Ask Real Astrologers: What Can I Expect from the Coming Eclipses?

This week’s question comes from Natalie in New York:

My question is regarding the first eclipse of this year, which is going to exactly conjoin my Midheaven and Nadir. What meaning or lessons might this have in store for me? What can I expect?

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s response:

Hi Natalie! Yes, the Full Moon in Cancer on January 10 is exactly conjunct your Midheaven with the Sun in Capricorn on the Nadir, and even though this lunation is not an eclipse, (it’s the New Moon in Aquarius on January 25 that’s the solar eclipse) your chart is strongly connected to it.

A Full Moon illuminates and brings into focus matters that we need to be paying attention to and how the different areas of our lives, represented by the houses, are interconnected – or not, as the case may be. This Full Moon triggers your four angular houses, particularly the fourth and tenth. Perhaps you have needed to devote extra time to matters related to your home and family at the expense of your career, and some balance needs restoring. At this time, Jupiter and Mercury are drawing closer together in your fourth house, which leads me to wonder if you are discussing possible improvements to your home or relocating altogether!

You will benefit from the mystic rectangle formed on the Full Moon, because Saturn is currently conjunct your natal Pluto with Uranus in the fifth house, so innovative but practical solutions are available to you. While Saturn-Pluto transits are not easy, they do help us process old issues systematically and release them, allowing us to move forward . . . if we accept the challenge and do the necessary work.

Since the New Moon solar eclipse exactly opposes your Sun, it might be a good idea take a look at what you feel is holding you back now, so you can take full advantage of new directions and possibilities awaiting you. Best wishes for a fabulous coming year!

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Natalie, you sure have a lot going on in your life right now! As Neith writes, you have Saturn on your natal Pluto, which is presenting some tough challenges. But you have some incredible opportunities waiting for you, too.

Eclipses are essentially supercharged lunations, so the New Moon solar eclipse on January 25 and the Full Moon lunar eclipse on February 9 will in many ways be an extension of tomorrow’s Full Moon in Cancer, since they also take place in your fourth and tenth houses. The issues that Neith identified will be the dominant focus of your life for at least the next six months, when this series of eclipses ends and a new one begins.

The good news is that you already know what the issues are. If you’ve been dealing with issues regarding your parents, then you can expect new developments in that situation. Likewise, if you’ve been having issues with your home itself, you can expect developments there. I’m also wondering whether perhaps there’s a romantic interest or child in the mix. If so, you should experience some movement on that front.

There is one major factor now, though, that will make the upcoming pair of eclipses different than last year’s, and that is the presence of Jupiter. Now that Jupiter is in Aquarius, changes will come more easily and rapidly. Eclipses tend to bring change, often faster than we’re comfortable with, and this will be all the more true with the Big Guy in the sign of sudden change and surprises. In Capricorn, he was feeding the forces that maintained the status quo.

The one thing we can say with certainty is that your life is not going to be boring in the next six months! Thanks for writing, and stay in touch!

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1 thought on “Ask Real Astrologers: What Can I Expect from the Coming Eclipses?

  1. nnyc

    Thank you both for these insights.

    I can report that some 10th House changes seem to be cooking – my old boss called and he’s starting a new company. We meet tomorrow with a potential client.

    Will keep you posted if this results in a job change for me at the lunar eclipse in Feb!

    No romance to speak of, Pat, but I’ll cross my fingers.

    Happy New Year,


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