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Weekly Forecast February 28: Venus Enters Aquarius, New Moon in Pisces

The violent side of Pisces. © Verners Verzbilovskis for Dreamstime.com

We knew we were in for another round of the cardinal T-square this year, but I didn’t think we’d start seeing any real effects until Uranus entered Aries in mid-March.

So, it would seem like all hell is breaking loose again, with a strong pattern of authoritarian rule (Pluto) suppressing rebellion. The Jupiter-Pluto square is implicated, but only if you put it in the context of the ongoing T-square.

We also need to remember the rare lunar eclipse that occurred on December 21, 2010, just hours before the Sun entered Capricorn. With the Sun at 29 degrees Sagittarius, the eclipse was close enough to 0 degrees Capricorn to be included in this power game. Jupiter and Uranus were both back in late Pisces at the time, having dipped briefly into Aries over the summer before turning retrograde. Jupiter is now well beyond his retrograde point, and Uranus is sitting at 29 Pisces, the final degree of the zodiac, ready to enter Aries on March 11. Although he’s not in Aries yet, he is in a near-exact square with the solstice eclipse, so we’re feeling this forceful energy.

Often, earth events correspond to eclipses, although not necessarily at the time. I tied last year’s mega-quake in Chili to an eclipse that hadn’t happened yet. So last week’s tragic earthquake in New Zealand can’t be attributed to the Jupiter-Pluto square.

Other events, however, can. The two that come immediately to mind are the civil war in Libya and the showdown in Madison, Wis., over workers’ rights. In both cases, an authoritarian ruler is suppressing opposition. It doesn’t seem to me that there’s much difference in principle between Moammar Gadhafi’s vow to fight to the last bullet and Gov. Scott Walker’s vow to bust the unions regardless of massive protests at the Wisconsin Capitol and other cities across the country. Tyranny has many faces.

I’m encouraged by the protests, as people finally are willing to fight for their rights. A while back, I lamented in a post that I didn’t know what it would take to get Americans out in the streets, the way citizens in Europe and other countries do. Well, now we know, and I’m gratified the trigger is as substantial as workers’ rights. Unionized labor has a long history in this country. Assaulting these basic rights is a hostile act, the first shot in a class war that has been brewing for years.

In an article for CounterPunch, author Andrew Levine writes, “The problem, in short, is that to survive, capitalism must expand – and, with so few areas left for expansion, the public sphere has become a target too tempting to resist. What is under attack is the public sphere itself. Public unions are its first (and last?) line of defense.”

Another headline grabbed my attention this past week, about a landmark decision handed down in a class action suit against Chevron in Ecuador. What struck me most was the name leading the list of plaintiffs. Maria Aguinda is a grandmother, an indigenous villager fighting a giant multinational oil company. I immediately looked for Ceres in the chart. Sure enough, Ceres was in Aries opposite Jupiter when the first version of the lawsuit was filed in November 1993. Ceres was conjunct Pluto in Capricorn at the peak of last year’s T-square.

This week, there are yet more shifts. On Tuesday, Venus enters Aquarius, sign of rebellion and human rights. Just before making her move, she sextiles Uranus, ruler of Aquarius. I’m hopeful that this transit will bring some resolution into conflicts worldwide. It may be too late in Libya, where so much blood has been shed already, but there’s still an opportunity for legislators in Wisconsin to do the right thing by compromising.

On Thursday, the lunar North Node leaves Capricorn and enters Sagittarius. At 29 degrees Sagittarius/Gemini, the nodes will be at the degree of the solstice eclipse, further activating this critical degree. The North Node also will begin approaching conjunction with the Galactic Center, which will be exact at the end of March. I’ll have more on this development, which I believe will create another portal for mass awakening.

Also on Thursday, Mars forms a compatible sextile with Pluto. This pair offers yet another possibility for working hard to reach a compromise or, if that’s not possible, for the losing side to accept defeat and regroup to form a new strategy.

Friday is the New Moon in Pisces. The planets are all bunched on one side of the chart, with Saturn on the other side (view chart here). As the singleton planet, Saturn has a powerful influence, and he’s at an irritating inconjunct with the Sun and Moon. Even though he’s retrograde, Saturn is exalted in Libra, the sign of fairness and balance. As much as we may wish to have things our way or fantasize about how we would like them to be, we’re going to have to get real, act on our own behalf, and do what’s necessary to maintain our integrity.

