Saturday Extra: Living With Saturn Opposing Uranus

Bridging Earth & WaterOn November 4, Saturn opposed Uranus at 18 degrees Virgo and Pisces, the first of four oppositions that will take place in these signs over the next 18 months. The next one will occur on February 5, 2009, at 20 degrees, followed by a third pass on September 15, 2009, at 24 degrees, and the last one on April 26, 2010, at 28 degrees – clearly a mandate on working with the Virgo-Pisces axis.

Bernadette Brady refers to this aspect as “the Structure vs. the Surprise” and I sure agree with her. Uranus is always good at throwing a curve ball or two our way, and Saturn cringes every time. However, we can’t live under the bed for the next couple of years waiting for the sky to fall, no matter how much some of us would like to, but we can help each other understand what’s happening.

One thing about oppositions is that they take place in complementary signs, unlike squares or inconjuncts. Virgo and Pisces may mumble about the other a lot, but they do have a sneaking admiration for each others’ strong points. Virgo often wishes they had Pisces’s knack for going with the flow, and Pisces people would love to have Virgo’s organizational skills at their fingertips. In other words, the possibilities for meeting each other halfway and for compromises are greatly increased.

I am inclined to believe the sporadic disruptions will be followed by repair and rebuilding, just as I have experienced in my own life. And, as in our case, the end results will be better than the previous structures. Many times Uranus transits force us to deal with something we’ve consistently put off, too. The first opposition found Saturn and Uranus in harmonious aspect to Jupiter in Capricorn, and that encouraged us to accept the fact that rebuilding is a process. Uranus can create chaos in a matter of moments, but it takes Saturn’s willingness to do the work to create order once more.

As always, be prepared to practice forgiving yourself and others, because this series of oppositions is bound to bring moments of uncertainty and doubt as part of the process.

Libra with Scorpio risingposted by Neith . . .

Image: A bridge is a good symbol for working with oppositions. This lovely Japanese Moon bridge  brings earth and water into harmony.

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