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Elements of the Cardinal T-Square: Finding the Way Out

Air Signs. © Pat Paquette

What does it tell you when you keep hitting the same obstacle over and over again?

Some people complain and blame their lack of success on others or on external circumstances. Some think they haven’t worked hard enough, so they grit their teeth and redouble their efforts, using the same tools and techniques. Some will make a superficial change here and there. Others will give up entirely.

There are times when giving up is the best thing to do. I say that not to encourage anyone to be lazy, but because in that moment of giving up, we open our hearts and minds to the new information necessary for growth and advancement.

When the same old ways of thinking, being, and doing aren’t working, it’s time to make radical changes. If we won’t voluntarily make those changes, either because we aren’t aware enough to make them or because we’re actively resisting change, external circumstances will force us to take in new information and move in a different direction.

This is a lesson that many of us are learning during the cardinal T-square.

Change, even when it’s positive, can be disorienting and downright distressing. For many people, it’s so distressing that the temptation to go back to the old, painful way of life is too powerful to resist. The human mind is hard-wired to repeat familiar patterns, and that’s what we’re fighting against now. Getting onto a new path truly feels like an uphill battle.

If there’s anything positive in the cardinal T-square, that’s where I see it. Until forced to change, most human beings won’t do the required work, usually because the initial change is so upsetting that it seems more painful than the situation that was causing them so much suffering. In medical terms, it’s called a “healing crisis.”

Action and discipline … not the most fun combination under the stars, but a very productive one.

I even see some potential good in this week’s conjunction of Mars and Saturn. These two since ancient times have been considered the “malefics,” and there’s a good reason for that. Transits of Mars and Saturn very often do correspond to accidents, tragedy, confrontation, and war. But Mars is the planet associated with action, and Saturn at his best is about discipline and structure. Action and discipline … not the most fun combination under the stars, but a very productive one.

When planets are in square or opposition, we look to sextiles and trines as our “way out.” Last Sunday’s Full Moon provided such an opening. There will be another this Friday when Mercury trines Pluto, who’s at the apex of the T-square and thus under the most pressure.

Mercury is about communications. In Virgo, discussions can be very practical and helpful. Pluto, meanwhile, represents everything hidden, forbidden, and scary. When we face these demons, transformation happens. Talking with someone you trust can help you get in touch with your deepest fears, longings, and desires. Sometimes just owning these things is enough to propel you into a different orbit.

Friday could be a very trying day for everyone, but if you keep in mind that the challenges you face may be trying to get your attention in order to nudge you in a different direction, you can use these forces to your advantage. As I mentioned in my weekly forecast, planetary aspects are only going to get more difficult in the next few weeks. Talk about it, get it out, and confront the unpleasant truths lurking under the surface. If you do the work now, you can save yourself more grief later.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast July 7: Mars conjunct Saturn

Mars, by VelazquezIf you’re feeling a sense of foreboding, you’re not imagining things. With Mars and Saturn just a couple of degrees from conjunct, a heavy energy is playing out in our lives.

Considered by ancient astrologers as malefic, Mars and Saturn conjoin every two years. The last conjunction was at 8 degrees Leo on June 17, 2006. This Thursday, they’ll meet at 5 degrees Virgo.

Although this aspect is scary, there is also reason to be optimistic. Saturn limits and constrains, while Mars is about action and movement. Even in Virgo, an earth sign, the Mars force can break down barriers. He may not do it in the most graceful or sensitive way, and the results may be extremely uncomfortable, but at least you won’t be stuck anymore. I like to use the analogy of your foot being asleep after you’ve been sitting still for too long. When you get up and the blood returns, the pain can literally knock you down. But at least you know your foot is still alive.

Where you feel this aspect the most depends on where you have 5 degrees Virgo in your chart. For example, if it’s in your seventh house, you’re feeling the pain in a significant relationship. In your sixth house, you may be faced with an obstacle at work, and so forth. The Moon is in Virgo today (July 6), and conjoins both Mars and Saturn. The conflicts you find yourself in today provide clues to what may come about when Mars and Saturn meet on Thursday.

The time on the West Coast of the United States will be 11:11 a.m., a significant number in the art of numerology. I’m hoping for a breakthrough in a difficult challenge I’m facing, and I’ve been trying to do the work. Indeed, hard work may be another outcome of this energy. Neith just reported to me that she’s overwhelmed with harvesting and preserving – both very Virgo activities – because weather anomalies have resulted in several crops ripening at once.

The rest of the week is fairly tame by comparison. On Wednesday, the Sun opposes Jupiter, who’s retrograde and in his fall in Capricorn. Sun-Jupiter aspects often correspond to overindulgence, but I don’t think that will happen here. If anything, we may be able judge our limits. Knowing your limits can be tricky, and knowing when to push beyond them even more problematic.

Early Thursday, Mercury opposes Pluto, providing a rare opportunity to see the deeper truth behind events. At 29 degrees Sagittarius, Pluto is still in a relatively close trine with Mars and Saturn, and once Mercury enters Cancer later in the day, he’ll be approaching a sextile with Mars and Saturn. The trine and sextile are harmonious energies, so I believe that the insights we gain earlier in the day may contribute directly to the breakthrough I mentioned above.

On Saturday, Venus enters Leo. It’s time to get your hair done and admire your gorgeous self. Practice sincere flattery. Stroke someone’s ego, and allow someone to adore you.

Love and blessings,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image:  Mars at Rest, by Diego Velazquez, c. 1640, Museo del Prado.

Ellen DeGeneres, Quirky Aquarius

Ellen DeGeneres at her casual best  Ellen DeGeneres recently picked up her fourth Daytime Emmy for hosting her own TV show with humor and style. An Aquarius born January 26, 1958, Ellen has combined the charm of her Venus-Sun conjunction in Aquarius with an innate zaniness amplified by the opposition of Uranus, Aquarius’s ruler.

Playing host to a wide variety of celebrities and others comes easy to Ellen with Jupiter conjunct Neptune in her eleventh house. The eleventh house falls under the aegis of Aquarius, her Sun sign, expanding her ability to relate to a broad cross-section of humanity and see them as kindred spirits. The Jupiter-Neptune combination can act as a mirror for her viewers, allowing them to project their expectations of Ellen as a genial host to all and sundry.

Her Sagittarius Ascendant contributes to her sense of comedic timing and her relaxed sense of style – she almost always wears tennis shoes with everything from jeans to a tux. Mars and Saturn are conjunct in Sagittarius in the first house and give her the drive and energy needed to achieve her goals.

Ellen has been able to use all of her differences and natural quirkiness to her advantage. She was the first woman to play an openly lesbian character on TV in April 1997. At the same time, she disclosed that she was a lesbian in her personal life. Her Moon is in adventurous Aries supported by a trine from Mars and Saturn, giving her a strong sense of independence.

Conversely, her Mercury in conventional Capricorn squares her Moon, so she may have difficulty expressing how she feels, especially to those close to her.

Ellen also is making headline news for her impending marriage to her longtime significant other, Portia de Rossi. Portia is a fellow Aquarian, with Uranus aspecting her Venus-Jupiter conjunction. It is no surprise she, too, is willing to publicly express her individuality. Ellen and Portia both have Mars in Sagittarius within a few degrees, contributing to their compatibility. It’s a safe bet to say that life is never boring around these two.

Saturn in Virgo will be transiting Ellen’s Midheaven in the latter half of this year, then will move back and forth over it before moving deeper into her tenth house. It is likely she will continue to focus time and energy on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and most likely pick up a fifth Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Talk Show in 2009.

Ellen DeGeneres Natal Chart

Libra hereposted by Neith . . .