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Aries Rising: The Aries Soul

Aries. From the Empowered Feminine Zodiac series by Karen MacKenzie. © 2012.

Aries. From the Empowered Feminine Zodiac series by Karen MacKenzie. © 2012.

If you’ve been enjoying Ruth’s articles on Esoteric Astrology, you may have been sad that her series on soul rulers ended with Pisces last month. Well, you’ll be delighted to know that she’s back with a new series, on the Rising signs – starting with (what else?) Rising Aries. I always learn so much from her articles and know that you will, too. ~pq

On March 20, the Sun entered Aries, marking the beginning of a new zodiac year. In many traditions this also marks the first day of spring (or autumn in the southern hemisphere). It is a time of new beginnings, new growth: a time of creation. What better time to begin a new series exploring the contrasts between the personality and soul expressions of each sign, beginning with the inspirational, innovative and impulsive sign of Aries?

Your soul is indicated by your Rising sign (Ascendant). This is the sign that was rising on the horizon at the time of your birth and, as such, is considered by soul-centered astrologers* to be the most important sign in astrology, precisely because it indicates your soul’s path, purpose and expression. If you have Aries Rising, you could say that you are an “Aries Soul.” Simply put, if you have Aries Rising, you are here to express the highest spiritual purpose of Aries, to the degree that you can, in this lifetime.

[callout]The soul is the reality lying behind the persona, the mask of the soul. It is the soul or higher self that comes first, as does the Rising sign. The Rising sign, the soul and the soul’s purpose are therefore one and the same.   ~ Errol Weiner, Transpersonal Astrology[/callout]

Whether you will experience and actualize the full spiritual potential of your Ascendant or not depends upon your level of consciousness. If you are spiritually asleep, you will naturally experience the qualities of your Ascendant as an inherent part of your personality. As you awaken to your spiritual purpose, you will feel a quickening, experiencing the subtle stirrings of your soul’s calling, through your Ascendant. The Ascendant bridges the worlds between sleep and awakening.

[callout]This physical awakening experience is directly related to the fact that the Rising sign is the central factor connected to spiritual awakening. We incarnate into a new life, we awake each morning into a new life; and we are born again into a new life when we awake to spiritual purpose in our lives. ~ Errol Weiner, Transpersonal Astrology[/callout]

If we think of the octaves of the musical scale, we can get an idea about the lower and higher vibrations of each sign. The lower octaves are fear-based and come from externaly imposed ideas about how we ought to be, while the higher octaves are love-based and arise purely from within our own heart. This is an important key, not only to understanding the lower and higher expressions of each sign, but for knowing how to shift from lower to higher expressions. The shift is from fear to love, but this is meaningless until we experience the shift in perspective that comes from navigating the octaves on the spiritual spectrum. When you come from a place of love within, you will naturally express the highest octaves of your soul sign.

Each soul sign is here to learn and develop in specific ways, in this lifetime. We are here to grow into what we may become: our full potential as a spiritual being. Just as an infant who is learning to speak isn’t learning a lesson as such, but is rather unfolding his natural potential, so it is the same with our soul work. Likewise our soul work shows up naturally, as major themes throughout our lives, calling us to awaken, live, and rise to the highest octaves of our soul sign.

The Rising sign is the powerhouse – the central electromagnetic centre of one’s life (chart) and this energy begins to be released when one awakens. ~ Errol Weiner, Transpersonal Astrology

At soul level, Aries is a sign of higher mind and plays a vital role in the development of the antakharana, or “Rainbow Bridge” between higher and lower mind. This is why Aries is associated with the brow, forehead, and eyes, and is symbolized by the horns of the Ram. It is commonly believed that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and it is through the eyes that we can glimpse higher mind, or soul. This is why Aries is also highly intuitive, and the type of intuition associated with Aries is that of direct knowing. Once one can attune to the subtle spiritual energy at soul level, wisdom reveals itself fully and completely without having to go through the lower mental process of thought, which is relatively slow. So this Arian type of intuition is an immediate direct knowing that is beyond thought.

To be aware of knowledge at this level, one must cultivate awareness, through direct perception of the full spectrum of energy, from the grossest energetic movement to the finest spiritual subtle ripples. Yet at personality level Aries can be anything but subtle and may even develop a reputation for being direct to the point of bluntness, self-absorption, and oblivion to the needs of those around them. In fact, this is all normal and is part and parcel of what Aries is learning at this stage of soul development.

