Saturday Extra! – Changes to Neith’s Services

let the stars light your wayThis seems like a good time to let people know I’m making some changes in the reports I offer, the number and type as well as price. It’s been nine months since Real Astrologers was launched and very busy months they have been.

First, I’ve decided to focus primarily on doing compatibility-synastry reports because that is by far and away where the greatest demand is and it is also the area I feel most comfortable working. The full compatibility report for two people includes:  an overview of both natal charts to see how the individuals approach their relationships, simple comparison of personal planets by sign, intra-aspects between the charts (same planets aspecting each other from both charts), other synastry aspects and a quick look at the composite. It is the report most people were interested in. I do a shorter version of that report writing about only one natal chart and without a look at the composite chart.

I will still do a natal report and a transit report as well as Solar Returns. However my idea of a transit report is to focus on the broad trends and patterns using a combination of transits to the natal chart and a check of your progressed chart to see what’s shifting there. If you want a really good in depth transit report, Pat does a great one.

The other report I wish to keep is the Quick Question because it’s such a good tool for addressing a single issue you may have. If you meet someone and you manage to get their birth data, I can use this format to offer feedback on the relationship potential; or if something has happened and you are wondering what the astrology of it was this is a great tool for that.

I’ve also had a chance to evaluate the amount of time I devote to each report and because all my reports are written, there is a significant time commitment. So I’m going to raise my prices to reflect this. Be sure to check the pages for various services to see what’s changed. As always, it doesn’t hurt to ask about negotiating on costs and content plus I will occasionally offer specials. For those of you who have already contacted me about doing reports for you, be assured you will be charged the old rates.

Personal Note:  Over the past few days, we had major flooding in our area and while our house was isolated by the flood waters, we came through fine. However, my father’s house had about a foot of water in it and not only has he been staying with us but we are helping him clean up the mess. This seems to be a continuation of the Saturn-Uranus opposition falling in my tenth house-fourth house:  having to deal with the unexpected crisis in the home while keeping with career demands. So please bear with me while I am doing my Libra best to keep all these balls in the air!

Libra with Scorpio risingposted by Neith . . .

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