Speaking of which, I’m still working to catch up with my backlog of consultations, so I won’t have a New Moon post this week. I know many of you have been searching for them, but I’ve had to set priorities, and my first duty is to my paying clients. If I were independently wealthy or won the lottery, there’s nothing I’d love better than to write blog posts every day. Unfortunately, that’s not my reality, and so I will post as I can, between writing reports and meeting life’s demands.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast January 18: Sun and Venus Enter Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius, beauty through technology. Here I am in front of my new Verilux Clearwave skin treatment lamp, which uses red and blue light to heal problem skin.

Well, I’m sure glad last week is over. I know a lot of you are, too!

It was a wild ride, and now we’re evaluating the damage and cleaning up. For some, the turbulence was physical and unimaginably devastating. The entire nation of Haiti is stumbling out from under the rubble and tallying up the fatalities.

For others, the storm was primarily emotional, and we are cleaning up, too. Fortunately, the astrological outlook is sunny, and we’ll be able to get lots accomplished this week.

Diane and I have been working for the past two weeks on installing a new theme. Even though we stuck to research and testing while Mercury was retrograde, we nonetheless bumped into obstacles that seemed insurmountable. Then on Friday, after Mercury went direct, everything suddenly started falling into place.

In many ways, our new structure is a metaphor for the energy shift that has taken place and that will continue to ripple through our existence. Our old structure wasn’t working any longer, so we had to break it down and get a new one that is more evolved. The result: Not only do we look different on the outside, but we’re much more dynamic and powerful.

For example, we’re now able to support the Astrodienst widget that tells you the real-time position of the planets by sign and degree. Is that cool, or what?

Our new site also supports video, a more compelling and intimate way to communicate with our readers. Diane has posted an excellent video on Saturn in Libra. If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend it. I still have some fixes to make on my computer before I can record a video without that obnoxious whirring sound, so it will be a week or so before I can upload new video content.

We’ll be making a lot of other changes and also cleaning up the debris left behind by migrating to a new theme, so bear with us.

Speaking of changes, the cardinal energy subsides a bit this week, giving us a chance to breathe and catch up. Retrograde Saturn in Libra is moving back toward an exact square with Pluto in Capricorn, but Mercury is separating from close contact with these two heavyweights.

Meanwhile, both the Sun and Venus leave Capricorn this week and enter Aquarius, where they will make a lovely air trine with Saturn later in the week. Even if we still have a lot of work to do, we’ll get it done quickly and efficiently, and it might even be fun!

Of all the fixed signs, Aquarius is the least averse to change — in principle, anyway. Technology and innovation are keywords for Aquarius, along with rebellion and surprise. That seems somewhat contradictory with the fixed nature of the Water Bearer, who at times can be as stubborn as any Taurus (OK, OK, I admit it!).

As an Aquarius with Aquarius Rising, I have noted personally that, as much as
I want change, know I need it, and welcome it, actually incorporating the changes into my life can be a slow and frustrating process. There’s something about the underlying mental structure of Aquarius that is indeed quite fixed.

Aquarius also rules the collective, so this is a good time to contemplate our desire for change but seeming inability to make that giant leap getting us out of the rut of our beliefs and into a new paradigm.

The cardinal energy of the past few weeks is a great reminder that change often is imposed on us, and indeed, that’s often the only way we’ll make it. It can happen abruptly and entirely disrupt our lives. That’s one of the key differences between Pluto and Uranus. The former breaks things down over time, while the latter can do it suddenly and without warning.

Wishing you all much love. We’re all in this boat together.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

What your Venus says about the contents of your underwear drawer

 Lilith by Rossetti  
With the Sun and Venus in Taurus now, this Libra person is thinking about all things related to love, beauty, and desire. And what does Venus like more than pretty undergarments? So I’m going to have a little fun with this . . .

Because Venus travels close to the Sun, she is usually in the same sign or one of the two neighboring signs. She represents our sense of aesthetics, our idea of fun and pleasure and is all about our personal style. Of course, aspects from other planets will affect her expression but that’s for another post!

