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Sagittarius Rising: The Sagittarius Soul

Deepest apologies for not posting this earlier. With everything going on, it slipped through the cracks. Yet, there is some synchronicity in the delay. Ruth discusses how one finds deeper satisfaction in life – a timely message as we make a last-minute mad dash to pile presents under the tree. Even though Christmas falls within the period of Capricorn, the true meaning of the holiday is contained in this beautiful thought piece on truth-seeking Sagittarius. ~pq


The Hindu goddess Saraswati as Sagittarius. © Karen MacKenzie, 2013. Details below.

The Hindu goddess Saraswati as Sagittarius. © Karen MacKenzie, 2013. Details below.

As we continue our journey looking at the fear-based reactions and love-based expressions of the twelve zodiac signs, we arrive at Sagittarius, the sign of the seeker.

Sagittarius is associated with seeking, searching, teaching, learning, travel, philosophy, wisdom, religion, idealism, optimism, purpose, freedom, goals and truth. These all seem like worthy higher pursuits, yet when viewed through the lens of the fear-based ego can become badly distorted. Higher truth, freedom and spiritual goals can become fear-based dogma, opinions, freedom for selfish pursuits, and ego-driven materialistic goals. The lessons that begin in one sign are carried forward by the next, so like his predecessor Scorpio, Sagittarius is also learning the balance of power.

In Esoteric Astrology, we are told that the fire signs bring three gifts. In Aries we have the gift of existence; in Leo we have the gift of opportunity through individuality; and in Sagittarius we have the gift of power – but this is a higher power of which we speak, not power over others, which would be the egoic idea of power, but rather the power of self-mastery. The self-realization attained in Leo that became self-reliance in Scorpio is now set, in Sagittarius, to become self-mastery.

[quote cite=”~ Alan Leo”]We may define Esoteric Astrology as that side of the subject which views all stellar phenomena from the standpoint of unity; whilst Exoteric Astrology begins its study from the side of diversity and separateness. The Esoteric Astrologer looks upon the whole expression of life as proceeding from one central and primal source, and therefore seeks to understand the subject from the point of view of the One flowing forth into the many.[/quote]

Fear comes from the illusion of separation. Understanding this is key to understanding the higher wisdom of Sagittarius, because the highest wisdom comes from oneness. From unity consciousness. The awareness that all really is one. As long as our Sagittarian friend is caught in illusion and duality, his power will be directed toward self-advancement. There is a key distinction for Sagittarius to understand: whether the freedom he seeks is truly freedom from the illusion of ego, or whether he is simply seeking freedom for his ego!

The freedom to be oneself is one of the highest values in our Western culture, yet for the most part what we really mean is the freedom to do as we please. Yet doing as we please can keep us firmly stuck in our own conditioned behaviors and fear-based ego responses. When we really get everything we desire, we can become truly miserable and realize that none of it had the power to bring us deeper satisfaction and fulfillment. That can only come from within.

[quote cite=”~ George Bernard Shaw”]There are two great disappointments in life. Not getting what you want and getting it.[/quote]

Driven by innate curiosity and a thirst for knowledge about life, the universe, and everything, our Sagittarian friend is on a lifelong quest for truth. Yet Sagittarius is not called the sign of the philosopher for nothing. Philosophy is all about taking ideas and applying them to life in meaningful ways – in other words taking an idea and turning it into a rule or guide by which we “should” live. On the surface this might seem like a good thing. Having idealistic standards to strive for and moral codes to live by can only improve our lives, right? Yet that has been the story of human history from the onset. Each generation seeks to impose its set of rules, codes and standards on the society for the purpose of “improving” it. Mental concepts taken to extremes become dogma, and there is a fine line between philosophy and dogma.

[quote cite=”~ Osho”]A man’s true life is the way in which he puts off the lie imposed by others on him. Stripped, naked, natural, he is what he is. This is a matter of being, and not of becoming.[/quote]

When our Sagittarian friend becomes fearful, he clings to his mental concepts, has difficulty distinguishing personal opinion from truth, and may cling to dogma from a false sense of security. The highest wisdom that Sagittarius truly seeks is beyond words, language, and mental concepts. The universe has the power to create mountains, move oceans, grow rainforests, and fill them with a myriad of living beings, while simultaneously keeping the solar system orbiting around the Sun and maintaining the delicate inner workings of a human body, from digesting your food to making sure the oxygen levels in your cells are in perfect balance – all in silence and all without a single philosophy, moral code, or standard about how things ought to be done. Do you ever wonder how it coped before humans arrived on the scene to think about the “best way” to do life? Amazing!

