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Weekly Forecast July 20: Sun Enters Leo, Venus Retrograde

Photo courtesy NASA.

Photo courtesy NASA.

When I said last week’s forecast was going to be late, I had no idea it was going to be a whole week. I started writing it ten days ago and got totally overwhelmed, both by world events and the explosion of personal projects.

As you know from the news headlines, events have been moving very quickly. It’s almost as if time has been accelerating. That’s also true for many of us personally. Several readers have written tell me about unexpected good news and sudden breakthroughs.

For me, the pace has picked up to the point of mental overload, and my head is in a total muddle – Neptunian, but not in the way you’d expect. Last week, I was working on no less than six major  Continue reading

Weekly Forecast July 29: Grand Sextile, Mars Square Uranus

Water and earth. Fisher Pond. © Pat Paquette, 2013.

Water and earth. Fisher Pond. © Pat Paquette, 2013.

The grand trine of mid-July is waning as we head deeper into cardinal T-square territory. There is another very small window on Monday to manifest positive changes, but then we enter a period of heightened breakdown and chaos.

You’ve probably read about Monday’s “Star of David” configuration. In astrological terms, this is a grand sextile – two interlocking trines that look like a six-pointed star (see chart below). Often called the Seal of Solomon, it’s perhaps best known as the symbol on the flag of Israel, but it is not limited to the Jewish faith. In Western Hermeticism, it is a symbol of the sacred marriage of spirit and matter, the conscious and the unconscious, the divine masculine and divine feminine. Astrologically, though, the two trines must be a combination of either water and earth, which are feminine signs, or fire and air, which are masculine signs. Monday’s grand sextile is composed of water and earth signs.

If you do a Web search for the Star of David configuration, you’ll find all kinds of properties attributed to – everything from a portal to higher consciousness to a sign that the antichrist is coming. One YouTube video mistakenly said it would start on July 22. That was the day the new Prince of Cambridge was born, so you can imagine the conspiracy theories. I have to say, it depresses me when stuff like that goes viral. I makes you wonder whether there is any hope for democracy, which depends on a well-informed public. In fact, the grand sextile won’t last for even 24 hours, as one leg of the second triangle is formed by the Moon, and she moves through the degrees very quickly. The trine begins to form around 7:30 a.m. EDT on Monday and starts to wane after midnight on Tuesday. (I cast the chart for 12:27 p.m. EDT by taking the average of the highest and lowest degrees of the planets in the configuration.)

Chart for Grand Sextile

Click on image to enlarge

There is no doubt that this is a rare configuration, and it deserves special notice. Moreover, the six-pointed star is significant in several religions over many millennia. My take is that it is positive, and in the water and earth signs, creative. I also believe that if you put your intentions out into the Universe at special times like this, you’re using powerful “magic” to manifest what you want and need. My usual caution applies: Make sure you know what you want! I also believe that when we misuse magic to try to force events that are inconsistent with our individual purpose and destiny, it will backfire in a big way.

If you’d like to know more, the best information I’ve found is on the website of Mary Fortier Shea. Some of you may know her as the author of interpretations that are the basis for my Full Circle Solar Return report. Needless to say, I respect her wisdom and insight. Here’s a brief quote from her series of articles on the grand sextiles of the past two decades:

“I think that each of the Stars of David that appears in the sky tell us something about the human experience and spiritual journey as it is occurring on the planet, both individually and connectively. It is interesting to note what happens during the time periods of each of the Stars.”

I won’t repeat her efforts by listing them all here, and add only that it is difficult sometimes to tell what astrological aspect corresponds to current world events. It’s going to be particularly difficult with this one, because there’s also a strong T-square this week with Mars squaring Uranus on Wednesday, following the Mars-Pluto opposition on July 27. This is a dangerous week overall in global affairs, with the potential for increased violence breakdowns. Ray Merriman has some interesting observations in his forecast for the coming week regarding global financial affairs. As always, his weekly column is well worth the read and one of my favorites.

