Real Astrologers Weekly Poll: How Into Astrology Are You?

This week’s poll is about your level of interest in astrology.

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Results of Last Week’s Poll

In last week’s poll, we asked whether you identified more with your Sun sign or Rising sign. Here are the results:

36.7% answered “Sun sign”
46.7% answered “Rising sign”
13.3% answered “Both, because they’re the same”
No one asked, “What’s a Rising sign?”
3.3% answered “Neither”

What a wonderful measure of the sophistication of our readership that no one asked what a Rising sign is. Good for you!

It’s also interesting to see how many people share both Sun and Rising sign. I do, too. And because I’m an early Rising Aquarius, my houses are lined up pretty much the way they are for an Aquarius solar chart. Ironically, that means I’m one of the few people who tend to get accurate Sun sign horoscopes — well, depending on the writer. As you know, some are much better than others.

Neith and I have been talking about doing Rising sign horoscopes. Here’s proof that the majority of you will find it more helpful than Sun sign astrology. Not only is your Rising sign how you project yourself into the world, but it determines the house positions of your planets, and this adds a great deal of depth to how you experience life.

We’ll keep you posted, so check back often!

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7 thoughts on “Real Astrologers Weekly Poll: How Into Astrology Are You?

  1. Jennifer R

    Heh, as an early Scorpio rising, I tend to read the Scorpio ones more than I do my sun sign (though that is stumping when they talk about those born between date1 and date2…). I can’t help but think rising signs would be far more accurate!


  2. moni

    My ASC is at 29 Scorpio. I tend to find the Sagittarius horoscopes more accurate, because the houses match up. But of course they meld typical Sag. traits into the reading, which throws me off. I’d love to see Rising Sign ‘scopes.


  3. Mandy H.


    One of my waking thoughts this morning (before I got to the ‘puter) was about this topic and it ran along the lines of, ‘oh that’s why Libra ‘Scopes work for me, I’m an early Libra ….’


  4. Neith

    Delighted to see feedback saying Rising sign horoscopes are the way to go!!

    Yes, it does work better if your Rising sign degree is like 0 to 10 [Jennifer & Mandy!!]. For those of us with 25-29 degrees on the Ascendant, it’s often the following sign that works better. With a 25 Scorpio rising myself [hi Moni!] the Sagittarius horoscope often is more accurate.


  5. Pat Post author

    Well stated Neith! That’s what I tell my clients. The trouble, as Moni stated (welcome, thanks for joining us!) is that horoscope writers often throw Sun sign traits into the text, which you know only if you understand enough about astrology in the first place. So that makes it a little more challenging for late Rising signs.

    Those in the middle degrees have even more of a challenge.

    Mandy, waking up thinking about astrology? :-) We didn’t have a poll response for that! I’m curious, when you read for Libra, is it more accurate than for your Sun sign?


  6. Mandy H.

    Depends who writes them ;) and it varies – I presume that’s because of the different planetary influences…

    And yeah – heh – waking up… must have been churning it over in my unconcious state – trouble is when I’m conscious it still feels like a language I only half understand….


  7. devil mood

    That sounds like a good idea, I’ve never read a rising sign horoscope and I rarely read the sun horoscope for my rising sign…Well, to be fair I rarely read horoscopes. lol

    On this poll I voted for astro blogosphere being my favourite hang-out. Even though Astrology is very frequently on my mind, I can live without looking at the planets, which I probably shouldn’t but hey…! ;)


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