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Weekly Forecast July 21: New Moon in Leo, Mars Enters Scorpio

Anti-government protests in Kiev, November 2013. © Mykhaylo Palinchak/Dreamstime.com.

Anti-government protests in Kiev, November 2013. © Mykhaylo Palinchak/Dreamstime.com.

Last week’s planetary shifting left many of us feeling “off-kilter,” as one friend put it. I’d like to say that we’ll get back “on-kilter” this week, but despite some favorable astrological events on the way, we’re in limbo for a bit longer.

In the tradition of delivering the bad news first, the station of Saturn and Uranus, and at a difficult angle with one another, continues to be a major influence for a few more weeks. Saturn returns direct today (Sunday, July 20), and Uranus turns retrograde on Monday.

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that Uranus has been in an epic square with Pluto that began building in 2010 and will continue through next year, Continue reading

Weekly Forecast August 5: New Moon in Leo, Jupiter Opposite Pluto

It's a jungle up there.

© Pat Paquette, 2013

Normally I’d be the first one to dismiss the recent U.S. terror alert as a ploy to convince people that intrusive government surveillance is justified. But given this week’s astrology, I’m not so sure.

On Friday, the U.S. State Department announced it would close 22 embassies and consulates for a day and issued a warning to travelers. It didn’t explain the unprecedented move, other than to say there’s an imminent threat of an attack by al Qaeda, particularly in Yemen.

The timing certainly is suspicious. Two days earlier, a new report in the Guardian revealed the most damning evidence to date that the National Security Agency, despite its denials, maintains vast databases of detailed information on U.S. citizens that can be easily accessed without a warrant. Further, there’s growing support in Congress to limit NSA spying.

As if that’s not enough, reports are beginning to surface in the media that the attack on the consulate in Benghazi was related to illegal CIA activities and that conflicting stories by members of the Obama administration were attempts to protect the CIA. This isn’t new information; alternative news sources had the story long ago, but it’s finally going mainstream.

All in all, that would give the administration plenty of incentive to concoct a new crisis intended to instill fear and convince people that the heavy surveillance is for their own protection. Judging from the comments on news websites, a majority isn’t buying it. It just smells so obviously political.

Ironically, there just might be something to the warning – at least, from an astrological perspective. And who knows, maybe someone in government actually did consult an astrologer … um, OK, probably not. Astrologically, this is one of the most dangerous periods of the year, with Jupiter forming a T-square with Uranus and Pluto for most of August. Adding more weight to the possibility of a threat, Interpol also issued a warning, the reason being the alleged escape of allegedly hundreds of alleged terrorists from prisons in Libya, Pakistan, and Iraq. Absent confirmation by an independent source, I guess we have to take their word for it.

New Moon in Leo

Click on image to enlarge

The Jupiter-Pluto opposition isn’t exact until Wednesday, but you can see it in the chart for Tuesday’s New Moon in Leo. Mars also is involved, although the influence began waning after his square with Uranus last Wednesday. As it so happens, the Jupiter-Pluto opposition is exact just as Jupiter is rising over Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey, with Pluto on the Descendant. So it’s entirely plausible that violence could erupt in these locations or emanate from it. The line extends through Eastern Europe, as well.

The question is, “dangerous” for whom? It’s hardly a stretch to imagine increased violence in the Middle East or North Africa. But that doesn’t necessarily mean a terrorist attack. It could be another wave of deadly protests, financial collapse, more train or plane crashes, violent weather, or all of the above. Upon reading the State Department’s broad warning, I was struck by how much it’s like an astrological prediction. I’ve seen indications in clients’ charts of increased risk of accidents, but I sometimes hesitate to mention it to them – not because I worry it might be a self-fulfilling prophecy, but because it doesn’t do much good to tell someone, “Be careful, you might have an accident.” There’s a reason they’re called accidents. No matter how careful you are, you can’t foresee all possibilities, nor can you control the carelessness of others. Likewise, what good does it do to tell travelers to exercise caution for the next month? Should they not use public transportation anywhere in the world or visit popular tourist attractions? Avoid everyone wearing a backpack, especially if they look Middle Eastern? Not go to bars known to be terrorist hangouts? It’s hard to know the purpose of such an extensive warning but not hard to imagine ulterior motives.

