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Full Moon in Pisces, September 15, 2008

Pisces Moon risingThe Full Moon next Monday promises to be a real zinger at 22°54′ Pisces, with Uranus conjoining it and Pluto in Sagittarius forming a T-square. It’s “batten down the hatches” time!

By the time the Moon is full, both Jupiter and Pluto will have returned direct and started to pick up speed. Sagittarius and Scorpio folk in particular may be getting hints that matters held in stasis over the past few months are beginning to see movement, as Jupiter and Pluto rule those signs, respectively. Adding to the movement is the continuing trine from Saturn in Virgo, so look where Jupiter is currently falling in your chart to see what’s breaking loose for you. It’s entirely possible that things will fall into place smoothly and easily under the influence of the trine. Let’s hope so, anyway.

Pluto is another matter. The T-square with the Sun, Moon, and Uranus is more likely to create some dramatic effects, because any time Uranus is on the playing field, he electrifies events. Pluto asks us to let go of what is dead or dying in our lives, and if we have not been paying attention up to this point, we will have far less choice in the matter now. For some reason, the thought popping into my mind about this pattern has to do with accepting loss. In doing so, we ultimately gain, but there will be a price (mostly because human beings tend to undervalue freely given gifts). If we allow ourselves to let go gracefully in an open-handed manner and forgive ourselves for holding on so tightly in the first place, we will navigate through this fine.

The Moon-Uranus conjunction in Pisces is closely semi-sextile Neptune in Aquarius, emphasizing the mutual reception between Uranus and Neptune. The Moon provides access to our emotions and unconscious motivations, and at this time we may be better able to tap into the archetypes represented by Uranus and Neptune. Service to others with compassion and appreciation for what makes each of us unique is a good starting point. Taking time to consider how we may be of service is never a waste of time.

On a more mundane level, we have a nice tight stellium in Libra of Venus, Mercury, and Mars. It sure doesn’t hurt to have sympathetic Neptune, the higher octave expression of Venus, trine to this stellium. This is the perfect time to find the right words to heal the atmosphere of divisiveness possibly brought about by Mars in Libra’s tendency to use words like weapons and take the other side of a disagreement just because it can. Mars is not comfortable in Libra, the sign of his detriment. But don’t worry, because on October 4, he will enter Scorpio, the sign he co-rules with Pluto.

For this Full Moon, the Sabian Symbol for 23 Pisces is, A materializing medium giving a séance, with a keyword SUBSTANTIATION. More than anything, this connects with the mutable T -square, acknowledging the need to surrender to our higher purpose in order to become “unstuck” on our path to becoming our most authentic self. In order to manifest something new in one’s life, there has to be space available, and it’s far better to do this consciously and with awareness.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun is 23 Virgo is, A lion tamer displays his skill and character, with keywords RESOLUTENESS and PATIENCE. This is perfect fit with the current trine between Saturn in Virgo and Jupiter in Capricorn, where earth sign persistence and willingness to tame one’s vital energies to achieve a goal is rewarded. We also are reminded to have faith and courage in our abilities.

We are standing on the threshold of a period of profound change brought about by Saturn opposing Uranus, and this Full Moon on the Virgo-Pisces axis gives us an opportunity to glimpse how this opposition may affect us personally. It is also a great time to remind ourselves that practicing kindness and behaving in a thoughtful manner to all we encounter is no bad thing, because Uranus is the biggest pot-stirrer there is!

Libra, an Air signposted by Neith . . .

Weekly Forecast September 8: Run-Up to Full Moon in Pisces

Botticelli's Mars and VenusFasten your seat belts and hang on to the handrails, because this is going to be a killer week.

It’s hard to name one dominant energy this week, as there are so many things going on astrologically. However, if I had to name one outstanding feature, I’d say it’s the run-up to the Full Moon in Pisces next Monday.

Although we’re still a week away, we’re going to start feeling this potent Full Moon by mid-week. Some of you may feel it even earlier, if you have chart angles or key planets in the mid-degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). The Full Moon will be tightly conjunct Uranus, planet of sudden change and surprise, so there’s no telling what might happen. In situations like this, we can only lamely advise you to expect the unexpected.

As usual, Neith will have more in a day or two in one of her enlightening and increasingly popular lunation reports. In the meantime, let’s have a look at the other significant events happening in the sky this week.

On Monday, Jupiter and Pluto both turn direct. Jupiter has been retrograde since May 9; Pluto, since April 2. Give these two a week or so, and then watch to see what manifests in your life. It could be quite sudden. If you’ve been working toward a certain goal but have been getting only lukewarm results, you may see major movement now, depending on where Jupiter and Pluto are transiting your chart.

Jupiter’s return direct is all the more powerful, since it takes place in a tight trine with Saturn, ruler of manifestation on the physical plane. If you haven’t had a goal in mind, get one now and do some visualization and affirmation work on Monday. The square from Mercury in Libra to Jupiter will help you form intentions. Remember, thoughts are entities.

