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Weekly Forecast April 18: Sun Enters Taurus, Mercury Direct

© Pat Paquette 2011

The cardinal T-square continues to make itself felt this week as Mercury and Mars oppose Saturn.

I don’t expect many of us will face new issues at this point. More than likely, it will be more of the same old stuff. However, we may have to make a few difficult decisions in order to get out of circumstances that have been weighing us down. That includes difficult relationships.

I alerted you last week to this Monday’s Mars-Saturn opposition. Although it isn’t as vicious as the Mars-Pluto square we just went through, it’s the day after the Full Moon in Libra, sign of partnership and balance. If you’ve been in an unbalanced relationship, and especially if either of you have been sitting on a lot of anger, this may be the day you finally decide that enough is enough.

If you’re concerned that you may change your mind after Mercury returns direct on Saturday, then by all means hold off making a decision until after the weekend. I’d also advise taking a big step back on Tuesday, when Mercury conjoins Mars in Aries. The risk of saying something you can’t take back is too high. You might want to plan on being unavailable for the day.

In some cases, yelling and screaming might not be inappropriate. Sometimes it’s the only way to release pent-up anger and restore the peace. Fights – even the unfair ones – don’t necessarily break up relationships and can even move them forward, whereas not expressing anger or expressing it passive-aggressively can damage a relationship beyond repair.

Throughout the week, Mercury will be at a near standstill and in close opposition with Saturn in Libra. Normally, this isn’t an overly challenging aspect, as it favors critical thinking. As I always say, you can’t solve a problem if you don’t know what it is. Under this influence, you can pinpoint the problem and source, which will go a long way toward helping you resolve matters. The danger here is that you may think things are much worse than they are, and with Mars in close aspect, the frustration factor is high and tempers are short.

We’ll have Venus to help smooth things over until Thursday. After that, she’ll be in Aries, sign of her detriment, until May 15. In Mars-ruled Aries, Venus is less patient, kind and compassionate. It also means that we have a few more weeks of Mars dominating the sky. All of the planets will deposit to Mars except Neptune in his own sign of Pisces and the Moon when in Pisces or her own sign of Cancer.

The good news this week – yes, there is some – is the Sun’s entry into placid Taurus on Wednesday. Although we’ll still be under the aggressive Aries influence, we’ll get to catch our breath, and the frenetic pace will slow down a bit. The Sun’s first contact is an easy sextile to Neptune in Pisces. The pathway is open for inter-dimensional communications. Fleeting thoughts and visions may contain important messages. Pay attention to your dreams on Wednesday night.

On Friday, Venus conjoins Uranus. This one could go either way. It may bring you a pleasant surprise in love, money, or some other area of life, depending on where they’re transiting your chart. Conversely, there could be disruptive developments in relationships or finances. Whichever it is for you, I suspect that it will be related to events during last summer’s T-square in the early degrees of the cardinal signs. The Moon enters Capricorn earlier on Friday and moves through those degrees as well. I’m tired of all this heavy stuff and am going to remain positive that a happy surprise is on the way.

Mercury goes direct on Saturday, making for easy Easter egg hunting on Sunday. Just take it easy on the chocolate. We’ve got enough of a buzz from all this cosmic caffeine.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast July 26: Mars Enters Libra

© Galyna Andrushko/Dreamstime.com

This is a big, busy week filled with uphill battles and other challenges, but the good news is that we’ll have some energy and discipline to do the work.

As the week begins, we’re still under the influence of Sunday’s Full Moon in Aquarius, which should have helped us find creative ways to surmount the obstacles in our path. With the outer planets at conflicting angles for most of the past year, many of us have felt stuck between a rock and a hard place, with fewer and fewer options for breaking free and moving into new territory.

For most of us, forward movement not only is possible, but likely. Sunday’s Full Moon was a lovely gift in this regard, and I truly hope you all are able to use it to get out of the difficult circumstances you’ve been writing to me about. There’s a further promise of movement this week when Mars joins Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn in the cardinal T-square, which will dominate the sky for the next several weeks.

Taking the week chronologically, on Monday Saturn opposes Uranus for the fifth and final time in this 45-year cycle. The first opposition was on Nov. 4, 2008 — Election Day in the United States. What will happen to bring this opposition full circle? I’ll be looking for major news from the White House, something totally unexpected (or bigger than expected). Individually, we should be able to resolve a confounding situation that began around November 2008 or, at least, to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

On Tuesday, Mercury enters Virgo, one of the two signs he rules. Virgo is helpful, practical, and down-to-earth, but there also can be a neurotic perfectionism that turns interactions with others into a running critique. This is a good time to reflect on your motivation and to make sure your own house is in order before criticizing others. Note that Mercury will turn retrograde in Virgo in mid-August and as of next week will be in pre-retrograde shadow. To the extent possible, sign contracts and make major purchases now. Otherwise, you may have to wait until the middle of September.

On Thursday, Mars enters Libra, the sign of his detriment. Hopefully, this is going to work to our advantage, as the aggressive side of Mars is tempered in peace-loving Libra. This transit could correspond to diplomatic solutions over more saber-rattling in hot spots of the world. Still, there is cause for concern, as Mars will oppose Uranus on Friday and conjoin Saturn on Saturday. Mars and Uranus make an explosive pair, while a Mars-Saturn conjunction favors military action.

