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Weekly Forecast March 23: Sun Trine Saturn, Venus Square Jupiter

The Structure Beneath. © Gretchen Friedrich, 2015.

The Structure Beneath. © Gretchen Friedrich, 2015.

This week is a mixed bag astrologically, but it could turn out quite well for many of us.

The bad news is that the Uranus-Pluto square remains close until the end of April, and we’re coming up on a total lunar eclipse that reinforces its explosive, destructive nature. Also, the period between eclipses can feel just plain weird. I usually feel like I’m in some kind of a twilight zone, not all “here” and but not all “there.”

The good news is that this week’s aspects are all largely positive. The Sun in Aries is more upbeat and active than it was in Pisces, and the trine from the Sun to Saturn is a good combination Continue reading

Weekly Forecast May 26: New Moon in Gemini, Venus Enters Taurus

Begonias.  © Pat Paquette.

Begonias. © Pat Paquette.

This past week has been weird, almost like a Mercury retrograde period, but with more irritation.

Since Friday, Mercury has been in the “shadow” period before his next retrograde begins on June 7. Sometimes we experience the manifestations of the retrograde during the run-up. Many of you have noted that in the past. I think that will be all the more true this time, with Mars just coming out of retrograde and moving back toward a T-square with Uranus and Pluto. Both Mercury and Mars are moving very slowly (what it looks like from here on Earth), with corresponding events such as delays in transportation, missed and confused communications, errors in telephone and online orders, and so forth. Continue reading

Weekly Forecast March 12: Mercury Retrograde, Venus Conjunct Jupiter

In the past week, I made a couple of stunning new friends. But first, I had to make friends with retrograde Mars.

I’m fond of saying that Mars doesn’t stir up trouble where it doesn’t already exist, but you can bet that if there’s a bomb that’s been waiting to go off, a Mars transit will light the fuse. That’s especially true for Mars retrograde.

The conflict I’ve been engaged in since Mars shifted motion on January 23 really was an outgrowth of existing situations that I’d set aside with the intention of “moving forward.” This past week, I finally got it. I understood the role of this particular conflict, and that allowed me to detach. I moved forward, all right – but not in the way that was expected or advised. For once, I followed my own advice. I “made peace with conflict.” Like an expertly trained Doberman, Mars not only was my best friend, but a highly efficient bodyguard.

I’m hopeful that Mercury will serve a similar purpose when he turns retrograde tomorrow (March 12). Already, I’ve got an urge to clean up and organize everything, from classroom binders to my bathroom supply closet. I’m also going through old material that has been in my computer for years. For the next three weeks, I’ll be in massive research and planning mode for a new project in the works. The timing couldn’t be better.

Breaking down an untenable situation was necessary in order to build a new, more sustainable structure. Fortunately, I knew that – a perfect example of what we can do when we understand astrological patterns and work with them. It doesn’t make the breakdown any less painful, but knowing that it’s for a purpose does make it easier to accept. Once I did that, doors began flying open with astonishing speed.

Even more astounding have been the synchronicities. They’ve been coming in multiples, some faster than the neurons could fire in my brain. That’s how I met two extraordinary women – on International Women’s Day, no less. One of them is an accomplished artist with an interest in astrology, whose work I’ll start featuring next week.

As the synchronicities piled up one on top of another, somehow I ended up on the website for the 2006 film adaptation of James Redfield’s The Celestine Prophecy. I read the book when it first came out in the early 90s and wasn’t a huge fan. Still, I got shivers yesterday when I re-read the “insights,” several of which mention the increase in frequency of synchronicities. I’ve observed a growing phenomenon over the past year in my life and the lives of my clients, but incidents have been off the chart this past week.

The really good news this week is the annual conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. It’s a sight to behold, too! They’re so bright you can see them even with city lights – but all the better if you’re in a more rural location. This year, the conjunction occurs in Taurus, the sign Venus rules and the “earthiest” of all the earth signs, and it also is one “leg” of a earth trine with Mars and Pluto. Trines are the luckiest configurations in astrology, and earth trines are the most favorable for manifesting tangible, material results. Now, this isn’t about the “secret” to acquiring every toy your ego lusts for, so forget the diamond choker in the window at Tiffany’s. We’re talking about having everything you need in this particular place in space and time so that you can do what you came here to do. It’s also about making connections with like-minded individuals to collaborate with as a team.

