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Ask Real Astrologers: What Happens With Mars Opposite Natal Chiron?

This week’s question comes from Mary in Pennsylvania:

I’ve read that this Mars retrograde will station direct at 1 degree Leo, a point opposite my natal Chiron. Any thoughts on that particular aspect?

Libra ponders . . .

Diane’s response:

Mary, this transit may prove quite helpful to you, because your natal Chiron lies hidden away in your twelfth house and forms no aspects to your personal planets or chart angles. This means you aren’t often able to access those places within where you feel wounded.

From about March 7 to 10, not only will Mars station opposite your Chiron, your Chiron will be trine Saturn in Libra and sextile Venus in Aries (Saturn will oppose Venus), forming a Mystic Rectangle. This dynamic pattern has the potential for triggering insights in a firm but gentle way, promoting healing of old wounds you may not have been previously aware of.

I’m wondering if the recent Chiron-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius right on your Sun was responsible for prompting you to look at your natal Chiron. By the time Mars stations in March, both Chiron and Neptune will have moved past your Sun, allowing for more clarity in general. In my experience, Neptune transits in particular are best understood in retrospect.

Between now and early March, as Mars slows to a standstill in your sixth house, you have a window of opportunity to review your daily routines, how you interact with your co-workers, your health and exercise program, and the details of your daily life in general. Are any of these areas a source of frustration for you? If so, perhaps you can figure out why now.

Good luck on your road to a better place within and without, Mary.

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Mary, by the time a transiting planet stations direct in aspect to a natal planet, you already have gone through the transit once and sometimes twice, so you should have an idea already of how this transit is affecting you.

Mars opposed your natal Chiron in mid-October, 2009. As he continues on his retrograde path, he will oppose natal Chiron on February 25. After he returns direct, he will make a third pass on March 24. When a transiting planet moves over a natal planet and then turns retrograde, you have an opportunity for review and possible revision. Since the twelfth house is one of the houses concerning the past, you may have gone through a period of revisiting unresolved wounds from early childhood or some other trauma buried in your deep psyche. Mars might have performed a little “surgery” to help find the source of the wound and perhaps even cut it out — figuratively speaking, of course. Re-opening wounds is painful, so if this process happened for you, it likely wasn’t very pleasant.

When Mars returns direct, it’s like sewing the wound back up, minus the “poison” (whatever that symbolizes to you), and that means the wound can heal cleanly.

Because your natal Chiron is in Aquarius in the twelfth house, your particular wound may be something that is deeply ingrained in the collective. In other words, it’s something bigger than just you. If you are able to heal, you put healing energy into the collective unconscious, and that is very powerful.

Wishing you much courage, and thanks for writing.

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Miley Cyrus (aka Hannah Montana), Chiron in Leo and Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray & Miley Cyrus  Miley Cyrus, best known for playing Hannah Montana, received mixed reviews recently for the photo spread in Vanity Fair magazine. Apparently she was unaware of the repercussions of posing semi-nude. Miley has a powerhouse of a stellium at the end of Scorpio with Pluto, Mercury, and the Moon (including the Sun at 1 degree Sagittarius) squared by Chiron in Leo.

Chiron often presents as an inability to recognize our talents and abilities and in Leo (who loves to shine in public) it’s understandable she would be vulnerable to the expectations of others when it comes to her public persona. Miley has been a source of inspiration to thousands of young teens in her role as Hannah Montana but she may not be able to feel confidence in herself outside that role.

Having both the Sun and Moon squared by Chiron makes her very, very vulnerable to manipulation by the adults surrounding her because while she will put up a good front, behind it she is deeply sensitive to criticism. In fact, it’s very common with Chiron square Moon to feel one is being criticized when that’s not the case.

Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley’s dad, has Saturn in Capricorn sextile to Miley’s stellium in Scorpio. She does feel he supports her and can be depended on to be there for her – a bright spot in her otherwise overwhelming world in the public spotlight. However his Uranus in Leo conjuncts her Chiron and squares her Scorpio stellium, so it’s likely he also throws her off her emotional balance frequently.

Miley has her Venus in Capricorn conjunct both Uranus and Neptune, an excellent combination for being a teen star. Uranus is associated with the teen years and Neptune with the ability to project an image. As Pluto in Capricorn starts to move closer to her Venus in 2014 when she is in her early twenties, I believe Miley will make a move to assert control over her career choices. For now though, her natal Chiron aspects create so much internal uncertainty, she will continue to depend on her father’s guidance to steer her clear of the worst aspects of being a celebrity.

where are we? posted by Neith . . .

Miley Cyrus natal chart (unknown birth time)

Billy Ray Cyrus natal chart (unknown birth time)