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Weekly Forecast March 11: New Moon in Pisces, Mars Enters Aries

Over the edge. © Pat Paquette, 2013.

Over the edge. © Pat Paquette, 2013.

We’ve got a schizophrenic week ahead, with Mars entering his own sign of Aries right after the New Moon in Pisces and Mercury still retrograde in the foggy sign of the Fishes.

As of the New Moon on Monday, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Chiron, and Neptune are all in Pisces. Mars, however, is at the final degree of Pisces, which, as the final degree of the zodiac, is called the “weeping degree.” It is where all things must end to clear the way for a new beginning, and it represents the point at which we see that hanging onto the past is no longer possible. Among its many qualities, Pisces is the sign of escapism and delusion. It’s only human to try to imagine that everything will continue along as it is, even when we know inside that change is inevitable. And change, by definition, is destabilizing.

The New Moon typically represents new beginnings, but sometimes it can bring endings, too – again, in order to start with a clean slate. This is all the more possible with Mercury in “reverse,” but I have to remind you that we may not experience any significant movement until the following Monday, after Mercury is direct. Officially, he stations on March 17, but it can take a day or two for him to get moving again (what it looks like here on Earth). By then, Mars also will be approaching a conjunction with Uranus – an aspect that can be literally explosive, but that can translate to explosive change in our lives as well. Of course, if you’ve been looking for a change, the fast movement may be just what you’ve been waiting for, even though it could bring its own “upsets” in the sense that life can turn on its head. To get an idea of how this energy might manifest for you, look for where these planets are transiting your natal chart. If you need some help with that, I’m preparing the StarGuide Spring 2013 forecast (the start date is March 20, but you’ll get useful insight for Mars and Uranus in Aries). I still have some formatting to do, but you can pre-order anytime.

New Moon in Pisces

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The Sun and Moon don’t make any close aspects with other planets, but there are some additional aspects in the New Moon chart to consider. The Uranus-Pluto square is ever-present, setting the overall tone for this turbulent period in human history, much as we experienced in the mid-1960s. Society as a whole is in a breakdown phase, and whether you’re benefiting from these sweeping changes or being swept along on an uncontrollable tide, your personal life is impacted in some way. Perhaps you’ve sold your car and are using public transportation to reduce your carbon footprint, or you may have decided to switch to a diet that is more sustainable for the planet or healthcare products that are free of harmful ingredients. One of my best moves so far was to close my account when my bank got taken over by Chase and to switch to our local credit union. These may seem like small moves, but when millions of people do it, they become major trends with huge implications for human history.

Which brings me to the second aspect, which is the sextile between Saturn and Pluto, which also are in mutual reception. I wrote about this last week and don’t have a lot more to say, except that this positive contact represents a window of opportunity to demolish what isn’t working and rebuild more sustainable structures, be they in our personal lives or in society as a whole. Mercury and Saturn are trine, as well, which bodes well for new ideas – some of which may be old ideas that were thrown out as impractical but that, due to changing circumstances, deserve another look. Mercury also has been in an ongoing square and mutual reception with Jupiter. On one hand, this can signify getting lost in details to the detriment of the big picture, but with awareness, it can be used to coordinate the details and the big picture in a compelling way.

Jupiter and Uranus, meanwhile, remain in a sextile, and when Mars conjoins Uranus on March 22, he’ll also be in a sextile with Jupiter. Although it’s true that Jupiter can be a magnifier, with obvious implications for the explosive combination of Mars and Uranus, he also confers some benefits and even good luck. The actual outcome remains to be seen, of course.

So, this week may be fast or it may be slow, and “fast” may be spinning wheels or it may be a fast ending. Hang in there, because Mercury returns direct on Sunday, and next week will look a whole lot different. If by chance you do have an opportunity this week to hang out on the beach or in front of the TV, do it now! Rest up, because we’ll soon be heading into a period of dramatic action.

Much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Ask Our Readers: Tracking the Mars-Uranus Conjunction

We’ve received several comments on our weekly forecast about how things are going for you this week. For the most part, we’re seeing jitters and a high level of discomfort.