The T-square continues strong through the end of August, with Jupiter following the path of Mars. Although Mars was considered by ancient astrologers as a destructive influence and Jupiter was considered to bring luck, Jupiter in a T-square with Uranus and Pluto does not signify gold raining from heaven. They don’t call Jupiter the Big Guy for nothing, and when he’s involved in a mess, it tends to become a BIG mess. But on Monday at least, it could be possible to find the opportunities in the mess. Even if those opportunities aren’t immediately available, it’s helpful to be able to identify them.

Note in the chart that there’s also a second, less significant T-square with the Sun, Moon, and Saturn. Like the grand sextile, this one comes and goes in less than a day. The most notable thing about it is its connection with the Full Moon on July 22. After Monday, the Moon is in her last quarter, waning in light. This is a time to wrap up a project (or phase of one) in preparation for new activities at next week’s New Moon in Leo.

In last week’s forecast, I mentioned coming together with like-minded individuals as the new way of being that will help us out of this mess. It’s ironic that people are connected more than ever before through the social networks, but on the ground, not so much. Tweeting directions to the demonstration is one thing; going there is quite another, and the follow-up is quite another yet – as the people of Egypt unfortunately are discovering.

It seems to me that in the United States, we haven’t progressed much beyond sharing Evil Empire horror stories with our Facebook friends. But that could change a lot in the next several years. This morning I read an article on HuffPo about growing poverty in this country. The headline is somewhat misleading, as the poverty rate isn’t 80 percent. Farther down in the story, the number is given as 15 percent. But that’s hardly anything to brag about, and the trend isn’t going downward. Nor did the comments give me much hope. Mostly they were an “Is not! Is so!” shouting match, with Liberal-leaning comments insulting the tea baggers and blaming Bush, and conservative comments blasting Obama and welfare mothers. Somewhere in there, though, were some voices for real change. One comment linked to the United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives, an organization I wasn’t familiar with. This is a good example of a crisis and an innovative solution, and one that requires cooperation. Incidentally, the organization has been around for several years. Maybe it’s time is coming?

Getting back to this week, Venus sextiles Mars on Friday. Both planets are in the sign of their fall. The image I get is of an exhausted couple coming together to appreciate each other and enjoy some quality time together. A quiet dinner at home is more enjoyable than a big night out and won’t drain energy or finances.

On Sunday, the Sun trines Uranus. This is a fire trine and not part of Monday’s configuration. It does, however, form an “out” for the T-square, with a period of influence of three days plus or minus. In mundane astrology, the Sun represents the leader of a country. Leo rules the heart and is the sign of courage and creative self expression. Again, I read this as a positive sign that creative solutions can be found among the noise and chaos. There is love in the world. But at times like these, it can take a lot of courage to hold it in our hearts.

Much love and courage to you all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast July 22: Sun Enters Leo, Full Moon in Aquarius

Creatures of the Sun. © Pat Paquette, 2013.

Creations of the Sun. © Pat Paquette, 2013.

In contemplating what to write this week, I’m at a loss to come up with anything new.

The news gets more and more depressing. The Obama administration has given itself a free pass to keep spying on the world, U.S. citizens included, while Edward Snowden is trapped at the Moscow airport, and Bradley Manning faces life in prison. Did you see the photos of him leaving the courtroom at Fort Meade? Why does such a little guy need to be surrounded by beefy, gun-toting guards? Obviously, he scares the bejeesus out of some powerful people.

News headlines get multiplied by orders of magnitude on the social media. I have to tell you, I’m burned out on the constant stream of posts screaming, “Oh my god, have you heard what they’ve done now?” I get it! Everyone with a brain connected to a heart gets it. Those without that connection aren’t going to get it, no matter how many times the message is repeated on Facebook or how loud it’s shouted. Really, it’s not much different than trying to convert someone to your religion.

