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Saturday Archives: Reversed Nodes in Family Synastry

me and my grandadWe have a family get together today, so I decided to pull this article based on family birth data going back a generation or two.

Whenever I wish to do some astrological research I have my family birth data to draw upon going back a couple of generations. In this instance, I was curious to see what the patterns were within the family for reversed Moon’s nodes for couples and their children.

My personal experience of relating to another person who has the opposite nodes suggests proximity is an important factor. I have several cyber-friends with north node in Sagittarius very close to my south node in Sagittarius and there are no problems at all. It seems to take the day-to-day interchanges to up the irritation factor – like working with someone or living with them.

What I found after looking up all my extended family’s birth dates was very interesting. Out of all the couples in both my parent’s generation and mine, only one had reversed nodes! In fact, only a few parents and children had reversed nodes, and most of the time it was the mother, not the father, involved. These were children that left home at the first opportunity, usually going off to school halfway across the country.

It is my aunt and uncle who live closest to us who have the reversed nodes. They will have been married for fifty-five years this year and it has been a stressful relationship most of that time. My uncle is ten years older than my aunt, who is my mother’s youngest sister; and they have five children, the oldest of whom is nine years younger than I. I don’t have birth times for either person so I will just review the astrology using the shorthand method.

My aunt is an Aquarius Sun, Capricorn Moon and my uncle has a Taurus Sun and very likely an Aquarius Moon. If this is the case, the luminaries form a trine and conjunction by sign – very compatible! Their Moons would be semi-sextile (Capricorn to Aquarius) and that does seem to fit. My aunt is extremely well organized and always had neatly written lists of chores for her kids posted about. =grin=

Their Mercury’s are trine too. Her Mercury is in Capricorn and his in Taurus and they are both practical sorts and can take care of business when they need to.

His Mars is in Libra trine her Venus in Aquarius and her Mars in Capricorn is trine his Venus in Taurus. However, with their Mars square by sign, they have a difficult time agreeing on how to work together. And their Venuses are square giving them very different ideas of enjoyment. Once their children were grown they quit attempting to vacation together at all, and my uncle would go hunting with my dad, his friend since childhood, and my aunt would fly off to Europe by herself.

Saturn plays a role here too with Saturn-Venus intra-aspects, always a good indicator of durability. Plus his Mercury-Venus conjunction in Taurus are exactly conjunct her Chiron-North Node in Taurus. He has his Sun conjunct his South Node in Taurus and is quite comfortable living in home he was born in and grew up in . . .

I believe it is the combination of very compatible elements, the Saturn-Venus intra-aspect and the tidy synastry stellium in Taurus, noted for staying with the known quantity, which has contributed to them staying together. They are both fixed sign types too and the nodal axis here is Taurus-Scorpio, noted for tenacity. But I know first hand how bitter things are and how unhappy they have been for much of their married life.

Based on my own experiences and this example, I have to say if I saw reversed nodes in a couple’s synastry, I would caution them to really consider carefully what type of relationship they wish to have.

Libra with Scorpio risingposted by Neith . . .

Image: This is an old family photo taken on a camping trip when I was ten years old. What a different world it was.

Synastry of Joe and Jill Biden

Joe & Jill Biden Scorpio Joe Biden has been married to his Gemini wife, Jill, for 31 years as of last June, so for a couple with inconjunct Sun signs, they obviously have a lot going for them.

Fortunately, with good complete birth data for Joe, we have a chart wheel to work with. He has Sagittarius Rising, placing Gemini on the cusp of his seventh house, which rules marriage and committed relationships. Jill’s Sun, Mars, and Moon are located there. Planets in the seventh house in synastry, particularly the luminaries, show excellent compatibility in one-on-one relationships. Joe has Saturn conjunct Uranus conjunct his Descendant natally, describing the type of person he is attracted to. In his case, it’s a bright, lively Gemini who is also dependable.

Jill’s Sun-Mars conjunction is sextile Jupiter in Aries, giving her a more assertive edge and an optimistic spirit – both qualities she shares with her Scorpio Sun-Sagittarius Rising husband. Mercury is Gemini’s ruling planet, and her Mercury is in methodical Taurus and complements Joe’s Mercury in intense Scorpio. Another parallel between their charts is his Sun-Mercury conjunction, which resonates with her Gemini Sun.

They have a lovely Mercury-Venus intra-aspect, underlining their ability to communicate with thoughtfulness and sensitivity to the other’s feelings (intra-aspect in synastry is where the same two planets from each chart form aspects. For example, A’s Sun is conjunct B’s Moon and B’s Moon is square A’s Sun). This is a very loving and powerful synastry aspect. The close trine between her Venus in Cancer and his in Scorpio adds another layer of shared warmth and affection.

This couple also has what can be considered a classic synastry aspect for creating enduring bonds, and that is a Sun-Saturn intra-aspect with his Saturn conjunct her Sun and her Saturn sextile his Sun. With the Saturn-Sun conjunction located in his seventh house, their choosing to marry was a natural progression for the relationship.

Mars and Pluto, co-rulers of Joe’s four planets in Scorpio, form an intra-aspect between their charts, too.  His Pluto in Leo is sextile her Mars in Gemini, and her Pluto in Leo squares his Scorpio Mars. Passion and commitment go hand in hand with this set of aspects.

They do have reversed lunar nodes, with his North Node in Virgo and her in Pisces. This can be a rather irritating aspect to live with day to day, but since they have been together for many years, I’m inclined to believe the other excellent synastry aspects offset the effects of this one.

As with the other political couples I’ve reviewed, this is yet another instance when it would be wonderful to have a full set of birth data for both people. However, working with what’s available shows us the underlying structure for the enduring and loving relationship we see before us. Seeing Joe and Jill Biden together says it all.

Libra loves synastryposted by Neith . . .

Verified Birth Data: Joe Biden 20 November 1942, 08:30 AM EWT Scranton, PA; Jill Biden 05 June 1951, Hammonton, NJ