Weekly Forecast April 13: Mars Conjunct Uranus, Venus Direct

Cosmic explosionI’ve started typing this forecast four times, and each time my computer shut itself off without warning. There no doubt is a logical explanation, such as overheating or a virus, but with Mars just having entered my second house and about to conjoin Uranus, you bet I’m dreading the worst.

Speaking of overheating, there are several hotspots in the world, and they just keep getting hotter. Our brave freighter captain was rescued, but the Somali pirates who took him hostage are dead and their crewmates are mad as hell and threatening to take no prisoners next time. There are riots in the street in Thailand.

Mars-Uranus conjunctions typically herald some sort of explosion or explosive situation, but this one is particularly potent, because it is also amplifying the energy of the Saturn-Uranus opposition. The high seas drama between lawless pirates and one of the world’s strongest military forces is a perfect manifestation of this astrological imprint, but we’ve still got two days to go until the conjunction peaks on Wednesday, so we can expect even more disruption.

Venus, meanwhile, is stationed at 29 degrees Pisces as she prepares to return direct on Friday. I have this image of her with a screaming hangover. Despite being back in the sign of her exaltation, it’s been a tough six weeks in Aries, and now she’s waiting for Mars to show up next week for The Talk. I sure hope they get some things worked out and that it translates to smoother relationships here on Earth. But I think some hearts are going to be broken, too.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Sun in Aries sextiles Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius. Hopefully this will inject a little healing energy into the mix. Often breakdowns and explosions occur because there is an imbalance that needs correcting. If this is what’s happening, globally or personally, we should get some insight into the situation on Friday, when Mercury trines Saturn.

The Sun leaves fiery Aries on Sunday and enters placid Taurus. That should help calm things down, too. However, we’ll remain in the Uranus-Neptune loop all week, as all planets in the chart, including the Moon, deposit to these two. This has kept us in an edgy trip that appears to be helping us heal and evolve but that is extremely disruptive. This pattern will change once Mars enters Aries on April 22. With Venus and the Moon accompanying him into his home sign, we should feel a major shift. It may be bumpy, or it may be the breath of fresh air we’ve all needed. Maybe both.

Until then, much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: Explosion in the binary star system RS Ophiuchi, which occurs every 20 years or so. Image by David A. Hardy.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast April 13: Mars Conjunct Uranus, Venus Direct

  1. Neith

    I’ve been having interruptions in my internet service as well as many in my personal life. This has been a rough Venus Rx for this Libra person.

    A dose of steady Taurus energy is something to look forward to . . .


  2. Matt

    Hey, I too have had some problems with Internet!
    A facebook group I had created, went cancelled, but it’s just returned back, though.

    As I say very often, I need more people around me, but I don’t know who to choose. I have some trouble in my friendships area…
    Anywyay, I already ” feel ” a taurine atmosphere, because I feel like my 5 senses are strenghtened.

    I hope that, when Venus turns direct, I will enjoy some big change in my friendships. I’m cancelling from my list some family friends I have because I’ m bored with them, but they could also bring more people for me to know, this way, they could become just casual friends…
    My town is becoming again a boring place…


  3. hitchhiker72

    ‘Venus, meanwhile, is stationed at 29 degrees Pisces as she prepares to return direct on Friday. I have this image of her with a screaming hangover. Despite being back in the sign of her exaltation, it’s been a tough six weeks in Aries, and now she’s waiting for Mars to show up next week for The Talk.’

    LOL. Thanks. I could do with a break… Am feeling like there’s a boil that needs to be lanced somewhere…

    Thanks, Pat and Neith, for your regular updates. Keeps us sane.


  4. Mem

    There were so many irritating miscommunications today at work that it was worse than any Mercury Rx I’ve ever experienced. I had to hold back from going on the warpath.


  5. Matt

    My mom, a virgo-libra cusp, is a school director in two middle schools. After a talking with her best friend, she’s considering entering local politics and political campaign.
    Maybe she will change her work after more than 20 years.


  6. Matt

    I met one of those boys by chance: he’s not supposed to know me in anyway, but he avoided to enter the church’s oratory because I was heding toward there. We look to eachother mny times, than he went to a parking and it seemed to hide from some people who work there. I went away for a while, when I was back he was still there and I was seeing him moving his head up and down, than he went away

    He just disappeared from the area in 2 seconds. He was on bike. I didn’t know how he made his escape. He was too fast!
    I don’t know what to think about it. I’m feeling weird to follow him, but that’s my curiosity.

    He and one of his friends are weird people who could be young-homeless or very very poor.

    I don’t know what could be consequences of what happened today. Sometimes I like to be a sorta of detective because I see those two boys everyday and I didn’t understand where they actually live…
    I don’t want to cause to them any problem of any kind, but if there is a mystery like this is hard for me not to be the detective for it.


  7. deb

    Seems like the New Age mentality is not partnering well with the old-school mentality. But the truth is that the two will benefit immensely from getting to know one other… if a chance is given for that.

    If you believe that youths don’t know as much as you do, teach them well then.

    If the older folks don’t understand you, show them what you’ve got and prove them wrong.

    In other news, “incoming asteroid under close watch”:



  8. deb

    Anyone else been inwardly nervous about something or experiencing migraines? I haven’t had the migraines, myself. But I believe that they’re an Aries thing, and I’ve been hearing my friends complain about them.


  9. Matt

    Deb, my dentists and my mother today were talking just about New Age and older folks.
    As for the asteroid, I was thinking the date for the object to be near Earth was April 13 2019, not 2029…Anyway, I don’t think it’s going to cause some damage.
    And headaches are not an Aries thing only, I’m Pisces and when I was younger I was always having it. Anyway, my sun sign in 2010 is going to become Aries because of precession or something like that. I’m taking notice of what I change in my birth chart when I have a birthday.


  10. Jane

    “Anyone else been inwardly nervous about something…?”

    Deb, I sure am. But it’s not one single thing I can point to and pin down.


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