The real power of Sagittarius comes when he realizes self-mastery, which begins with mastering his own thoughts and actions. When the Archer turns his arrow inward, he focuses on the correct goal, the journey to seek his true nature. Our true nature as human beings lies well beyond our capacity for thought and is discovered through direct perception. It is the difference between experiencing ice cream and thinking about ice cream!

[quote cite=”~ Ramana Maharshi”]There are no levels of Reality; only levels of experience for the individual.[/quote]

Through deeper meditative or spiritual practices Sagittarius begins to realize his deep connection with life itself. Feeling the pulse of life force energy surging through his veins, and when his busy mind becomes quiet, our Sagittarius friend wakes up to the realization that he is one with the very life force that is moving planets and creating universes. Through direct perception, he realizes that these universal forces are running through him and that he and the universe are one and the same. Through his own expanded perception and awareness, he arrives at the ultimate goal.

[quote cite=”~ Chögyal Namkhai Norbu”]Realization is not knowledge about the universe, but the living experience of the nature of the universe.[/quote]

The Tibetan Buddhist tradition speaks of “clear-light” wisdom, a higher wisdom beyond conceptual thinking that we can access when we have become stable enough in meditation to experience the true nature of mind, which is said to be clear light. Through meditative practices, the everyday mind is transcended, and the true nature of our clear light mind can be accessed. It is said that all wisdom can be known at this point, but it is not what we would normally think of as knowledge. It is not information. It doesn’t come in the form of words or thinking. It is through direct perception and resting in clear awareness that such wisdom is known.

Once there has even been a glimpse of recognition of the clear-light wisdom that lies beyond the chatter of our everyday mind, we have identified the true goal. This is the highest wisdom and deeper spiritual truth that our Sagittarian friends really seek. Through deeper contemplative practices, it is possible to abide continuously in this awareness, and by doing so, ever-deeper insights into the true nature of the universe will arise. We may realize that our awareness and the awareness of the universe are one and the same, and that the nature of the universe is awareness itself. In Tibetan Buddhism, this is said to be the ultimate wisdom.

[quote cite=”~ Osho”]Once your awareness becomes a flame, it burns up the whole slavery that the mind has created.[/quote]

If you have Sagittarius Rising, you may consider yourself to be a Sagittarian Soul, and your soul’s purpose is to uplift humanity through the revelation of truth and wisdom. To attain this highest of goals, you first need to transcend your own fear-based reactions, which may cause you to cling to opinions and manmade dogma as though they were spiritual truth. When you are free of such manmade concepts and self-imposed dogma, you are truly liberated. This is achieved by going deeper within on your own journey of self-exploration, where you realize your true power, recognize your true nature as oneness with all that is, and have access to the ultimate wisdom of the universe!



Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

To get your personal Soul Sign/Life Purpose Report (FREE with a consultation), contact Ruth via her website. You can also request a FREE mp3 download, “The Energetics of Soul Astrology.”

KarenMacK smKaren MacKenzie is working on a series of astrology inspired paintings using goddesses from different cultures. For more information about the symbolism in this print and to view other works in her ongoing series, check out her website, Karen MacKenzie Art.

Cancer Rising: The Cancer Soul

Cancer/Xochiquetzal, original artwork by Seattle artist Karen MacKenzie. See end of article for more info.

Cancer/Xochiquetzal, original artwork by Seattle artist Karen MacKenzie. See end of article for more info.

The sign of Cancer is associated with home, food, nourishment, family, nurturing, childbirth, motherhood, empathy, compassion, and emotional intelligence. Symbolised by the Crab it is also associated with the ocean, and like a crab it is associated with being near the ocean, yet living on the land.