Despite what I wrote above, I do believe it’s possible we’re being played. It would be a gamble, for sure. If the administration wins – if they manage to “foil” a major attack – they’ll have to jump through hoops to convince the public that the threat was real and even more hoops to prove that NSA spying caught the bad guys. If they lose and don’t stop a major attack, it’s even more of a risk. Then, it’s possible they don’t give a rat’s ass about public opinion but are attempting to keep Congress in line. I won’t discount the possibility that the biggest danger we face in the coming months – indeed for several years ahead – isn’t from terrorists but from our own government and its corporate sponsors.

I’ve been pondering whether the current planetary configuration indicates an attack (if indeed there is one) from a bona fide terrorist group or whether it looks more like an inside job. Obviously, the inside job would be more outrageous, but both are diabolical acts intended to kill people for political reasons. They both look the same on the outside, and I’m not sure how I’d tell the difference in a chart. Pluto’s involvement in the T-square suggests covert, shadowy operations, but that could refer to terrorist groups with or without links to the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies.

If and when an event occurs, the chart could provide more specifics, and I’ll try to post an analysis as quickly as possible. In the meantime, let’s take a look at the New Moon chart and aspects for the rest of the week.

The first thing you might notice in the New Moon chart is that Pluto is near the Ascendant in Washington – the mirror of the chart for the Jupiter-Pluto opposition in the Middle East. Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury all are in the seventh house, which in mundane astrology signifies open enemies as well as allies. The New Moon is in the eighth house, in a waning trine to Uranus in Aries in the third house. Uranus signifies protests, riots, and explosions. The third house is associated with local transportation – subways, commuter traffic, intercity railways, etc. – and communications, including Internet traffic. The eighth house is associated with Scorpio and death. It also rules loans to and from other countries. Jupiter rules national banks and the official state religion. Rather than speculating on all the possible scenarios, I’ll leave that to you.

I know that many of you want to know how the New Moon will affect you personally. As usual, that depends on where it falls in your natal chart, and that has little to do with your Sun sign. If you’re an early degree Rising Leo, then the New Moon will fall in your first house, a wild card you can use to advance any number of goals, particularly if they’re relationship-oriented. If you have planets near 14 degrees Leo or Sagittarius, they will be positively aspected by this New Moon. Planets near 14 degrees of Scorpio, Taurus, or Aquarius will be tensely aspected, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything negative. It could simply be an indication of new developments in a challenging situation of which you already aware. Also, think back to what was going on in your life near the solar eclipse on May 9. Eclipse events sometimes don’t unfold until three months later.

You’ll feel the Jupiter-Pluto opposition personally if you have a transit from Jupiter, Uranus, or Pluto to a personal planet in your chart. In that case, you’ll have a complicated multiple transit that is beyond this column to explore. I’m not doing written reports yet (I’ll have news about that in a few weeks), but I am available for a limited number of telephone consultations. Use the contact form in the sidebar to contact me if you’d like to schedule a reading. If you don’t have a transit to a personal planet but have an idea of how the Uranus-Pluto square has been playing out in your life, look for major developments this week at the New Moon. Although we’re in a tense period overall, it’s possible that individual breakthroughs could be quite positive. The biggest danger may be too much of a good thing. Take care not to bite off more than you can chew. It’s also possible that a change, however positive, could come at an inconvenient time or require major adjustments, some of which could be upsetting.

Looking at the rest of the week, Mercury enters Leo on Thursday after spending an unusually long stay in Cancer. The Messenger typically blows through a sign in two weeks, but he spent two months in Cancer due to his retrograde cycle. As long as Jupiter and Mars remain in emotionally driven Cancer, decisions based on feelings will continue to rule the day. We may notice a small difference with Mercury in Leo, although reason may not be restored until Mercury and the Sun enter Virgo later this month. By then, Venus will be in her own sign of Libra, which also should help restore some balance, especially if events in the next week or two cause widespread fear and panic.

On Sunday (August 11), Mercury squares Saturn, a challenging aspect that nonetheless is conducive for heavy mental lifting and reasoning through problems. Sometimes looking out for Number One requires tough self-discipline, but it will pay off in the long run.

Much love and courage to you all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast August 13: Mars Conjunct Saturn, New Moon in Leo

Summer on the coast. © Pat Paquette, 2012.

With Mercury direct and gathering speed, life is returning to some semblance of normalcy – whatever normal is. Insofar as the “new normal” is fast, unpredictable, and crazy, we’re now back in the groove.