It was pretty much a given that tensions would rise with Somali pirates, who now are threatening to go after American ships and kill their crew. This is one of those situations that could escalate into a far more serious situation than imagined, which is entirely in keeping with the unpredictable nature of Uranus transits.

Meanwhile, North Korea is defying international pressure to back off developing nuclear weapons. At the same time, Iran has indicated that it would like to work with the international community on the same subject. Go figure.

On the personal level, I took some steps to mitigate my computer problems, and I’m at least able to type an entire post without interruption. But this is just a band-aid, and I’ll need to find a longer-term solution.

I’ve written many times, and it bears repeating, that it’s hard to determine which astrological marker is making itself felt in any given situation, especially when there’s so much going on at once. Venus is stationed in preparation to return direct on Friday, and several people have commented to me over the past six weeks that they’ve been experiencing situations that we would expect with retrograde Mercury. So my Internet connectivity problems probably are more related to that, while the overheating and sudden shutdowns are clearly a Mars-Uranus issue.

What’s happening for you? We’re particularly interested in knowing what develops as Mars separates from Uranus. In our experience, events tend to flare up the most after direct Mars contact — unlike the Full Moon, for example, which we tend to feel more strongly as the opposition between Sun and Moon builds.

As you describe what’s happening, remind us of your Sun and Rising signs, and tell us which house in your natal chart the Mars-Uranus conjunction falls, if you know it. For me, it’s early in the second house, so I’m on pins and needles regarding finances, but I also know that this doesn’t necessarily mean a sudden catastrophe. It could as easily be a sudden windfall. I’ll let you know, and please do the same!

A big hug to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Weekly Forecast April 13: Mars Conjunct Uranus, Venus Direct

Cosmic explosionI’ve started typing this forecast four times, and each time my computer shut itself off without warning. There no doubt is a logical explanation, such as overheating or a virus, but with Mars just having entered my second house and about to conjoin Uranus, you bet I’m dreading the worst.

Speaking of overheating, there are several hotspots in the world, and they just keep getting hotter. Our brave freighter captain was rescued, but the Somali pirates who took him hostage are dead and their crewmates are mad as hell and threatening to take no prisoners next time. There are riots in the street in Thailand.

Mars-Uranus conjunctions typically herald some sort of explosion or explosive situation, but this one is particularly potent, because it is also amplifying the energy of the Saturn-Uranus opposition. The high seas drama between lawless pirates and one of the world’s strongest military forces is a perfect manifestation of this astrological imprint, but we’ve still got two days to go until the conjunction peaks on Wednesday, so we can expect even more disruption.

Venus, meanwhile, is stationed at 29 degrees Pisces as she prepares to return direct on Friday. I have this image of her with a screaming hangover. Despite being back in the sign of her exaltation, it’s been a tough six weeks in Aries, and now she’s waiting for Mars to show up next week for The Talk. I sure hope they get some things worked out and that it translates to smoother relationships here on Earth. But I think some hearts are going to be broken, too.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Sun in Aries sextiles Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius. Hopefully this will inject a little healing energy into the mix. Often breakdowns and explosions occur because there is an imbalance that needs correcting. If this is what’s happening, globally or personally, we should get some insight into the situation on Friday, when Mercury trines Saturn.

The Sun leaves fiery Aries on Sunday and enters placid Taurus. That should help calm things down, too. However, we’ll remain in the Uranus-Neptune loop all week, as all planets in the chart, including the Moon, deposit to these two. This has kept us in an edgy trip that appears to be helping us heal and evolve but that is extremely disruptive. This pattern will change once Mars enters Aries on April 22. With Venus and the Moon accompanying him into his home sign, we should feel a major shift. It may be bumpy, or it may be the breath of fresh air we’ve all needed. Maybe both.

Until then, much love and courage to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: Explosion in the binary star system RS Ophiuchi, which occurs every 20 years or so. Image by David A. Hardy.