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Weekly Forecast January 9: Full Moon in Cancer, Venus Enters Pisces

Venus in Pisces: dancer Anabel Veloso in a promotional photo for the 2009 Deje Flamenco production Nacidos del Mar. More info below.

We’re in an enchanted period in which all the planets are direct. It doesn’t happen very often and it won’t last, so make it your mission this week to move full-speed ahead toward what you most want in life.

I’m not saying that what you want is going to fall out of the sky into your lap, just because the planets are aligned. A good metaphor is having a strong tailwind on a long and perilous journey. We can cover a lot of ground in a short time, with minimal complications. Even if you have a serious affliction in your chart right now – for example, if Saturn is conjunct your natal Pluto – you will be surprised by how little resistance you meet.

Chances are, something important happened for you around the New Moon on Christmas Eve. Whatever it was, the Full Moon on Monday will bring resolution. Again, this doesn’t mean that everything is going to work out exactly as you want … or, to be more precise, the way you have been visualizing. A new element has been introduced into the situation, possibly a game-changer.

What does appear to be happening for my clients and just about everyone I know is that circumstances in their lives are linked to something that was going on in the summer of 2010, during the height of the cardinal T-square. The New Moon on Christmas Eve revisited critical degrees of that configuration. The difference now is Saturn and Jupiter no longer are squaring Pluto. Indeed, Jupiter is in a favorable sextile and will remain so for the rest of the winter season (summer for our friends Down Under). That’s another reason I’m so keen on these next couple of weeks.

The Full Moon also makes a favorable angle to Mars in Virgo. Mars is slowing down in preparation for turning retrograde on January 23. The closer we get to that date, the harder it’s going to be move forward with plans and projects, so it’s even more important that you not waste any time this week doing what needs to be done. A little effort will go a long way.

Chart for Full Moon in Cancer

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Events related to the Full Moon continue to unfold throughout the week. On Thursday, the Sun forms an exact trine with Mars. This is not an impulsive combination, but a signal to make detailed plans in an organization manner. Once you do that, following through with action will be much easier. It’s sort of like writing a term paper. If you just start writing with no idea where you want to go, you end up with an overwhelming mess. However, if you make an outline and start filling in the details, the process is much easier and more effective.

The following day is Friday the 13th, which is not to be feared but celebrated. Far from being unlucky, 13 is a special number. Among other things, it’s the number of cycles in a lunar year. Friday is named for Freya, the Norse equivalent of Venus. As it turns out, planet Venus is busy on her day, making contacts with Saturn and Neptune before entering mystic Pisces, the sign of her exaltation – anything but unlucky!

The Venus-Saturn trine is perfect for making and renewing commitments, be they to another person, a career choice, lifelong goal, or a commitment to do something for yourself. Later in the day, Venus conjoins Neptune. Astrologers normally caution with this pair that we can lose a grip on reality. However, with Saturn in the picture, I think it’s far less likely. To the contrary, whatever commitments we enter into, we should be able to enter with eyes wide open. The conjunction with Neptune is the last aspect Venus makes before gliding into Neptune-ruled Pisces. This is Venus at her best, highest love. Compassion and understanding take the place of selfish needs and demands.

Once she’s in Pisces, the first contact Venus makes is a sextile with Jupiter in Taurus, the sign she rules. Love with no strings attached can move mountains.

In addition to all the activity centered on Venus, Mercury forms a conjunction with Pluto on Friday. Deep insights come to the surface. In world affairs, look for headlines about skeletons in the closet of government leaders and powerful corporations. Or maybe the remains of a body under the deep, blue sea …

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

P.S. If, like me, you’re curious about how this incredible photo of Anabel Veloso was shot, watch this video on YouTube.

New Moon in Cancer, June 22, 2009

Summer solstice at Stonehenge, 2007The New Moon at 1° 30′ Cancer arrives the day after the solstice (summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the southern) and is the first of two New Moons in Cancer this year, placing special emphasis on all things related to the fourth house and the Moon – our mothers, our roots, where we feel “at home,” and how we view nurturing of both ourselves and others.