My astrology software is working again, after the fourth reinstall. According to the conventional interpretation of Mercury retrograde, anything you have to re-do is supposed to go faster and better while the communications planet is moving in reverse (what it looks like from down here).

This most definitely was not the case for re-installing my astrology software – which, you have to admit, is a very fine joke by the Trickster. Too bad I’m not laughing. In fact, I was close to tears when the program kept crashing every time I tried to reinstall my customization files. Maybe the order mattered. Whatever the mystery was, it was solved after Mercury returned direct. Some of my customization work was lost for good, but the most time-consuming modifications have all been restored and I can begin fulfilling the backlog of reports.

As I mentioned in last week’s forecast, I also succeeded in reconstructing my astrology documentary pitch. The work itself actually did move along fairly quickly, but Mercury had to have his due, and he got it in spades through all the accompanying tasks, such as downloading software from Apple. The company advertises that you can get apps with one click of the mouse. It took me three days and hundreds of clicks – not to mention hours on the phone with tech support – to get a 20-minute download. The whole experience was interesting in that it reaffirmed the conventional wisdom that if you absolutely can’t wait and have to do something not advised during Mercury retrograde, you can get it done. It just will take a lot longer and deduct a few years from your life.

We also now have a complete Republican presidential ticket, with the announcement Saturday morning of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s VP. I had to wonder whether they timed the announcement with the help of an astrologer (after all, Ronald Reagan had one). The Romney team created a phone app especially for the announcement. The move obviously was intended to draw in younger voters, but it’s also interesting to note that it was an appropriate way to announce the pick of Ryan, an Aquarius.

The announcement was made at 7:08 a.m. on Saturday, with the Moon at 7°22′ Gemini. They might have been thinking that Saturday is typically a slow news day and the announcement would be sure to make headlines. But if they’d revealed the information the previous Saturday, it could have been disastrous, with Mercury retrograde. The Moon in the sign of communications not only was a good choice for a news announcement, but later in the day, the Moon conjoined Jupiter in Gemini, which currently is in Romney’s first house. Moreover, the Moon makes a grand trine to planets in both politicians’ natal charts. It’s hard to believe this was an accident, unless you view it as a cosmic message. I’ll leave it to you to determine what that might be, as I vowed to leave politics alone after getting flamed for writing that the 2009 Inauguration Day chart suggested McCain and Palin might win.

Incidentally, the birth time being used for Ryan was first reported by The Political Astrology Blog in mid-June. The post says only that the time was found on an uncertified copy of Ryan’s birth certificate, without saying who saw it and under what circumstances. The reporter in me needs to know sources, so I have to issue a word of caution that this birth time is unconfirmed. If anyone has additional information, it would be helpful for the astrology community.

Looking at this week, there are three standouts: the Mars-Saturn conjunction on Wednesday, the cardinal T-square with Venus on Wednesday and Thursday, and the New Moon in Leo on Friday.

Mars and Saturn in ancient times were considered the malefics, and this combination for sure doesn’t inspire images of rainbows and unicorns. But have a look at the New Moon chart, and you’ll see that the Sun and Moon make quite a nice trine with both Saturn and Mars, and it’s nearly exact. Although I don’t advise running with scissors, I do think you can get a lot of work done, be it relocating your office or making headway in a key relationship. Rather than trying to hash out details over the phone or even over a glass of wine, you may have much better success by doing something fun together, like mountain biking or taking the kids on a trip. The challenge here is to resist sitting on repressed anger, which can come out in hurtful ways.

Chart for New Moon in Leo

Click on image to enlarge

Another possibility that I see in this configuration is addressing wounded male energy. For the past couple of decades, we’ve focused a lot of attention on the return of the goddess and healing our wounded feminine side. That has applied to men and women both, and it’s clear that the balance must be restored between the sacred masculine and feminine. However, we also need to acknowledge that the divine masculine is wounded and needs healing. With a flowing trine from Mars and Saturn in the sign of balance to the Sun and Moon in the sign of the heart, there’s a unique opportunity here to open our hearts to a deeper truth.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Venus in Cancer forms an opposition with Pluto in Capricorn and a square with Uranus in Aries. In the midst of nothing less than a breakdown of society as we know it, staying in our comfort zone is next to impossible. That’s the bad news and the good news. Breaking through to new ground by definition means stretching beyond what’s familiar and easy. The quincunx from Mercury to Pluto further suggests discomfort when we discover facts and insights that make it impossible to stay in a state of denial.