As if that’s not enough for one day, Mercury conjoins Mars in the middle of all this activity, which could bring an element of anger or impatience to your dealings with others and your approach to life in general. The energy of Mars in Libra can be passive-aggressive, so monitor your words and actions to be sure that you’re saying what you really mean. For example, rather than lashing out at someone because you’re hurt, try just saying, “That hurt,” and take it from there.

The Moon, meanwhile, conjoins Pluto on Monday before entering Capricorn and interacting with Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mars, and Mercury, all within a five-hour period on Tuesday (roughly 1 to 6 p.m. on the West Coast of the United States). Events during this period should provide you with plenty of clues what to expect as a result of the Jupiter-Saturn trine and also the upcoming Venus-Mars conjunction.

The cosmic lovers finally meet on Thursday, although after the activity early in the week, it’s almost anticlimactic. Hopefully, the dust will settle for a few hours, and you’ll get to enjoy the sweetness of this moment. The image I chose for this week, Botticelli’s Mars and Venus, is in honor of this aspect. There’s a fascinating entry on this painting on Wikipedia. Note especially the comments attributed to philosopher Marsilio Ficino on the capacity of Venus to placate Mars but his inability to master her. That would especially be true of Venus and Mars in Libra!

By Friday, the you-know-what starts hitting the fan, as the Sun opposes erratic Uranus. This is the opening act for the Full Moon, and I can’t even begin to predict how it will manifest.

From Friday through Sunday, Mercury, Venus, and Mars trine Chiron, creating an opening to heal through words, love, and physical intimacy. With everything else that’s going on, we may miss this subtle cue, but if we remain aware of it, we can draw on it to improve our closest relationships. This includes your relationship with yourself.

I am definitely on pins and needles, but I’m trying to muster my courage to handle whatever life throws my way. I wish the same for you, in spades.

Love and blessings,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: Venus and Mars, by Sandro Botticelli, c. 1483. National Gallery, London.

New Moon in Virgo, August 30, 2008

down on the farmThe New Moon this Saturday, August 30, is the first following the pair of eclipses earlier this month. The Sun and Moon at 7°48′ Virgo, conjunct Saturn, emphasize responsible manifestation of our goals.

Saturn is the taskmaster, but at least we find that what he asks of us is easy to understand – not necessarily pleasant, but understandable. Saturn reminds us of the need to behave in a responsible manner. When he’s in Virgo, being of service to others is high on his priorities list. We are being asked to eat our vegetables first, then dessert!

One of the best things about this New Moon is the lovely supporting trine from Jupiter in Capricorn. Virgo and Capricorn are not flashy signs, but they are both excellent for getting down to work in a quiet, straightforward manner. After the drama of the eclipses in Leo-Aquarius, most of us are more than ready for a break. If your experiences this month have been remotely like mine, there is a backlog of things to catch up on!

The Jupiter-Saturn trine will be in effect until early December, giving us time to take care of business. Trines do not require a lot of effort, just awareness to seize the opportunities that present themselves. However, it would be a shame to waste any moment of this very productive aspect between practical Saturn and visionary Jupiter. Those of you who have planets and chart angles at the mid-degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) will notice this aspect the most, especially if Saturn will conjoin those points in your chart.

My Libra self is extremely happy to see the nice stellium in Libra occurring at this New Moon, with Venus, Mercury, and Mars all in the sign of balance. If you have need of charm and diplomacy to make a move at this time, this stellium has those qualities in spades. The trine from Pallas in Gemini provides further support for making accurate assessments of any situation. Pallas is the asteroid specializing in clear, concise thought and organizational skills, and Mercury ruled Gemini is associated with communications in general.

Because neither Neptune in Aquarius nor Uranus in Pisces are aspected in this chart, we are going to catch a breather from dealing with the issues those two outer planets have been pummeling us with over the past few months. Pluto in Sagittarius is also out of orb with the inner planets at this time. It is much easier for us to recognize and deal with matters related to Jupiter and Saturn than the archetypes of the three outermost planets. A practical, mundane focus is in order for now.

The Sabian symbol for 8 Virgo is, A girl takes her first dancing lesson, and the keyword is ASSISTANCE. As usual the Sabian symbol strikes right to the heart of the matter and, in this case, it is the New Moon conjunction with Saturn. We learn many things by practicing with focus and diligence, and this is a great time for practicing discipline, self-control, and concentration. Saturn always blesses our efforts to manage our lives by taking small steps instead of taking giant leaps in mid-air.

All in all, this New Moon is going to be good for us, a time to pick up the loose ends and deal with them in an orderly fashion. Virgo and Libra both remind us of the value of treating others with politeness and consideration – a great time to practice “paying it forward” with random acts of kindness. We need to take advantage of this opportunity, because the Full Moon in Pisces next month will conjoin Uranus, not Saturn, and life will get “interesting” once more.

Libra, an Air signposted by Neith . . .

Of course, today is the day to write your New Moon abundance checks! Here’s how.