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Ask Real Astrologers: Where Is Pluto Transiting My Chart?

Looking for AnswersThis week’s question comes from Jackie in Brooklyn, New York:

Every month, I visit the blogs, websites, and online forums of several astrologers who say that Rising Leos should have Pluto in their sixth house now. In fact, all of these astrologers say that my work life is being “transformed,” and it is in a way. I just started a new job that I love and I feel the pains and pleasures of fulfilling, challenging work.

However, when I pull my transit chart, it clearly shows that Pluto, now out of retrograde, is retracing his steps in the earliest degrees of Capricorn. This means that Pluto is still in my fifth house (and causing me a lot of romantic relationship drama for the past year and half!). My fifth and sixth houses were both partially in Capricorn at my birth. How should I read this current Pluto transit?

I just love getting this kind of question, Jackie, because it allows me to explain, once again, why generic horoscopes are of limited value. Since you know your Rising sign, you’re getting more out of them than people who read only for their Sun sign, but you very clearly understand the problem you’re bumping up against, and it can be frustrating.

While most Sun sign astrologers advise reading for your Sun sign as well as your Rising sign, that still doesn’t address the degree of your Ascendant. Reading for your Rising sign generally is more accurate, but you have to know the degree of your Ascendant and adjust accordingly. For example, if you were a late degree Rising Leo, it might be better to read the horoscope for Virgo.

If your Rising Sign is in the middle of a degree, as yours is, that makes it even harder to know which sign to read for. You ought to do pretty well if you read for both Leo and Virgo. According to Sun sign horoscope “rules,” Virgos now have Capricorn in their solar fifth house. But then it gets so confusing – all the more so when the astrologer writing the horoscope refers to you as a Virgo and talks about traits of that sign that don’t apply to you.

One of my favorite monthlies is written by Susan Miller, who is amazingly accurate provided you read for the right sign – and that could change throughout the year or even from one aspect she’s writing about to another. I sometimes end up reading pieces of four different signs to get a complete picture. You almost have to be an astrologer to figure it out.

Now, as to your specific Pluto problem … Pluto will not enter your sixth house until February 2013. So it looks like your romantic relationship drama is going to continue for awhile. Sorry.

I’ve been contemplating teaching a class about how to use online horoscopes to their best advantage. I also have a new means of writing horoscopes on the drawing board in an attempt to solve this problem for everyone. Watch this space in the weeks ahead for news.

In the meantime, there’s no substitute for a reading with a professional astrologer. It costs more, but it saves you a ton of time and guesswork.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

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Ask Real Astrologers: Sun Signs in Synastry

 This week’s question comes from Angelica in Samoa:

Virgo is compatible with Taurus and least compatible with Sagittarius, right? Well, I’ve been in a two-year relationship with a Sag, but have been having feelings for a Taurus man. I know that the stars say I would do better with this Taurus, but my Sag boyfriend just won’t let me go. And I am also finding it hard to let go. He’s been more than faithful and I truly feel he is the one. One of my fears is that later on, the predicted bachelor side will eventually kick in and he’ll have the urge to explore love elsewhere. My other fear is that my Taurus friend won’t wait much longer. Who should I go for: my faithful Sagittarian or my dearest Taurean?

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s answer:

If we go just by the Sun sign, then Virgo would be more compatible with Taurus, as both are earth signs. However, there is a wealth of other information to help determine compatibility between individuals using the whole natal chart based on time, place, and date of birth.

When we find ourselves connecting to someone who Sun sign astrology says is not a good match, it’s often because we our Moon, Venus, or Ascendant is in the same sign as our significant other’s Sun. For example, your Sagittarius sweetheart may have the Moon in Virgo or some other earth sign, giving him a means to relate to your Virgo Sun.

Traditionally, Sagittarius is the sign associated with unwillingness to commit, and Taurus is seen as stable and predictable. But other factors in the natal chart can cause them to behave just the opposite.

Right now, Saturn is transiting through Virgo, causing many of these somewhat solitary types to take a long look at the idea of committing and settling down. If you were born early in Virgo (birthday in late August) then this may be happening to you!

In this instance, you would benefit more from having one of us do a paid report for you going into more detail.

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s Answer:

Angelica, a decision as important as choosing a partner merits deeper exploration into their character than looking at stereotypical Sun sign traits. I would go so far as to say that Sun sign compatibility is almost meaningless. If we accomplish anything here on Real Astrologers, I hope it will be putting this common astrological misconception to rest.

I couldn’t agree more with Neith about the need to have a complete compatibility report. I’m not just saying this because we want your money. Astrological compatibility is truly complex and intricate, and I wouldn’t dream of giving you incomplete information when you’re about to make a decision that will affect the rest of your life.

Along those lines, I agree with Neith that we just can’t answer your question in enough depth in this column. We can answer general questions here, but questions about overall compatibility with a specific person need to be addressed in an individual report. We’re working on putting up sample reports so that our readers can see what you’ll get with each of our compatibility options. I also do telephone readings and am working on getting up to speed with Skype to extend this service internationally.

If we can be of further help, please contact us. Meanwhile, best of luck to you in finding the true love that you deserve.

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