The “out” in all of this is Mercury in Leo, representing humor and play. It’s hard, when so much seems to be at stake, to not take ourselves so seriously.

As for me, I’ve got a hair appointment scheduled for Friday. Only a miracle could transform my baby fine hair into a Leo mane, but I expect to come out of the salon looking gorgeous.

Wishing you all much love and courage,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast July 25: Mercury Enters Virgo, New Moon in Leo

© Lane Erickson for Dreamstime.com

As we head into the final week of July, it’s a good time to start preparing for August, a potentially difficult month.

Spend this week shoring up your alliances, wrapping up as much business as you can, and finding ways to put new projects on hold until the end of next month – and there will be new developments, with the New Moon in Leo on Saturday.

The August StarGuide Forecast is prepared, so now would be a good time to have a look at your personal transits for next month. You’ll also get my notes about where Mercury retrograde will fall in your chart, as well as the positions of the Full Moon on August 13 and the New Moon on August 28, which will be particularly significant, as it represents a big green light for whatever was stalled during Mercury’s retrograde phase.

Meanwhile, this week is a bit chaotic, with a “which way am I suppose to go” feel to it. To help make sense of it, I’m going to address the astrological aspects out of order.

On Wednesday, the Sun in Leo trines Uranus in Aries, and then Venus enters Leo on Thursday and trines Uranus on Sunday. These are the most positive energies of the week, and they’ll be active at the New Moon on Saturday. Leo rules the heart. Opening your heart without fear to let in new opportunities will yield results. This is especially true for love, but Venus also is associated with finances and other goodies. When we’re in a state of fear and mistrust, our hearts are closed. It’s like trying to receive a FedEx delivery without unlocking your door.

The big challenge this week is going to be cultivating courage and trust. You need only look at the latest news headlines to know that there is some very weird energy in the astro-sphere. Pinning down astrological markers is a tricky business, but I’d put my money on the close square between Uranus and Pluto. We’ve been talking about this for years, and while the first exact contact doesn’t occur until next June, the two planets are retrograde and tracking just over a degree from an exact square for the next few weeks. The most notable keywords for this aspect are “revolution” and “rebellion.” But with Pluto in Capricorn, revolutions will be met by powerful forces backing up the status quo. There is no question that the next three years are going to be tumultuous. Events to date are just a taste of what’s to come.

We also have two major inconjuncts on Thursday, which tend to irritate and grate on our nerves. The Sun’s inconjunct to Pluto on Thursday pits individual will against the master plan of authority. This could manifest as anything from a clash with your boss to new stand-offs in the global hotspots of revolutionary activity.

The inconjunct from Venus to Neptune is problematic for love relationships, all the more so with Mercury in opposition with Neptune the same day. Don’t be surprised if someone hears something you didn’t say and vice versa. Mercury is slowing down to station retrograde on August 2, but it will seem like it’s already “in reverse” by the end of this week. My standard advice applies: If you have a misunderstanding, forgive and forget, and don’t assume it’s the other person’s fault. Although you intend your words to have a certain meaning, the other person may interpret them entirely differently, and both can be valid. That’s the mischief of retrograde Mercury, the Trickster.

Not to forget Ceres, the largest of the asteroid goddesses turns retrograde at 0 degrees Aries on Tuesday. What I see as most significant in this shift is that she won’t add her weight to the Uranus-Pluto square until next January and February. When that happens, we might see widespread protests over environmental issues or, worse, food shortages.

Saturday’s New Moon incorporates all of the week’s aspects, so everything I’ve written above applies to the next two weeks in general. This New Moon is the first in nearly three months that isn’t an eclipse, and it takes us into new territory beyond the issues we’ve been dealing with over the past two years. Those of you who ordered your StarGuide forecast for July or for the entire summer know exactly where this New Moon will land in your chart and what sorts of new developments you might experience. (The StarGuide Summer 2011 Forecast is still on sale and runs through September 23.)

Remember, Mars also enters Cancer next week – the day after Mercury turns retrograde – so this is the last week of relative calm (emphasis on relative) in which we can tie up loose ends. After that, it’s anybody’s guess what we’ll be dealing with.