Esoterically there are deep mysteries associated with the “quiet” sign of Cancer. Cancer is the smallest of the constellations, but that shouldn’t lead us to underestimate her power. Cancer is the cardinal water sign, and all cardinal signs are here to take the lead in some way: to pioneer, introduce enlightened ideas and new ways of being into a specific area. In the case of Cancer, that area is emotions. All water signs are about mastery of emotions, so as the cardinal water sign, Cancer is here to take the lead in terms of our personal emotional development and to lead us into a new era in the evolution of human consciousness through emotional intelligence.

Cancer: The Light Within The Form
~ The Tibetan, Esoteric Astrology

As we have seen in the previous articles in this series, our Rising sign (Ascendant) indicates awakening: how we awaken into our spiritual reality, how we awaken or are born into the world, and indeed how we awaken each day into the world. With Cancer Rising, you are really here to learn how to nourish yourself and others with your soul-light. The whole journey of the soul through the twelve zodiac signs is a story of light, building up the volume of light in our light-body, or soul, while simultaneously increasing the amount of light that can be held and processed in our physical bodies. When the soul is in Cancer there is the potential for you to become aware of your soul-light.

I build a lighted house and therein dwell.
~ The Tibetan, Esoteric Astrology

Our Rising sign indicates how we awaken into our world, into new situations, and stages of consciousness. According to the Tibetan in The Labours of Hercules: An Astrological Interpretation,” Cancer is the last of the four signs of preparation (read more about the stages of the soul’s journey in a previous post) and, as a cardinal sign, leads us into the next phase of our soul’s development. If you have Cancer Rising, you are about to leave the womb in a spiritual sense, and be born into the next phase of your soul’s development. It marks a rite of passage, where we are maturing into our Soul’s awakening.

Not only does our Rising Sign indicate awakening, but also the sign of Cancer is about birth and awakening. In Cancer, we experience the first glimmer of our soul’s presence. We begin to realize that we have a soul and are so much more than just a physical body. We awaken to a greater aspect of our being. If you have Cancer Rising, you are here to find your soul-light and, like a lighthouse keeper, keep your light lit, no matter what is going on in the world around you, even if it sometimes feels like trying to keep a candle alight in a howling gale!

The zodiac uses animal symbols to convey an impression of energetic qualities. The energy of Cancer is crab-like in many ways – for example, walking sideways! Cancerians tend to approach new situations side-on, as they feel their way forward. Rising Cancer tends to approach new people, places, and situations with caution, possibly a little trepidation, and maybe come at it sideways until they can establish a feeling of safety.

Have you ever watched crabs near the ocean? They have the ability to quickly bury themselves in the sand and hunker down to wait until the most dangerous tides have passed. We can use this symbology to understand the soul’s journey in Cancer. It is about where you place your attention. Because Cancer has the ability to attune to mass consciousness, it is too easy for Cancer to be swept away on the current tide of mass consciousness, fear, and emotional overreacting. This is where the Cancer soul needs to learn how to hunker down and ride out the tide. You do this by keeping your attention on your own light, not the tsunami of mass human emotion that is (apparently) heading your way. When you do this, you learn how to keep your soul-flame alight, and by so doing. you realize that the real key to changing the world lies in changing yourself.

Every jewel is intimately connected with all other jewels in the universe, and a change in one jewel means a change, however slight, in every other jewel.
~ Stephen Mitchell

As the sign of mass consciousness, Cancer has built-in radar, which you can send out to sense the mood and feelings of the collective. Your innate sense of connectedness with all of humanity is the source from which your deep empathy and ultimately compassion arises. This ability to feel what others are feeling is the key to understanding both the highest spiritual purpose of Cancer and the ego-based challenges at personality level.

Part of the journey for a Cancerian soul is to cultivate intuition. It isn’t easy, when you can tap into mass consciousness, to hear your own voice over and above the many. It also explains why the sign of Cancer is associated with fear and caution. If you have Cancer Rising, it is likely that you experience fear on waking each morning! This is because when you first awaken and your mind is quiet, this is the time that you are most tuned-in to the consciousness of the masses, and it is a simple fact that there is a lot of fear rippling through humanity at the moment. You are aware of it. You feel it. All cardinal signs are courageous signs of leadership. This may not be how you initially think of the sign of Cancer, but imagine the courage that is needed to stay focused on compassion in the face of a tide of human suffering and fear. On a very practical level, for someone with Cancer Rising, your first act of courage is to get out of bed in the morning in the face of all fear and to stay focused on your light throughout your day.

