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Saturday Archives: Pluto’s Retrograde

Pluto entered Capricorn in January but went retrograde on April 2 and has been back in Sagittarius for the past month. Here’s a post I wrote for The Pisces Chronicles, still relevant and worth revisiting.

 The Tower, from the Haindl deck
When Pluto entered Capricorn in late January, we began seeing some effects in world affairs. …

Individually, the effects have been more subtle. Those who have planets or chart angles at 1 degree Capricorn or any of the other cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, and Libra) have felt this transit the most, especially when Mars directly opposed Pluto on March 7. But all of us felt a rumble during the previous Full Moon, which squared Pluto and Mars. I had a couple of meltdowns myself, and Pluto and Mars aren’t in particularly difficult locations in my chart. Ultimately, those incidents created openings for better connections with others, but the going was turbulent there for awhile.

The dust is settling, and most of us have felt a shift. There are lots of potential reasons, astrologically, for this shift, but it feels to me like we assimilated some new energy. This is a transformational process, and anytime transformation happens, you can bet that Pluto is involved.

In the year leading up to his entry into Capricorn, Pluto conjoined the Galactic Core. During that time, many of us went through a deconstruction phase, and we also felt disoriented in space/time. Sagittarius is associated with religion, spiritual beliefs, and, ultimately, spiritual growth. The Archer aims for the truth, but an extreme manifestation of this sign is a mistaken believe that one has found Truth with a capital “T.” That’s where some of us seem to be stuck.

If nothing else, Pluto in Capricorn is sending us a clear message that beliefs have a serious impact on one’s external circumstances. In other words, there are practical implications. While changing your beliefs doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get what you want, clinging to outdated beliefs is a pretty surefire way to stay stuck in what isn’t working for you.

As Pluto turns retrograde and revisits Sagittarius from June 13 to November 26, we’ll get a chance to examine this whole process. I would especially encourage you to question where you may be operating on mistaken assumptions, as assumptions are the foundation of our belief system. You might call them the infrastructure of our personal thought matrix.

As an astrologer, I continually question the underlying assumptions of the craft, but I also try to root them out in my personal life – not an easy task, because our beliefs often are programmed into us at such an early age that we aren’t even aware that we have them. And we often continue to operate on these wrong assumptions even when presented with evidence that they’re invalid. Our mental filters are very powerful. That’s why it takes something like a heavy dose of Plutonian energy to blast them wide open.

One of the things I’ve worked on over the past several months is the belief that God, Source, Spirit, (fill in the blank) provides for us, whether through the Law of Attraction or some other mysterious mechanism, and that if we aren’t getting what we want, then we either aren’t “evolved” enough, don’t believe enough (because, after all, all you need to do is believe firmly enough), or somehow are failing to perform the rituals properly, haven’t purified enough, haven’t purged anger, hatred, jealousy, etcetera ad nauseam.

The wrong assumptions here are that failure is punishment, that a period of bad luck must be due to bad karma, consequences of past actions, choices we’ve made, and so forth. Although there does seem to be a widespread inability to accept the consequences of our actions and move on, there also seems to be an erroneous belief that we cause all of the bad things that happen to us, if not in this lifetime, then in previous incarnations.

What this erroneous belief does is to discourage failure and to make those who fail outcasts. However, failure is a means – perhaps the only means – to make new discoveries, change your life, and maybe even change the course of human history. Most scientists know this, as do entrepreneurs. Nine times out of ten, failure provides more insight and information than success, which can be so hit-or-miss that we often have no idea how it happened.

So how does one fail “successfully?” By being secure enough not to fear failure and knowing that failures, even successive ones, do not make you a failure. By understanding the role of failure in discovery and innovation. But most importantly, by being willing to give up your beliefs when they repeatedly fail to get the desired results all or at least most of the time. Too often, we take a success here and there as “proof” that our beliefs are valid, and we ignore the many incidences of their failure, which we prefer to see as anomalies.

I would love to hear from all of you about what beliefs, if any, you are questioning, and how this has impacted your life.

Love and blessings,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: The Tower, from the Haindl deck. This image represents upheaval, including the disruption created by the forced change of erroneous beliefs.

Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 18-19, 2008

Full Moon in JuneThe Full Moon at 28 degrees Sagittarius on June 18 is a powerful one, as it occurs in conjunction with Pluto, recently returned to the sign of the Archer on his retrograde path. Whether on a personal or global scale, the Full Moon-Pluto conjunction ushers in a time of change for many of us, especially those with key planets or chart angles in the late mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces).

Uranus in Pisces forms a T-square with the Full Moon axis, emphasizing the need to clear away the deadwood from our lives. Mars in Leo is still close to the South Node and opposes Chiron and Neptune on the North Node. This ties into the cleansing theme, but because the elements are in harmony with the Full Moon, we may be able to exercise some grace in the manner we choose to do our “housecleaning.”

With fire and air leading the way, there is bound to be lots of discussion of what needs to happen. Jupiter and Saturn are in earth signs, so we have some grounding available but not as much as we had during the Full Moons in May. Be aware that our time for talking will come to an end by the next Full Moon in Capricorn on July 18, when Mars will be in incisive Virgo instead of playful Leo and actions will speak louder than words.

Because Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the minor aspects he is making with the nodal axis may prove to have more impact than usual. Jupiter in Capricorn is semi-sextile the North Node and Chiron in Aquarius and inconjunct Mars on the South Node. My intuitive sense says beware of pride and hubris and focus on taking care of business in a matter-of-fact manner.

Venus and Ceres are conjunct in nurturing Cancer and, for those of us in the northern hemisphere, are heralds for the summer solstice on June 20-21. These two powerful symbols of the feminine archetypes in Cancer remind us to acknowledge and cherish that side of ourselves and nurture it in our loved ones. We can take this one step further and pay our respect and appreciation for the bounties of the natural world, too.

The Sabian Symbols for 28 Gemini, a man declared bankrupt, and 28 Sagittarius, a bridge over a beautiful stream, have keywords of “deliverance” and “conservation.” We are offered support during a time of sacrifice and a means of connection between the past and the future. The caution here is to avoid the risk taking associated with the Pluto in Sagittarius years and to appreciate enduring elements of value from the past.

One of the most important things to keep in mind during this Full Moon is that this is the last time Pluto in Sagittarius will play a role in a lunation. The next time we see a Gemini-Sagittarius lunation in late November, Pluto will have moved back into Capricorn for the duration. Re-examine your ethics and ideals now and choose what’s best for you consciously, because our “grasshopper” days are ending and the “ants” will be taking over with Capricorn.

Libra loves beautyposted by Neith . . .

This photo was actually taken June 2007 of the Full Moon in Sagittarius.

Fashion and Pluto in Capricorn

Trina Turk 'Spencer' tweed vest What’s hot in the fashion industry often reflects what’s happening in society at large, and this year we’re seeing a return to menswear in women’s clothing. I came across an article in USA Today magazine this past weekend about this trend and immediately thought of Pluto moving into Capricorn.

To quote Catherine Chow, co-founder of Tobi.com:  “In these serious and uncertain times, we’re looking for some structure . . . to convey power and confidence.” She is referring the general economic climate, with stocks plunging, home foreclosures spiking, and the big rise in the cost of fuel, all signs of change and turmoil.

For the woman wearing masculine-inspired clothing designs, the idea is to project an image of being in control, the one in charge. What is more Capricorn than that? Capricorn is strongly associated with executives and others at the top end of the ladder of success and with a conservative pinstriped image. With many women in the work force looking to move up the ladder, choosing to project the right image is very important – Capricorn all the way.

We may see the atmosphere lighten up some this summer when Pluto moves back into Sagittarius, but this is not likely to last much past Pluto’s return to Capricorn late in the year. I for one would be delighted to see the last of low-cut jeans and high cut T-shirts, the oh-so-causal look that Pluto in Sagittarius blessed us with.

It will be very interesting to see what the fashionistas will have for us when the 2009 designer collections hit the runways later this year. As a group they seem to have a sense of the prevailing atmosphere. More cuffed trousers à la Katherine Hepburn, classy men’s vests with bow ties, and high-heeled oxfords anyone?

Venus rules Libra too posted by Neith . . .