As the first sign of the zodiac Aries is, in many ways, the “baby” of the zodiac. There can be an innocence and naïveté around Aries, with an expectation that life events should just be easy and somehow simpler than they often turn out to be in practice. It’s as if they have no experience of life which, in a sense, is true at soul level. In Esoteric Astrology, the Tibetan describes the soul in Aries as a “point of light in the mind of God,” and this simple phrase can tell us much about the soul experience in Aries. Remember Aries is a sign of the mind, so Aries comes filled with excitement, ideas, inspiration, and enthusiasm for the journey. The whole blueprint for the journey ahead is mapped out in his (or her) mind, and Aries brings the drive and the impetus to get started. It’s like that stage of a vacation or trip where you know where you are going and why, and the day has finally arrived. The time is now! You are full of enthusiasm, brimming over with excitement, and you take your first eager steps down the road.

That is the energy of Aries. Nothing has happened yet to dampen your enthusiasm. You haven’t hit any obstacles or glitches, and because you can’t even foresee that there could possibly be any, you haven’t planned or prepared for them. Because you have never walked this path before, you can’t possibly imagine what could happen, which also means you have very few coping skills. Arians are great people to have around at the beginning of a project, because their innate inspiration and childlike enthusiasm can really put a light under the fire, ignite the project and get it started. But if you leave Aries managing the dull, day-to-day problems that will inevitably arise, you will soon see his feathers droop and his light go out, like an eagle caught in a rainstorm pathetically sitting dripping in a tree waiting to dry out before he can majestically soar again.

Often Aries has the initial idea or impulse and lacks the next step. He can also be childlike in his expectation that his ideas should just instantly manifest into reality, with no further effort on his part. It’s as though the idea of cake should be enough in itself. “I just thought of it, so where’s my cake?” Like a small child he seems oblivious to the reality of what resources, skill and effort may be required to create cake. Associated with this is Aries’ tendency to just put out ideas and expect others to pick up the ball. There is an important balance needed whereby Aries tends to his own creative projects (the “seeds” of his inspiration) long enough for them to manifest and become established, before he hands them over too quickly to others. This way Aries learns to add skill to his amazing vision.

Aries is a sign of vision, courage, boldness, leadership and drive. Imagine the military commander who can see a way forward through the forest. He isn’t personally going to cut down the trees! He’ll order someone else to do that because he is keeping his eye on the horizon, on the vision, and his concern is on driving through, pushing ahead, reaching that goal. Also, in his narrow focus, he may have given little thought with regard to the wider implications of cutting down trees and what that could mean in the long term. So we can see that Aries can also sometimes have a tendency towards blinkered vision: being preoccupied with only his own immediate issues and not considering the wider implications of his actions on others and his environment.

Aries is not a loner, he is a leader, and a leader needs someone to lead. That is why Aries is the sign of the Ram. A Ram needs a flock, and wherever Aries goes, people follow. Because of his innate intuition and inspired and inspiring vision, people are naturally drawn to Aries. His confidence and vision are magnetic, and people naturally want to follow. So this brings Aries a vital lesson in responsibility. As much as he would like to be a free individual, Aries is part of the flock, and wherever he goes others follow. So he needs to carefully review his motives, raise his sights, and ensure that he is leading his flock onto the highest path and not the lowest.

When Aries awakens spiritually and listens to his highest calling, he is an inspiring spiritual leader, guiding others with his altruistic vision towards the highest goals of all: self-realization, spiritual awakening and enlightenment. If he is sleeping (in a spiritual sense) he may be mis-leading people, taking actions and decisions that are either selfish impulses from his own ego, or simply leading others from ignorance, through being too caught up in a materially-driven, selfish and destructive society.

The soul work of Aries, which show up as major themes throughout life, may relate to these areas:

• Cultivating self-awareness: awareness of both your own energy field and the effects and impact of your energy and actions on those around you. This will also awaken awareness of your spiritual energy.
• Taming your mind: evaluating the billions of ideas that pass through your mind and learning to exercise judgment about which ones to pursue.
• Focus, effort and tenacity: sticking with your creative projects and ideas long enough to birth them into reality, and applying the necessary personal effort to make it happen.
• Expand your mind. Look deep within to see where your own worldview may be limited, and limiting you. You are on a fantastic journey from lower to higher mind!
• Through meditation, become familiar with the Rainbow Bridge from lower to higher mind, so you can distinguish between an “impulse to act” that arises from lower mind, and one arising from higher, Divine Mind.
[callout]The Ascendant is directly concerned with the purpose and the plan, and the more one is prepared to attune to and co-operate with the higher self the more one can unfold and manifest the energies of the Rising sign and thus fulfil one’s purpose. ~ Errol Weiner, Transpersonal Astrology[/callout]
If you have Aries Rising, you are here to ignite and inspire others with an infusion of Divine ideas, sacred fire, and spiritual energy so they may realize their own spiritual potential. Before you can do this, you must cultivate self-awareness and realize your spiritual potential, so you can skillfully navigate the full spectrum of the Rainbow Bridge at will: accessing the highest realms of consciousness that are currently humanly possible, and living your life as the true spiritual “Rainbow Warrior” that you are.