As the sign of emotional intelligence, part of your work in this lifetime is learning how to navigate through emotional frequencies so you don’t keep your attention on the wavelength of fear, but are able to transcend it and hold a higher emotional tone within your own being. You understand the truth of our connectedness by experiencing for yourself that the changes you make within your own being have a definite ripple-effect in the consciousness of humanity, and that you have the power to reduce fear in the world by first and foremost working on it within yourself. This process of emotional evolution through the water signs begins in Cancer (cardinal water), is consolidated in Scorpio (fixed water) and culminates in Pisces (mutable water).

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.  Without them humanity cannot survive.
~ HH XIV Dalai Lama

Through your own experience you begin to learn that compassion is not just an idea or a philosophy, but a real tangible energy that you can consciously flow through your own heart-center and, by doing so, you change the “flavour” in the ocean of human consciousness. The Dalai Lama has Cancer Rising and has spent a lifetime teaching, demonstrating, and transmitting compassion and unconditional love across all cultures and boundaries. This is the true nourishment that Cancer brings to the world: spiritual nourishment. When you transcend fear, you will come to know that the divine nectar of compassion, which flows through your heart, is what will truly nurture and nourish humanity on our journey of evolving consciousness.

If you have Cancer Rising, you are here to bring compassion and unconditional love into the world in ways that you possibly cannot imagine. You do this by overcoming fear and attachment, cultivating emotional intelligence, and fine-tuning your own intuition. Your spiritual home is the light that you always carry within, the whole world is your family, and you selflessly nourish others primarily through the emanation of your inner light.



Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer

Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

To get your personal Soul Sign/Life Purpose Report (FREE with a consultation), contact Ruth via her website. You can also request a FREE mp3 download, “The Energetics of Soul Astrology.”

Karen MacKenzie is working on a series of astrology inspired paintings using goddesses from different cultures. For more information about the symbolism in this print and to view other works in her ongoing series, check out her website, Karen MacKenzie Art.

Living Soul Astrology, Part I: Your Soul Sign

In today’s post, Ruth Hadikin takes us deeper into the exploration of Soul Astrology by explaining the concept of the “Soul Sign.” ~Pat

Stars on the Move, NASA

Stars on the Move. Image courtesy NASA/ESA.

The purpose of any spiritual path or practice is to support us in integrating our Soul and personality by developing Soul-awareness, recognition and identification.

Soul Astrology supports us in this process and our spiritual path by helping us to discern which of our personal qualities, traits, and tendencies are expressions of our Soul-light, and which is learned behaviour (personality-based).

When we begin to look at our natal chart from a spiritual perspective, it is important to remember that we are talking about energy. If you could see your natal chart in 3D (or better still multi-dimensionally), you would see a glorious rainbow-coloured mandala – indicating all the dynamic energies that combine to make up your energetic field. If you could see that visually, you would be able to detect a core vibration, a pure essence, almost like a fabric into which all the other energies are woven. This “fabric” would be your Soul Sign. A beautiful sight to behold!

[headline h=”5″]Your Soul Sign[/headline]

Your Ascendant (Rising Sign) is the essence of your Soul, because it comes in first. It is because your Soul is already resonating at that vibration that it can incarnate at that time and place. Your Ascendant creates a window of opportunity for your Soul to incarnate at that precise moment, in that precise location, because it is the same frequency. So for example, it is because you are a Cancer Soul that you incarnate when Cancer is rising on the horizon. It is your “wavelength,” and so you are able to “beam in” on this frequency!

It is important to be clear that it is not because Cancer is on the Ascendant that this makes you a Cancer Soul. You are a Cancer Soul already. Your Ascendant heralds the “dawn of your life” and, as such, is therefore the most important sign in Soul Astrology and can be considered your Soul Sign.

One of my mentors, Soul Astrologer Errol Weiner, explains in his book Transpersonal Astrology how your Soul stays in the same sign for seven incarnations, and it is possible, by measuring the degree of the Ascendant, to estimate how many lifetimes your Soul has been in this sign. So, in our example, if you have 14º Cancer on the Ascendant, you may have been a Cancer Soul for three or four lifetimes.

