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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, June 26

Looking Over the Edge. © Pat Paquette.

Most of you know by now that there will be a lunar eclipse at the Full Moon on June 26.

As we approach the eclipse, the Earth, Sun, and Moon are steadily moving into alignment, exerting a powerful gravitational force on our planet. This is just a partial eclipse, but it will be followed two weeks later, on July 11, by a total eclipse of the Sun.

This alignment overlaps with an astrological alignment of several planets in a T-square, which is exerting a different kind of force — one that scientists dismiss as superstition and that astrologers admittedly don’t understand completely. Based on many centuries of observations, we know that certain events on Earth correlate with planetary cycles, but we aren’t able to explain exactly how or why this happens.

Although astrologers don’t agree on the mechanism, most of us are in agreement that an eclipse conjunct Pluto at the apex of a cardinal T-square will correlate to extreme events in our material world. It’s possible that some of these developments will be positive. Perhaps BP suddenly will find a way to staunch the gaping wound they opened in the Earth’s surface and make all of the oil slicks vanish. Maybe manna from heaven will fall on all of the unemployed, displaced, and dispossessed. Perhaps the Israelis and Palestinians will line up, hold hands, and start singing, “We Are the World.”

I wish I could remain optimistic, but as of this writing, I’m exhausted, weary, and unnerved. As dramatic as events have been over the past three months, it appears that they’ve been only the tip of the iceberg, and we’re going to have to rally our spirits and resources to get through the weeks and months ahead.

Events related to this lunar eclipse may occur earlier in the week, which is why I’m posting this analysis a bit earlier than usual. The Sun’s ingress into Cancer on June 21 activates a tight cardinal T-square, with the Sun square Uranus and Jupiter in early Aries and opposite Pluto. I’ll have more in my weekly forecast, which I’m hoping to publish on Sunday evening.

The Full Moon peaks at 7:30 a.m. EDT (11:30 UT), at 4°46 Capricorn opposite the Sun at 4°46 Cancer. The Moon will be in the same degree as Pluto, with Sun, Moon, Pluto, and Mercury in a tight square with Uranus at 0°33 Aries and Jupiter at 2°14 Aries.

That’s a lot of pressure on the Earth. I do not feel qualified to use astrology as a predictive tool for earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms at sea, and so forth, so I will leave that up to others. All I will say is that I wouldn’t be surprised by such an event. Continued financial collapse and political unrest I take as a given, whether at this eclipse or later in the summer.

Now, I have to say that there is some question in my mind about the role of Saturn. As ruler of Capricorn, Saturn is lord of this Full Moon, so he definitely is a key to our interpretation. Further, he is closely square the Sun and Moon, but technically, he’s not part of a cardinal configuration, as he is in the final degrees of Virgo, a mutable sign.

Saturn can be a stabilizing influence that keeps all hell from breaking loose. This is important. Using the example of BP, it could make the difference between a successfully drilled relief well that decreases the flow of oil into the gulf and a miscalculation that causes the whole well to collapse.

However, in a mutable earth sign, Saturn literally could signify moving earth. I don’t like the sound of that.

Further complicating matters, if I were a sidereal astrologer, I would consider this eclipse to be a tight mutable grand cross. That would still create a lot of change, although a cross is more stable than a T-square, and Saturn’s influence would most definitely be stabilizing. Isn’t this a nice little dilemma? Either we have a cardinal T-square, in which case Saturn is the “release” point across from the apex, or we have a mutable grand cross — two different interpretations, with different sets of implications.

Take your pick.

Regardless of which astrological system we use, there are two possible release paths in this eclipse, represented by the soft aspects that allow energy to flow.

The first is Mars, which at 10°23 Virgo is at a wide sextile to the Sun and Mercury and a wide trine to Pluto and the Moon. Mars is the planet of war and aggression, but he’s also the sign of action. Virgo is analytical and results-oriented, and it’s also the sign of detail-oriented work such as engineering and financial accounting. Geniuses in either of those fields would be most welcome on the planet right now.