Wishing you a strong and open heart,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast August 9: New Moon in Leo, Uranus Enters Pisces

Steps to Enchantment. © Pat Paquette, 2010.

Does it feel to you like we’re laying the groundwork for big changes ahead? It sure feels that way to me.

The cardinal T-square is still up and running at full power, although this week we lose one of the major players as retrograde Uranus backtracks into Pisces. Events won’t be quite so explosive for awhile. Still, I wouldn’t drop my guard just yet. There’s plenty of activity to keep us busy and even a bit overwhelmed.

Other than Uranus returning to Pisces — on Friday the 13th, no less — the biggest news this week is Monday’s New Moon in Leo (Tuesday in the Eastern Hemisphere). As I noted in Saturday’s New Moon post, we can give ourselves a welcome break by doing something completely different, if only for an hour or two. Try to stay fully present in those moments, because there’s a real opportunity to manifest them in multiples.

Working to create a new way of being and doing is especially important if you’ve been trying the same thing over and over again, without success. Sometimes we don’t realize that we keep repeating patterns, or we may think that we’re doing something differently when it’s really just the same old behavior in updated clothing. Like dating a new guy and thinking, “This one is so different,” only to find out several months or years later that he’s just like the last guy and the one before him.

Worse still, he’s just like your father.

So if we don’t want to keep repeating the same patterns, we need to consciously intervene and do something radically different, something we’ve never tried and perhaps even have been afraid to try.

In matters of the heart, we’ll have opportunities galore this week to reverse behaviors that have gotten us nothing but heartache. Venus, fresh from conjoining hardworking Saturn on Sunday, opposes Jupiter on Monday and squares Pluto on Tuesday. Normally, I’d issue warnings not to overindulge or get carried away with lust, but Saturn’s influence here allows us to take a hard look at what we’re doing and why so that we can change what hasn’t been working for us. Awareness is sometimes all it takes to point us in a new direction.

On Thursday and Friday, the Moon in Libra aspects Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Venus, and Mars in rapid succession. I expect we might get a “summary” of our T-square experience to date, which could help us see the continuum that we’re on, as opposed to looking at our lives as a series of seemingly unrelated events.

Sunday’s Moon in Scorpio is for quiet contemplation and plotting your next move. Or, you might just want to sleep off the T-square hangover and rest up for the next round. It’s not over yet, and we’ve got another Mercury retrograde coming up, too.

Speaking of which, the T-square calendar I posted two weeks ago had a couple of dates wrong. I’ve updated that post with the correct information.

Love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

New Moon in Leo, August 9

© Eyewave/Dreamstime.com

The New Moon in Leo on August 9 (August 10 in the Eastern Hemisphere) is unusually rich with symbolism for making creative changes in our lives.

It falls on Monday, the beginning of a new week, named in honor of the Moon. It’s in a lovely trine to Ceres, a symbol of the cyclical nature of life. And its relationship to the cardinal T-square – or, more precisely, its lack of relationship – suggests that we can get out of an endless feedback loop and into an entirely different way of being and doing.

The Sun, symbol of the heart and who we are at the core, is in his own sign of Leo, where he shines the brightest. The Moon in conjunction with the Sun reflects your heart back at you, allowing you to see your unique gift to the world and to appreciate your creative mind. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a creative person, you create through your mind. This is an awesome, wonderful thing – the best trait of the human species. The true heart of the lion is not selfish and greedy, but radiates love and abundance for the well-being of everyone around him.

The T-square, meanwhile, is raging around us full force, with Jupiter and Uranus in tight opposition to Saturn, Mars, and Venus, all square Pluto in Capricorn. We’re facing the same old challenges, spinning our wheels and feeling exhausted by seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

This New Moon offers us an opportunity to set all of that aside and focus on something else. Perhaps you’ll have a chance to go play and leave all your cares behind for a few hours. Or you’ll suddenly hear the joy and laughter of children, and it will bring you to that place, if only for a moment. If you have a creative outlet, put your whole heart into it and be amazed.

If there is any relationship at all between the T-square and the New Moon, it can be found in the space opposite the Pluto at the apex. That space is in Cancer, and Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Why not let something new into that space? What we focus on is what we attract. So, however temporarily, allow yourself to focus on something entirely different at this New Moon. Then watch to see what pings back.

The trine from the Sun and Moon to Ceres in Sagittarius suggests renewal through seeing the bigger picture. Although each of us is a complete individual with unique talents and gifts, we are conduits for the “mind of God.”

