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Weekly Forecast December 26: Sun Conjunct Pluto, Moon in Aries

© Pat Paquette, 2011.

As the Sun stands still, life has slowed down and is starting to return to some semblance of balance. At the same time, a shift is occurring, and that means constantly shifting our response to stay in balance – kind of like walking on a tight rope.

The New Moon on Christmas Eve was a milestone for many, especially for those of you with emphasis in your natal chart on the early cardinal signs. The degrees from 0 to 4 Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn were activated for most of 2010 and 2011, thanks to the cardinal T-square that reached its height in July and August of 2010. Although that configuration has long since broken up, Uranus is still at 0 Aries, indicating that the changes that began happening back then continue to unfold.

For some, the unfolding happened at breakneck speed, disrupting your entire life. For others, the changes have been painfully slow, causing you to wonder whether you’re ever going to reach your new destination. Well, take heart, because the next four weeks look especially promising for some of the goodies to show up on your doorstep. With Jupiter’s return direct today (December 25), all ten planets now are moving forward. That’s right, no one is retrograde, not until Mars shifts into reverse on January 23! This is a magical time, when we can cover a lot of ground and accomplish much.

This week, the Sun aligns with Pluto, who’s now at 7 degrees Capricorn. If you have Sun, Moon, or Ascendant at 5-9 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, this week may be pivotal. Even for those who don’t have planets or key chart points in these degrees, you probably know what natal house Pluto is transiting and where your life is being transformed.

In describing Pluto’s cycle, I like to tell the story of the dead raccoon on the side of the road I used to walk along when I first came to Vashon in December of 2004. Our winters are mild here, but the weather is chilly and wet – perfect for rotting. I walked by that raccoon for weeks and was amazed that he remained intact – or so I thought. After seeing no outward change all that time, one day I walked by, and his entire structure had collapsed. Within a couple of days, there was nothing but a dark, soupy blob to indicate that he’d ever been there.

That is how Pluto works. You may not see the changes on the outside, but one day you wake up to find the entire structure of something in your life – a relationship, a job, a cause – disintegrated. It’s depressing at first, because you feel powerless. I encourage my clients to think of it as the rotting and composting cycle. The energy that is released through the death of someone or something is now free to manifest into something new, to be reborn. In the cycle of nature, that typically happens in the spring, at the Aries point. And, as it so happens, that’s where Uranus, the Awakener, currently is positioned.

The Sun crosses Pluto on Thursday. On Saturday, the Moon enters Aries, immediately conjoins Uranus, and then moves through the degrees of the cardinal T-square until she, too, makes contact with Pluto. In doing so, she carries forward the energy of Uranus to Pluto. In 2012, there will be two exact squares between these outer planets, one of which symbolizes change through slow transformation and the other of which represents sudden change through revolution. The global rebellion that already has begun to occur in reflection of this powerful aspect will become even stronger, as a new order seeks to displace the old, corrupt (rotten) system.

How are old, worn-out structures in your life rotting away so that fresh, new ways of thinking and being can emerge? And what can you do to put that compost where it will do the most good? Where can you use it to fertilize new ideas, new directions?

The only other major aspect this week is a square from Mercury to Mars next Sunday (late Saturday on the West Coast of the United States). This aspect also occurred on December 4 and is repeating, due to Mercury’s retrograde cycle. That it’s occurring again on New Year’s Eve is significant, in that Mercury and Mars will be retrograde in mutual reception in March. In other words, whatever you’re arguing about now likely will remain a contentious issue through the middle of April. Ironically, my Llewellyn’s 2011 Planetary Guide contains a typo, putting Mercury in Aries on New Year’s Eve, even though he’s correctly placed in Sagittarius the day before. It’s almost as if the universe is sending a message to be prepared to keep fighting for the truth, and don’t let anyone try to confuse you by overwhelming you with details.

Hoist your sails, mates, and take advantage of this cosmic fair wind!

Much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat