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Synastry of Joe and Jill Biden

Joe & Jill Biden Scorpio Joe Biden has been married to his Gemini wife, Jill, for 31 years as of last June, so for a couple with inconjunct Sun signs, they obviously have a lot going for them.

Fortunately, with good complete birth data for Joe, we have a chart wheel to work with. He has Sagittarius Rising, placing Gemini on the cusp of his seventh house, which rules marriage and committed relationships. Jill’s Sun, Mars, and Moon are located there. Planets in the seventh house in synastry, particularly the luminaries, show excellent compatibility in one-on-one relationships. Joe has Saturn conjunct Uranus conjunct his Descendant natally, describing the type of person he is attracted to. In his case, it’s a bright, lively Gemini who is also dependable.

Jill’s Sun-Mars conjunction is sextile Jupiter in Aries, giving her a more assertive edge and an optimistic spirit – both qualities she shares with her Scorpio Sun-Sagittarius Rising husband. Mercury is Gemini’s ruling planet, and her Mercury is in methodical Taurus and complements Joe’s Mercury in intense Scorpio. Another parallel between their charts is his Sun-Mercury conjunction, which resonates with her Gemini Sun.

They have a lovely Mercury-Venus intra-aspect, underlining their ability to communicate with thoughtfulness and sensitivity to the other’s feelings (intra-aspect in synastry is where the same two planets from each chart form aspects. For example, A’s Sun is conjunct B’s Moon and B’s Moon is square A’s Sun). This is a very loving and powerful synastry aspect. The close trine between her Venus in Cancer and his in Scorpio adds another layer of shared warmth and affection.

This couple also has what can be considered a classic synastry aspect for creating enduring bonds, and that is a Sun-Saturn intra-aspect with his Saturn conjunct her Sun and her Saturn sextile his Sun. With the Saturn-Sun conjunction located in his seventh house, their choosing to marry was a natural progression for the relationship.

Mars and Pluto, co-rulers of Joe’s four planets in Scorpio, form an intra-aspect between their charts, too.  His Pluto in Leo is sextile her Mars in Gemini, and her Pluto in Leo squares his Scorpio Mars. Passion and commitment go hand in hand with this set of aspects.

They do have reversed lunar nodes, with his North Node in Virgo and her in Pisces. This can be a rather irritating aspect to live with day to day, but since they have been together for many years, I’m inclined to believe the other excellent synastry aspects offset the effects of this one.

As with the other political couples I’ve reviewed, this is yet another instance when it would be wonderful to have a full set of birth data for both people. However, working with what’s available shows us the underlying structure for the enduring and loving relationship we see before us. Seeing Joe and Jill Biden together says it all.

Libra loves synastryposted by Neith . . .

Verified Birth Data: Joe Biden 20 November 1942, 08:30 AM EWT Scranton, PA; Jill Biden 05 June 1951, Hammonton, NJ

The Synastry of Barack and Michelle Obama

Michelle & Barack Obama Barack and Michelle Obama, possibly the next president and first lady of the United States, bring great aspects for compatibility to their Leo-Capricorn relationship.

Although Leo and Capricorn are inconjunct, their planetary rulers, the Sun and Saturn, are in harmony in Barack and Michelle’s synastry chart. Barack’s Saturn in Capricorn is closely conjunct Michelle’s Sun, and her Saturn in Aquarius opposes his Leo Sun. Saturn-Sun aspects in synastry are often found in lasting relationships formalized in a legal way such as business partnerships and marriage. Because Saturn is happier with rules to follow, his effect on the Sun is felt as supportive rather than oppression. This Sun-Saturn intra-aspect may be the reason Barack refers to Michelle as “his rock,” and it without question has created an enduring bond for them.

There are a couple of other intra-aspects with their Suns, one featuring Jupiter and the other, Mars  (an “intra-aspect” is one in synastry where the same two planets from both charts aspect each other greatly increasing the influence). Mars and Jupiter bring energy and enthusiasm with a generous dose of humor and generosity. Where Saturn provides the “glue,” Mars and Jupiter help lighten the load, because partners are always happy to see each other when these two planets are well-positioned in the synastry chart.

A nice tight trine between Barack’s Venus in Cancer and Michelle’s Venus in Pisces is also a blessing. This aspect makes for a similar sense of aesthetics and in what gives them pleasure. This aspect is wonderful for bringing harmony and enjoyment of the moment.

It’s also interesting to note that Barack and Michelle have several inconjunct elements in their synastry, starting with their Sun signs and Barack’s Mercury in Leo is inconjunct Michelle’s Mercury in Capricorn. The Leo-Capricorn inconjunct is often seen as the difference between wanting to be in the limelight and preferring to work behind the scenes. What works to promote understanding between these very different signs is the powerful Sun-Saturn intra-aspect (the Sun and Saturn rule Leo and Capricorn).

Without a birth time for Michelle, we can only guess whether her Moon falls in Aquarius or Pisces. If it is in Aquarius, her Moon is trine by sign to Barack’s Gemini Moon, and if in Pisces, her Moon would square his. However, a Pisces Moon would conjoin her Venus, and that would give her a Moon-Venus conjunction with Barack’s Chiron in Pisces. I would interpret this as her ability to help Barak get in touch with his inner wounds through love and compassion.

Saturn plays one more part in this synastry, with Michelle’s Saturn conjunct Barack’s Aquarius Ascendant. It’s possible that she is the one who makes sure he is ready to step out on to the stage with no flaws in his appearance. Saturn aspects to the Ascendant are yet another indicator of a lasting relationship.

From what we have seen of this attractive couple, it is obvious that they have a solid, happy relationship with each other and with their two beautiful daughters. They have both Saturn aspects to keep them in line and great Mars-Jupiter aspects for having lots of fun together. This one looks like it will continue to grow and mature with grace, dignity, and joy, and bless all who come in contact with them.

Libra, an Air signposted by Neith . . .

Verified Birth Data: Barack Obama 4 August 1961, Honolulu, HI; Michelle Obama 17 Jan 1964, Chicago, IL