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Full Moon in Capricorn, July 18, 2008

almost full . . . This Friday’s Full Moon flows naturally from the New Moon in Cancer on July 2, perhaps because Ceres is still widely conjunct the Sun, bringing her deep understanding of cycles in nature with her. Mercury conjoins Ceres, and both are opposite Jupiter in Capricorn, adding to the feeling of balance. We tend to forget that opposite signs are in complementary elements. The Full Moon is a good time to remember that.

A comfort factor in this particular Full Moon is the Moon, Cancer’s ruler, falling in Cancer’s complementary sign of Capricorn. This softens Capricorn’s stance, much as a child’s bright smiling face brings an answering one from her parent. Capricorn is far more than is often thought. It is feminine earth, and in the Northern Hemisphere, the Sun is in Capricorn during the season of dormancy, when the earth renews itself quietly for the new growing season to come when the Sun is in Cancer.

Saturn and Mars are both in Virgo, also an earth sign, emphasizing the need to take a practical, pragmatic approach to the tasks on our “to do” lists. Mars forms a harmonious trine to Jupiter in Capricorn, opening doors to concrete action for a change. Now is a good time to implement some of those bright ideas we came up with earlier in the year! Mars has moved on past Saturn now and is ready to initiate action.

Venus has moved from Cancer to Leo, and she’s looking forward to having some fun. She does form a semi-sextile with Saturn in Virgo and is square to the asteroid, Vesta. Both of these are reminders to finish your household chores and take care of other boring but important details before heading out the door to party.

There is a strong correlation between the Yod in this chart with the Sun in Cancer at the apex and Pluto in Sagittarius sextile Neptune in Aquarius as the base, and the Sabian symbols for the Moon and Sun. The themes of catharsis and upreaching are highlighted. Pluto, of course, plays a role in the catharsis and Neptune with an ascent in consciousness.

The Sabian symbol for the Sun is Cancer 27: A violent storm in a residential canyon filled with valuable homes. This is a reminder that we cannot control the uncontrollable, something anyone who has had a major Pluto transit knows. So many of us live in urban areas where we can more easily ignore nature’s changes and cycles and now is a good time to recognize the power of natural phenomena such as floods and earthquakes.

For the Moon at Capricorn 27, the Sabian symbol is:  A mountain pilgrimage. Yes, we can find an “exalted” place but we need to keep in mind that doesn’t automatically make one person better than another. It is the striving or, in other words, the process of becoming where the attention is best focused, not on the outcome.

For some, this Full Moon will bring recognition they need to take steps to make changes that they may have been contemplating for awhile. Perhaps it is time to relocate, leaving friends behind, or perhaps this will be an internal shift where an old way of thinking and being is finally outgrown and discarded. Whatever your path, walk it with grace and kindness and with purpose.

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