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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini, June 1

© Pat Paquette, 2011.

The New Moon on Wednesday, June 1, is the first of three eclipses that occur one right after another in June and July. Changes happen very fast now.

At 11 degrees Gemini, this New Moon is ruled by normally speedy Mercury, who’s not so speedy in slow and deliberate Taurus. Nevertheless, eclipses tend to bring abrupt change, usually too fast for comfort. It looks to me like many of these changes will be positive, but there will be hurdles to jump, too.

Although there’s going to be a shift in the next few days, as of this New Moon, Venus still dominates the sky. All of the planets deposit to her except Neptune, who is way out there in a world of his own as he stations retrograde. Perhaps that’s why so many of us have been feeling spacey and “not all here” for the past week or so. I’ll have more on these shifting energies in my weekly forecast.

The most compelling thing I see about this New Moon is that new patterns are visibly manifesting on the planet and in our lives, and this process will accelerate in the next six weeks.

In my Full Moon post, I discussed the symbolism of Medusa, the scary monster who turned men to stone but who in reality was an ancient, wise goddess. With Venus “in charge” of this New Moon eclipse, feminine energy not only is rising, but we’re beginning to see it integrating with its polar opposite. Isn’t it interesting that we’re seeing so many powerful men being called to account for sexist and abusive behavior toward women? If that’s not an encounter with Medusa, I don’t know what is.

Gemini is, of course, the sign of polar opposites. At the Gemini New Moon, we assimilate new information we downloaded on Wesak – all the more so this year, with not one but three eclipses directly following the opening of a portal. The New Moon typically represents new beginnings, and an eclipse is like a supercharged New Moon. In Gemini, polarized opposites can be integrated into a greater whole.

What makes me particularly optimistic about this New Moon is its favorable angle to Saturn, who’s slowing down in preparation for returning direct on June 12. Although Saturn has a well-deserved reputation as the planet of tough lessons, he also rules the physical plane. Nothing could manifest without the structural foundations that Saturn represents. And while Saturn forms a difficult cardinal T-square with Pluto and Uranus, the trine from the New Moon represents an easy path for frustrated energies to flow.

At 10 degrees Libra, Saturn is stationed right on the fixed star of Porrima. It gets a little complicated here, because Porrima is in the constellation of Virgo. This discrepancy is due to precession, which I’ve explained in previous posts.

Porrima, at the Virgin’s waist, was named for a Roman goddess of prophecy who actually may have been two sisters, one who looked forward and one who looked back. In a case of “as above, so below,” it so happens that Porrima is a binary star – a fact that couldn’t have been known when the star was named. To Persian astronomers, this star was known as Zawiat al Awwa, which meant the “turn,” signifying the point where the line of stars in Virgo bends.

So, here we have Saturn at a particularly powerful stage of turning direct, in Libra, the sign of balanced relationships, conjunct a star that represents a turn in the road, where we can look both behind us and ahead.

I’d say something very interesting is about to manifest for many of us in the next six weeks. For those recently out of a relationship, you’ll be able to look back and see the situation for what it was and, at the same time, to look forward to what’s next.

In my previous post, I also mentioned Aldebaran, the “eye of the bull” and symbol of the third eye, which is associated with psychic powers and the ability to see into other dimensions. At the eclipse, the Sun and Moon are within two degrees of Aldebaran.

Ophiuchus also gets a foot in the door at this eclipse. The lunar North Node, which determines when and in what sign eclipses occur, is closely conjunct Imad, the star at the Serpent Bearer’s foot, which dips down across the ecliptic. Imad means “pillar” or “support.” Snakes represent wisdom and healing through higher consciousness, which requires that you’re grounded and on solid footing. The North Node also will be close to the Galactic Center, the source of radio waves that I believe convey intuitive knowledge to those with the sensitivity to hear.

I should mention that Mercury will be square Neptune at this New Moon, not a combination for clear and concise thinking. As you’re downloading all that new information, keep in mind that you won’t have very effective filters. Those of you who are exceptionally psychic may be so overwhelmed that you find it hard to function normally. Solitude and rest will help. It’s also likely that some false information and delusionary thinking will creep in. You won’t know which is which until a few days have passed, so don’t jump right into anything new without allowing time for processing.

I leave you with this image of Saturn conjunct Porrima, photographed by Astro Bob:
Spring’s newest ‘double-double’ star

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