OK, so we know it’s bad. The police state is so far advanced that it’s too late to fight without risking life and limb. Even more frightening, many of the 99 percent defend it. Yet, every now and then, between the predictable comments on news articles, an intelligent voice in the wilderness asks, “OK, but what can we do about it? Venting in comments and on the social media does nothing.”

So here we are, looking over a deep chasm, the bridge collapsed and rusting, and no way across. Which brings me back to where I started. I’ve been saying all of this for so long that I feel like a broken record, and I don’t have any new answers. All I can do is look at planetary movements and form some kind of an educated guess about how long the current situation will last. Unfortunately, the news isn’t good. We’re in for several more years of turmoil, and things are going to get worse before they get better. You don’t need to be an astrologer to know that. In the meantime, we need to get our priorities straight, examine our values, revise our goals, and work within our communities – not necessarily in that order.

Of all those strategies, finding your community is the hardest, especially if you’re a free thinker. The trick is to maintain your individual voice while working for the common good. Humans are social animals, and most of us do care about our fellows. I’d venture that a good majority are even willing to give more than they get back – provided, of course, that they feel they’re giving to a worthy endeavor. But we don’t like being just another cog in the wheel, especially when that wheel powers a destructive machine.

This is precisely the message of Aquarius, sign of Monday’s Full Moon. Aquarians (of which I am one) tend to be freethinking individuals who don’t go along with the groupthink, and yet this is the sign of humanitarian causes, community action, and our human “family.” Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité. I’ll talk more about the Full Moon, but first let’s have a look at the general lay of the land.

This week we’re in the in-between zone of last week’s dreamy grand trine and a tense cardinal T-square. In both configurations, Jupiter and Mars play a key role, and we start right out on Monday with an exact conjunction of this dynamic pair. Indeed, Monday is the biggest day of the week. Right after the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter, Venus enters Virgo, then the Sun enters Leo, and just over two hours later, we have our first Full Moon in Aquarius of the summer. Yes, there will be another on August 20.

Mars and Jupiter are conjunct not only by latitude but also in declination. In other words, they will be extremely close to each other in the sky, which isn’t always true of conjunctions. This makes the aspect all the more powerful. In earlier times, this combination in the birth chart of a prince was considered a good sign that he would be a strong king, bringing the country wealth and military might. I’m not a big fan of European royalty, but I can’t help notice that Queen Elizabeth has a close conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in Aquarius. If Baby Cambridge is born in the next few days, she (I’m hoping) also will have this signature. Incidentally, if Kate has the baby right before the Full Moon, it could still be a Cancer. That was my bet, but we’ll see. (Tomorrow’s Full Moon was my third choice.)

Chart for Full Moon in Aquarius

Click on image to enlarge

Mars and Jupiter conjoin at 6 degrees Cancer, which is still quite close to trining Saturn at 5 degrees Scorpio and Neptune at 4 degrees Pisces. The trine continues through the first week in August, so there’s still time to work with these flowing energies to find solutions to tough problems before the window starts to close. Indeed, the Full Moon might add some urgency. The chart to the right is kind of messy, but if you look closely, you can see a faint red triangle from the Sun and Moon to Saturn. That’s a square, and while we’d normally consider a Full Moon squaring Saturn to indicate trouble, any crisis that might arrive could come with a brilliant solution, perhaps not short of a miracle. Remember, Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius (before Uranus was discovered in 1781), and he represents structure. Now, with Saturn in Scorpio and in mutual reception with Pluto, any structures we build these days are subject to immediate collapse. However, a sound, workable plan initiated since late June could put a strong foundation under your project.

