Miley Cyrus (aka Hannah Montana), Chiron in Leo and Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray & Miley Cyrus  Miley Cyrus, best known for playing Hannah Montana, received mixed reviews recently for the photo spread in Vanity Fair magazine. Apparently she was unaware of the repercussions of posing semi-nude. Miley has a powerhouse of a stellium at the end of Scorpio with Pluto, Mercury, and the Moon (including the Sun at 1 degree Sagittarius) squared by Chiron in Leo.

Chiron often presents as an inability to recognize our talents and abilities and in Leo (who loves to shine in public) it’s understandable she would be vulnerable to the expectations of others when it comes to her public persona. Miley has been a source of inspiration to thousands of young teens in her role as Hannah Montana but she may not be able to feel confidence in herself outside that role.

Having both the Sun and Moon squared by Chiron makes her very, very vulnerable to manipulation by the adults surrounding her because while she will put up a good front, behind it she is deeply sensitive to criticism. In fact, it’s very common with Chiron square Moon to feel one is being criticized when that’s not the case.

Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley’s dad, has Saturn in Capricorn sextile to Miley’s stellium in Scorpio. She does feel he supports her and can be depended on to be there for her – a bright spot in her otherwise overwhelming world in the public spotlight. However his Uranus in Leo conjuncts her Chiron and squares her Scorpio stellium, so it’s likely he also throws her off her emotional balance frequently.

Miley has her Venus in Capricorn conjunct both Uranus and Neptune, an excellent combination for being a teen star. Uranus is associated with the teen years and Neptune with the ability to project an image. As Pluto in Capricorn starts to move closer to her Venus in 2014 when she is in her early twenties, I believe Miley will make a move to assert control over her career choices. For now though, her natal Chiron aspects create so much internal uncertainty, she will continue to depend on her father’s guidance to steer her clear of the worst aspects of being a celebrity.

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Miley Cyrus natal chart (unknown birth time)

Billy Ray Cyrus natal chart (unknown birth time)

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  1. emekah

    I’m confused. How could her Moon/Sun in Sag square Chiron in LEO? Aren’t they both fire signs and hence form a trine, if they aspect at all?


  2. Neith Post author

    LOL! I edited the sentence hopefully clarifying what’s where. When the orb is small, I go by the numbers rather than sign alone – especially for the luminaries.

    Click on the link to see her chart too . . . :-D


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