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Ask Real Astrologers: Difficult Saturn Cycles

This week we are responding to two questions related to Saturn.

First, from Fiona in the UK:

This year I seem to be repeating events in my life that last occurred 14 years ago. The order and outcome are different but the component parts are the same/similar. It is a complete breakdown and rebuild of all aspects of my life. I’ve gone back to 28 years and 42 years ago and the same seems to have happened in those years, too! Is there a transit/life cycle that occurs every 14 years that I should study/learn about so that I’m more prepared in 2022? P.S. I have a close friend who also seems to be going through the same cycle this year.

The second question is from Sarah in San Jose, California:

I’m a 28-year-old female with a Saturn stellium (Sun, Moon, and Saturn all in Virgo in the fourth house). Is this an unlucky combination? Is my Saturn return going to be great and rewarding or absolutely painful? I have already experienced some drastic changes in my life and I feel like more are on the way!

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s response:

Both Fiona and Sarah are dealing with Saturn in all his glory by transit and natally, no easy task.

Fiona, what you are describing are classic Saturn cycle experiences. And in your case with Saturn-ruled Capricorn rising, you will find your awareness of any Saturn transit to your natal Saturn will make itself felt. Since September of last year, Saturn has made three passes trine to your natal Saturn in Capricorn and conjoined your natal Pluto at the same time. Saturn conjunct natal Pluto is keenly felt also.

Saturn is moving now to square your Moon and hopefully by the end of October you will get a breather. While no Saturn transit is easy, if we follow the rules and behave in a responsible manner, we can get through them in one piece. Good luck with this!

Sarah, as you undergo your first Saturn return, keep in mind it is a process. There will be days when you feel like the weight of world is bearing down on you, but this will pass. With a Sun, Moon, Saturn stellium in Virgo I’m going to guess you are a pretty responsible sort naturally and once Saturn completes his transit you will feel much better about yourself and life in general.

I don’t see any aspect set as being unlucky and especially not those with Saturn. He is a hard taskmaster but ultimately a fair one. The gains we make through Saturn are beneficial and long lasting, if painful in the initial stages. When Saturn moves on into Libra late in 2009, you can look back and heave a sign of relief!

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Before I respond to Fiona and Sarah, let me clarify what we’re talking about here for those who may have less knowledge of astrology.

A planetary “return” occurs when that planet returns to the exact position it was on the day you were born. Saturn’s orbit around the Sun is 28-29 years, so we all experience Saturn returns in our late 20s and again in our late 50s. In between, there are seven-year segments, thus the 14-year cycle that Fiona notes. This is also called a Saturn “half-return” and can be as powerful and disruptive as the return itself. Also, due to Saturn’s longer orbit and retrograde cycle, Saturn transits usually occur in a three-part series, as Neith notes above.

With that background, I’ll start with Sarah’s question. Sarah, the first Saturn return can be traumatic or simply maturing, depending on how you have handled your life up to this point. My life completely changed around at my first Saturn return, and this was much-needed. It’s not too melodramatic to say that what happened at that time almost killed me, but I got through it, and my life opened up in ways that I never would have imagined, including finding a new love.

But it’s not always that dramatic. I was talking to a man in his early 30s the other day who told me that he got a divorce at his first Saturn return, and while it initially threw him for a loop, he quickly realized that it was the best thing that ever happened to him. In the weeks and months that followed, he got a great new job and started down an exciting career path, and his life seemed to take form.

That said, I expect that you will feel this keenly due to your Virgo stellium — and, by the way, I agree with Neith that there are no “unlucky” aspects. Some are more challenging than others, that is for sure, but there is usually compensation built into the chart somewhere to help you meet those challenges. And I also agree with Neith that a Sun-Saturn conjunction in Virgo makes you extremely responsible.

Fiona, I don’t have much to add to Neith’s analysis, but can say that the instant I read your question, I knew that we were talking about Saturn. It’s also interesting that you should mention the 42-year cycle, which is half a Uranus orbit. The so-called “midlife crisis” occurs at the Uranus half-return.

Among other things, Saturn’s transit through your chart indicates how your life is taking structure and form. Saturn is about manifestation into material reality, which is why he’s sometimes referred to as the planet of karma. Although it may feel like you are the victim of circumstances, many of the situations and people in your life now are a result of choices and decisions you made during previous critical points in the Saturn cycle.

In other words, what we do may have longer-lasting implications than we know or would like to believe. Rather than feeling bad about this, we can use this knowledge of how Saturn works to make better choices for our future.

Best of luck to you both, and please do keep us posted. When readers write to us with their experiences, we become better astrologers.

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Ask Real Astrologers: Help!

