Full Moon in Cancer, January 10

Full Moon in CancerThe first lunation of 2009, the Full Moon in Cancer on January 10 (January 11 in the Eastern Hemisphere), reflects light from the Sun in Capricorn and is a reminder we need to tend to the practical side of our lives. Perhaps this is the reason so many of us are inclined to make New Year’s resolutions during this time of year.

Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, is just beginning the retrograde phase for the coming year, giving us an opportunity to review and revise what was set into motion in roughly the second half of 2008. For many of us, it was a quite a ride as we saw what we thought were financial gains disappear into thin air. Now we need to give serious thought to working in more tangible ways to regroup.

In the chart for this Full Moon, the Sun is part of a mystic rectangle with Saturn in Virgo, Uranus in Pisces, and the Moon in Cancer – all water and earth signs. A mystic rectangle features two oppositions, two trines and two sextiles, uniting four planets in a manner capable of manifesting the energies represented by the planets into physical reality. Dane Rudhyar interpreted this pattern as “practical mysticism.”

Capricorn and Cancer are both cardinal signs and both are negative in polarity, so their way of asserting themselves is very different from the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of the last Full Moon. That does not mean they are any less powerful in expression, just more subtle about it. There is great potential here for healing on many levels, drawing on the nurturance of the Moon in Cancer, the practical caring of Saturn in Virgo, the endurance of the Sun in Capricorn, and the marvelous compassionate touch of Uranus in Pisces. Perhaps seeds will be planted for new healing technologies that could help many people.

Jupiter and Mercury have moved into Aquarius from Capricorn and remind us of the need to work as part of a group to achieve our dreams. Jupiter has just begun his year-long stay in Aquarius, and we are just beginning to get some idea of what it means to have Jupiter’s magnifying properties promoting Aquarian agendas instead of Capricorn’s. It is a whole new world, folks!

Mercury will station retrograde within a few hours after the peak of the Full Moon, further underlining the need to be open to revamping our agendas without prejudice. The lunar North Node in Aquarius is traveling with this pair, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and staying in touch with the collective vision.

Neptune in Aquarius is the apex, or focal point, of a Yod with Saturn in Virgo sextile the Moon in Cancer as the base. Saturn and the Moon represent the need to care for our loved ones and families in a sensible and nurturing fashion, and if we do that we can gain understanding of how to move this same attitude of caring to all members of our collective. The Aquarius New Moon on January 26 will pick this theme up and ratchet it up a notch with six planets in this most visionary of signs.

After taking center stage at the New Moon, Pluto in Capricorn is letting us catch our breath on the Full Moon  . . . thankfully. Mars in Capricorn is in a waxing sextile with Venus in Pisces, a gentle blessing for friends and lovers. Venus is kind and sympathetic in Pisces and encourages us to listen closely to others when they share their thoughts and feelings, while Mars in Capricorn is solid and dependable. We do need to be clear about our boundaries, though, and avoid misinterpreting a sympathetic ear as something more intimate.

We have two Sabian symbols to consider on the Full Moons, one for the Moon and one for the Sun. The symbol for the Moon at 22 Cancer is, “A young woman awaiting a sailboat,” with the keyword EXPECTANCY. We need to draw on the grounding energy of the Sun in Capricorn to focus on what is, rather than what might be. This is about the danger of always seeking an ideal fantasy solution when we are better served to look more deeply at those already in our lives, or to look within to work on our relationship with ourselves.

For the Sun at 22 Capricorn, the Sabian symbol is, “By accepting defeat gracefully, a general reveals nobility of character,” with the keyword INNER STRENGTH. Learning to accept that winning is not everything is an important step on the road to maturity, and many of us need this reminder. Pluto in Capricorn can teach this concept the hard way if we don’t make a conscious effort to work on developing inner strength and integrity.

Even if New Year’s resolutions are not your thing, this is still a good time to lay out some general guidelines for the coming year. We can take advantage of the grounding energy of the mystic rectangle in earth and water, so when the New Moon solar eclipse in Aquarius conjoined with Jupiter blows into town, we’ll have a structure in place to build on. Remember, always practice kindness to everyone you come in contact with!

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