The second soft aspect is to Neptune and Chiron, conjunct in the last degrees of Aquarius and first degree of Pisces. This places them in a wide trine to the Sun and a wide sextile to the Moon and Pluto. I’ve written a lot about the healing potential in these two outer bodies. As individuals work on our personal healing, we are contributing to a collective that is healthier in mind, body, and spirit. Many of us are horrified by recent events, all the more so when we realize the small ways we have been contributing unconsciously to environmental degradation, war, and human rights violations.

If I can’t predict anything else, I can say with certainty that events this summer will be a wake-up call for those who have been half asleep. As I commented in the last Full Moon post, We often forget, as we plod along in our daily grind, that it takes only one extraordinary moment to change our lives forever. This is true for individuals and for society as a whole. In these tumultuous times, we can’t take anything for granted.

Unfortunately, those who are in sound slumber aren’t likely to wake up at this point. I’m sorry to have to say this, but let’s face the reality.

As for Venus, the lonely planet of love and beauty is unaspected in this eclipse. I suppose I could stretch and put her in a wide semi-sextile with somebody or do a mathematical sleight of hand and make her a midpoint of something, but I like to keep things real simple. Look at the chart, and you will see her alone, hanging out all by herself at 14 degrees Leo. Girls just wanna have fun, and there’s no one to party with.

So here’s what I would advise her to do: Bake treats for your family, take some to your neighbors and co-workers, and do whatever you can to spread as much cheer as possible in the world.

The Sabian Symbol** for the Sun at 4°46′ Cancer is an automobile wrecked by a train, with the keyword DISPERSION. When we act in a certain way, individually or collectively, we set off a chain of events that reach a logical and even predictable outcome. Yet, at any step of the way, if we recognize that we’re on a destructive path, we can change directions, but we have to have a good idea of where we’re going and how we’re going to get there, or we could end up in even more trouble.

For the Moon at 4°46′ Capricorn, the Sabian Symbol is Indians rowing a canoe and dancing a war dance, with the keyword MOBILIZATION. In keeping with the nature of cardinal signs, this symbol is about action. External circumstances sometimes require us to set aside our ideals and focus on practical necessities. Tough times demand hard decisions and aggressive leadership.

It will be important for us to remember these symbols and their messages in the two weeks ahead. Following this lunar eclipse, we’ll be in a difficult inter-eclipse period that will culminate with a total eclipse of the Sun on July 11. I will have more on these trends in the days ahead, so check back.

Wishing you all strong hearts filled with love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

** From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmond Jones. The author, an astrologer, channeled this work in the early 1920s. There’s one symbol one for each degree of the zodiac, and we can use them to gain insight into charts.

New Moon in Gemini, June 12

© Meg380, Dreamstime

The New Moon in Gemini on June 12 is all about communications, ideas, and bigger bandwidth.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communications, intellectual exchange, and business negotiations. Not only does Mercury rule this New Moon, but all of the other planets send their energy to the Messenger. That’s a lot of concentrated focus! So if you’ve got something to talk about, an idea to pitch to the boss (including your request for a raise or promotion), or a contract to sign, this is the time to do it!

We may start seeing developments related to this New Moon as early as Thursday, when Mercury enters his home sign of Gemini. He has been in Taurus since early April, favoring slow, deliberate thinking. Enough of that! It’s time to get those neurons firing and brainstorm new solutions to old problems. In Gemini, Mercury’s first order of business will be to contact Uranus and Jupiter in Aries and give them some ideas for speedy action.

A few hours after Mercury enters Gemini, the Moon follows, creating the setup for the conjunction with the Sun, exact at 7:15 a.m. EDT on Saturday. Whereas Mercury’s aspects to other planets provoke thought and discussion, the Moon puts feeling behind those thoughts.

Unfortunately, both the Moon and Mercury square Mars on Thursday and Friday. Mars in Virgo looks at everything with a critical eye. If honest feedback upsets you, you might want to stay out of the line of fire for a few days. Likewise, if you’re too attached to your ideas, you can assume that the other guy is, too, and one or both of you could end up bruised if you get into a debate.

If you can accept some criticism, though, you’ll be in good stead to start a new venture at the New Moon. Nothing says you have to take all of it to heart. You just have to listen and make an honest attempt to determine whether it has any merit. If it does, take the time to modify your plans accordingly.

Uranus and Jupiter in Aries may have you chomping at the bit to get moving, but an opposition from Saturn wags a finger in your face and tells you to cover all your bases, unless you’ve got so much time and money that you can afford to throw a big chunk of it down the drain.

