Real Astrologers Weekly Poll: Rate Your Gemini Friends

Since the Sun is Gemini, we thought we’d do this week’s poll on how you get along with the Twins. Do you find them adorable and entertaining, or do they drive you nuts?

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We’d love to know whether your Sun sign or Rising sign influences your feelings toward your Gemini brothers and sisters, so feel free to leave a comment!

Results of Last Week’s Poll

In last week’s poll, we wanted to know how into astrology you are. Here are the results:

30.4% answered “Totally; I’m an astrologer.”
17.4% answered “I can’t start the day without my horoscope.”
47.8% answered “The astro-blogosphere is my favorite hangout.”
4.3% answered “I think I had my chart done once.”
No one asked, “It’s good for laughs.”
No one answered “All of the above.”
(That was just Neith’s idea of a joke, anyway!)

Once again, we’re delighted to find that our readership is so knowledgeable about astrology. But we were surprised to find out how many other astrologers visit our site.

Nearly half of you are no strangers to the astro-blogosphere. Then, Neith and I have hosted blogs for more than two years, and many of you migrated over from and Neith on Synastry – both of which appeal to a knowledgeable readership – and The Pisces Chronicles, which has assembled an extraordinary community of consciously aware human beings (in my admittedly biased opinion).

Still, is expanding in its own right as more and more people around the world discover our unique site. Tomorrow is our two-month anniversary. In that short period, we’ve had well over 11,000 page views, with readers in 58 countries on six continents. Within the United States, our readership is distributed across the entire country, with visitors from 40 states plus the District of Columbia. Neith attributes this to the Sagittarius Ascendant in our composite chart. (Sagittarius is the explorer and world traveler.)

Thank you all for being part of our lives. Please help us grow by spreading the word. And send us your feedback! We’d love to hear from you.

Love and blessings,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

12 thoughts on “Real Astrologers Weekly Poll: Rate Your Gemini Friends

  1. Pat Post author

    Aquarius, with Aquarius Rising, so I get along well with fellow air signs Gemini and Libra. But one thing I can say about my Gemini pals is that we don’t make a point of getting together. It’s always a spontaneous sort of thing … bumping into them on the sidewalk and saying, “oh, let’s go grab a bite to eat.”

    Then, people probably would say the same thing about Aquarius. Not known for being 100-percent reliable, unless we’ve got planets in Cap or a strong Saturn for grounding.


  2. leslee

    Um, which side of the Gemini friends are we talking about? Can I choose more than one? ;-) As a Virgo, with Gemini in my 11th house, I’ve had a number of Gemini friends. We share Mercury rulership, though while they’re interested in many things out of sheer curiosity I’m only interested if it has some usefulness. I enjoy their talkativeness and humor. I also have Virgo Sun square Saturn in Saq, so there are sometimes issues that come up with Geminis.


  3. Neith Post author

    With Libra Sun & Moon, you’d think I’d have lots of Gemini friends and I have had many off and on over the years. Now they are all online cyber-friends.

    On the other hand, there are many Geminis in my family so there is no shortage of these chatty people in my life. My two Gemini step-daughters are noted for both talking to me at the same time and expecting me to follow both conversation . . . impossible since I’m not a Gemini! :-D


  4. devil mood

    I’m too involved in the Gemini world to be able to respond succinctly. Annoying at times because it’s difficult to enjoy dinner when everyone keeps getting up from the table to check something they just remembered! but other times incredibly witty and funny.

    I’ve had a few Gemini friends along the way and I loved them. As friends they are Fabulous and so entertaining :)


  5. inishglora

    As Gemini ASC, I’m known to talk too much. But sometimes the Scorpio puts a damper on the gab and I’m accused of lending my tongue to the cat.


  6. Pat Post author

    Ha, ha, Joe. Nothing like Scorpio to put the lid on Gemini’s chatter.

    Funny, but I just remembered an old Gemini friend with Leo Rising (she took my photo; that’s her living room in the background) who has identical twin cats, both males. They are tawny tabbies, curious, playful, and engaging … and very vocal!


  7. mm

    I once went out with a male Gemini whose birthday was a few days away from mine. Couldn’t/wouldn’t/wasn’t going to commit.

    I have a whole raft of Gemini planets (including Sun) in 9th but my natal Mercury in Gemini is retrograde and I’ve always felt that the latter has had a definite effect. I’m flexible and a bit of a Jill of all trades but I’m pretty reserved, at least on first acquaintance, though once my guard is down I enjoy chat.

    I like silence too though.


  8. skye

    I love Gemini’s they are great fun – sometimes they are a little light hearted for my Scorpio Sun but I have Libra promient so this doesnt frustrate me much. In fact I actually have many friends who have gemini but also have other aspects/signs that support my scopio so it works out.


  9. Jessica_

    My whole life I’ve actually preferred to do more than one thing at once (watch tv while reading a magazine, for instance) and I’ve been accused many, many times of interrupting when I forgot I was listening and was thinking something else. I blame my Gemini moon. I only have a few Gemini friends but I certainly can chat up a storm with them.


  10. Neith Post author

    Love all the great comments on Gemini! Very appropriate for this busy sign.

    Very good points about how we relate to Gemini thru either Sun/Moon/Rising in Gemini or other Air signs. Air signs are happiest when communicating in general and for Gemini it’s as necessary as breathing.

    We still have lots of Air in the sky too. :-D


  11. Jennifer R

    Geminis tend to be the worst friends ever with regards to me. When I have had Gemini friends, they dumped me out of the blue, and/or periodically came back only to dump me again almost as soon as they started talking to me. Also, the constant back-and-forth-ness of them can be tiring. One ex-friend of mine dropped in and out of grad school so many damn times that I lost track. Another one would flake out on you at the very last minute after making plans for months, just because she didn’t feel like it that day. I love the other air signs, but NOT Gemini.

    (Taurus/Scorpio with no Gemini, so…yeah, I don’t relate at all on the Sun/Rising angle. They have no constancy.)


  12. Tseka

    Best friend in High School – a Gemini, our suns are exactly opposing. She and I have life paths that are about as different as can be imagined. We still love each other deeply, see each other about once a year, still complete each other’s sentences. We amaze our families and friends by what seems to be telepathy. What can i say? I Love Geminis. My Gemini IC-my mother’s Sun, so it feels like home to me… and she is one of my best friends too.


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