The closer a planet is to the Sun, the faster it appears to move in the sky. While Jupiter is pulling away from the grand trine slowly, Mars is quickly heading for his next connection, which is a cardinal T-square with Uranus and Pluto. Mercury currently is closest to the third leg of the T-square, so we’re getting a glimpse of what’s ahead. Later this week, Mars opposes Pluto, and we descend into the belly of the beast. Mars squares Uranus next week, and then Jupiter comes along in early August. This is one of the stormiest astrological periods of the year, second only to early November. The one consolation I can provide is that you probably already know how the Uranus-Pluto square is manifesting for you personally – if it is, which isn’t a given – so whatever comes at you, while it may seem out of the blue, likely will be part of a ongoing crisis and not an entirely new situation.

Right before the Full Moon on Monday, the Sun enters Leo, sign of individualism and will. Leo has a reputation, not undeserved, as “self-oriented,” but the Full Moon in Aquarius reminds us that individuals form communities, and successful groups value the creativity and individuality of all their members. When the group itself becomes more important than the individuals in it, it’s a slippery slope to forced allegiance and tyranny. It’s interesting that we get a Full Moon both at the first degree of Aquarius and again near the last. That’s nearly a month to contemplate the concept of communities made up of empowered individuals.

© Pat Paquette, 2013.

© Pat Paquette, 2013.

Turning to Venus, she’s not at her best in Virgo, and on Friday, she opposes Neptune. The conventional interpretation of Venus opposite Neptune is delusions in love (on a date night, no less). Again, however, we’ve got a mitigating circumstance via a sextile to Saturn that makes it possible to see clearly and make sound decisions. That could be anything from recognizing a one-night stand for what it is and enjoying it while it lasts, to realizing that the guy or gal of your dreams has been sitting under your nose all along, and you were too scared, proud, or downright stupid to notice. On Sunday, Venus sextiles Jupiter, another fine day for settling into a realistic partnership. Positive Venus-Jupiter combinations also can be terrific for your finances, depending on where they’re transiting your chart.

To sum up, we’ve got our work cut out for us for the next few weeks, but we’re not without the resources to get it done.

I leave you with a stunning video that could change how you think of Saturn forever. And this is just the trailer:

In Saturn’s Rings

Wishing you all much love and lion-hearted courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast July 18: Sun Enters Leo, Mars Conjunct South Node

Grand finale. The Strawberry Festival parade ends with performers from dance and drumming classes taught by Rhythm Joy of Vashon. © Pat Paquette, 2011.

We should all get a breather this week, with the Sun moving into light-hearted Leo and, more importantly, no heavy outer planet transits to deal with. But that “other shoe about to drop” feeling just won’t go away.

Actually, I’d say there are quite a few shoes dangling in the power lines overhead, and a good wind could blow one of them down at any moment. Action planet Mars likely will supply the gust, so I jotted down a few dates to watch.

The Mars force often is the trigger to activate degrees that have been sensitized by a recent eclipse or major aspect. If you’ve already experienced a big change or significant event tied to these aspects, then it’s not likely you’ll get a sudden surprise when Mars crosses these degrees. The Mars trigger is more important for those who haven’t yet had the closure or “grand finale” of the Capricorn-Cancer eclipse series.

In Gemini, Mars is cruising through the territory of the new series of eclipses that began on the solstice in December 2010. The eclipses on June 1 and June 15 were in this series, which is marking a departure for many people, a new path to follow. Mars activated the June 1 eclipse a couple of weeks ago and crosses the lunar eclipse point on July 26.

This week, he conjoins the lunar South Node, which will be direct at the time of conjunction. The lunar nodes normally move retrograde. The periods when they are direct seem to provide access to dimensions beyond the human perception of time. For some, this can manifest as glimpses of the future or distant past, or meetings with people from other incarnations.

The bigger impact will occur August 2-3, when Mercury turns retrograde and Mars enters Cancer. The first three weeks of August are potentially explosive, individually and collectively. That’s why I suggest resting and having fun now, while things “up there” are processing in the background. The Sun enters Leo on Friday, just in time for an enjoyable weekend.