So have you always been a Cancer Soul? No. Your Soul is growing, changing, and passing through stages of development, just like your physical body does. When you were an infant, you went through the developmental stages of eating solid food, teething, sitting, standing, walking, and talking. Similarly, according to The Tibetan in Esoteric Astrology by Alice Bailey (AB), your Soul also passes through developmental stages.

[headline h=”5″]The Stages of Soul Development[/headline]

For the purpose of understanding Soul development, we can think of the twelve zodiac signs in three categories. The first four signs are the signs of “preparation.” This is where your “infant” Soul is growing, developing qualities, and taking shape. The next four signs are the signs of “crisis” or “challenge” where your “teenager” Soul has to begin functioning and applying these qualities. The latter four signs are the signs of service, where your mature Soul recognises its purpose, is skilled, and knows what to do in order to serve for the highest good of humanity.

The Signs of Preparation: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer
In Esoteric Astrology, the Tibetan (AB) explains how your Soul begins in Aries as a “point of light in the mind of God.” In Taurus, this point becomes a beam of light, and in Gemini, the beam splits into multiple beams of light. In Cancer, the light becomes the diffuse light in form.

The Signs of Crisis or Challenge: Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio
If you have one of these signs on the Ascendant, you will recognise that struggle and/or challenge, have been major themes throughout your life.

In Leo comes the first “battle.” Your personality has to “fight” to individuate and separate from the mass consciousness of Cancer. The light form has to individuate and become a “Self.” In Virgo, this Self turns to Service by flowing love and light into physical matter.

In Libra, there is an apparent “resting phase” where your Soul exercises ethical choice to harmonise opposite polarities. It is a time of synthesis. (Similarly, in childbirth there is also sometimes a brief resting phase after contractions and before pushing begins). This is important, because there is a kind of birth in Scorpio. As the final sign of “crisis,” Scorpio enters the battlefield, where the lower desires of your personality battle the higher calling of your Soul. Crucifixion of your personality and integration with your Soul happens in Scorpio.

The Signs of Service: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
In Sagittarius, the true goal is recognised, and there is the potential for true liberation of your mind. Capricorn is the sign of the disciple – the goal is known and your Soul at this point begins the inner journey, walking the spiritual path that leads to the ultimate goal.

According to Esoteric Astrology, in Aquarius your Soul becomes the “World Server,” and in Pisces, the “World Saviour.” These latter signs are the most mysterious and esoteric of all, because humanity has not yet reached an evolved stage of consciousness whereby we can fully understand the true spiritual meaning of these signs and their Divine energies.

At the level of Soul vibration, it is probably best to think of the twelve zodiac signs as twelve Divine Intelligences, or Beings that are working with us, at each stage of our Soul’s development. It takes us around 84 lifetimes to complete a “Soul cycle” through all twelve signs. What happens once our Soul completes a full cycle? No one knows for sure, but my guess is that we start all over again, only from a higher position on the spiral, and so we evolve.

In Part II we will look at the personality signs, why they form an important part of your spiritual journey, and what it means to be living Soul Astrology, as part of your spiritual practice.



Ruth Hadikin, Soul Astrologer
Ruth Hadikin – Soul Astrologer

To get your personal Soul Sign/Life Purpose Report (FREE with a consultation), contact Ruth via her website. You can also request a FREE mp3 download, “The Energetics of Soul Astrology.”

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Ask Real Astrologers: Where Is Pluto Transiting My Chart?

Looking for AnswersThis week’s question comes from Jackie in Brooklyn, New York:

Every month, I visit the blogs, websites, and online forums of several astrologers who say that Rising Leos should have Pluto in their sixth house now. In fact, all of these astrologers say that my work life is being “transformed,” and it is in a way. I just started a new job that I love and I feel the pains and pleasures of fulfilling, challenging work.

However, when I pull my transit chart, it clearly shows that Pluto, now out of retrograde, is retracing his steps in the earliest degrees of Capricorn. This means that Pluto is still in my fifth house (and causing me a lot of romantic relationship drama for the past year and half!). My fifth and sixth houses were both partially in Capricorn at my birth. How should I read this current Pluto transit?