* For a deeper exploration of the importance of the Ascendant in spiritual awakening, see Shapter 6, “The Rising Sign and Its Deeper Significance,” in Transpersonal Astrology, by Errol Weiner.


Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

To get your personal Soul Sign/Life Purpose Report (FREE with a consultation), contact Ruth via her website. You can also request a FREE mp3 download, “The Energetics of Soul Astrology.”

About the artist: This oil painting, the first in the Empowered Feminine Zodiac series by Seattle artist Karen MacKenzie, features Aries as a warrior of peace as new life bursts forth in Spring. For more information about the symbolism in this print and to view other works in her ongoing series, check out her website, Karen MacKenzie Art (her prints are very affordable).

Saturday Archives: Neptune in Libra’s Romantic Expectations

With all the planets in Neptune ruled Pisces at this time, I decided to pull out this post on growing up with a natal Neptune in relationship oriented Libra.

During the time Pluto was in Leo, Neptune was in Libra from 1942 until 1957, approximately fifteen years and the most quintessential Boomer years. Being born fairly early in that cycle when Saturn in Leo conjoined Pluto, I have observed this generation from the inside and we are a mixed bag – especially when it comes to romantic ideals.

As most people who have read my blog know I am not a fan of romance with a capital ‘R’ and the reason I’m not is due to my own experiences living with a Moon conjunct Neptune in Libra. Neptune’s natural inclination to romanticize is exacerbated by being in Libra. I wasted more time and energy on men who had amazing potential – unmanifested but amazing. Many of them had major problems with drugs and alcohol, sometimes related to PTSD from crawling through the jungles of Vietnam. I was so convinced I could “rescue” them and we could live happily ever after. WRONG!

I believe I owe my recovery from an addiction to romance to Saturn because it was my first Saturn return when the illusions started coming apart and reality came crashing in. My Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Leo is sextile my Moon-Neptune, giving Saturn an opening to work with. Unlike others of my generation who managed to return to a blissful state of denial after their Saturn returns, I also had a Pluto transit conjoining my Moon at the same time and the combination stomped on expectations hard.

An alcohol and drug counselor introduced me to the concept of co-dependency and reading Anne Wilson Schaef’s books, “When Society Becomes an Addict” and “Women’s Reality” furthered my education. I was able to spot my mother’s co-dependent behavior patterns showing up in mine and in true Plutonian fashion, excise them slowly over time. Donna Cunningham’s gem of a book, “An Astrological Guide to Self-Awareness” opened my eyes to the astrology of what was going on and gave me some simple but effective tools to use in this process.

What didn’t help was growing up reading romance novels. Because while the prototype for today’s romance novels has been around for a long, long time, it took Neptune moving into Libra sextile Pluto in dramatic Leo to turn this genre into the multimillion dollar business it is today. Neptune in Libra folks grew up reading these, convinced we had a soul mate out there somewhere who would sweep in and rescue us from our boring mundane lives. Sad to say, there are plenty of wonderful, kind men and women who were passed over because of the expectations raised by this genre.

One other thing . . . I consider myself very, very fortunate to have managed to come across the right information at the right time which I attribute to a strong twelfth house chart with Jupiter in Scorpio conjoining my Libra Sun-Chiron. This gives me some ability to navigate through Neptune’s illusions, pretty as they are. Pluto transits taught me lessons on the realization all change must come from within.

I am a firm believer in love and the wonderful changes loving another can make in us. Treating ourselves in a loving manner is one of the keys to being able to genuinely care for others too. It is just the nebulous concept of Romantic Love that leaves me cold. The upside of Neptune is the ability to feel compassion and take a genuine interest in other people’s comfort and well being – no small thing. Neptune is marvelous source of inspiration but it sure helps to have Saturn backing him up!

Libra always seeks balanceposted by Diane . . .

Saturday Archives: Pluto Transit Through The Twelfth House

Black-eyed Susans and Stargazer LiliesDonna Cunningham has written several posts recently on the twelfth house and reading those reminded me of this post from the archives.

Since most of my personal planets are found in the twelfth house, when planets transit through that neighborhood I know it!

There seems to be a lot of interest in what happens as a result of Pluto transiting through the twelfth House and since I’ve had that pleasure, I thought I would relate some of my experiences and resulting revelations.

First, it’s important to know Scorpio is the sign on the cusp of my twelfth House. And I have my Sun conjunct that cusp at 29°54′ Libra along with Jupiter, Part of Fortune, Mars and Mercury. To say this was a major transit for me is an understatement. Additionally Uranus was transiting my first House, conjoining my Venus and moving on to oppose my natal Uranus. Yes, life was interesting.

At the time Pluto was starting into the twelfth House conjoining my Sun, I moved 1,800 hundred miles courtesy of the Uranus transit to my Venus in Sagittarius. My motive was to be with a man who was considered a spiritual leader of the local Sufi community. I really didn’t know any of the people in this new community well at all, making this classic Uranus transit stuff – full speed ahead, eyes firmly shut.