We’ll be feeling this positive vibe for most of the week, despite Mercury’s station. Indeed, some of the connections you make are likely to be re-connections. What’s more, Mercury has been closely conjunct Uranus and will make another exact pass on Saturday, so some of the contacts you make will surprise and perhaps even shock you.

Lastly, remember that we are nearing the end of the astrological year. With Mercury, Mars, and Saturn retrograde, this is a good time to review your progress since the solstice on December 22, especially in terms of relationships, commitment, and why you’re here. Next week’s Equinox and powerful New Moon in Aries mark another milestone as we head in a new direction. We’ve got a short time to sit, breathe, look back at where we’ve been, and set new goals.

Wishing you limitless love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast March 5: Mercury Conjunct Uranus, Full Moon in Virgo

Fish fighting for food. © Renars Jurkovskis for Dreamstime.com

As we head into even more conflict this week, it’s a good time to discuss the general idea of conflict.

Simply put, we need conflict. Rather than trying to make it go away, we might do better to understand its role in our growth and evolution. We need to learn to make peace with conflict, as it were.

How many people think conflict is bad by definition and to be avoided? In fact, there is no avoiding conflict. We don’t all want the same things, and that, in a nutshell, is the source of conflict. There seems to be a movement these days toward trying to get everyone to want and need the same thing. We’re all supposed to hold hands, sing Kumbaya, acknowledge that we’re all part of the human family, etcetera ad nauseam. The first tactic is to try to persuade everyone to agree on what’s desirable. When that doesn’t happen (and it never will), group leaders resort to underhanded, manipulative tactics to try to coerce others to accept their worldview – the whole point being to avoid conflict. It’s comical, when you think about it. The result, however, is no laughing matter.

One of the most insidious manipulation techniques I’ve had to grapple with over the past couple of weeks is the use of pop psychology terms applied backwards. I’m reminded of a situation I encountered as a teenager babysitting two small children for the couple next door. Jody, 5, had discovered an ingenious means of getting what she wanted. She’d walk up to her 3-year-old brother, Danny, and grab his toy, often by force. When he put up the predictable protest (which typically involved hitting and pushing), she’d go to her mother and complain in her best victim voice, “Danny won’t share” or “Danny hit me.” I witnessed poor Danny getting spanked more than once. Finally, I said something to their mother, who immediately called Jody into the room and asked whether it was true that she took Danny’s toys. Of course, Jody lied, and her mother accepted her word over mine. I tried to help Danny by giving him extra special attention and care. But then Jody started making a fuss whenever I babysat. I don’t need to tell you how that turned out.

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about how this story applies to many relationships today, be they political, social, personal, or romantic. For my part, I’ve had intimate contact with the aggressive side of Mars over the past few weeks, and I’ve finally realized with crystal clarity that it serves a productive purpose – even as it destroys. The old and unworkable needs to be eliminated in order to clear the way for the new and sustainable. The destroyer is serving a high and noble cause, but invariably, he is labeled “bad” and “negative.” It does tend to make him a bit feisty and irritable. Hopefully, under Mercury and Mars retrograde, some light will be shed on how situations and relationships devolved into irreconcilable conflict and how we can move past these obstacles to reach our goals.

Saturn retrograde in Libra with Mars retrograde is helping us to understand the role of conflict in finding balance. Balance doesn’t happen by forcing everyone into agreement – if that were even possible. We need multiple points of view. Without them, what we have is the tyranny of the majority our forefathers warned against. Have you ever noticed that when disagreements arise, people tend to try to convince others of their position and then form a group of people who think the same way? Truth isn’t determined by numbers.

