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Weekly Forecast January 19: New Moon in Aquarius, Mercury Retrograde

© Dan Collier for Dreamstime.com

© Dan Collier for Dreamstime.com

This week brings three major astrological events and a couple of lesser ones. There are bright spots and inspiring moments, but also a vague feeling of “ickiness” that we can’t identify, let alone figure out what to do with.

The ick factor comes on early in the week, with a conjunction of Mars and Neptune in Pisces on Monday. On Tuesday, the Sun enters Aquarius, less than four hours before the New Moon. On Wednesday, Mercury turns retrograde and will be in “reverse” until February 11.

For many people in the United States, Monday is a work holiday, in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. Astrologically, it’s not a bad day for commemorating Dr. King’s commitment to non-violent civil disobedience. Continue reading

Weekly Forecast February 10: Sun Square Saturn, Full Moon in Leo

Leo in love. © Pat Paquette, 2014.

Leo in love. © Pat Paquette, 2014.

This week’s Full Moon in Leo falls on Valentine’s Day – fitting, since Leo is the sign of the heart.

The Full Moon always pairs opposite signs and focuses our awareness on opposing ways of being. With the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo, Friday’s Full Moon highlights the concept of the collective and team effort, versus individual identity and self-expression.

The Olympics are a perfect example. There are athletes who compete for championship in individual sports, and they often go home as national heroes. But they also are part of a team, and their goal is not just a personal win, but to help bring victory to the entire team and honor to their country.

For the past several weeks, cardinal energies have Continue reading

Ask Real Astrologers: Why Am I Communications-Challenged?

Looking for AnswersThis week’s question comes from Edward, somewhere in the vast expanse of Canada:

My Sun is in Pisces, Moon in Aquarius, Mercury in Aquarius, and I am a Gemini Rising. My Mars, however, is in Pisces, too. Often times, I’m quite comfortable with communicating and do so articulately and concisely. I also manage to make extremely persuasive arguments. However, other times, depending on my mood, I get real flustered when faced with problems and I fail to communicate properly. My answers come out as vague and wishy-washy. I am also not very assertive, however I have moments where I can be. How does this relate to my Sun-Moon combination?

Edward, I am really impressed that someone your age knows so much about your chart! I also find it very encouraging that so many young people of both genders are interested in astrology. Maybe there’s hope for the planet.

As a Rising Gemini with Mercury in Aquarius, you should be an ace communicator! You didn’t give me a birth time or place, so I’m missing some important information (a reminder to anyone submitting a question: please include your birth time and location!). I decided to attribute that to Mercury retrograde and take your question anyway, as it’s a good illustration of how Rising Gemini can be affected when your chart ruler is retrograde.

Indeed, that may be one of the answers to your question. Mercury goes retrograde three times a year. If you want to do your own astrology experiment, keep a diary of when you get flustered and can’t communicate, and then see whether there’s any correspondence with the phases of your chart ruler. You also might want to track phases of the Moon, which can affect your mood.

Your combination of Sun and Moon is the reverse of mine (I have Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Pisces), and so I do know something about the challenge of integrating these two. Emotionally, you need to work harder at getting in touch with your feelings. As a writer, I’ve found that communicating clearly depends on clear thinking. In your case, clear communication depends on “clear feeling.” You can’t express your feelings well if you’re out of touch with them.

As for the wishy-washiness, that’s typical of Mars in Pisces. Your Mars also is in fairly close conjunction to Saturn, which puts a damper on the natural assertiveness of Mars. It’s something you’ll just need to be mindful of and work to overcome. This is where astrology is very useful, especially if you start early.

I hope that answers your question, Edward. Obviously, there’s a lot more I could say about your chart, but a total chart interpretation is beyond the scope of this column.

Once again, I think it’s great that you’re curious about astrology. I encourage you to keep studying. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to pursue it as a career!

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

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