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Real Astrologers Weekly Poll: Two down, one to go!

Yesterday’s solar eclipse at 29 degrees Cancer was the second of three eclipses in July and early August. We’re on rapidly shifting ground, and these eclipses are so significant that we may feel them for days and even months to come. Still, we thought we’d check in with you to see what effects, if any, you may be experiencing so far.

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As usual, feel free to leave detailed comments, along with your Sun and Rising signs and, if you know it, the houses in your natal chart where the eclipses are taking place.

Aquarius, the sign of astrologyPat

Image: Photo by Yang Lei for Xinhua/The Associated Press.

Real Astrologer’s Poll: What affect did the eclipse have, if any?

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Me, I’m so lost in the Jupiter-Neptune fogbank I wouldn’t recognize a major shift in my life unless it came up and bit me. However, my Cancer dad had his computer hard drive freeze up on him, lost at least a month’s worth of work and is in the process of buying a new computer with a 10-year guarantee. Fortunately, he has both the time and the money to handle this emergency.

Keep in mind that the lunar eclipse yesterday was the first of three . . . the second one being the solar eclipse in Cancer on July 21-22, followed by the final lunar eclipse in Leo-Aquarius on August 5. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

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