This man I got involved with was 11 yrs older than I, a triple Leo with Mars in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus squaring his Leo. He also remembered NOTHING of his childhood before about age 10! This is often a very good indicator of a really awful childhood.

In essence, the lessons I learned were not from what this man said, but from who he was. He misused kundalini energy during sex to enhance orgasms without first informing me among other things (Pluto/Scorpio/eighth House stuff). I only stayed with him for three months and was furiously angry with him most of the time. He never did understand why I was so angry either. My explanations made no sense to him at all. After I moved out, I saw him at other gatherings of the spiritual community and could not stand for him to touch me – a gut level reaction.

The months before I moved back to home base, Pluto was moving over my Jupiter and Part of Fortune. Even though the relationship I was in at the time had many good things going for it, it was damaged at the core for two reasons. One, I had thought this man loved me as I was and it turned out he was just waiting for me to change, and two, as a result of that flawed experience with kundalini energy, I just couldn’t bring myself to make love with this man. An aside: this man had Saturn in Scorpio conjunct my Mars in Scorpio – this could have been a factor too.

When transiting Uranus opposed my natal Uranus, I moved north – zip, zip, zip – and spent most of the next four years essentially living alone. During those years I also did a lot of reading on astrology, looking at charts, and thinking deeply. Liz Greene’s book, “The Astrology of Fate”, opened a door in my mind in regards to Pluto and learning the importance of accepting one’s self as a complete package.

My personal analogy was called “the monster in the garden.” If we view ourselves as a garden, accepting only the pretty side of ourselves while ignoring our darker nature, it will grow like a monster weed among the lovely flowers and shrubs. Conversely, if we acknowledge and accept our dark side without prejudice, it will become fertilizer in our garden and enrich our lives even more. Pluto is more than willing to help us compost our weeds!

Libra seeks balanceposted by Neith . . .

Image: Here are some of the lovely flowers in my garden – black-eyed susans and stargazer lilies.

Saturday Archives: Another Perspective on Ceres – Natural Cycles

The doorway behind the liliesIn honor of the potent New Moon in Virgo, I dug out this article on Ceres, mother of Persephone and mother-in-law of Pluto.

Ceres is traditionally associated with hard work, mothering of older children, nurturing, food – especially fruits and vegetables, farming/gardening and other earthy matters.

However, a recent article in The Mountain Astrologer by Carrie Megginson, “Asteroid Goddesses and Birth Order”, shows Ceres in a different light. She suggests Ceres is far more pragmatic and bent on selecting and refining the characteristics of the external world to meet her needs and moods. The Moon is the place to look for endless warmth and nurturing. I found her idea of relating Ceres to the ever returning cycles of the farming year very sound: cycles of plenty and want, growth and death, preparation and consumption. It’s this awareness of natural cycles that I had in mind when looking at the charts of people I know to see the part Ceres played.

Ceres Aspecting Personal Planets

The first thing I looked for was Ceres forming any type of aspect to a personal planet (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars). Since I have no real sense of how powerful Ceres is I didn’t use an orb of more than three degrees at most. What I found was the type of aspect, either major or minor, didn’t seem to make that much difference; it was the connection that mattered. If there was no close aspect, then it appeared that Ceres was not particularly active in their charts or in their lives.

What emerged was those people with Ceres in aspect to their personal planets have an interest in and an awareness of the cycles of Nature. If they were farmers like my husband and father, then they were very in touch with the weather, the changing of the seasons and how that would affect the crops they were growing. My brother has been involved in research into the ebb and flow of the Arctic ice – very much related to the larger cycles! Others of us have a deep reverence and appreciation for this planet we live on and are always aware of what’s happening out-of-doors. There are lots of gardeners in this group of the sort who need to have some kind of green, growing things around them at all times – inside and outside. There are several people who could be considered pagan in their belief system.

Ceres in the Houses

When I looked to see what house Ceres fell in another interesting pattern emerged. I will stipulate that I only noted the house if I was sure of the birth time.

Two people had Ceres in their first house. One of those is my husband who has his Moon conjunct Ceres and his whole identity revolves around growing crops of one kind or another. He reads National Geographic magazine cover to cover and insists we sit and watch the local weather report together if possible. This is an individual deeply attuned to the rhythms of the Natural World. The other person is our beloved tseka who told us others see her slender self as an “Earth Mother” figure and whose paintings show a profound relationship with cycles, seasons and nature. For both of these individuals the face they show the world is one of a deep connection to Nature.

There were four of us with Ceres in the third house. Of those four, three of us use either photos we’ve taken or carefully selected pictures to illustrate the point we’re seeking to make in regards to the cycles of the world around us. The fourth person is a wordsmith who uses words to evoke the images. All of us are devoted to communicating our deep interest and awareness of Nature and her cycles.

