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Ask Real Astrologers: Has My Sun Sign Changed?What About Ophiuchus?

Looking for AnswersThis week’s question comes from Blake in the United States:

Browsing the Internet today, I saw the excitement over Ophiuchus, the proposed 13th astrological symbol. Since the unofficial addition, the dates for sun signs seem to change … While all this seems so boisterous and asinine I decided to investigate what my proposed “new sign” would be (Sagittarius). Well, it turns out, I relate more to the Sagittarius sign than Capricorn. It’s like I found my “true” sign amidst all this “new information” on star signs.

How do I interpret this? Can your “sign” actually shift or am I projecting my craziness to Jupiter?

Blake, Blake, Blake … How on earth can we even begin to set the record straight when Time magazine is reporting this idiocy as some kind of scientific (read God-given) truth? Continue reading

Ask Real Astrologers: What’s In Store for Taurus Sun?

Looking for AnswersThis week’s question comes from Jezi in Princeton, N.J.:

Taurus is my Sun sign, and I have Venus in Gemini, so I’m trying to understand what both Venus and Mercury entering Taurus this week means for me and I confess to getting a bit confused trying to sort it out!

This is a great question, Jezi, as it allows me to explain a bit about Sun sign astrology and why it can be useful in some applications but limited in others.

When you say you’re a Taurus, that means the Sun was moving through the sign of Taurus when you were born. This occurs roughly from April 20 to May 20, but the exact dates can change from one year to the next. For those who are born near the date change, or “cusp,” it’s important to get an accurate birth chart, which you can do online (more info below) or with a professional astrologer.

The horoscopes you read in the newspaper and online are written with Sun signs in mind. This technique of forecasting is called Sun sign astrology. There are a few astrologers who do it well, and more and more astrologers are adding the caveat that you also should read for your Rising sign, or Ascendant. In many ways, the Ascendant provides more information about you than your Sun sign, and it’s critically important in forecasting, as it determines the layout of your chart. To know your Rising sign, you have to have an accurate birth time. You also need to know the place of birth.

The birth time you gave me, Jezi, makes you a Rising Cancer. You may find that you get a more accurate horoscope online if you read for Cancer. At the end of this post, I’ll give you some URLs for my favorite Sun sign forecasts.

Back to your original question, when Venus and Mercury enter Taurus, you won’t necessarily notice any effects until they actually align with your Sun. In the case of Venus, you may experience a day or two of good feelings, affection, and creativity, and you may feel like having a party or celebrating with friends. Flowers and beautiful objects will appeal to you even more than usual. Mercury on your Sun generally brings lots of communications.

Because Venus and Mercury move quickly relative to the Earth, these effects will be fleeting. However, when we look at where Venus and Mercury are moving through your chart, we can predict some longer-term trends. This is especially important right now, since Mercury is about to go retrograde in Taurus. Where you have Taurus in your chart tells us what area of your life is likely to be disrupted by Mercury’s retrograde effects.

In your case, Jezi, that’s the eleventh house, which rules friends, involvement with groups, humanitarian causes, and your hopes and wishes for the future. I’ve had some terrible misunderstandings with friends during periods when Mercury was retrograde in my eleventh house. Once or twice, the arguments were severe enough to end the friendship. You also may have an urge to examine your aspirations for the future and revise where necessary.

Venus transits to the eleventh house typically are very pleasant times when your friends assume more importance in your life. Getting together is tons of fun right now, especially if it involves good food and other indulgences, which Taurus is known for.

I hope that doesn’t confuse you more, Jezi! But there is really no way to simplify it. Astrology is a complex art and science, and attempts to make it simpler can strip it of its accuracy and power.

For a free copy of your birth chart, I highly recommend Astrodienst, the Swiss astrology site. Once you get more proficient in astrology, there are all kinds of ways you can manipulate charts for personal information. Still, be advised that this is never a substitute for a reading with a professional astrologer.

Sun sign astrology on the Web:
Soulgarden.tv. Daily horoscopes delivered in fabulous high-tech format by Christopher Witecki, an inspired and inspiring astrologer in Los Angeles.
AstrologyZone. Detailed monthly horoscopes by Susan Miller, one of the best-loved astrologers on the Web. She can be frighteningly accurate, provided that you read the best sign for you.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

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Ask Real Astrologers: Which Horoscope Is More Accurate?

This week’s question comes from Dee in New Zealand:

In my boyfriend’s chart, the recent eclipse in Cancer fell in his fifth house. When reading some horoscopes for that week, I noticed that for Virgo, the eclipse was apparently in the eleventh house, and it was Pisces whose fifth house would be activated.

Now I am a bit confused as to how the houses work and wondering whether it would be more accurate to attribute a Pisces horoscope for him. I realize the beginning of his fifth house is at the end of Gemini, but when you look at it, most of the fifth house is taken up by Cancer. So is Cancer in his fifth or is Gemini his fifth house “ruler?” Or both? And does that mean both Virgo and Pisces horoscopes would be accurate? I have really got myself confused over this one and hope you even understand my question!

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Oh, yes, Dee, we understand your question! It made me chuckle, actually, because Neith and I have written a lot about why Sun sign horoscopes are of limited usefulness. Your boyfriend’s chart is a perfect example.

As you note, your friend is a Virgo. In astrology, we say that Virgo is his Sun sign, because the Sun was moving through the sign of Virgo at the time of his birth. However, we also have a Rising sign (or Ascendant), which is the sign that was on the eastern horizon at the moment we were born. In your friend’s case, that was 28 degrees Aquarius.

The horoscopes you read in newspapers, magazines, and online are written by Sun sign, not Rising sign. So for your Virgo boyfriend, the astrologer puts 0 degrees Virgo on the Ascendant, 0 degrees Libra on the cusp of the second house, 0 degrees Scorpio on the cusp of the third house, and so forth. Sun sign astrologers have different techniques for writing horoscopes, but the most popular method is to look at transits to the solar houses. In my opinion, this is usually not very accurate, and it leaves astrology open to very valid criticism.

Even though your boyfriend is a Rising Aquarius, his first house is taken up mostly by Pisces, and that’s why his chart appears to be more like a Pisces, and he will get the most out of Sun sign horoscopes if he reads for Pisces. This won’t be 100-percent foolproof, but he may get pretty good results a lot of the time.

If you’re interested, you can find out more about Sun sign horoscopes in an article in my archive.

I hope this clears up some of your confusion, Dee, and thanks for the really great question!

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s response:

Dee, thankfully you do have a birth time for your Virgo, because that clarifies matters considerably. This is also a great opportunity for you to learn more about how astrology works.

Another way to double-check which house is activated by the eclipse is to review what the dominant themes in his life are right now. The fifth house traditionally is associated with Leo, so we’re talking children, creativity, romantic encounters, and the desire to enjoy life a little.

It is so easy to get lost in the forest of details with astrology that one is often further ahead to stay with the simplest explanation. My rule of thumb is always to check to see if a transiting planet forms an aspect of two degrees or less to natal planets, the Ascendant or the Midheaven. If there aren’t any aspects, then relax!

This has been a very busy eclipse season, and naturally the most dramatic events are those being reported on various astrological blogs. Do keep in mind there are millions of folks around the world whose lives were not disrupted at all.

Remember to have fun with your study of astrology, Dee! It has a lot to offer just about anyone.

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