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When You Can’t Do It Anymore … Repost of Michael Lutin’s Where’s the Moon

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It’s not often that I send you to another site for a forecast (with the exception of Ray Merriman, whose financial updates are priceless) but I just had to repost this insight from Michael Lutin! I’ve sensed the energy of Saturn in the final degrees of Libra, but Mikey has it summed up better than I ever could. I know that many of you will be able to relate. For me, it was one of those “OMFG” moments.

Michael Lutin’s Where’s the Moon

Just what are you supposed to do when you know you just can’t do it anymore? When you’ve run out steam. You’ve done your level best. You’ve given all you’ve got. You did the commitment as far as any human being should be asked to do. You know it’s got to change. It’s just got to. It’s just got to. But it seems like it’s taking forever. Don’t be in such a hurry. This one will be drastic. Doesn’t it seem like everything is going in slow motion?

The Full Moon on Chiron has turned a harsh spotlight on all your deepest fantasies. If you can embrace them proudly, you will be free of anxiety. The problem with Chiron, however, is that if you feel shame for the feelings and fantasies you have, it’s the shame that causes you to push people away, feel alone and alienated and shrink away from intimacy. That is when relationships suffer.

So much soul-searching going on right now. All relationships, business and personal, are being put under the microscope and evaluated. In order to deepen and grow stronger and not shrivel up wither away, you have to surrender your innocence, and be completely and totally honest about what you want and need on the most primitive level. You have to reveal yourself, but even scarier,
you have to hear what the other person is really into. Relationships survive when both parties can surrender up the truth of their most primitive desires, and not freak out to hear somebody else’s.

Nobody knows what the next step is. They just know there has to be one.


Gee! IT’S GETTING LATE … The last three degrees of this transit of Saturn will give you a a chance to finish what you started and accept the consequences of the commitments you made …

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Ask Real Astrologers: Flopped at Sales, What Else Can I Do?

Looking for AnswersThis week’s question comes from Jamil in the United Arab Emirates:

I just finished my MBA degree and completed four years in a sales executive career. I was not that successful during it, but because I have built my experience in sales (chemical materials), I am forced to continue in this business. In fact, I am finding that I do not have the sales personality … I want to know what type of career would suit my personality and that I would be creative in.

Jamil, the problem may be in what you are selling and for whom.

Now, before I explain further, I need to mention that your birth time is important in career counseling, and you don’t know yours for sure. The range you provided me makes you either a late Rising Leo or a Rising Virgo. I cast a chart using the average, but it would be better for you to try to get an exact birth time and an in-depth career reading to get the best answer to your question. If your birth time is not available anywhere, you can get what’s called a chart rectification. Using significant events in your life, an astrologer can do an analysis to come up with the likeliest birth time, and then you can test it over time.

For the time being, we’ll assume you have Virgo Rising. Your Sun is in Gemini, and your Moon is in Pisces. Mercury ruled Gemini is a natural salesperson, and with Mercury as your chart ruler, you are heavily influenced by the planet of commerce and business negotiations. In addition, your Pisces Moon allows you to read people intuitively. You know what they want and how to convince them that they want it from you!

However, unless you’re a Rising Leo, you probably don’t want to be an executive but would rather be out on the road, dealing directly with customers. Or, you might consider the marketing angle of sales, which requires Gemini’s great communications skills. Marketing can be a highly creative career.

We also want to look at the sign and house position of your chart ruler, Mercury, which was in Taurus at the time you were born. Instead of chemicals, perhaps you’d enjoy selling organic fertilizers or chemical ingredients for brewing beer (just a thought!).

In any case, with Moon in Pisces, you need to believe in what you’re selling. I would suggest doing some research (something you’re very good at) to find products and services that you believe in and that you believe will help humanity. Virgo tends to be very health-conscious, so if the chemicals you’ve been selling are harmful either to the environment or to human health, you will naturally not feel good about what you’re doing. You might even have sabotaged your career by deliberately not being good at it.

The purpose of this column is to provide quick answers, and that’s what this is. I hope it helps at least a little, but I also strongly recommend that you get a complete workup with a professional astrologer to help you sort out your career dilemma before it goes any further.

Thank you so much for writing, Jamil, and I wish you all the best for finding just the right career match for you.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

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Ask Real Astrologers: Why Don’t I Feel Like Moon in Pisces?

This week’s question comes from Jean in Nicaragua:

I do not feel like a lunar Piscean, more like an Aquarian. I’m also not sure when my Sagittarius Ascendant will progress to Capricorn. For the first question, is it because Uranus is close to my Ascendant?

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s response:

Jean, I am going to field your question on the progressed Ascendant and let Pat, our resident expert on Moon in Pisces, address your Moon issues.

The “year for a day” method of progressing a chart is easy to use for the planets, because all you need is an ephemeris and good eyes. Just count off the days starting from your birth date equal to your age and read the position of the planets on that day. For progressing the chart wheel, it helps considerably to use astrology software, especially for those of us who are not math whizzes.

Your Ascendant progressed into Capricorn in December 2002, joining your progressed Sun and Venus. By the middle of 2004, Mercury moved into Capricorn also. Since your natal chart is heavy to optimistic Sagittarius, this gradual shift to a preponderance in Capricorn does suggest you found yourself taking a far more pragmatic approach to decision-making than before. My own experience with progressions has led me to believe the influence is fairly subtle (unless your newly progressed planet is hit with a major transit, like being conjoined by Uranus for instance).

By the way, the Moon changes signs about every two and a half years by progression, and yours moved into Capricorn in August 2007. By December 2007, it had crossed the Ascendant. Did you notice any changes in the way you presented yourself around that time? For instance, choosing different colors to wear?

Jean, this is a great opportunity for you to learn about the effect of progressed planets, because this is a first house event for you. I would love to hear more about the changes you have seen, if any. When my Sun and Ascendant progressed into Capricorn, I noticed I gradually started choosing more browns and neutrals to wear after all the brighter colors of my Sagittarius years. Good topic, thanks for bringing it up!

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

I guess Neith considers me the “resident expert on Moon in Pisces” because that’s where my Moon is. I also happen to have Aquarius Sun and Rising, so I can indeed help you with this confusion, Jean.

First of all, I have to ask what you think Moon in Pisces should feel like. No two people experience their planets in exactly the same way. A lot depends on house placement, but you are right to consider other planets in the chart as well. Perhaps having Uranus on the Ascendant gives you some traits of an Aquarius, although for my money, I’d place my bets on Jupiter. As a Rising Sagittarius, you have Jupiter as your chart ruler, and he’s in Aquarius.

I also see that your Moon is square your Sagittarius Ascendant and also Uranus, and this may be inhibiting your tender Pisces Moon. Pisces is very adaptable, and your Moon may be “giving way,” as the Fishes often do, to more assertive factors in your chart. That said, never underestimate the strength of Pisces!

I have to tell you that I wasn’t aware of my Pisces Moon until well into my 40s. I had an intellectual job that fit very well with my Aquarian Sun. Still, I seemed to have a “nose” for certain things, and that is something that Moon in Pisces people often experience. Sometimes we “just know things,” even though we don’t know how we know. If this sounds like you, it’s a good sign that your Pisces Moon is hard at work, even if you don’t feel it consciously.

I hope that answers your question, and thanks for writing, Jean!

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