Of all the planets in the T-square, Saturn has the most power right now. He’s in the sign of his exaltation, so he’s extra-receptive to the energy of Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, which Saturn rules. By contrast, Mars is debilitated, and Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto are all retrograde.

In our daily lives, relationships take precedence, and we’re working through issues such as who does what, how the load is shared, and whether we have balanced, equal partnerships. Achieving balance in relationships starts with our own inner balance. If one partner is “off,” the other needs to compensate. This is fine when both parties agree to it. But usually they don’t, and that’s where we get in trouble. Confronting imbalances without being confrontational is our task this week.

There’s no doubt that Friday is going to be tough all around. The Moon in early Aries is liable to fuel emotional knee-jerk reactions and lots of screaming, “It’s all about me!” If ever there was an aspect for a collective emotional meltdown, this is it.

Fortunately, Saturn in Libra is associated with fairness, justice, equality, and the legal muscle to back it up. With some energetic input from Mars, we can work through thorny issues and step up to challenges with less fear of failure. If we’ve had difficulties making changes, the Mars force can help us blast through the obstacles. Indeed, events in the next two weeks may force us to stretch beyond our limitations, whether self-imposed or external.

Do try to confront difficult issues this week, because next week it will be even harder to get past the power struggles. The work may be hard, but putting it off and making excuses will make it even harder down the road.

If you’d like to take a look in the sky to see this historic alignment, here’s a sky map for Friday, July 30, courtesy of spaceweather.com.

Wishing you infinite love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Saturday Archives: Saturn in Synastry – Natal Chart

The World by Toni Allen (represents Saturn)The more I work with people on their synastry with another, the more I realize it all comes back to the natal chart and learning what Saturn has to teach us about loving and accepting ourselves as we are BEFORE we embark on a relationship with another human being.

Saturn has gotten a lot of bad press over the years yet he has been my saving grace more often than not when Neptune, Uranus or Pluto embroiled me in their fun and games. As an astrologer, I look to Saturn in the natal chart to show how the individual handles their responsibilities to others and themselves. In fact, if we don’t learn to be responsible to ourselves first, the chances of us being there for others is not too great.

As a person with a natal out-of-sign Sun/Saturn square, I grew up with one or the other of my parents (Saturn) keeping my nose to the grindstone. We had a small family farm and we all had lots of chores to do. In general people with Saturn in aspect to their Sun, no matter the nature of the aspect, are often given responsibilities at an early age and are pretty much going to be made to attend to them. The effect of a Sun/Saturn aspect on how we relate as adults is often dependant on other aspects to our Suns. If we have a Jupiter or Venus aspect to the Sun natally, we will tend to develop a more optimistic outlook, and be less likely to choose a “parent” for a partner. If not, it may take several Saturn cycles including the Saturn Return to help us realize how valuable we are.

The Moon in aspect to Saturn has a sobering effect on our emotions and habits. We are often like Moon in Capricorn, very cautious and aware of where we fit into our social group; and likely to be “old” when we are young and “young” as we age. With a natal Moon/Saturn sextile myself, I know this pattern well. Saturn can have a dampening effect on the Moon, making one lean towards choosing friends and lovers based on whether they are reliable rather than exciting. That is unless Uranus is also aspecting the Moon, then all bets are off!

Venus in aspect to Saturn?! I have one of those too. With Venus in Sagittarius in the 1st House, having Saturn trine to it probably keep me from doing too many wild and crazy things. However, it’s possible with Venus in aspect to Saturn to be so conventional and hedged about by the need to fit in; all the fun can be drained out of life. This aspect is the one most associated with undervaluing our feeling of being desirable. Here again if we are patient with Saturn’s lessons we can learn how to unfold our wings and transform our self-image. People with Venus/Saturn aspects are sometimes the ones who undertake a healthy diet and exercise program to very good effect – mostly because they stay with it long enough to see real results. We attract partners who appreciate someone who demonstrates reliability, not very romantic but good for lasting relationships with others.

When it comes to Mars/Saturn aspects natally, I have to go with what I’ve observed in others, like my sister who has Mars conjunct Saturn in Cancer. She can work longer and harder without letting up than anyone I know – except for others with Mars in close aspect to Saturn. This aspect can cause deep frustration of the need to act but at the same time it gives great endurance. Mars/Saturn aspects function similarly to Mars in Capricorn, one of the placements of Mars said to give one a steady sex drive but very controlled. This aspect suggests this individual is going to take their time before committing to a relationship but if they do, they’ll be around for the long haul. Sometimes Saturn can give Mars a fear of taking action and lead to a situation of complete impasse.

With an accurate birth time, we can also find out if Saturn is conjunct the Ascendant or Midheaven in the chart. Those with Saturn on the Ascendant tend to present a dour face to the world even if they are fun loving and sociable in privacy. If we wish to draw a partner more in tune with who we are at home, we need to keep in mind to show this self more often. Saturn on the Midheaven is an indicator of someone who is all business on the job even if they are a party animal away from the office. In both these cases, it usually pays to take the time (Saturn) to get to know them in different settings.

This is more or less the cliff notes version of how Saturn works natally. I highly recommend getting a hold of a copy of Liz Greene’s book, “Saturn: a new look at an old devil”. Almost every astrologer I’ve ever talked agrees this book is the definitive source of information on Saturn. My copy is well read because it’s a staple reference book in my astrology library.

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