The people with Ceres in their fourth house or on the cusp of the fourth house have sought to reconnect to the old ways in one form or another. Two of them are a gay couple who have a life style based on Wicca belief systems and honor those beliefs as their roots. Another makes the trip every July to the Black Hills in South Dakota to take part in the Sun Dance of the Sioux peoples even though as far as I know he’s not Native American in ancestry. By the way, that’s a very, very grueling way to celebrate the connection to Gaia . . .

The sixth house group is in the health-care field one way or another. My Scorpio sister has spent the better part of her adult life caring for elderly people in their homes, seeing that they have decent food and care and easing the way as their lives draw to a close. She has a strong sense of the cycles of growth and death. Another individual is determined to make changes to our broken health care system from the inside and she’s on her way to becoming a hospital administrator. And we are all familiar with Joe’s deep knowledge of healthy lifestyle and foods.

The two people with a twelfth house Ceres I don’t know well enough to get more than a sense that these are the ones who hold the dream of best possible dance of Gaia, possibly the most important ones of all even if they are not aware of it yet.

In conclusion, I wish to make a further distinction between those individuals that have a “green thumb” and those with an active Ceres. As a person with both, as well as a Virgo Midheaven, from my perspective Ceres energy concerns itself with the big picture, the larger cycles as well as the day-to-day cultivating of growing things, etc. From all the people whose charts I’ve noted, I get the sense they have an awareness of the necessity and importance of connecting to the deep rhythms of this planet we live on. How they apply that awareness is shown by the house Ceres is posited in.

I would love to hear from others on Ceres in their charts too!

Libra seeks balanceposted by Neith . . .

Image: This photo was taken in July, mid-summer where I live – so green and lovely before the August heat drains the colors.

Saturday Archives: Sex, Lies and Biology from a Scorpio Perspective

Scorpio It must be the t-square with Pluto in Capricorn, Mars in Cancer and Mercury in Libra that drew me to this particular article from my Archives. Enjoy!

To be blunt – we’ve been had. Humanity as a whole is born hard-wired to reproduce and once we hit puberty, we’re at the mercy of changes in blood and brain chemistry unless we learn to pay attention to what the heck is going on. And you better believe that this has not escaped the notice of the Powers That Be all through out history.

One way or another, often in the guise of religious rules and regulations or greedy folk making a buck off sex through the sale of pornography and/or prostitution, humanity in general has a history of being lead by their gonads. Not pretty, people, not pretty!

With my Mars-Mercury in Scorpio plus a strong Pluto influence in my chart, I have observed how this has played out all my life. That being said, it wasn’t until I was close to forty that I started putting some of the pieces together and it was the advent of the crone phase in my life when the picture became even clearer. Some of the research done in this area really opened my eyes. For instance, studies have found there are biological aspects to what draws us to certain people. Here is a link to an article “The Biology of Attraction” from the Psychology Today website.

Many cultures, especially those with strong religious views, encourage early marriages with an eye to controlling through the distraction of sex. We’ve had a big dose of abstinence promoted in this country the last several years for instance. What better way to muddle the thinking of young, healthy people in this sex drenched culture. What’s the best way to make someone focus on something? Deny them access to it!

There are two periods in a woman’s life when the drive to reproduce is almost overwhelming – the first 5-10 years after menarche and the last 5 years before perimenopause. If we are allowed to acknowledge this driving force represented by Pluto and the eighth House, then we can gain some perspective and objectivity – tactics familiar to anyone who is working with Pluto. Men reading this can draw on their own experiences when it comes to the drive to procreate.

There is another facet to this puzzle that’s tied into brain chemistry. Dr. Helen Fisher has a quote that I really feel is true: “Don’t copulate with people you don’t want to fall in love with because indeed you may do just that.” This is the other side of how we are hard-wired to stay together long enough to reproduce. Read this article from McMan’s Depression and Bipolar Website on “The Brain in Love and Lust” and draw your own conclusions.

For those of us with the Plutonian signatures in our charts – lots of Scorpio, loaded 8th House and natal aspects involving personal planets and Pluto – paying attention to this kind of information can save us a lot of heartache because we tend to take the bonds we form with other humans very seriously. We just don’t do casual very well and I see this as a good thing. I have another post in the back of my mind about the pitfalls of so-called “casual” sex but that’s for another day.

Libra with Scorpioposted by Neith . . .

Saturday Archives: Assorted Pluto Observations

The Hades Moon by Judith HallWhen I was looking for something to post from my archives, I came across this one on Pluto and found it contained another example of a chart with the generational Yod we wrote about in yesterday’s Ask Our Readers post! By the way, I highly recommend “The Hades Moon” by Judy Hall for anyone with a natal Moon-Pluto aspect. 

With Pluto on the brain, it seems like I keep running across examples of how he operates both by transit and natally these days. I’m also reading “The Hades Moon” by Judith Hall. It’s scary how much I recognize from my own life from that book!