In any case, we can expect new initiatives to come into our lives in rapid-fire succession, and we may need to burn the candle at both ends for a few days to get everything done. A Mars-Pluto trine supports personal and global transformation. At the very least, we can recognize what needs to change and come up with a viable plan.

As I mentioned in my weekly forecast, we may read about new solutions for some of the sticky problems in the news lately, most notably the gulf oil spew (I didn’t coin that phrase, but I think it describes the situation much better than “spill”). These developments may cause a flurry of excitement, but don’t be surprised or disappointed if the results are just temporary. There are more big changes ahead, and every time you change one element of a situation, something else gets thrown out of balance and needs readjustment.

The New Moon is at a wide trine to Neptune in Aquarius and Chiron in Pisces, both of which went retrograde last week. Healing comes out of the recognition that we’re all connected. Even a seemingly trivial act such as throwing away a plastic bag instead of recycling or reusing it has consequences when millions of other people are doing the same thing.

Venus, nearing the end of her tour through family oriented Cancer, is sextile Saturn, reminding us that committed relationships are hard work and come with duties and responsibilities. It’s also a good idea to take stock of our finances and set some limits. When Venus enters Leo on June 14 and trines Uranus and Jupiter, we may be tempted to run wild, overindulge, and gamble. Knowing your limits will help you decide how much risk you can afford to take, whether it’s with your money, relationships, or something else you hold dear.

Pluto remains in a tight T-square with Uranus, Jupiter, and Saturn. Technically, it’s not a cardinal T-square yet, because Saturn is in mutable Virgo until July 21. We’ve never been through anything like this in our lifetime or, for that matter, in recorded history. So we don’t know exactly how this is all going to play out. However, I suspect that Saturn in earth-sign Virgo may be acting as an anchor, preventing volatile situations from exploding completely out of control. That could change in another month.

The Sabian Symbol** for the Sun and Moon at 21°24′ Gemini is a barn dance, with the keyword GREGARIOUSNESS. As the environmental consequences of mindless overconsumption force us to make tough choices, it’s a good time to remember that happiness doesn’t depend on a 4G cell phone. Ultimately, our fulfillment comes not through the quantity of our communications, but through the quality of our interactions with others . We’ve gotten ourselves into a big mess, and the only way out is through organization, cooperation, and sharing. If we step on each other’s toes from time to time, it’s part of the process.

The next lunation will be a Full Moon lunar eclipse conjunct Pluto. I’ll be writing lots more on this as the date approaches.

Until then, wish you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

** From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmond Jones. The author, an astrologer, channeled this work in the early 1920s. There’s one symbol one for each degree of the zodiac, and we can use them to gain insight into charts.

Weekly Forecast October 19: Sun Enters Scorpio

Winter’s on the way…The Sun goes into Scorpio this week, and here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s a time for turning inward.

The mood is set right off, with the Moon in Scorpio on Monday and Tuesday. She actually entered Scorpio yesterday (Sunday) and squared Mars, which entered Leo this past Friday. There was no mistaking it for me! With Mars sitting right on my Descendant, I got smacked but good … and by a Scorpio, no less!

Of course, we’re also still in the wake of Sunday’s New Moon in Libra, with Venus and Mercury also in the sign of reconciliation and harmony. So there’s at least a chance to talk things through, and this will continue throughout this week. Tuesday’s trine between Mercury and Jupiter should go a long way toward repairing any dings, and we can further discuss hurt feelings on Thursday, when Mercury trines Chiron. Just make sure you don’t cause more of them.

The Sun enters Scorpio on Friday, which also has happens to be Neith’s birthday, so please join me in a big birthday wish for my cherished friend and business partner.

On Saturday, the Sun forms a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn, which should help us repair situations with authority figures, be they supervisors, parents, or the government bureaucracy. You’ll have to make a case for yourself and won’t get any favors you don’t deserve, but it’s still an opportunity that’s there if you need it.

Later on Saturday, Mercury trines Neptune, a nice aspect for writing poetry or doing any kind of work that requires creative imagination. It’s a good time to tell someone how much you appreciate them, too.