If relationships are your hardest challenge, you’ll have some additional support from Venus and Saturn, who are the strongest players in the T-square right now. Mars is in his detriment in Libra, and all of the outer planets except Saturn are retrograde. Saturn is not only direct but exalted in Libra, and Venus is in her own sign and also “receiving” from Saturn. This tells me that romantic commitment is possible, as is redressing imbalances in relationships.

Mercury, meanwhile, is in his own sign of Virgo, although as many of you know, I’m a proponent of making Ceres the modern ruler (or at least a co-ruler) of Virgo. He’s slowing down, in preparation to turn retrograde on August 20, and the only aspect he makes in the New Moon chart is a wide square to Ceres. I’d say this is a reminder to pay attention to details but not to get lost in them. Otherwise, you risk missing out on all the fun.

The Sabian Symbol** for the Sun and Moon at 17°24′ Leo is a teacher of chemistry, with the keyword INSTRUCTION. One of the objectives of astrology is to help us use the invisible energies of the cosmos to our benefit, but first we must understand how they work. We’re learning now, as we watch events unfold from one of the most dramatic astrological configurations of a lifetime.

As a good friend of mine is so fond of saying, “It’s all a learning experience.”

Wishing you all the courage of the lion,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

P.S. This is definitely the time to write your abundance check!

** From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmond Jones. The author, an astrologer, channeled this work in the early 1920s. There’s one symbol one for each degree of the zodiac, and we can use them to gain insight into charts.

Weekly Forecast August 17: New Moon in Leo, Sun Enters Virgo

Sun in VirgoThere are a couple of trouble spots this week, but overall it should be quite lively and a lot more positive than the past several weeks.

On Monday, the Sun sextiles Mars, with both making exact contact with Neptune — the Sun by opposition, and Mars by trine. A Sun-Neptune opposition alone would suggest confusion and possibly difficulty speaking up for yourself, but with Mars in on the act and at a favorable angle, I don’t think this is going to be a problem. With the downside of Neptune’s energy mitigated, I am hopeful that this will be a good day for increased spiritual awareness and new insights.

Communicating these thoughts with others could be difficult, however, as Mercury and Saturn are conjunct. Some of you may feel alienated and isolated for a few hours. The best antidote will be to throw yourself into a project that requires a lot of mental focus. Journaling may be a means of gaining new insight, and this could have some practical, real-world application.

Tuesday is potentially troublesome, with Mars square Uranus. These two in difficult aspect can indicate accidents and explosions, especially in shipping or transportation. Likewise, conversations could be incendiary, so if you’ve got a potentially loaded subject you need to discuss, wait until the end of the week.

On Wednesday, the Moon in Leo opposes Neptune & Co., which will set the stage for Thursday’s New Moon at 27 degrees Leo. Neith did a full report on Saturday. My take on the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction is that it has opened a rare window for healing, even though it may not feel like it for everyone right now. Often, getting worse before you get better is part of the healing process. In homeopathy and natural medicine, it’s called a healing crisis. Typically, a healing crisis lasts for a few days. Because we are healing very deep wounds, some of which are embedded in the collective, the healing crisis in this case could take weeks and even months. As a result, we are very unsettled and disoriented.

I think we’ll get some clues this week, so be sure to leave comments and let us know what’s happening for you.

Otherwise, this New Moon may contain a new beginning connected to recent eclipses.

Mercury opposes Uranus on Friday, and communications suddenly will pick up. Still, the Moon’s conjunction with Saturn could leave us feeling a little down and fatigued, and I’m betting a lot of you will bypass happy hour and head straight home after work.

Saturday night looks a little brighter, with a trine between Venus and Uranus. This aspect often brings little surprises in love, and since these two are in water signs, unexpected emotional outpourings could be part of the scenario. Ah, but the Sun enters Virgo a few minutes later, and suddenly the party’s over and it’s cleanup time. If you drink Saturday night, take care, because the price on Sunday morning may be way too high.

Sunday’s Sun-Pluto trine is good for rolling up your sleeves and tackling that project you’ve been putting off all summer. Gardening, accounting, and cleaning out closets or the garage will seem less daunting, so seize the day!