What I’ve read so far in “The Hades Moon” is helping me see how much subtle manipulation was going in my life coming from both my dad’s mom and my mother. They both were prone to praising the absent relative in front of the present one, creating rivalries among the other family members. According to Judith Hall, this is typical behavior of those with Pluto in aspect to the Moon. I’m fairly sure my mother had a Moon in Pisces trine to Pluto in Cancer.

Here is an example of Pluto at work: natal Moon conjunct Pluto and Jupiter in Virgo, both squared by transiting Pluto in Sagittarius. This is from the chart of a relative of mine and is one point on the base of a Yod (sextile Neptune in Scorpio, with Saturn in Aries as the apex). She has a serious case of tunnel vision. Whatever course she has determined for herself is all she will allow herself to see. An analogy that occurred to me is this:  she lives in a bubble with a reflective inner surface even though it’s clear from the outside looking in. All her hopes and fears are reflected back to her amplified by Jupiter. Transiting Pluto square to her Virgo stellium has intensified her fears and caused her to withdraw even more into her nuclear family unit (husband & two children). What’s going to happen when Saturn in Virgo starts moving over that point makes me quail as I’m sure it’s going to be painful. Could it be with Saturn as the focus of her natal Yod, a Saturn transit could help her start to gain some understanding of what has happened?

One of my personal challenges has been to accept that no matter how much I wish-will otherwise, people I love must find their own path, and if that path doesn’t include growth by my definition, so be it.

Here is another example of a natal Pluto aspect, in this case Pluto exactly conjunct Ascendant. This individual lost a close friend to suicide in high school, and a year or so later was the first person on the scene of a fatal motorcycle accident of another friend. The rider almost completely decapitated himself on a guy-wire and died within minutes. She told me she moved the head closer to a natural position to prevent others at the scene from seeing how devastating it was. I was seriously impressed by her courage under fire as she was 19 years old at the time. This young woman just finished a Masters degree in hospital administration and was hired by the State to evaluate how well state-funded health care is working. All I can say is watch out!!!

Astrology has been an excellent tool for myself and many others to sort out family dynamics and start healing old wounds.

Libra, relationship specialistposted by Neith . . .

Saturday Archives: The Inconjunct in Synastry

It's all about balance.With sentimental Venus in Pisces soon to conjoin Mars in Pisces in the sky romance is in the air, so I decided to pull this article on one of the more difficult synastry aspects to work with. Yes, rather contrary but I’m a Libra and like to present the other side of the story. :-)

There has been discussion about the Inconjunct (150° degree aspect) in synastry and soul mates but I’m not going to go there since this is outside my personal experience realm. I’m going to discuss the possibilities inherent in everyday interactions when people have the personal planets inconjunct by sign in synastry. We are under the aegis of earth now and it’s nuts and bolts, not ideology, that is asked for.

A reasonably typical scenario is when two people are attracted to each other with red hot chemistry shown by strong Venus-Mars aspects between them. However when we look at the way the Luminaries (the Sun & Moon) and Mercury relate we find the inconjunct showing up. Let’s start with what happens when the Luminaries are inconjunct.

If person A has Sun in Gemini and person B has their Moon in Scorpio, the Gemini Sun will feel like all their efforts to relate are falling into a black hole of the Scorpio Moon. Gemini likes to keep things light and chatty and someone with Moon in Scorpio goes for brooding and secretive. There is a stark difference in style here and the possibility of the Sun person inadvertently offending the Moon person just by walking their walk and talking their talk is high. There is a better chance for the relationship to succeed if person B’s Sun is conjunct, sextile or trine person A’s Moon because it will give them a way to work around the differences shown by the inconjunct.

When the Moons are inconjunct, the greatest obstacle is the nature of the way the Moon operates in our charts. The Moon shows our habit patterns and our emotional response, often in an unconscious way. For instance, someone with Moon in Virgo is going to have difficulty living around a Moon in Aries person. Virgo is inclined to be very private about what they feel and slow to commit while fiery Aries just jumps right in and wants to know when they can move in! Earth and Fire have very different priorities around the home. Practical workarounds usually require lots of space, patience and negotiation. It’s also helpful if there are flowing aspects to the Moons from other planets in the synastry.

Mercury inconjuncts I do know a little about because that I have experience with. My Mercury in Scorpio is inconjunct my SO’s Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Aries. The saving grace for me is Mercury is very strong in my chart and communicating well has been a long time focus for me, otherwise the frustration level would be much greater! Here’s an example: my mind is very slow to wake up, so telling me something important first thing after I wake up is usually not a good idea. Mercury in Aries wakes up totally engaged and ready to rock and roll. We learned to wait until I’ve been up for at least an hour before talking over critical matters – but it was tough to break our instinctive patterns of communicating.

