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Full Moon in Taurus, November 2, 2009

Full Moon in TaurusThe Full Moon in Taurus on November 2 puts the focus back on the fixed signs, if only temporarily, reminding us what’s worth hanging onto and what we need to release as we head into a period with so much change.

At 10°30′ Scorpio-Taurus, the Sun and Moon form a tight T-square with Mars in Leo. Using a wide orb, we get fixed grand cross with Jupiter in Aquarius, underscoring the hazards of taking an ideological stance come what may.

The Sun in eagle-eyed Scorpio conjoins Mercury, and both are square Scorpio’s co-ruler, Mars. This can translate into potential explosions due to information being revealed by Scorpio’s innate ability to sniff out hidden secrets and nastiness.

The Moon is usually very comfortable in earthy Taurus, but here again, the square from Mars pushes buttons. While Taurus is generally known as easy going and good-natured, when the Bull gets mad, it takes a looong time to cool down. Keep in mind that all three of these signs are on the possessive side and given to occasional bouts of jealousy. In other words, this is a very bad moment to prod these folks, because you could find yourself amputated from their lives.

Thankfully, Venus rules this Full Moon, and she’s still in her other home sign, Libra, closely trine Neptune in Aquarius. We can use all the help we can get finding the compassionate compromise to smooth troubled waters. Venus is also trine Chiron in Aquarius, making it possible to see areas of vulnerability in others and stepping around them. Now is not a good time to use Mercury in Scorpio’s ability to pinpoint other’s weaknesses and exploit them.

Venus is also part of a Yod with Uranus in Pisces at the apex and Vesta in Leo as the other leg of the base. There is a purity of creative expression with Vesta in fiery Leo joined with Venus in Libra’s eye for balance and beauty. The challenge is channeling this through Uranus in Pisces. Pisces is very creative but in a Neptunian way – lovely, ethereal and none too focused. It may be better to write your inspirations down at this time and implement them when the fog lifts . . .

Perhaps the single most important astrological event in recent days is Saturn’s move into equitable Libra. The drawback is Saturn’s approach to an exact square with Pluto in Capricorn on November 15. We’re all going to need to play by the rules and be scrupulously honest in all our dealings. Any and all negotiations or mediations (Libra) that fail to meet these standards may result in unpleasant legal consequences (Saturn) – and we are just in the opening phase of this influence! The sooner this realization hits home, the better our chances will be of avoiding being brought to task by this dynamic pair. Make every effort to be open and fair in your dealings with partners, both personal and professional. Consider this your first warning!

The lovely trine between Venus and Neptune can be further illuminated by the Sabian symbol for the Moon at 11 Taurus, “A woman watering flowers in her garden,” with the keyword CULTIVATION. By nurturing the virtues of this trine – patience, tolerance and compassion – we stand a better chance of improving our relationships with others rather than destroying them.

The Sabian symbol for 11 Scorpio is both a warning and a solution – “A drowning man is being rescued,” with the keyword RESUSCITATION. The fixed grand cross is a deeply static pattern, and if we cling to a certain way of thinking and being, seeing it as the “only way,” we run the risk of drowning. In order to be rescued from ourselves, learning flexibility and staying open to other options may be required.

This is an excellent lunation for examining our belief structures and learning about those places where we are most emotionally invested in being right. Long experience with Pluto’s little ways of teaching us about letting go of expectations and detaching from outcomes leads me to encourage all those with planets and chart angles in the early degrees of the cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn – to use this time well. It is always better to get a jump on Pluto because if it’s left up to him, the lessons can be quite painful.

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