Wishing you much love and many blessings,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: Get to work! What better symbolism for the Sun in Virgo? The sixth sign of the zodiac represents your daily grind, especially if you work in a service industry. These two are migrant workers at a construction site in Shanghai. Photo by Aly Song for REUTERS.

New Moon in Leo, August 20, 2009

The Moon in LeoThe New Moon on August 20 at 27°31′ Leo is the centerpiece of a dramatic chart as befits a lunation in this bold, outgoing sign ruled by the Sun.

Even though the Sun has moved past the point of exactly opposing Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune in turn, these oppositions can still be felt in the atmosphere. Jupiter loves being in the limelight, and Neptune is not above adding to the drama, either. This opposition could play out as the individual need to shine outweighing the needs of the collective. Or, Leo could bring its considerable creative gifts and enthusiasm to help resolve intractable social issues. Either way, this is a good time to let your inner lion roar.

Speaking of the Aquarius stellium, the three bodies are slowly moving apart, lessening the intensity we experienced earlier this year. I have heard of more people reporting running into difficulties dealing with Neptune & Co. than experiencing the potentially uplifting, healing effect. This does not surprise me because in my personal opinion Jupiter is vastly overrated. And most of the time Jupiter seems to enlarge and expand whatever energies are on hand rather than adding a consistently positive spin to events. However, if we have been in denial about certain issues, Jupiter’s waning influence may allow for more clarity. Neptune and Chiron will travel in close proximity until the end of 2012, and without Jupiter acting as a magnifying lens, the effect will be much more subtle.

We have a mutable T-square that is bound to produce a yelling match or two, with Mercury in razor-sharp Virgo squaring Mars in verbal Gemini. Uranus in Pisces opposes Mercury and squares Mars, electrifying both. This is definitely not the best time to approach your crotchety relatives and hope to kiss and make up. Mercury also conjoins Saturn in Virgo, and this combination is very good for remembering all the bad stuff from the past. A far better strategy would be to let bygones be bygones for now, especially if you value peace and quiet, because it is all too easy to slip from constructive criticism into plain criticism.

While Venus in Cancer is supported by a trine from Uranus in Pisces, she is also dealing with a deeply irritating inconjunct from Jupiter and Chiron in Aquarius. Cancer and Aquarius lack common ground, to put it mildly. Cancer is a very personal sign, interested in what’s going on at home with family, while Aquarius is inclined to see those things as trivial, because their eyes are on the big picture. A work-around might be via Uranus, Aquarius’s ruler, currently in sympathetic Pisces. Uranus is very good at thinking outside the box and coming up with unique answers.

Many little birds chirping on the limb of a large tree” is the Sabian symbol for 28 Leo and sounds very much like the opinions flying all over the place right now. What we need to do is consider the RAMIFICATIONS (the keyword for this symbol) of what is being said before moving ahead.

Like many other folks out there, I am still recovering from the extremely intense eclipse season this summer. So rather than speculate about future sky patterns, I’m going to encourage everyone including myself to take some time to enjoy life under this Leo New Moon. Make a space in your life for your favorite form of relaxation, whatever it may be. Theatricals, movies, socializing with family and friends, going out for a night of dining and dancing – the important thing is to have fun. Leo knows how to seize the moment as well as the limelight!

Libra seeks balanceposted by Neith . . .

Of course, today is the day to write your New Moon abundance checks! Here’s how.

Image: Even though this is not exactly a new moon, it is still the sort of setting a Leo Moon would feel right at home in. :-)

New Moon in Leo Solar Eclipse, August 1, 2008

New Moon in Leo, warmth & beautyThe New Moon at 9° Leo 31′ is a force to be reckoned with for several reasons.

It is the first lunation in a pair of eclipses on the Leo-Aquarius axis (the second eclipse is the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 16). Also, it falls on Lammas, when the harvest is celebrated in the Celtic calendar. Lammas marks the point in the year when we become aware of the days growing shorter in the Northern Hemisphere. The primary focus, though, is on Leo, the fixed fire sign ruled by the Sun.

The Sun, Moon, and Mercury are conjoined in Leo, urging us to explore our hearts and bringing warmth and light to encourage us to stand up for what we believe in. As one with natal Saturn in Leo, I know it is possible to grow in confidence and to learn to express the love and joy hidden in a shy heart. In fact, this New Moon Leo stellium falls on my natal Saturn in the ninth house, and here I am writing for readers from around the world. We can all use the tremendous creative power generated by this New Moon to make a long-desired breakthrough on our own personal path to becoming our most authentic selves.