As of last Friday, Mercury is in Aries, so now he and Mars are in mutual reception. As I predicted, the noise level went up immediately, and it will go up another several decibels when Mercury turns retrograde on March 12. In addition, computer problems are escalating from the merely frustrating to the absolutely ridiculous. I’ve been editing a spot for the film and video program that should have taken a week. Due to computer breakdowns, I’m now in my fourth week and counting. If any of you tried to access RealAstrolgers yesterday, you may have noticed a page of error messages. The fix took more than three hours, although I can’t fault my web host, InMotion Hosting. They were extra busy yesterday – big surprise there – and did the job as fast as they could. And they were so darn polite – a real feat, given the astrological climate. On Thursday, I received an e-mail from a client about a computer nightmare at her workplace that could turn into total chaos when her company switches over to a new system on March 12. Monday’s conjunction of Mercury and Uranus is the spark that ignites the electrical fire – literally and figuratively. I can’t say it enough: back up your computer data!

Chart for Full Moon in Virgo

Click on image to enlarge

Thursday’s Full Moon in Virgo likely will bring a lot of conflict to a head, so be prepared. As the volume increases, seek to maintain your integrity and responsibility – two key ideas for Saturn in Libra. Know what you want, why you want it, and what you have to do to get it. Know the difference between selfishness and enlightened self-interest. This distinction will become increasingly important as Uranus approaches an exact square with Pluto. Conflicts that emerge now actually can help you clarify your goals and purpose.

On the positive side – and there is one, thank goddess – Venus enters Taurus on Monday. Jupiter also is in Taurus, and these two are quite a lucky pair. They’ll form an exact conjunction next week, but they’re close enough at the Full Moon to create a positive vibe for manifesting real, concrete results, despite the tension and conflict – or perhaps because of it. Venus and Jupiter will form one leg of an earth trine with Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo. This creative configuration reinforces the notion that the destructive force of Mars is breaking down structures that are no longer serving us, clearing space for a fresh start. We’ve been traveling that road since summer of 2010 (some of us earlier), and this is a major milestone.

Again, it’s helpful to keep our sights on our long-term goals and our life’s purpose as we navigate through the rough seas of the next few weeks. Look for new developments that will blossom with the spring flowers, after Mercury and Mars return direct in the first half of April. Speaking of spring flowers, Venus sextiles Neptune on Tuesday, giving us an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature as an antidote to all the BS.

Wishing you infinite love, courage, and beauty,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Ask Real Astrologers: What’s In Store for Taurus Sun?

Looking for AnswersThis week’s question comes from Jezi in Princeton, N.J.:

Taurus is my Sun sign, and I have Venus in Gemini, so I’m trying to understand what both Venus and Mercury entering Taurus this week means for me and I confess to getting a bit confused trying to sort it out!

This is a great question, Jezi, as it allows me to explain a bit about Sun sign astrology and why it can be useful in some applications but limited in others.

When you say you’re a Taurus, that means the Sun was moving through the sign of Taurus when you were born. This occurs roughly from April 20 to May 20, but the exact dates can change from one year to the next. For those who are born near the date change, or “cusp,” it’s important to get an accurate birth chart, which you can do online (more info below) or with a professional astrologer.

The horoscopes you read in the newspaper and online are written with Sun signs in mind. This technique of forecasting is called Sun sign astrology. There are a few astrologers who do it well, and more and more astrologers are adding the caveat that you also should read for your Rising sign, or Ascendant. In many ways, the Ascendant provides more information about you than your Sun sign, and it’s critically important in forecasting, as it determines the layout of your chart. To know your Rising sign, you have to have an accurate birth time. You also need to know the place of birth.

The birth time you gave me, Jezi, makes you a Rising Cancer. You may find that you get a more accurate horoscope online if you read for Cancer. At the end of this post, I’ll give you some URLs for my favorite Sun sign forecasts.

Back to your original question, when Venus and Mercury enter Taurus, you won’t necessarily notice any effects until they actually align with your Sun. In the case of Venus, you may experience a day or two of good feelings, affection, and creativity, and you may feel like having a party or celebrating with friends. Flowers and beautiful objects will appeal to you even more than usual. Mercury on your Sun generally brings lots of communications.

Because Venus and Mercury move quickly relative to the Earth, these effects will be fleeting. However, when we look at where Venus and Mercury are moving through your chart, we can predict some longer-term trends. This is especially important right now, since Mercury is about to go retrograde in Taurus. Where you have Taurus in your chart tells us what area of your life is likely to be disrupted by Mercury’s retrograde effects.

