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Announcing the birth of RealAstrologers.com

Welcome you to our new website, RealAstrologers.com!

In astrology, timing is everything, which is why we chose the New Moon in Aries to unveil our project.  Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, and this New Moon is teeming with energy to begin new ventures and embark on new journeys. 

We’ve been working like crazy people since the Full Moon in Libra in March to get this project up and running. However, the seeds were planted during the shadow phase of the Mars retrograde last fall. The shadow phase finally was over yesterday, and Mars rules this New Moon, so it’s no coincidence that we are launching our endeavor now.

It has been a joint enterprise all the way, with both of us working on all aspects of site design and content development. We both love the results of our labors, and we are eager to share it with all of you.

As we have discovered over the past couple of years posting comments on each other’s blogs, we bring different but complementary perspectives to the table. Although we hope to engage a broader readership here, we also want to encourage everyone who visits this site to stop by Neith.net, Neith on Synastry, and The Pisces Chronicles. We’ll be doing a lot of cross-posting, and we’ll be responding to comments and questions there. 

We’re thrilled about this opportunity to work with each other, and we’re sure that all who step into our new home will enjoy the dialogue among our community of friends and neighbors.  Yup, astro-lessons for everyone!!  :-D

So come by, wander around, leave us a comment or two, and be prepared for new and interesting changes . . . after all, we’re both Uranian types!