiday spirit. It’s OK. You have my permission to feel grumpy and out of sorts. Rather than trying to stuff it down so you won’t make others feel bad, talk about it with someone you trust or write about it in your journal. You may be surprised by what comes up in the process. There’s a reason for the phrase “rude awakening,” but it beats staying in state of delusion.

Then, there’s always the blue pill.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat


8 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast December 10: Uranus Direct, New Moon in Sagittarius

  1. Joe

    Tough as it has been/can be, I’d rather choose the red pill.

    That said, I think many of my SN issues about my security have been triggered over the past few days or weeks. That’s what I meant recently about hanging on for dear life. Things I was trying to accomplish were stalled all year until just recently, and I get reports from co-workers and clients that they have similar experiences so it reassures me I’m not going insane. Something big has been in action (or inaction as the case may be!) for many folk. At the moment, for everything is more or less grandly moving forward, but exhilaratingly and terrifyingly so, because I don’t know if I bit off more than I can chew. I dunno… we’ll see I guess.


  2. shavawnb

    Thanks, as always, Pat. I think for those of us who are aware enough of the astrological stuff (I read Richard Tarnas’ book, Cosmos and Psyche years ago) that is transpiring, we’re less nervous and more excited. I feel like I am about to witness the most amazing birth. We should all wear party hats and carry noisemakers and dance a little jig in our living rooms! Not that I haven’t had a lot of heartbreak and upheaval and terror over the two years since the first Cardinal T-Square. I have. But, I see this time as miraculous. It is a benefit to be alive now to bear witness to the shift. I appreciate people like you and Heather Roan Robbins and others who are assisting us in seeing behind the curtain, so to speak. It helps.


  3. Pat Post author

    Good points, Shavawn. And yes, in many ways, 2012 began in 2010.

    Joe, “bit off more than I can chew” is a very common feeling right now, myself included. It’s like we waited and waited, and then got the results all at once. So in that regard, I get the “hang on for dear life” thing. Still, riding the wave requires relaxing into it, with focus. It’s scary to let go, but trust. It’s time to turn off the instrumentation and use the Force. :-)


  4. mishellerose

    Pat! I love you for your humor and honesty with this report especially. I’m definitely sure that the red pill has fully been digested. Looking forward to seeing how the planets continue to affect all of us. Exciting times indeed! Thank you for being a lighthouse!!


  5. Gilly170

    I can’t wait for Uranus to get moving again, my life has been stagnant forever – or so it seems. I’m sure and certain this will be A Good Thing – but then, I have a coming New Moon smack-bang on top of my Jupiter – Jupiter in Sag, conjunct Venus, trine Uranus – if nothing else, I am eternally optimistic. :D

    Thank you, as always. Your posts are always fascinating and the first ones I turn to.


  6. Pat Post author

    Gilly, I’m with you on Uranus. As a Uranus-ruled Aquarius, I feel the stations, and sometimes in strange ways. As for New Moon on Jupiter in Sagittarius, do we love that or what? Let us know how it manifests!

    Michelle, thank you for the glowing words. Always nice to get such terrific feedback.


  7. Pat Post author

    Shavawn, I looked at the chart for the shooting. I have an opinion about the markers, but I hesitate to start spouting off about what “caused” it. We astrologers tend to do that — it’s our job — but lately it seems that so much that’s happening is part of broader trends, and because we’re in such extraordinary times, some of the events that are happening are unpredictable simply because they are so unimaginable. I’ll have more to say in my forecast tomorrow.

    It’s hard to imagine this much sorrow … and not just here, but all the places in the world where children are exposed to war and violence.


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