This week’s question comes from Rose in Melbourne, Australia:

Nothing is going right for me. I have a teenage son who has developed a drug problem, my seven-year relationship ended last year, and work is tough. I make an effort every day to stay positive and ask the universe for guidance, but the last 12 month are one step forward and ten steps back. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless.

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s response:

Rose, it looks like you have been slammed by several major transits over the past year and I think you are doing well to still be working on maintaining a positive attitude! One of the major events over this past winter was Mars in Cancer going retrograde and with your Aries rising and natal Mars in Cancer that had to have felt exactly as you said, “one step forward and ten steps back.”

At the beginning of this time period, Saturn in Leo transited your natal Uranus in Leo, triggering your natal Uranus square to your Moon. This translates into all matters pertaining to home and family being highlighted, because of the Moon-fourth house connection.

The problems with your son appear to have been triggered by Saturn’s transit into your fifth house, which pertains to children. Your natal Pluto and South Node are on the fifth house cusp, which means that Saturn will soon conjoin these two points. Hopefully when Saturn moves past this point in mid-August, matters will begin to heal, as Saturn in Virgo also promotes handling health-related issues in sensible manner.

When Pluto returns to Capricorn in November, you will begin a journey in self-discovery. Pluto transits to personal planets are capable of transforming our personal landscapes but they are not easy. Jupiter’s passage over your natal Mercury, Sun, Jupiter and Saturn have given you a hint of what’s to come. When Jupiter turns direct in September and transits over your Jupiter and Saturn heading for Aquarius shortly after the first of 2009, you may start to see more resolution of the current set of challenges.

Good luck!

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

My heart goes out to you, Rose. One look at your chart tells me that you are going through a hard time, indeed.

There is not much I can add to Neith’s excellent analysis, except to say that I recently went through my Saturn-Pluto conjunction, and I have a couple of clients who also experienced this difficult transit, so I know firsthand how it can make us feel stuck in every area of our lives. You feel like you’re being hit from all sides at once, and there’s no safe harbor.

But I can also tell you that I experienced some important life changes as a result, and I’m feeling more “myself” than I have in my whole life. I think this will happen for you, too, once you get through this “dark night of the soul.” Among other things, you may develop a new relationship with your son based on a stronger role as a parent and loving guide.

Hang in there, and stay in touch.

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Not a Moment Too Soon

Caravaggio's Saturnus, 16th centuryThe past six months have been a long, rocky road, but we finally are feeling some positive shifts this week.

The week begins with the New Moon in Taurus, which Neith explored in the previous post. As she noted, it’s not so much about new beginnings, but about evaluating. Taurus traditionally is associated with the second house, which rules income, possessions, and personal values. Evaluating means just that: determining what you value. Are your actions in line with your needs and desires? Or are you working at cross purposes?

Saturn has just returned direct after being retrograde since mid-December. Saturn builds structure in our lives, which is why he is by definition limiting. Once a particular energy is manifested on the physical plane, it is temporarily tied up and unavailable for all other uses. If you don’t like what manifested, then you need to put energy into changing it. Right now is a great time to do so. Saturn in Virgo favors practical, tangible results.

As I noted in a new post on The Pisces Chronicles, if you were born in the late 1950s, Saturn is stationed on or near your natal Pluto. The obstacles are crushing, I know, and the mere thought of manifesting anything positive seems so far away that it almost has no meaning. If you’re like me, you’ve gone into survival mode. Saturn will start picking up speed (relative to the Earth, of course) in mid-May, and you should start seeing some relief, depending on the degree of your natal Pluto and what else is happening in your chart.

On Tuesday, the Moon enters Gemini and conjoins Mercury later in the day. Yes, Saturn is still putting a bit of a damper on life, but we should see lots of movement, especially in activities involving communications. I can’t wait to see what happens on Astro-Twitter. It should be a fun day, so sign up now!

On Friday, Jupiter goes retrograde, and he’ll stay in “reverse” until September 8 – the same day Pluto goes direct, so that will be an interesting double effect, especially since Pluto will be back in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. Neith or I will have more later this week about the significance of Jupiter’s turn retrograde. 

As exciting as all of that is, the biggest news of the week is the entry of Mars into Leo on Friday. Mars has been in Cancer for much of the past seven months, and this has not been a good energy for most of us. We are ready for some action! Just be careful, because the sudden burst of Mars firepower will be so strong that it literally could knock you over. Again, it depends on where he is in your chart and whether he’s aspecting any natal planets or chart points.

The Moon enters Leo early on Saturday on the West Coast of the United States and conjoins Mars less than an hour later. This will amplify the emotional intensity of the Mars force – great for certain activities, but the risk of overreaction is high.

The week ends with a delightful sextile between the Sun and Uranus. This aspect favors making positive changes with minimal effort. So if you’re still fine-tuning a new structure in your life, this is the frosting on the cake.

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Have a productive week!
Sign of the FuturePat