Venus in Aries is not a patient shopper. If she can find a brand that fits and is easy to come by, she’ll stick with it. This Venus is my candidate for having a fire-engine red bra stuck in the back of her drawer that really looked hot in the store but didn’t fit well after she got home. She also goes for active sportswear undergarments. Even those with Pisces and Taurus Suns will be more adventurous with Venus in the sign of the Ram.

Not surprisingly, Venus in Taurus loves silk lingerie – smooth, soft, and sensual. If you want to make your Taurus sweetie very happy, buy her silk to wear against her skin. She is more concerned with the tactile than the visual, although she’ll love muted, earth tones. Earthy Venus in Taurus helps Aries and Gemini Suns tune into their sensual side.

Venus in Gemini, an air sign, is more experimental and willing to at least try on the latest and greatest fad. She will shop just about anywhere and pick up items because they are fun and catch her eye. Gemini has no problem with bright colors and synthetic fabrics as long as it’s new and different. Taurus and Cancer Sun folks will be far more willing to try something new with this Venus in their charts.

Venus in Cancer prefers comfort to fashion. If the climate is on the cool side, this one will go for flannel nightwear. Cancer likes to stay with tried-and-true designs, nothing fancy. She is likely to be the most comfortable with the idea of appearing matronly. A Gemini or Leo Sun will liven up Venus in Cancer considerably.

Venus in Leo . . . think Madonna’s bustier outfits and visible bras in bright colors. This Venus likes her undergarments to be noticed and appreciated and will go for drama and flair to draw more attention to herself. Having Venus in Leo will give both Cancer and Virgo Suns more pizzazz.

Venus in Virgo is more likely to get excited about having undies made using bamboo fibers. Bamboo is eco-friendly, very soft, and naturally deters bacteria – all of which appeal to Virgo sensibilities. Virgo is less likely to be concerned about style and color than Libra, for instance, but it darn well better fit. Venus in Virgo tones down a Leo Sun and has Libra Sun paying more attention to natural fibers over synthetics

Rose by Waterhouse

Venus in Libra is most likely to go for feminine frills with lots of lace on her sleepwear, but it has to be good quality and soft to the touch – Venus rules Libra, too. She certainly won’t turn down pretty silk lingerie or fine cotton lawn nightwear but will prefer softer colors – no fire engine red for this one. Venus is well placed in Libra, and she’ll give both Virgo and Scorpio Suns more feminine sensibilities.

Venus in Scorpio will pick up that daring garter belt to wear with thigh-high black stockings. She’ll also be inclined to wear silk undergarments under a ratty sweatshirt and jeans to titillate her lover’s imagination – or wear nothing at all. Ha! A Libra or Sagittarius Sun will qualify for HOT if her Venus is in Scorpio.

Venus in Sagittarius will opt for functional, if given a choice, because she just wants to put it on and head out the door. Keep the frills to a minimum please and forget the lace – it scratches. Pure organic cotton is on the top of this one’s list. Both Scorpio and Capricorn Sun folks will be willing to lighten up and fuss less for Venus in Sagittarius.

Ms. Venus in Capricorn not only prefers high quality silky lingerie, she also loves the idea of wearing sexy items under her conservative business suit. It’s a good idea to shop for high-end brands if you want to impress this choosy person, because she will look. If she is shopping for herself, Venus in Capricorn will wait for her favorites to go on sale, demonstrating Saturnine frugality. Sagittarius and Aquarius Suns both benefit from Venus in Capricorn’s sense of class and timeless styling.

For Venus in Aquarius, paying attention to what she wears depends on her mood and her lover. For the most part, undergarments are almost an afterthought, with comfort and good fit much higher on the scale than appearance. Like Virgo, she also will go for eco-conscious fibers like organic cotton and bamboo. This Venus will give Capricorn and Pisces Suns an eccentric edgier taste . . . electric blue lingerie anyone?

Venus in Pisces is the sweetheart of them all. Imagination is everything, and she prefers sheer fabrics in luminous colors that create an atmosphere of romance. Venus in Pisces is another who likes softness against her skin and the hidden beauty of lovely under-things that only she knows she’s wearing. This romantic Venus tones down and softens Aquarius and Aries Suns.

Venus rules Libra too posted by Neith . . .