Not only are both the Sun and Moon in Cancer, but they are joined by Vesta, deepening the healing, nurturing side of the watery sign. Vesta’s idea of nurturance is far more impersonal and broader in application than is usually associated with Cancer and the fourth house. She is the fire on the hearth, warming us from a distance rather than the healing touch of a mother’s hand on our forehead. Healing the collective is more in Vesta’s provenance, and there is no doubt in my mind that much needs healing, no matter where you live.

Speaking of healing the collective, Pluto in Capricorn exactly opposes this Cancer New Moon and will be happy to introduce us to all of our shortcomings, especially in how we are managing our lives and resources. Many families are dealing with one or both parents being out of work, and discussions are going on about the painful reality of no funds available for extras. This is an enormous change from just a year or so ago, when many felt “entitled” to expensive perks. Capricorn can come across as very authoritarian — the stern parent — and Pluto has demonstrated time and again that he will have the final say. We are still in the early days of Pluto’s stay in Capricorn and are just beginning to realize how deep the changes will be in both the external and internal landscapes of our lives.

Earth signs can rejoice at the New Moon! The Venus-Mars conjunction in Taurus trine to Saturn in Virgo is perfect for enjoying the types of pleasures you like the most. If you are attending a solstice celebration, it is pretty much a sure thing that the food will be lavish and delicious and the company agreeable. Most of us will be more in the mood than usual for fine food, fine wine, and a laid-back atmosphere, due to the influence of this trine. So light your favorite incense and candles, put on some soothing background music, and relax.

Mercury is back up to speed in his home sign of Gemini and sextile Pallas in Leo. After the stagnation of Mercury in Taurus square Neptune in Aquarius, this is a huge improvement. Those of us who were frustrated out of our minds will love the clarity of this sextile. Networking, organizing, and reading the fine print without your eyes crossing are all favored.

Neptune is currently retrograde, along with Jupiter and Chiron. While the triple conjunction is still in effect, the influence is gradually lessening and will continue to do so for awhile. I don’t know about anyone else, but this is just fine with me. We can only live in the stratosphere so long before coming back to the reality of our day-to-day lives. Those tender places in our hearts and psyches that Neptune & Co. introduced us to now need time to heal. Once a wound has been lanced and drained, it is better to leave it be rather than poking and prodding it some more.

Uranus is currently stationing at 26° Pisces, preparing to go retrograde on July 1. If you have planets at 25-26° in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), you no doubt are feeling the electricity in the atmosphere. Although the orb is wide, Uranus also forms an out-of-sign T-square with the New Moon-Pluto opposition. This hints at unexpected events disrupting the status quo, both in the collective and closer to home.

I love the Sabian symbol for 2 Cancer: A man on a magic carpet hovers over a large area of land, with the keyword ELEVATION. One of my favorite concepts is that of raising one’s point of view to the highest possible level to gain perspective. That huge mountain seen from above becomes the proverbial mole hole, enabling us to see our next move much more clearly.

The second New Moon in Cancer this year is the solar eclipse on July 21-22 at 29° 26′. Between now and then is an excellent time to discover more about where we came from in preparation for moving ahead. Healing breaches with our families, both birth and chosen, is worth pursuing now. Applying large doses of generosity and kindness never comes amiss either. A gift of good food, chocolate, or fine wine works, too!

Libra, relationship specialistposted by Neith . . .

Of course, today is the day to write your New Moon abundance checks! Here’s how.

**Please read Pat’s weekly forecast for this week, June 22, for her thoughts on this New Moon and the Solstice sky.

Image: Stonehenge at Solstice 2007 by Scott Barbour / Getty Images Stonehenge has a long, long association with the solstices, both summer and winter. Here is a link for more information as well as photos: Solstice at Stonehenge