Meanwhile, Jupiter continues to yawn and stretch, giving us a little extra luck in one or more areas of our lives. I’ve noticed some improvements here and there and am hoping for more.

Lastly, Saturn is moving through the final degrees of Virgo before entering Libra next week. He’s not done yet, as he’ll turn retrograde in January and return to Virgo for a few months next year. So whatever you’re working on now, you’ll probably have to revisit later, but do your best. Even the stern taskmaster can’t require any more of us than that.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: Right on cue, the wet, rotting time begins here in the Pacific Northwest. Our winters may not have a lot of snow, but they are very Scorpionic nonetheless. Photo by Pat Paquette, all rights reserved.

Weekly Forecast September 1: In the Wake of the New Moon in Virgo

The Guilded Cage, by Evelyn de MorganWe’re still in the wake of last Saturday’s New Moon in Virgo, and we likely will see manifestations of it right up until Wednesday, when the Sun conjoins Saturn, thus carrying the energy of the New Moon to Saturn’s “classroom.”

What lesson you’re learning at the hand of the taskmaster depends on what house of your natal chart he’s transiting and whether he’s making an aspect to any natal planets. For that, you’d need to consult an astrologer, but in general, we are learning how to become our authentic selves and, in so doing, how we can better serve humanity. This theme will become more prominent as Saturn approaches opposition to Uranus this fall.

For now, just be aware of how limiting yourself could be hurting not just yourself, but others as well. What is your greatest gift to the world? What changes may be necessary in your life in order for you to give it?

That’s a heavy homework assignment, and it is one you’ll need to contemplate for awhile.

Meanwhile, we’ll get a little taste on Monday of what next week’s Venus-Mars conjunction may bring our way, as the Moon in Libra aligns with Venus, Mercury, and Mars within a 12-hour span.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the Mars-Venus conjunction, which will be exact on September 11. Mars-Venus conjunctions typically are good for relationships, and that should be all the more true with this conjunction occurring in Libra, the sign most associated with relationships.

That said, Mars is not well-placed in Libra, the sign of his detriment. We think of Libra as the peacemaker and the conciliator, but that is not the natural character of Mars. In Libra, he can be passive-aggressive.

Also please note that Mercury goes retrograde in Libra this month, and Mars is now moving through Mercury’s retrograde path, which will extend from about 7 degrees to 23 degrees Libra. Mercury, remember, is about communications. Mercury-Mars conjunctions, even in Libra, can result in anger. Not that this is a bad thing. We tend to view anger as negative, but it’s a lot more negative to repress it. A good clearing of the air, especially in intimate relationships, may turn out to be exactly what we most need. As I mentioned above, keep an eye on what happens in your life on Monday for clues as to how this important transit could affect you and your relationships.

Speaking of Mercury, I’ve started receiving reports of events that sound suspiciously like Mercury retrograde activity, so I’m betting that Mars is the culprit here. There will be lots more, too, as Mercury officially enters his retrograde shadow period on Tuesday. Heads up!

The Sun goes on to trine Jupiter on Thursday. The Big Guy is in his fall and still technically retrograde, but he’s slowing way down (that’s what it looks like from down here anyway) in preparation to return direct late Sunday on the West Coast of the United States. Yes, it will be next week already in most of the rest of the world. This will be a powerful moment to decide what you want to manifest, especially as it relates to fulfilling your highest purpose and destiny. It’s not called soul work for nothing. It’s work, it’s hard, and sometimes it seems impossible.

We’ll get an extra nudge on Sunday from squares to Jupiter from Mars and then Mercury. We usually think of squares as presenting conflict, but these two can be useful if approached with an intention to go for the highest good. In any case, a little effort this week will go a long way, so just do it.

Love and blessings,

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: The Guilded Cage, by Evelyn de Morgan, 1919. The message here is about how attachment to material possessions can prevent you from living a more free and authentic life.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, August 16, 2008

 Full Moon in Aquarius reflections
The lunar eclipse at the Full Moon this Saturday is the second of the pair of eclipses this month, with the Sun at 24°21′ Leo and the Moon at 24° 21′ Aquarius.

During a lunar eclipse, the Earth is between the Sun and Moon, and the Earth’s shadow falling on the Moon causes the eclipse. The qualities of the Moon are enhanced, and a lunar eclipse can allow us to get in touch with our subtle emotional motivations without the interference of the Sun’s brilliance.