Mars-Venus inconjuncts often indicates difficulties in timing. One person is exhausted, has other demands on their time or they just aren’t in the mood, etc. If the rest of the synastry is great, this can be consciously worked around even if it doesn’t feel very romantic.

Patience and a good astrologer can be very helpful when it comes to sorting out ways to work with inconjuncts in synastry. Knowing what’s going on is often the key to helping us be more understanding and considerate of each other. So if your lover is frustrating the heck out of you and you want to gain some insight as to ways to resolve it, collect your birth data and see an astrologer . . .

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Image: Seeking to find balance is what this image portrays quite well.

Saturday Archives: Reversed Nodes in Family Synastry

me and my grandadWe have a family get together today, so I decided to pull this article based on family birth data going back a generation or two.

Whenever I wish to do some astrological research I have my family birth data to draw upon going back a couple of generations. In this instance, I was curious to see what the patterns were within the family for reversed Moon’s nodes for couples and their children.

My personal experience of relating to another person who has the opposite nodes suggests proximity is an important factor. I have several cyber-friends with north node in Sagittarius very close to my south node in Sagittarius and there are no problems at all. It seems to take the day-to-day interchanges to up the irritation factor – like working with someone or living with them.

What I found after looking up all my extended family’s birth dates was very interesting. Out of all the couples in both my parent’s generation and mine, only one had reversed nodes! In fact, only a few parents and children had reversed nodes, and most of the time it was the mother, not the father, involved. These were children that left home at the first opportunity, usually going off to school halfway across the country.

It is my aunt and uncle who live closest to us who have the reversed nodes. They will have been married for fifty-five years this year and it has been a stressful relationship most of that time. My uncle is ten years older than my aunt, who is my mother’s youngest sister; and they have five children, the oldest of whom is nine years younger than I. I don’t have birth times for either person so I will just review the astrology using the shorthand method.

My aunt is an Aquarius Sun, Capricorn Moon and my uncle has a Taurus Sun and very likely an Aquarius Moon. If this is the case, the luminaries form a trine and conjunction by sign – very compatible! Their Moons would be semi-sextile (Capricorn to Aquarius) and that does seem to fit. My aunt is extremely well organized and always had neatly written lists of chores for her kids posted about. =grin=

Their Mercury’s are trine too. Her Mercury is in Capricorn and his in Taurus and they are both practical sorts and can take care of business when they need to.

His Mars is in Libra trine her Venus in Aquarius and her Mars in Capricorn is trine his Venus in Taurus. However, with their Mars square by sign, they have a difficult time agreeing on how to work together. And their Venuses are square giving them very different ideas of enjoyment. Once their children were grown they quit attempting to vacation together at all, and my uncle would go hunting with my dad, his friend since childhood, and my aunt would fly off to Europe by herself.

Saturn plays a role here too with Saturn-Venus intra-aspects, always a good indicator of durability. Plus his Mercury-Venus conjunction in Taurus are exactly conjunct her Chiron-North Node in Taurus. He has his Sun conjunct his South Node in Taurus and is quite comfortable living in home he was born in and grew up in . . .

I believe it is the combination of very compatible elements, the Saturn-Venus intra-aspect and the tidy synastry stellium in Taurus, noted for staying with the known quantity, which has contributed to them staying together. They are both fixed sign types too and the nodal axis here is Taurus-Scorpio, noted for tenacity. But I know first hand how bitter things are and how unhappy they have been for much of their married life.

Based on my own experiences and this example, I have to say if I saw reversed nodes in a couple’s synastry, I would caution them to really consider carefully what type of relationship they wish to have.

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Image: This is an old family photo taken on a camping trip when I was ten years old. What a different world it was.

Saturday Archives: Natal Chart in Synastry – Neptune

Neptune-related issues continue to crop up both in my life and in the lives and relationships of friends and clients, so I decided to pull this article on the effect Neptune has in our natal charts for today’s Saturday Archive post. In my personal opinion, Neptune is the most difficult planet to deal with in relationships, because it is so easy to mislead ourselves and others with only the best of intentions and the highest motives.

Neptune-animatedNeptune is so good at creating illusions and causing us to second-guess ourselves, it’s no wonder this post got put on hold. However, I have been seeing Neptune aspects showing up with great frequency in chart comparisons lately, so I thought I would take another shot at the elusive one.

Reading over on Elsa P’s blog the other day, I came across a great description of the way Neptune operates, especially in synastry. Here is the quote: And then he said the perfect “Neptune” thing. “It’s not that you look like a whore, it’s that they want you to be a whore… they wish you were a whore so when they look at you, you’re a whore.

If Neptune is playing a major role is synastry (aspecting the personal planets in particular) wishes truly can become horses and you can ride off into La La Land, no problem. We want to believe the best of anyone that we care about, and in general that’s no bad thing. One or two Neptune aspects, especially Venus-Neptune aspects, can amp up the romance factor and make all concerned very happy. If there are some good solid Saturn aspects to keep all parties grounded in something resembling reality, Neptune aspects add a nice touch to the overall relationship.