Even before he enters Cancer, Mars will start activating last summer’s T-square and at the same time form a grand cross with Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn. Although Saturn is in a fairly wide square at this point, Mars will “carry forward” the energies of the other planets, and in the famous words of baseball great Yogi Berra, it will be “déjà vu all over again.”

I do know some people who have completed a cycle and are starting a new one. For me, the new path is that I’m now officially registered to go back to school this fall for film and video production. It’s a rigorous two-year program, so I won’t have as much time and energy to devote to RealAstrologers or individual consultations. If you’ve been thinking about a reading, I strongly encourage you to schedule it in the next two months. Once classes start, I’ll keep you updated about my availability.

However, as I’ve pointed out in previous posts, many of us (myself included) have faced multiple issues over the past two years, and not all of them are wrapped up. This is partly due to the nature of the T-square and grand cross; they affect several houses in your chart. Moreover, others you’re involved with have their own transits, and what’s happening between you may be part of their big picture rather than yours. If they haven’t completed the cycle, then it’s not complete for you, either. Mars crosses the degree of the July 1 eclipse – the last in the Capricorn-Cancer series – on August 17, which is another potential “wrap-up” date.

Appropriately, Berra also is credited with the saying, “It ain’t over till it’s over.”

Wishing you all the love and courage of Leo,

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast July 21: Sun in Leo, Setup for Eclipses in Leo and Aquarius

Tres Riches Heures, AugustThe Sun enters his own sign of Leo this week, setting the stage for a pair of eclipses in August that will affect Leo, Aquarius, and anyone with major planets or chart points in the fixed signs.

If you’ve known a strong Leo personality, you know that they tend to be the biggest presence in the room, and they often think the world revolves around them. And to a certain degree, it does. Like planets revolving around the Sun in our solar system, we want to bask in Leo’s warmth, charm, and confidence.

Each sign of the Zodiac rules a part of the body, and Leo rules the heart, the true center of the mind. The brain is just a tool. The French word for the heart, coeur, comes from the same Latin root as core, or center. It also is the root of courage, one of my favorite words. To encourage someone means “to give heart.”

This is the special gift of Leo, and it’s a gift we can give ourselves during this special time when the Sun shines brightly in his own sign. What is truly in your heart? Who are you at the center, stripped of all the accumulated layers of programming and baggage? Is logic a support system for you, or does it rule your actions? (And are you sure about that?)

Leo is associated with the fifth house, the area of the chart associated with romance, children, and fun. In the Northern Hemisphere, August typically is a time of summer vacations, pool parties, and barbecues with friends. This week is great for all of those activities, as astrological energies are relatively calm this week – the calm before the storm for many, so take advantage while you can.

Here’s how this week shakes out:

On Tuesday, the Sun enters Leo. Later in the day, Mercury in Cancer trines the Moon and Uranus, which conjoin in Pisces. If you make an attempt to communicate from the heart, the results could surprise you. Deeper connections can form this way.

Mercury enters Leo on Friday, bringing out the prankster in those who are predisposed and maybe even some of you who normally are more reserved. Have fun!

Also on Friday, Mars trines retrograde Jupiter. With both planets in practical earth signs, this is good energy to put into strengthening your material and financial base.

As I said, pretty easy week! Not so next week, with a New Moon solar eclipse on Friday, August 1, at 9 degrees Leo. This one will be right on the Ascendant in Washington, D.C., so it’s possible that we may hear some disturbing news from the White House – well, more so than usual. Two weeks after that, on August 16, there will be a Full Moon lunar eclipse at 24 degrees Aquarius, conjunct Neptune.

As we get closer to the eclipses, I’ll have more, and Neith will provide some insight in her popular lunation reports. Stay tuned!

Love and blessings,

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: August, from the illuminated manuscript, Les Très Riches Heures du Duc du Berry, by the Limbourg Brothers, c. 1412-1416. Musée Condé, Chantilly