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I decided to continue with the Pluto theme and pulled out this post on Pluto in Synastry. Because Pluto in our charts, in synastry and by transit teaches us about control and how in the long run how little we really have, it is my opinion we can never learn too much about this small but powerful planet at the outer edges of our solar system.


When I was asked about Pluto in synastry that question started this amazing upwelling of information . . . so here’s a big Thank You to the person who asked! In fact, there is so much coming up from the depths of my mind I may be at this for awhile . . .

First, it is necessary to remember Pluto is a major player (ignore those deluded folks who reclassified him as a dwarf planet) among the outer planets. The nature of the outer planets and the impact they have on us poor humans is profound and often difficult to discern and articulate. The only reason I’m attempting this is because Pluto by transit has conjuncted every single planet in my chart except Uranus and he opposed that. I’m sure there are a lot of other people out there who have shared this experience but as an astrologer I’m probably most compelled to use those experiences to help others understand just what the hell happened to their carefully crafted lives!

As always we need to look at how Pluto operates in our own charts first before we can look at how he works in synastry. Those of us with lots of Scorpio, loaded 8th Houses or Pluto in aspect to the personal planets and Ascendant, all have at least a starting point. My recommendation is to take note of where you are obsessing about something or someone, or having someone obsessing about you – then stop feeding energy into that. And personal experience says that is HARD sometimes! However, unless we can shine some light in those areas and apply good old fashioned common sense, we will continue to beat our heads against the wall of those obsessions. Liz Greene has written some amazing information about Pluto in her book, “The Astrology of Fate”. Reading that was very helpful for me in identifying and reducing my obsessions to a manageable level. “Manageable” is the key as the darn things are not going to disappear and blow away. So all you high-minded sorts that would prefer to remain above all that . . . not going to happen and it will only make things worse.

When it comes to relationships and Pluto we have to prepare ourselves to be an honest as possible about our motives and expectations. If a person has Pluto in the 7th House natally, they are just about guaranteed to find themselves dealing with control issues in their one-on-one relationships. Pluto/Moon aspects natally will often translate for men as seeing women as ball busting bitches, sad to say. And for women, well, that can emerge as this horrifying desire to run someone else’s life done to the tiniest detail. The way I see it these urges can end up eating up so much time and energy, there is nothing left for simply enjoying life as a couple. This is why I keep going back to the theme of getting to know, understand and accept ourselves first before running out and jumping into relationships. Being Libra, I have to say . . . on the other hand . . . there is the school of thought that says we learn by doing!

There will be much more forthcoming but for now, I’d like to pay homage to Pluto, Hades, Kali, Erishkagal and the many faces of that part of Life where something must be destroyed to make way for the possibility of renewal. By surrendering ourselves to this aspect of the cycle of being, we can open ourselves up to transformation as expressed by the Phoenix.

This is a painting done by David A. Hardy titled “Pluto and Charon” . . . simply stunning! To see more go to:

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Archives: Pluto in Synastry

  1. rox

    interesting – having finished a major pluto transit to a very heavily aspected saturn in saggitarius > I am sympathetic to anyone suffering through that – but the universe does have a sense of humor and the joke is on me. One thing that happened is a man – whom I adore – walked back into my life after not seeing each other 28 years and we were married 6 months later. So Pluto has not been unkind to us. What we share is a pluto to ascendent conjunction and anyone who has that is having a good time.
    The attraction was instant and has lasted 30 years now.
    So Pluto pulls you through hades but you come back with gifts.


  2. Neith Post author

    Hey Rox!

    So Pluto pulls you through hades but you come back with gifts.

    Great story and wonderful point! I love hearing positive Pluto transit survival stories because it really encourages others still in Hades to know it’s possible to survive and prosper . . . :-D


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