Saturday Archives: Moon’s Nodes in Synastry

Because of the interest in the Moon’s nodes in synastry, I decided to pull up a post from the archives on this subject. So far the additional compatibility work I’ve done continues to support the importance of aspects to the lunar nodes. In fact, the feedback consistently suggests a karmic connection or, at the very least, a sense of familiarity and ease with each other. It is always good to know we’re on the right track!

2_of_cups.jpgOne of my regular readers asked: “Could you explain a little bit more about the south node between partners. If I’m correct my south node in Scorpio conjunct’s my partner’s Saturn, and his south node in Sag conjuncts my Saturn & Mercury. Typically the south node scares me, Lol. Should I be worried?”

As with everything is astrology, the answer is particular to these two individuals. Yes, I know . . . “That’s an Answer?!”

I will start by taking a quick look at their personal planet synastry. She’s a very Sagittarius Sun person with Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Uranus and Ascendant in Sagittarius. Her Moon is in Aquarius and all this equals a spontaneous, outgoing, forward looking individual. Her partner has his Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius. Right away we see these two not only have Suns trine but Moons conjoined – very compatible.They do have Mercury square with hers in Sagittarius and his in Virgo. However these are Mutable signs and though there may be differences in their approach to problem solving and expression, they may enjoy these occasionally heated discussions. We are talking two Fire sign Suns here!

They have good chemistry with her Mars in Scorpio sextile his Venus in Virgo, and his Mars in Scorpio semi-sextile her Venus in Sagittarius. Note that both have Mars in Scorpio and from the perspective of a person who shares this aspect with her S/O, I see this is a real plus!

The Saturn/South Node aspects go like this . . . her Saturn/Mercury are conjoined with his South Node/Vertex and her South Node/Pluto is conjoined with his Saturn. Naturally she went “whoa!” Yes, that set of aspects looks like there is a deep need for these two to be together, karmic as it were.

I offered to take a look at their composite chart which is a chart of the relationship to see what it had to say.They have a great composite chart that emphasizes the partnership aspect of the relationship between them. The Sun, Mercury, Venus are conjoined in Libra in the 7th House trine the Moon in Aquarius in the 11th House. This is wonderful combination and has genuine partners written all over it. Saturn is square to the Moon in the composite and it’s possible this aspect brings stability and grounding to all the Fire & Air energy. Neptune forms an out-of-sign sextile to Venus and the Moon adding a touch of romantic overtones.

If the relationship is working fine, then go with the flow for now . . . both people are in their early twenties and my guess is that with Saturn involved, it’s when they reach their first Saturn return, more information and issues will arise and can be dealt with then. There is an old saying . . . “don’t go borrowing trouble”! Enjoying the “now” never hurts. :-)

The Two of Cups is the card for the first stages in a partnership, when all is fresh and new.

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