Ask Our Readers: Tracking the Mars-Uranus Conjunction

We’ve received several comments on our weekly forecast about how things are going for you this week. For the most part, we’re seeing jitters and a high level of discomfort.

It was pretty much a given that tensions would rise with Somali pirates, who now are threatening to go after American ships and kill their crew. This is one of those situations that could escalate into a far more serious situation than imagined, which is entirely in keeping with the unpredictable nature of Uranus transits.

Meanwhile, North Korea is defying international pressure to back off developing nuclear weapons. At the same time, Iran has indicated that it would like to work with the international community on the same subject. Go figure.

On the personal level, I took some steps to mitigate my computer problems, and I’m at least able to type an entire post without interruption. But this is just a band-aid, and I’ll need to find a longer-term solution.

I’ve written many times, and it bears repeating, that it’s hard to determine which astrological marker is making itself felt in any given situation, especially when there’s so much going on at once. Venus is stationed in preparation to return direct on Friday, and several people have commented to me over the past six weeks that they’ve been experiencing situations that we would expect with retrograde Mercury. So my Internet connectivity problems probably are more related to that, while the overheating and sudden shutdowns are clearly a Mars-Uranus issue.

What’s happening for you? We’re particularly interested in knowing what develops as Mars separates from Uranus. In our experience, events tend to flare up the most after direct Mars contact — unlike the Full Moon, for example, which we tend to feel more strongly as the opposition between Sun and Moon builds.

As you describe what’s happening, remind us of your Sun and Rising signs, and tell us which house in your natal chart the Mars-Uranus conjunction falls, if you know it. For me, it’s early in the second house, so I’m on pins and needles regarding finances, but I also know that this doesn’t necessarily mean a sudden catastrophe. It could as easily be a sudden windfall. I’ll let you know, and please do the same!

A big hug to all,
Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

6 thoughts on “Ask Our Readers: Tracking the Mars-Uranus Conjunction

  1. Jane

    “On the personal level, I took some steps to mitigate my computer problems, and I’m at least able to type an entire post without interruption. But this is just a band-aid, and I’ll need to find a longer-term solution.”

    I’ve also been experiencing all sorts of computer woes (and they continue as I type this).


  2. Jane

    re: Mars-Uranus conjunction… I dunno… I’ve been feeling the urge to bolt (from my relationship) since last weekend (while knowing I really didn’t want to and wouldn’t) and there’s been a bit of a warring theme in my relationship (since the weekend) that was, I also know, necessary for ~my own~ growth — learning to take a stand without killing my opponent/partner or our relationship (or my True Self!)…

    We’ll see how the rest of the week unfolds…

    Sun in Libra, Aquarius Rising.

    The Mars-Uranus conjunction is at the very, very end of my 1st House of Self (in which I have my Wounded Self/Chiron) — my 2nd house is anchored at 25 deg, just after the conjunction.

    And I have to report that my 2nd House of Possessions is doing amazingly well, especially given the current economic situation. I am actually ~prospering~ while others are losing everything.


  3. Matt

    I’m Pisces rising sign Virgo ( Libra with the precession ) and I have Mars and Uranus in Capricorn, Mars in fifth house and Uranus in fourth house.
    There are some sudden arguments in my family and my group of family friends is changing, someone is out, someone could be a newcomer.


  4. magicmike

    Having an Aries Sun and Libra rising, this Venus Rx has really hit me down center. It really does seem that my dating life has gone south in a marked manner. Now this conjunction added on top of things has quite put the proverbial lid on it.

    I had not lost faith, and was planning to dine out with company on the coming Saturday, but just received a message, where the party of the second part postponed the whole thing, after taking a flash- vacation up north not to return until late Sat.

    And yes, my Venus is in Pisces and the conjunction occurs in my 5th house… Curses!!


  5. Mandy H.

    Aq natal, Libra rising. Conj in my 6th house.

    Lots and lots of sudden explosive rages over the last two weeks from my younger son (scorp natal leo asc conj in his 9th ) to deal with (also but not so much from my older son scorp natal scorp asc conj just in the 5th)

    Feel drained, largely unsupported and stuck in an endless cycle. Have finally reached out for support this week – kind of a ‘no more’ point. Also I organise a little on Second Life and find that various issues are surfacing from out of left field from various individuals I’ve known for a long time.

    Just wish I knew whether there was any light left at the end of the tunnel.
    All in all feel under the cosh and I don’t know why.


  6. Pat Post author

    Mandy, I hit that “ENOUGH!” point this week, too. That’s definitely Mars-Uranus rebelling against being made to wait, with no apparent end in sight, which is what we’re getting via the Saturn-Uranus opposition. It is frustrating, unnerving, maddening. I still don’t know what the answer is, although I sense that the answers are slowly seeping into our consciousness.

    Jane, the urge to bolt is another Mars-Uranus reaction, and it’s very helpful to know at times like this that waiting might be a good idea. You may indeed be able to justify leaving the relationship, but like leaving a job, it’s always a good idea to do so when you’re in a rational frame of mind and not out of anger or frustration.

    To everyone else who contributed here and on the Weekly Forecast, thank you so much for your input. Keep those cards and letters coming!


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