I just love getting this kind of question, Jackie, because it allows me to explain, once again, why generic horoscopes are of limited value. Since you know your Rising sign, you’re getting more out of them than people who read only for their Sun sign, but you very clearly understand the problem you’re bumping up against, and it can be frustrating.

While most Sun sign astrologers advise reading for your Sun sign as well as your Rising sign, that still doesn’t address the degree of your Ascendant. Reading for your Rising sign generally is more accurate, but you have to know the degree of your Ascendant and adjust accordingly. For example, if you were a late degree Rising Leo, it might be better to read the horoscope for Virgo.

If your Rising Sign is in the middle of a degree, as yours is, that makes it even harder to know which sign to read for. You ought to do pretty well if you read for both Leo and Virgo. According to Sun sign horoscope “rules,” Virgos now have Capricorn in their solar fifth house. But then it gets so confusing – all the more so when the astrologer writing the horoscope refers to you as a Virgo and talks about traits of that sign that don’t apply to you.

One of my favorite monthlies is written by Susan Miller, who is amazingly accurate provided you read for the right sign – and that could change throughout the year or even from one aspect she’s writing about to another. I sometimes end up reading pieces of four different signs to get a complete picture. You almost have to be an astrologer to figure it out.

Now, as to your specific Pluto problem … Pluto will not enter your sixth house until February 2013. So it looks like your romantic relationship drama is going to continue for awhile. Sorry.

I’ve been contemplating teaching a class about how to use online horoscopes to their best advantage. I also have a new means of writing horoscopes on the drawing board in an attempt to solve this problem for everyone. Watch this space in the weeks ahead for news.

In the meantime, there’s no substitute for a reading with a professional astrologer. It costs more, but it saves you a ton of time and guesswork.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

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Real Astrologers Weekly Poll: Rate Your Gemini Friends

Since the Sun is Gemini, we thought we’d do this week’s poll on how you get along with the Twins. Do you find them adorable and entertaining, or do they drive you nuts?

Opinion Polls & Market Research

We’d love to know whether your Sun sign or Rising sign influences your feelings toward your Gemini brothers and sisters, so feel free to leave a comment!

Results of Last Week’s Poll

In last week’s poll, we wanted to know how into astrology you are. Here are the results:

30.4% answered “Totally; I’m an astrologer.”
17.4% answered “I can’t start the day without my horoscope.”
47.8% answered “The astro-blogosphere is my favorite hangout.”
4.3% answered “I think I had my chart done once.”
No one asked, “It’s good for laughs.”
No one answered “All of the above.”
(That was just Neith’s idea of a joke, anyway!)

Once again, we’re delighted to find that our readership is so knowledgeable about astrology. But we were surprised to find out how many other astrologers visit our site.

Nearly half of you are no strangers to the astro-blogosphere. Then, Neith and I have hosted blogs for more than two years, and many of you migrated over from Neith.net and Neith on Synastry – both of which appeal to a knowledgeable readership – and The Pisces Chronicles, which has assembled an extraordinary community of consciously aware human beings (in my admittedly biased opinion).

Still, RealAstrologers.com is expanding in its own right as more and more people around the world discover our unique site. Tomorrow is our two-month anniversary. In that short period, we’ve had well over 11,000 page views, with readers in 58 countries on six continents. Within the United States, our readership is distributed across the entire country, with visitors from 40 states plus the District of Columbia. Neith attributes this to the Sagittarius Ascendant in our composite chart. (Sagittarius is the explorer and world traveler.)

Thank you all for being part of our lives. Please help us grow by spreading the word. And send us your feedback! We’d love to hear from you.

Love and blessings,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Real Astrologers Weekly Poll: How Into Astrology Are You?

This week’s poll is about your level of interest in astrology.

Opinion Polls & Market Research

Results of Last Week’s Poll

In last week’s poll, we asked whether you identified more with your Sun sign or Rising sign. Here are the results:

36.7% answered “Sun sign”
46.7% answered “Rising sign”
13.3% answered “Both, because they’re the same”
No one asked, “What’s a Rising sign?”
3.3% answered “Neither”

What a wonderful measure of the sophistication of our readership that no one asked what a Rising sign is. Good for you!