Where unrealistic expectations and projections start to become problematical is if there are several Neptune intra-aspects (same planets from both charts). For example, if Neptune is conjunct or square Mercury, it’s very easy for miscommunications to start snowballing. We can read way too much into the simplest statements and end up thinking someone is head over heels in love with us when they are putting out “friends only.”

Neptune on the Ascendant is often found in the charts of actors and actresses, allowing them to appear to be someone they’re not. All of us watching them perform are part of the agreement to suspend disbelief and see them as the role they are playing. For an ordinary person, Neptune on the Ascendant can create problems because it can be difficult to know exactly how others are seeing us in our day to day interactions in the world at large. Our friends and lovers are ga ga over their idea of who we are, not the actual person. Conversely, Neptune can lead us to believe we are quite undesirable unless we have ourselves painted to the hilt. The beauty industry makes big bucks off this . . . really big bucks.

There is a great deal to be said for consulting a trusted neutral third party if Neptune is heavily involved in synastry to help sort out what is really happening. I know I have brought up unmanifested potential before with Neptune aspects. I have Moon conjunct Neptune natally and can usually see the possibilities inherent in an individual. The dicey part is that those possibilities may never materialize.

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Saturday Archives: Jesus and the Age of Pisces

Night of Peace, by William BlakeAs we continue to celebrate the Christmas season in much of the world, I thought this would be a good time to revisit the origins and astrological significance of this Christian holiday.

Believe it or not, this is one of the most searched-for posts on my personal blog, The Pisces Chronicles. The original post ran on December 18, 2005.

Much love to all in this holiday season …

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat


Jesus and the Age of Pisces

For many people around the world, the winter holiday is Christmas and the birthday of Jesus.

The year of his alleged birth was very close to the beginning of the Age of Pisces. That alone is noteworthy, but there are plenty of other startling coincidences, such as early Christians’ use of the image of the fish to identify themselves. If you’d like to know more, here is an excellent article by Ray Grasse, who has written a book about the Age of Aquarius.

Whether you believe Jesus really existed or was just a symbolic figure, this is as good a time as any to look back on the Age of Pisces. What did it replace? What was its promise? What have been its primary manifestations?

The Age of Aries was ending just as the Roman Empire had extended to its farthest reaches. Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war, and it was Rome’s military innovations that allowed it to conquer lands on three continents. Rome invented the idea of a trained military unit that attacked and fought as one, with a pre-planned strategy. That might sound like a no-brainer, but until the Romans came up with the idea, warfare was more like schoolyard gangs beating up on each other.

Jesus lived in an outpost of the Roman Empire, and according to some historians, he was a rebel (if George Bush had been the emperor of Rome, he’d have called Jesus a terrorist, but that’s another story for another time). Yet his message was of peace, compassion, and oneness with God – all concepts that astrologers strongly associate with Pisces. Indeed, these are the best attributes of Pisces.

So how did a message of peace and compassion get turned into the Crusades, in which “infidels” were killed in the name of God? Or into the war in Iraq, in which “terrorists” or “insurgents” are being killed in the name of democracy or oil or eradication of WMDs or whatever?

The answer lies in the flip side of Pisces, which is fear and blind faith. As the Age of Pisces draws to an end, the worst traits of the sign are coming to the fore in a way that we no longer can ignore.

I went to a Unitarian service this morning during which the visiting minister admonished everyone to remember our divinity, to turn toward what’s beautiful and good, and away from what’s ugly and bad. Well, in my mind, therein lies the problem. In deciding that certain behaviors are “bad” and “ugly,” to be feared and hated, we renounce an essential part of ourselves. When society as a whole represses behaviors or thoughts, they emerge in overt, physical form. The more repressed, the more in our faces they get.

Before we can reclaim our divinity – and our power as divine beings – we must own our dark side. We are all capable of being selfish, greedy, petty, resentful, narrow-minded, self-indulgent, stubborn, and limited. And most of us live in fear of something, and the antidote to this fear is blind faith, whether in a supreme being, a political leader, a religious or political ideology, a scientific theory – whatever. To live with uncertainty, to be in a constant state of “I don’t know,” is more than most human beings are willing or able to handle.

As the Age of Pisces dwindles, our beliefs are falling away. Lately, this is happening with mind-numbing speed. As a result, we are entering a period of intense confusion. Nothing makes sense. The behaviors and reactions of people, governments – even nature – are inexplicable. Chaos reigns.

Eventually, when the dust settles, we will enter a new age of peace and stability. But we’ve got a way to go yet. . .

Image: Night of Peace, watercolor illustration for Milton’s On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity, by William Blake, 1809.