When You Can’t Do It Anymore … Repost of Michael Lutin’s Where’s the Moon

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It’s not often that I send you to another site for a forecast (with the exception of Ray Merriman, whose financial updates are priceless) but I just had to repost this insight from Michael Lutin! I’ve sensed the energy of Saturn in the final degrees of Libra, but Mikey has it summed up better than I ever could. I know that many of you will be able to relate. For me, it was one of those “OMFG” moments.

Michael Lutin’s Where’s the Moon

Just what are you supposed to do when you know you just can’t do it anymore? When you’ve run out steam. You’ve done your level best. You’ve given all you’ve got. You did the commitment as far as any human being should be asked to do. You know it’s got to change. It’s just got to. It’s just got to. But it seems like it’s taking forever. Don’t be in such a hurry. This one will be drastic. Doesn’t it seem like everything is going in slow motion?

The Full Moon on Chiron has turned a harsh spotlight on all your deepest fantasies. If you can embrace them proudly, you will be free of anxiety. The problem with Chiron, however, is that if you feel shame for the feelings and fantasies you have, it’s the shame that causes you to push people away, feel alone and alienated and shrink away from intimacy. That is when relationships suffer.

So much soul-searching going on right now. All relationships, business and personal, are being put under the microscope and evaluated. In order to deepen and grow stronger and not shrivel up wither away, you have to surrender your innocence, and be completely and totally honest about what you want and need on the most primitive level. You have to reveal yourself, but even scarier,
you have to hear what the other person is really into. Relationships survive when both parties can surrender up the truth of their most primitive desires, and not freak out to hear somebody else’s.

Nobody knows what the next step is. They just know there has to be one.


Gee! IT’S GETTING LATE … The last three degrees of this transit of Saturn will give you a a chance to finish what you started and accept the consequences of the commitments you made …

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