In your case, Jezi, that’s the eleventh house, which rules friends, involvement with groups, humanitarian causes, and your hopes and wishes for the future. I’ve had some terrible misunderstandings with friends during periods when Mercury was retrograde in my eleventh house. Once or twice, the arguments were severe enough to end the friendship. You also may have an urge to examine your aspirations for the future and revise where necessary.

Venus transits to the eleventh house typically are very pleasant times when your friends assume more importance in your life. Getting together is tons of fun right now, especially if it involves good food and other indulgences, which Taurus is known for.

I hope that doesn’t confuse you more, Jezi! But there is really no way to simplify it. Astrology is a complex art and science, and attempts to make it simpler can strip it of its accuracy and power.

For a free copy of your birth chart, I highly recommend Astrodienst, the Swiss astrology site. Once you get more proficient in astrology, there are all kinds of ways you can manipulate charts for personal information. Still, be advised that this is never a substitute for a reading with a professional astrologer.

Sun sign astrology on the Web:
Soulgarden.tv. Daily horoscopes delivered in fabulous high-tech format by Christopher Witecki, an inspired and inspiring astrologer in Los Angeles.
AstrologyZone. Detailed monthly horoscopes by Susan Miller, one of the best-loved astrologers on the Web. She can be frighteningly accurate, provided that you read the best sign for you.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

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Weekly Forecast June 1: Venus Enters Taurus, Full Moon in Sagittarius

Darcy and LizzieAre we still on the same planet? This week has a very different feel to it.

To start with, Mercury is now direct. Even though he’s not moving very fast, his forward motion has a ripple effect on Saturn, who recently went direct in Mercury-ruled Virgo. In a way, it’s as though both of these planets have gone direct at the same time. This week, we should see movement on many fronts. Indeed, it may be faster than is comfortable, depending on where these two are transiting your chart.

As Mercury gathers speed this week, he’ll return to an exact square with Chiron and Neptune, the third and final pass of a three-part aspect. If you’ve been dealing with confusion, or if you’ve felt that someone was withholding important information from you, it should come out soon. Keep your antennae up, but be careful with things you pick up intuitively, as Neptune messes with that particular skill in us. We can feel things quite strongly, only to find out that we had our wires crossed big-time. Your intuition is a good guide, but wait to act on it until the hard facts surface.

Neptune and Chiron have just gone retrograde, so this is a particularly powerful time for messages of healing old wounds. I received several reports of people feeling lighter after last week. I certainly feel like my load has been lightened. With clearer channels, we can more directly and powerfully affect our external circumstances.

At the same time, we might feel a little lazier than usual, with Mars in Taurus. Maybe you’ve seen the bumper sticker slogan, “My get up and go got up and went.” Well, that pretty much describes Mars in Taurus. Many of us need a rest, though, so don’t fight it. Grab your remote and watch back-to-back reruns of your favorite television serial. For me, it will be the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. I’ve been known to watch all six episodes in a night!

Speaking of romantic relationships, this should be an interesting week, as Venus and Mars are in mutual reception. That means she’s in his sign, and he’s in hers. This is a rare opportunity to put yourself in the other’s shoes, which could go a long way toward healing rifts between you and a loved one. If you experience any major developments with a romantic partner, leave a comment here, as I’d love to have your feedback. And thank you, by the way, to everyone who shared their observations and experiences in last week’s forecast.

On Tuesday, Venus sextiles Chiron, Neptune, and Jupiter. This is such an easy aspect that it may go unnoticed for many of us. However, those of us who have been going through internal healing may notice some ripple effects in their relationships. Even subtle internal changes can significantly affect how we interact with others.

On Thursday, Mars trines Pluto, adding more fuel to our personal and collective transformation. This is a good time to examine your motivation, especially when it comes to others. It’s human nature to want to control the circumstances around us to some degree, but manipulating others to get what we want can backfire. Practice the fine art of being bonded to another person without being attached to any particular outcome.

On Friday, the Sun squares Saturn, and we may feel some tension for a day or two on either side. This aspect typically involves authority figures, such as your boss or parents. If you are the boss or a parent, you may be in a situation in which you have to exert your authority. If you must, be kind and be fair.