It’s also interesting to see how many people share both Sun and Rising sign. I do, too. And because I’m an early Rising Aquarius, my houses are lined up pretty much the way they are for an Aquarius solar chart. Ironically, that means I’m one of the few people who tend to get accurate Sun sign horoscopes — well, depending on the writer. As you know, some are much better than others.

Neith and I have been talking about doing Rising sign horoscopes. Here’s proof that the majority of you will find it more helpful than Sun sign astrology. Not only is your Rising sign how you project yourself into the world, but it determines the house positions of your planets, and this adds a great deal of depth to how you experience life.

We’ll keep you posted, so check back often!

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Real Astrologers Weekly Poll: Sun Sign or Rising Sign?

This week’s poll is about how we feel regarding our Sun sign and Rising sign.

Opinion Polls & Market Research

Results of Last Week’s Poll

In last week’s poll, I asked how you felt about the upcoming Mercury retrograde. Here are the results:

16.7% of you were “scared to death”

45.8% said you could “handle it but with caution”

33.3% blithely said “no worries!”

4.2% wondered “what’s Mercury retch?”

As I’ve written, I think we’ll find the most unpredictable facets of this Mercury retrograde are going to level out some after Mercury stops and starts moving backwards (obviously, planets don’t go backwards; that’s just what it looks like from down here). The effects of the Mercury-Uranus square will be passing by then. Of course, if I’m wrong, you all will have a perfect opportunity to say, “I told you so!”

My personal vote was for the second option because I believe by and large that the best approach to Mercury retrograde is to take extra care with all documents, make copies and backup your computer, and allow for delays and confusion.  There are times when we just have to grin and bear it, too.

For the “no worries” crowd, all I can say is there are optimists everywhere! Now I’d really like to see this be the case and will cheer loudly if it is. You all must have a strong Jupiter/Sagittarius influence in your charts.

By the way, “Mercury Retch” is a peevish expression I coined for Mercury retrograde one time when I was getting slammed by the little so-and-so.

I'm Libra Sun, Scorpio Rising posted by Neith . . .

Looking for a Sign of Love

Liza with a ZResearchers in the UK have just released the results of a study showing that facial features reveal whether someone you’re interested in just wants to have a good time or is looking for a long-term commitment.

“Lots of previous studies have shown that people can judge a lot about a person from their face, including things like health and even some personality traits like introversion,” says Dr. Ben Jones of the University of Aberdeen’s Face Research Lab. “But this really is the first study to show that people are also sensitive to subtle facial signals about the type of romantic relationships that others might enjoy.”

Well, Dr. Jones, a good astrologer could have told you that and a lot more! And we wouldn’t have drawn the same old gender-based conclusion that women look for a lasting relationship, while men just want a good roll in the hay (they actually pay people money for this?).

Your physical appearance is reflected in your birth chart, especially your Ascendant, also called your Rising sign, which can literally represent the face you present to the world. Does that mean that all Rising Leos look alike? Of course not. The interplay between your Sun, Moon, Rising sign, and planets near the Ascendant is complex and very individual. But there are detectable patterns.

I have a friend with a lot of Aries in her chart. Her profile almost resembles a sheep, with a straight, barely protruding nose. I met another Aries at a party once and immediately pegged him as a Ram. He had two spots on either side of his broad forehead where you could almost see the horns sprouting.

You can tell a Scorpio or Rising Scorpio by the eyes. They’re unusual in some way, whether by the size or color or by the intensity of their gaze. Pisces or Rising Pisces often has large eyes and “fish lips.” My all-time favorite example is Liza Minnelli (born March 12, 1946).

According to the University of Aberdeen study, men with more “masculine” looks are out for a good time, while those who are more feminine are more likely to want some type of commitment. They qualify that this applies to young people, implying that at some point, facial features are no longer a consideration. That certainly was true for Charlton Heston, the quintessential Hollywood manly man. As Neith explained in her recent post, his birth chart strongly indicated a preference for commitment.

A research project called Astrofaces is attempting to draw correlations between people’s Sun, Moon, and Rising signs and their facial features. Frankly, I put more stock in this research than in an academic study that attempts to quantify dating behavior and reinforces outdated notions that men want sex while women want love.

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