The Full Moon in Aquarius is conjoined with Neptune, further emphasizing empathy and helping us raise our awareness of spiritual matters, if we so choose. Here is an instance when we are better served by courting Neptune’s higher qualities by finding some form of meditative activity to pursue. This can be as simple as walking in as natural a setting as possible. Walking by a stream, lake or the ocean would be especially healing under this Full Moon, because it would bring the mutual reception of Uranus in Pisces (water sign) semi-sextile Neptune in Aquarius (air sign) into play.

At the New Moon on August 1, the Sun in Leo was accompanied by the Moon, Mercury, and Venus all in Leo. Now only the Sun remains there, and Mercury and Venus have joined Mars and Saturn in Virgo. This is a natural progression from the passion and heat of Leo into the more practical, service-oriented sign of Virgo and a strong indication that we need to start devoting more time to taking care of business and less to playing . . . sigh.

Mercury is still within orb of Saturn but is pulling away quickly. From now until Mercury moves into Libra on August 28, we have a great opportunity to deal with all Mercury related matters, because Mercury shines in detail-oriented Virgo. In fact, if you have tasks that take mental acuity and can schedule them before the end of the month, it would be a good idea, since we have a Mercury retrograde coming in September.

Saturn, Venus, and Mercury in Virgo are trine Jupiter in Capricorn and form a grand trine with Vesta in Taurus – all in all presenting an opportunity to manifest tangible results. Both Vesta and Virgo are concerned with healing and recharging our internal batteries, and Jupiter will be happy to provide the means to enable us to do so. The ongoing Chiron-North Node conjunction in Aquarius is part of this healing theme but more on the societal level, unless that conjunction directly aspects your chart. In that case, you are no doubt already aware of where your wounds are.

If you have planets or chart angles close to 28° in the mutable signs, the waxing square between Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Sagittarius will  ignite anger-related issues and make sure you know that it’s past time to let go and move on. Remember, anger is one of the stages of the grieving process. The cycle of death and rebirth is as old as time and still doesn’t get any easier, but Pluto is inexorable in demanding his due, so practice releasing what needs releasing with a modicum of grace.

The Sabian Symbols for the Full Moon add their usual measure of richness to the mix. For the Sun at 25 Leo it is, A large camel crossing a vast and forbidding desert, with the keyword ADEQUACY; and for 25 Aquarius it is, A butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed. The keyword for 25 Aquarius is UNIQUENESS.

The first symbol suggests we are up to handling the challenges presented by this pair of eclipses, as difficult as they may seem. We have the reserves and the resources inherently, and part of the process is acknowledging that fact. The symbol for the Moon emphasizes the need for transmutation of emotional energies as part of the healing process. It is often our very uniqueness that can be our salvation.

As this eclipse cycle draws to a close, please remember a couple of things. First, we can’t start healing until we recognize that the problem exists and, second, please remember that we are all human and have frailties, so forgiving ourselves as well as others is an essential component for healing. Be well, and practice kindness to all.

Libra, an Air signposted by Neith . . .

Ask Real Astrologers: Help!

This week’s question comes from Rose in Melbourne, Australia:

Nothing is going right for me. I have a teenage son who has developed a drug problem, my seven-year relationship ended last year, and work is tough. I make an effort every day to stay positive and ask the universe for guidance, but the last 12 month are one step forward and ten steps back. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless.

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s response:

Rose, it looks like you have been slammed by several major transits over the past year and I think you are doing well to still be working on maintaining a positive attitude! One of the major events over this past winter was Mars in Cancer going retrograde and with your Aries rising and natal Mars in Cancer that had to have felt exactly as you said, “one step forward and ten steps back.”

At the beginning of this time period, Saturn in Leo transited your natal Uranus in Leo, triggering your natal Uranus square to your Moon. This translates into all matters pertaining to home and family being highlighted, because of the Moon-fourth house connection.

The problems with your son appear to have been triggered by Saturn’s transit into your fifth house, which pertains to children. Your natal Pluto and South Node are on the fifth house cusp, which means that Saturn will soon conjoin these two points. Hopefully when Saturn moves past this point in mid-August, matters will begin to heal, as Saturn in Virgo also promotes handling health-related issues in sensible manner.