Venus enters Taurus on Saturday and begins winging her way toward her third conjunction with Mars in less than a year. This one is going to be very different than the others, and I think we all will be pleasantly surprised. Much of the tension we’ve been feeling in our romantic relationships should lighten up so that we can enjoy each other. As I see it, sensual pleasures are the reason we incarnate. I don’t know about you, but if it weren’t for sex and chocolate, I’d prefer staying in a disincarnate state in another part of the galaxy.

Sunday is the Full Moon in Sagittarius, and this should be a big one, with delayed results from the New Moon on May 24, while Mercury was retrograde. As usual, Neith will have a full report, so check back mid-week.

Wishing you all much love and courage,

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle in the outstanding BBC production of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. I love this story as a metaphor for Venus and Mars in mutual reception. Then, I just plain love this story!

What your Venus says about the contents of your underwear drawer

 Lilith by Rossetti  
With the Sun and Venus in Taurus now, this Libra person is thinking about all things related to love, beauty, and desire. And what does Venus like more than pretty undergarments? So I’m going to have a little fun with this . . .

Because Venus travels close to the Sun, she is usually in the same sign or one of the two neighboring signs. She represents our sense of aesthetics, our idea of fun and pleasure and is all about our personal style. Of course, aspects from other planets will affect her expression but that’s for another post!

Venus in Aries is not a patient shopper. If she can find a brand that fits and is easy to come by, she’ll stick with it. This Venus is my candidate for having a fire-engine red bra stuck in the back of her drawer that really looked hot in the store but didn’t fit well after she got home. She also goes for active sportswear undergarments. Even those with Pisces and Taurus Suns will be more adventurous with Venus in the sign of the Ram.

Not surprisingly, Venus in Taurus loves silk lingerie – smooth, soft, and sensual. If you want to make your Taurus sweetie very happy, buy her silk to wear against her skin. She is more concerned with the tactile than the visual, although she’ll love muted, earth tones. Earthy Venus in Taurus helps Aries and Gemini Suns tune into their sensual side.

Venus in Gemini, an air sign, is more experimental and willing to at least try on the latest and greatest fad. She will shop just about anywhere and pick up items because they are fun and catch her eye. Gemini has no problem with bright colors and synthetic fabrics as long as it’s new and different. Taurus and Cancer Sun folks will be far more willing to try something new with this Venus in their charts.

Venus in Cancer prefers comfort to fashion. If the climate is on the cool side, this one will go for flannel nightwear. Cancer likes to stay with tried-and-true designs, nothing fancy. She is likely to be the most comfortable with the idea of appearing matronly. A Gemini or Leo Sun will liven up Venus in Cancer considerably.

Venus in Leo . . . think Madonna’s bustier outfits and visible bras in bright colors. This Venus likes her undergarments to be noticed and appreciated and will go for drama and flair to draw more attention to herself. Having Venus in Leo will give both Cancer and Virgo Suns more pizzazz.

Venus in Virgo is more likely to get excited about having undies made using bamboo fibers. Bamboo is eco-friendly, very soft, and naturally deters bacteria – all of which appeal to Virgo sensibilities. Virgo is less likely to be concerned about style and color than Libra, for instance, but it darn well better fit. Venus in Virgo tones down a Leo Sun and has Libra Sun paying more attention to natural fibers over synthetics

Rose by Waterhouse

Venus in Libra is most likely to go for feminine frills with lots of lace on her sleepwear, but it has to be good quality and soft to the touch – Venus rules Libra, too. She certainly won’t turn down pretty silk lingerie or fine cotton lawn nightwear but will prefer softer colors – no fire engine red for this one. Venus is well placed in Libra, and she’ll give both Virgo and Scorpio Suns more feminine sensibilities.

Venus in Scorpio will pick up that daring garter belt to wear with thigh-high black stockings. She’ll also be inclined to wear silk undergarments under a ratty sweatshirt and jeans to titillate her lover’s imagination – or wear nothing at all. Ha! A Libra or Sagittarius Sun will qualify for HOT if her Venus is in Scorpio.