Venus is also in Leo opposing Neptune in Aquarius and forming a waxing trine to Pluto in Sagittarius (exact early next week). This combination suggests that we have a window of opportunity to pursue creative goals with focus and intensity. It is not often we can manifest Neptune’s marvelous inspirations and work with them in a tangible way. Write down ideas and possibilities at this time for future development. Keep in mind that creative seed ideas can grow exponentially.

Another aspect underlining the cyclical nature of life is Uranus in Pisces exactly trine Ceres in Cancer. Whether you live in the Northern Hemisphere and are moving into the dark cycle or the Southern Hemisphere where the days are getting longer, we are at a point of transition. Uranus is noted for being a harbinger of change, and Ceres reminds us that all things come in cycles. This aspect suggests that if we acknowledge and prepare ourselves for change, we will make the transition smoothly.

Mars in Virgo is moving closer to an exact opposition with Uranus in Pisces. If you have planets or chart angles near 22 degrees, this opposition is making its self felt in your life. Remember the Mars-Saturn conjunction? Well, this opposition will most likely have a completely different effect in our lives, creating disruption and change for the sake of change. It may help to realize that sometimes a good housecleaning is needed to make way for new and better possibilities to enter our lives . . . or not.

Saturn does not play much of a role in the New Moon chart, but be aware he will in the one for the Full Moon on August 16. What is theoretical now may become reality at that time.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is, Early morning dew salutes the sunlight. This is wonderful symbolism for a New Moon in Leo, with all the exhilaration of new possibilities unfolding before us. The caution is to remember to let go of difficult situations and not anticipate trouble that may never happen. Enjoy the moment and breathe in the dawn.

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Weekly Forecast July 28: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo

This week brings us one of the most significant astrological aspects of the year, a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo.

If, like me, you have this eclipse in a sensitive area of your chart, you are feeling it already. In fact, you’ve been feeling it since this series began in February, and the story that is unfolding in your life will continue for another year, until we enter a new series of eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer.

Eclipses occur in sign pairs, determined by the position of the lunar nodes. The North Node currently is at 18 degrees Aquarius, with the South Node opposite at 18 degrees Leo. This week’s eclipse, which occurs Friday at 3:12 a.m. on the West Coast of the United States, falls at 9 degrees Leo, making it a South Node eclipse. Anyone with planets or chart angles between 4 and 14 degrees Leo or Aquarius will feel this eclipse the most, but you’ll also feel it if you have planets or chart angles between those degrees of Scorpio and Taurus.

Eclipses tend to bring rapid change into our lives, faster than is comfortable for us. This is especially true for the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). It’s said that the fixed signs fight change, but that’s not entirely true. That would be like saying that a rock fights change. We are so solid that change is extremely difficult for us. Even Aquarius, the air sign ruled by the Uranus, planet of sudden change and revolution, has a hard time getting into a new groove, as much as we usually want to.

New Moon eclipses typically are about new beginnings. In my case, at least, it appears that a relationship that began at the solar eclipse in Aquarius in February has reached a logical conclusion, and it either will begin again under different circumstances, or it will disappear, clearing the way for another that is viable and sustainable. The learning process has been painful but extremely enlightening, and there is a possibility that deep healing will take place.

I’ve written previously on Real Astrologers and on my blog, The Pisces Chronicles, about the healing potential of the triple conjunction of Neptune, Chiron, and the North Node. Since eclipses are tied to the nodes, healing will be a major theme of Friday’s eclipse and even more so with the lunar eclipse on August 16, which will be conjunct Neptune.

Neith will have more on the eclipses in a day or two.

Otherwise, there’s not a lot going on this week. Venus is on the South Node today (Monday), and she’ll oppose Neptune on Thursday. Wounds surrounding love and body image may come to the fore. If so, let them out and take them for what they are.

August 1 also is the Celtic cross quarter day of Lammas, which in many cultures was the first day of fall in the northern hemisphere. I can tell you that it feels like fall already here in the Pacific Northwest, where the angle of the sun is very noticeable.

Please leave comments telling us how you are experiencing this eclipse.

Love and blessings,
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Image: The Moon, from the Marseille Tarot, c. 1701-1715. The classic interpretation of The Moon involves subconscious fears, hidden motivations, and the inexplicable compulsion for enlightenment.