When Pluto returns to Capricorn in November, you will begin a journey in self-discovery. Pluto transits to personal planets are capable of transforming our personal landscapes but they are not easy. Jupiter’s passage over your natal Mercury, Sun, Jupiter and Saturn have given you a hint of what’s to come. When Jupiter turns direct in September and transits over your Jupiter and Saturn heading for Aquarius shortly after the first of 2009, you may start to see more resolution of the current set of challenges.

Good luck!

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

My heart goes out to you, Rose. One look at your chart tells me that you are going through a hard time, indeed.

There is not much I can add to Neith’s excellent analysis, except to say that I recently went through my Saturn-Pluto conjunction, and I have a couple of clients who also experienced this difficult transit, so I know firsthand how it can make us feel stuck in every area of our lives. You feel like you’re being hit from all sides at once, and there’s no safe harbor.

But I can also tell you that I experienced some important life changes as a result, and I’m feeling more “myself” than I have in my whole life. I think this will happen for you, too, once you get through this “dark night of the soul.” Among other things, you may develop a new relationship with your son based on a stronger role as a parent and loving guide.

Hang in there, and stay in touch.

Stuck and don’t know what to do? Consider having Neith or Pat do a transit reading for you. You can find out more on our forecast page.

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Full Moon in Capricorn, July 18, 2008

almost full . . . This Friday’s Full Moon flows naturally from the New Moon in Cancer on July 2, perhaps because Ceres is still widely conjunct the Sun, bringing her deep understanding of cycles in nature with her. Mercury conjoins Ceres, and both are opposite Jupiter in Capricorn, adding to the feeling of balance. We tend to forget that opposite signs are in complementary elements. The Full Moon is a good time to remember that.

A comfort factor in this particular Full Moon is the Moon, Cancer’s ruler, falling in Cancer’s complementary sign of Capricorn. This softens Capricorn’s stance, much as a child’s bright smiling face brings an answering one from her parent. Capricorn is far more than is often thought. It is feminine earth, and in the Northern Hemisphere, the Sun is in Capricorn during the season of dormancy, when the earth renews itself quietly for the new growing season to come when the Sun is in Cancer.

Saturn and Mars are both in Virgo, also an earth sign, emphasizing the need to take a practical, pragmatic approach to the tasks on our “to do” lists. Mars forms a harmonious trine to Jupiter in Capricorn, opening doors to concrete action for a change. Now is a good time to implement some of those bright ideas we came up with earlier in the year! Mars has moved on past Saturn now and is ready to initiate action.

Venus has moved from Cancer to Leo, and she’s looking forward to having some fun. She does form a semi-sextile with Saturn in Virgo and is square to the asteroid, Vesta. Both of these are reminders to finish your household chores and take care of other boring but important details before heading out the door to party.

There is a strong correlation between the Yod in this chart with the Sun in Cancer at the apex and Pluto in Sagittarius sextile Neptune in Aquarius as the base, and the Sabian symbols for the Moon and Sun. The themes of catharsis and upreaching are highlighted. Pluto, of course, plays a role in the catharsis and Neptune with an ascent in consciousness.

The Sabian symbol for the Sun is Cancer 27: A violent storm in a residential canyon filled with valuable homes. This is a reminder that we cannot control the uncontrollable, something anyone who has had a major Pluto transit knows. So many of us live in urban areas where we can more easily ignore nature’s changes and cycles and now is a good time to recognize the power of natural phenomena such as floods and earthquakes.

For the Moon at Capricorn 27, the Sabian symbol is:  A mountain pilgrimage. Yes, we can find an “exalted” place but we need to keep in mind that doesn’t automatically make one person better than another. It is the striving or, in other words, the process of becoming where the attention is best focused, not on the outcome.

For some, this Full Moon will bring recognition they need to take steps to make changes that they may have been contemplating for awhile. Perhaps it is time to relocate, leaving friends behind, or perhaps this will be an internal shift where an old way of thinking and being is finally outgrown and discarded. Whatever your path, walk it with grace and kindness and with purpose.

To get another perspective on this week’s patterns in the sky, please read Pat’s latest weekly forecast.

synastry, Libra specialtyposted by Neith . . .