Venus in Sagittarius will opt for functional, if given a choice, because she just wants to put it on and head out the door. Keep the frills to a minimum please and forget the lace – it scratches. Pure organic cotton is on the top of this one’s list. Both Scorpio and Capricorn Sun folks will be willing to lighten up and fuss less for Venus in Sagittarius.

Ms. Venus in Capricorn not only prefers high quality silky lingerie, she also loves the idea of wearing sexy items under her conservative business suit. It’s a good idea to shop for high-end brands if you want to impress this choosy person, because she will look. If she is shopping for herself, Venus in Capricorn will wait for her favorites to go on sale, demonstrating Saturnine frugality. Sagittarius and Aquarius Suns both benefit from Venus in Capricorn’s sense of class and timeless styling.

For Venus in Aquarius, paying attention to what she wears depends on her mood and her lover. For the most part, undergarments are almost an afterthought, with comfort and good fit much higher on the scale than appearance. Like Virgo, she also will go for eco-conscious fibers like organic cotton and bamboo. This Venus will give Capricorn and Pisces Suns an eccentric edgier taste . . . electric blue lingerie anyone?

Venus in Pisces is the sweetheart of them all. Imagination is everything, and she prefers sheer fabrics in luminous colors that create an atmosphere of romance. Venus in Pisces is another who likes softness against her skin and the hidden beauty of lovely under-things that only she knows she’s wearing. This romantic Venus tones down and softens Aquarius and Aries Suns.

Venus rules Libra too posted by Neith . . .

Slogging Through the Obstacles

This is an exciting week, with major astrological shifts that should leave everyone feeling a lot better. I’m more than ready to get out of this stuck space, and I know you all are, too.

The week begins with several planets in their detriment or fall, including Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. As I noted in last week’s SkyWatch post, when planets are in their detriment or fall, the energies they embody are somehow “off,” and we feel it. Venus has been demanding and selfish in Aries, while Mars is paranoid, moody, and passive-aggressive in Cancer. In Capricorn, Jupiter turns into a workaholic, when he’s so much more jovial as master of ceremonies.

Although Mercury isn’t technically in detriment or fall in Taurus, this isn’t his best sign, and this will be doubly true when he squares Neptune on Tuesday. Slow, foggy, and confused thinking will be the order of the day. Have you ever been on the phone and momentarily forgotten who you were talking to? It’s like that…

On Wednesday, Venus enters Taurus, which is one of the signs she rules. We should start seeing signs of beauty, grace, and a general return of yumminess, with fewer selfish demands, especially among couples.

Thursday is May 1, celebrated as May Day and known to the ancient Celts as Beltaine, when virgins were deflowered, and it was OK to mate with someone other than your spouse. Venus trines Pluto, which is sure to create some irresistible temptation. And if you’re looking to make it more permanent, her trine with Saturn later in the day could bring just what you’re looking for. Saturn is about to turn direct, too, so this will be a powerful day for romantic commitment.

Saturn turns direct on Friday at 8:07 p.m. on the West Coast of the United States. He’ll take a week or two to start moving forward, but we all are going to start seeing some real progress in areas that have had us stuck for months. As I noted in a new post today on The Pisces Chronicles, the simultaneous station of Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn coincided with an interesting experience over the weekend that seems to have bumped me up a notch on the consciousness spiral. Among other things, I made some progress in a couple of areas where I’ve been desperately stuck. Could the chant to Ganesha (pictured above) have had anything to do with it? He’s apparently an expert on dealing with Saturn issues.

Earlier on Friday, Mercury enters Gemini. Seeing as how we’re interacting primarily in cyberspace, we’re going to feel this, and I’m betting it will be almost instant. Look for lots of communications activity this weekend.

Sunday will be deliciously lazy and sensual, with the Moon exalted in Taurus trining Pluto and Saturn, then conjoining Venus – all in preparation for Monday’s New Moon. Effects of the New Moon can be felt within three days before or after peak fullness, so we should start seeing the results of all the painful breaking down we’ve been going through since the Full Moon in Scorpio.

So hang in there, and keep in touch. One of the ways we learn about how astrology works is through the stories you leave here. And don’t be shy, even if English is not your native language. RealAstrologers.com is a truly international website, and it’s always exciting for us to hear from the four corners of the planet.

Much love and manifold blessings,
Gotta be freePat